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SHINE FOREVER dance practice
↪ Shownu focus

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like, imagine eddie working in a 24/7 convinience store during the night shift (like,,, 11pm-4am) and richie is a regular that just comes in the weirdest hours and buys the most bizarre combo of items and is always trying to flirt w eddie making puns with whatever items hes buying and eddie lowkey likes it (cue stan rolling his eyes)

lmaooo yes yes yes!!

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hi! i'm really excited to start my own webcomic, but i really want to brush up on my gesture drawing and proportions beforehand. do you have any advice for practicing these things? ;0; your art is seriously beautiful <3

Omg good luck!! I usually look at references or take pictures of my sister doing poses i need to practice! you can try with a friend maybe?

where can I find the art from your header??? the girl is so cute!!!

She’s Begonia from my webcomic!

this is gonna sound kinda weird but im obsessed w how u draw heads. like. always so nice and proportionate and do u have any pointers?? i struggle w it so much

T-thank you!! I usually follow this standard with faces n heads

This… this doesnt even make sense bc it changes for everyone but I always make sure to draw a circle with the cross face first to plot out the eyes, cheeks, noses and stuff!

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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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Lance wakes up to a soft rapping on his window and the faint sound of music. He looks outside and sees Keith standing on his front lawn next to a controlled fire in the shape of a heart and holding up a boombox. Keith smiles warmly up at him. People are screaming in the distance.

bear with me…

  • neils got blisters so many blisters along the heels and balls of his feet and he usually has one or two toes bandaged bc they were bleeding from how much he runs and practices 
  • hes got dry ankles and banged up and bruised and cut knees almost all season 
  • he has that light ginger almost blond body hair covering his arms and legs and body thats so light that in the right light it looks like hes completely shaven 
  • his calves and thighs are probably the thinnest but most defined of the whole team even allison cant compete with the definition of neils upper thighs bc of how much and how fast this kid can run 
  • hes got freckles along his legs and up his back they arent in any sort of pattern theres probably not even that many theyre just spread randomly on him 
  • hes got this birthmark that looks like a bruise on his right outer thigh that he pokes and prods waiting for it to heal but never realizes that its permanent he just thinks he keeps bruising that particular place over and over again 
  • neils got a rather defined stomach as well perhaps not as much as say kevin or matt or even dan but he has a v clear 4 pack that could be a 6 pack if kevin had his way with neils diet 
  • hes got scars 
  • old and new that have just become a part of him as much as every freckle 
  • theres a gunshot wound from when he was 14 on his lower left flank other scars from where gunshots scraped past him 
  • other times when shrapnel pierced his skin
  • and multiple knife wounds, stabbings and deep cuts, each once had a story that not even andrew knew yet 
  • some had stories that neil would rather not remember himself 
  • he doesnt have a v broad chest but its still p defined as well 
  • hairless which hes not sure how he feels about esp when andrews not 
  • his arms are nice but more lean and less defined and muscular for the sake of muscles 
  • he has long arms that were a problem when he was younger and they got in the way while he was growing they still look a little out of place considering hes not v tall still but he has arms that rival nickys in length
  • he has a scar right by his collar bone where hed been stabbed and another along his neck that you couldnt see unless neil was looking directly up in good lighting 
  • from when he had had a man start to slice his throat when his mother hadnt dropped her gun fast enough even when her sons life had been on the line and deeper still even after she had dropped it 
  • he has small ears 
  • rather ears that dont stand out too much esp when he lets his curls grow out, he eventually gets quite a few piercings along his left ear leaving the other alone 
  • he has a very chiseled face his jawline very defined his cheekbones hidden behind a couple of bad scars 
  • his eyelashes and eyebrows a shade or two darker than the hair on his head and his eyes the color of an iceberg framed by long lashes and and crows feet that he gets from his mom 
  • Andrew has small feet…not necessarily small, but smaller than Neil’s 
  • He’s got light brown/dirty blond body hair and this boy is hai ry 
  • hairy lil baby 
  • i digress 
  • hes got calves that should scare you, not necessarily v huge and strong like Neil’s, but so ridiculously defined even the football players are jealous 
  • his knees are soft but still scratched up and scarred just like the rest of the foxes 
  • his thighs are a little chubby bc that sugars gotta go somewhere
  • that somewhere being his chubby thighs and chubby butt and slightly squishy abs that shouldnt be abs but ARE bc my son exercises 
  • this boiiii
  • i love him so much idk what to do with myself 
  •  anyway 
  • hes hairy like i mentioned so i mean im not, no, no im totally saying happy trail
  • also can we talk about these idiots and the v defined V’s they both sport 
  • like 
  • stop it you two 
  • but also never stop i support and love - i digress 
  • where tf was i 
  • oh
  • the..scars 
  • Andrew’s got scars along the tops and sides of his thighs, those were all him 
  • he’s got barbed wire scars from a stint gone right and only those scars to prove it, all along his right hip and onto his stomach and the top side of his right thigh 
  • he’s got freckles, a lot of them, along the small of his back, along the back of his thighs, and down his spine, some bunched up at the back of his neck
  • hes got small hands, but pianist fingers, long and thin and knobby 
  • he’s got scars on scars on scars on his knuckles from various fights with people and the couple times he smashed a mirror with his fists
  • he wears his armbands at all times, im just…wait. a hijab. I wear a hijab at all times except when I’m home and/or around people I can take it off with, and that has nothing to do with this, but really…parallels well with the armbands 
  • wow i derailed im sorry 
  • anyway his armbands hide the worst scars
  • the ones around both his wrists, the ones that have since scabbed over but still sometimes itch that he tries his best to ignore 
  • hes got sharp, banged up elbows and 
  • broad shoulders and chest to match 
  • he probably does one handed push ups to one up Kevin bc he knows how much it pisses him off
  • he’s got a long neck, and a sharp collarbone that Neil adores
  • a necklace of hickies as proof 
  • his hair usually stay up and out of his face most of the time, but sometimes if he brushes it down it covers his eyes and he does that head jerk thing short haired people do to get it out of the way and he has soft hair and Neil loves pulling on it and running his fingers through it 
  • anyway this got way too longjust take it

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Billy realizing he's falling in love with his s/o?

  • Billy tells himself he isn’t into the whole love thing 
  • Especially considering what happened with his parents. 
  • And then this girl notices he doesn’t have a pencil in math class and hands him one of hers
  • And she smiles at him and he kinda smiles back. Because she looks super… welcoming. Warm. And lord knows he doesn’t have enough of that in his life
  • Anyway, she hands him the pencil
  • like he actually intends on doing math 
  • And what does he fuckin’ do? 
  • He starts writing on his paper with this pencil 
  • And he’s like oh fuck… this girl got me to do math. 
  • and from there on out he kinda keeps tabs on her
  • but he’s too nervous to talk to her 
  • Billy Hargrove, nervous to talk to a girl. what the fuck. 
  • So he finally goes up to her and starts stuttering out an invitation to the diner
  • And she just kinda looks at him wide-eyed until he stops blabbing. 
  • And he expects her to laugh at him because that may have been the least smooth he’s ever been with a girl 
  • And then she says sure. And then she said sure the next time, and the next time, and the next time. And he kept asking her out. 
  • And she always does nice little things for him 
  • She doesnt even think about it 
  • She’ll fix a strand of his hair while they’re sitting together. 
  • Adjust his collar on his jacket or pick off a piece of fuzz
  • Bring him a cup of coffee when he picks her up from school
  • And he realizes that he just hasn’t had anybody like that in a long time. 
  • Somebody to just think of the little things 
  • And he finds himself humming along to her favorite songs when they come on the radio, no matter how many times he’s complained about her playing it too much. 
  • Or if she borrows his jacket and returns it, it smells like her. And that makes him happy, to have a piece of her with him all the time 
  • And then he’s like oh fuck. 
  • Because he’s fallen in love with her 
  • And she deserves better than him
  • And when he tells her this, she looks at him like he’s a fucking moron. Not because he loves her, but because it doesn’t matter to her what she “deserves” 
  • Just that they’re both happy with each other. 
your fave is problematic: charles xavier
  • nerdy pickup lines 
  • doesnt believe in mutant supremacy even though he’s a goddamn geneticist 
  • dressed like an old man even when he was in his twenties
  • leaves his socks on the bathroom floor and forgets about them bc his feet “dont get cold anymore” and then he sticks his icicle toes up against me and laughs when i jump out of bed
  • looks good both with hair and bald he is literally the get u a man who can do both meme 
  • wont let me call him “professor sex” in front of Republicans anymore 
  • undermines my authority with the brotherhood with his monthly “how is erik doing” calls  
  • bribes my minions with gift baskets
  • basically a sugar daddy but refuses to admit it  
  • fundamentally opposes me on major political issues 
  • so cute i dont care that he opposes me on major political issues
  • visited me in prison and made jokes about conjugal visits 
  • naive
  • flirts with everyone but me 
  • apparently was flirting with me for twenty years but he’s very bad at it 
  • my children probably like him more than me because of that time he hosted sesame street 
  • his hands are really small compared to mine and everytime he holds my hand im afraid im gonna crush him 
  • the most powerful being on the planet and he also looks like that what the fuck 
  •  doesnt know how much things cost because hes disgustingly rich 
  • “how much could a banana cost erik? 5 dollars?”
  • still mad at me for kidnapping him during his speech at the UN even though it was fucking 1987 charles let it go
  • could easily take over the world and doesn’t because of “morals” 
  • all that goodness in such a fragile body is terrifying 
  • blanket thief
  • talks in his sleep about me and distracts me because then i have to stay up to hear what he says 
  • eyes are Too Blue 
  • smiles at me like im a nice person and then i have to be one 
  • still as beautiful as he was in 1962
  •  stole my heart
  • far too good for me  
klance things no one asked for
  • keith and lance in a store (probably walmart), at midnight, they’re grocery shopping. keith is tired so he takes a look at shampoos and conditioners and stuff and checks their labels bc he’s extra like That. and lance tiredly puts random stuff in the basket. like. the boy doesnt even care anymore. he’d be like “oh this looks nice” and shoves them right in the basket. next morning they wake up with tons of useless shit in their house/apartment and they both just live with it because end their suffering.
  • lance reading an animal-centric magazine and finds a hairy spider and tugs keith’s shirt, once he has keith’s attention he points at the animal and says “that’s you” and keith flips another page, finding a gross lizard, smiling and says “that’s you” and they keep going and going and even tho keith points out weird and ugly animals lance keeps giving him tiny soft kisses
  • they’re in corridors of a store and lance picks out a can of cat food and he shouts keith’s name and he looks at lance and lance grins, pointing at the canned cat food before shouting “this is your food” and then keith snorts and he runs towards lance and lance feels scared and happy and he runs away as fast as he can but he was slower than keith and once keith catches him he tackles lance to the ground and he peppers kisses all over and he just loves when lance laughs bc it’s so soft and so adorable and dear god bless these dorks
  • lance is always so Extra so sometimes when hes tired he plops down anywhere and keith has to pick him up and tell him to go somewhere more comfortable but lance is still so Extra so he makes grabby hands at keith and keith sighs hopelessly as he picks lance up, carrying him bridal style, or giving him piggy back rides, or lance could just cling himself onto keith and theyre so happy im crying these are tears
  • cue keith and lance laughing and giggling on the floor and being just a damn mess. like. theyre just so messy and weird and they smell awful but they keep on laughing bc of something and they dont stop. no one stops them bc theyre just so happy and soft pls treat them right
  • lance clinging onto keith. but more importantly. keith clings onto lance. like. he plops down on lance’s lap, curling and hes v v comfy w his position and if he feels slightly uneasy he would shift a little so he could get a hold of lance’s stomach or anything and he would just. pure boy. and lance likes to play w his hair while he clings onto him. keith could mash his body on lance when he sleeps and lance doesnt even mind he loves keith so much so he doesnt care
  • lance, in their bedroom, looking at the ceiling where he sets up tons of glow-in-the-dark star stickers and if he cant sleep he would count each one and sometimes while he does keith wakes up and give him tiny pecks and kisses then and there and sometimes lance falls asleep just bc of that
  • keith and lance in a store and lance finds a cowboy hat and he imitates keith and keith just laughs out loud and then later on they put on some cosplay competition and lance wins bc hes the best at imitating people and keith is Proud
  • theyre in a movie, hands intertwining w each other, theyre mumbling and muttering sweet little nothings into each other, they give each other soft pecks on the lips or their cheeks and theyre just SO CORNY I LOVE THEM SO MUCh
  • living happily w each other and theyre just so domestic and fluffy and they love each other so much and theyre just so PURE I LOVE KLANCE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW 


Kusanagi ups the game by speaking in italics AND bold and I find it unnecessarily hilarious because what does that mean in terms of tone of voice. Does he get louder? Does his voice drop another octave and rumble through the grains of the earth?

It’s not even that much of an important statement, so I have to assume that this is just how arguments work with these people. Rather than raising their voices they just start speaking in different font styles until everyone else stops objecting.

Which is absolutely not what’s happening but I love it and I’m keeping it.

ALSO: ACTUAL PLOT POINT. Kamui just being entirely apathetic to everything that isn’t related to water AND/OR Fuuma is such a nice introspection into what his character could have turned into in X/1999 if he had gone the other direction. In that storyline he chose his friends and protecting others over his own interests (and the idea of actually fulfilling his own wishes takes a long time for him to relearn). This is the opposite. Kamui has made the opposite character growth; he’s only focussed on what he himself wants, to the complete exclusion of everyone and everything else.


nct dream // superpowers au

not only is this ridiculously long, it’s also extremely overdue sO the rest will be under the cut :))


  • now u might be thinking: ”anna what the heck is that”
  • well it’s P O W E R M I M I C R Y
  • mark has the ability to copy/absorb someone else’s powers/skills 
  • at first he was like “this is kinda useless” but thEN HE REALIZED HOW MANY THINGS HE COULD USE THIS FOR
  • he can typically use any superpower in the book as long as he had someone to mimic
  • he thought hyuck should’ve had this power since he always mocks everybody smh
  • he can cheat on like any test or any challenging thing he wants bUT HE DOESN’T!!111!111
  • he wants to accomplish everything by himself and not with his superpowers
  • *cue hyuck’s eyeroll*
  • however this superpower has a catch
  • he doesnt know how to control ANY of the powers he mimics
  • like, chenle has charmspeak and mark tried to copy him once
    • mark: hey u wanna buy me food ;)))))
    • chenle: i don’t think you’re doing this right all i wanna do is punch you
  • one time mark mimicked someone with super speed and ran into a wall
  • he’s a mess
  • who even gave this kid superpowers
  • surprisingly agile despite being hella clumsy 24/7
  • also surprisingly strong (and not just because he’s mimicked someone with super strength before)
  • he doesn’t look intimidating, but anybody who tries to fight him should be terrified
  • see, the thing is, when mark mimics an ability, he’s able to remember how it feels and how to do it without having to mimic someone with that ability again
  • he doesn’t like doing it much because it takes everything in him
  • the first time he did it, he passed out for like 3 days and scared the shit out of everyone
  • if he ever decides to be evil and take over the world you better fuckin pray istg


  • he can control the weather!!
  • in the beginning he was like “:/// but why tho”
  • but then he got mad at hyuck once and made it rain on him and only him
  • and he realized how much he loVED IT
  • the weather really depends on his emotions
  • which sucks because he goes through 2389437984 emotions in a day
    • jeno: jaemin calm down
    • jaemin: I AM CALM *thunder and lightning sounds from outside* THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING
  • he uses his powers for good pure cute stuff too
  • for jisung’s birthday, they threw him a surprise party
  • and jisung fucking loves the snow, but the snow outside was icky and mushy and sad
  • so jae made it snow in the practice room just for him!!!
  • uses this power daily honestly
  • if he knows he has phys ed that day and really doesn’t wanna go outside, he’ll make it really cold and stormy
  • he can make a room hot or cold any time he wants so he likes fucking around with the dream team
    • renjun: JAEMIN WHY IS IT SO COLD
    • jaemin: you didn’t buy me bubble tea
    • renjun: WHAT THE FUCK
  • if he gets really mad, he won’t be able to control the weather
  • everything will go haywire
  • he won’t be able to stop everything unless he calms down
  • and like, he has the ability to make tornados and hurricanes so you really really don’t wanna anger him 
  • but thankfully !! he’s ppp chill and not easily angered
  • elemental attacks ? I THINK YES
  • kinda sucks at controlling them, but it’s a-ok
  • he tried creating a small hurricane of wind to blow someone away (heh) and knocked himself back into a building
  • his attacks depend on the weather too and using these attacks drains him of his energy completely
  • basically a move that only has 1 pp
  • he can also generate natural phenomenons!! 
  • chenle asks him to all the time aWH
  • this is probably why jaemin was chenle’s favourite hyung at some point


  • honestly just him in your presence can just heal you
  • he probably just heals people with his laugh honestly (creds 2 @jeonsomi aka the bane of my existence aka my brife)
  • he can heal minor wounds like smol scratches with no problem, but stuff like broken bones is really hard and takes a lot of concentration
  • the only person that can withstand chenle’s charmspeak is hyuck bc he doesn’t have time for his bullshit
  • charmspeaks his way out of trouble tbh
  • probably charmspeaks jisung into holding hands with him, but he doesn’t even need to bc jisung would hold his hand any time of the day if chenle asked 
  • renjun accidentally smacked his face into a tree branch one time and started crying
  • chenle felt so bad he waddled over and put his hand on the cut
  • renjun was like “wtf dude i’m crying why are you holding my face”
  • but then chenle lifted his hand off his face and woAH THE CUT WAS GONE
    • renjun: ur magic bro
    • chenle: i know bro
  • he’s actually kinda an angel just being around him makes you feel 173223848 times better
  • he doesnt use charmspeak as often as he uses his healing abilities bc he doesn’t like manipulating people and like ‘controlling’ them to do stuff he asks
    • it’s nice in group projects tho lmao
  • he honestly doesn’t even need charmspeak, he’s already cute enough to bribe everyone
  • is real nice and will go easy on opponents until they mess with his friends
  • doesn’t look like he can kick anyone’s ass, but he can make someone jump off a building sOoOo eat ur heart out haters >:((((


  • shadow travel
  • did i fuckin stutter
  • s h a d o w t r a v e l
  • it’s like teleporting but he can only do it in the shadows
  • he works best at night
  • he likes using this to scare the dream team
  • sometimes he’ll just shadow travel into one of their rooms in the middle of the night and crash there
    • renjun: hey chenle can i sleep here tonight
    • chenle: wHeRE iN ThE FuCK DId yoU CO Me frOM
  • the dream team was so creeped out at first, but they begrudgingly got used to it
  • it takes a lot more effort for him to shadow travel during the day
  • he gets really drowsy and tired
  • he can only shadow travel like a couple times during the day or he’ll feel sick and pass out
  • the BEST at hide and seek
  • i’m not saying he cheats but this bitch cheats
  • like oh shit mark’s about to catch him?? woOP SHADOW TRAVEL AWAY
  • it took a long while for him to get used to shadow traveling and being able to travel to where he intended to
  • he accidentally went to france once
  • i’m not even kidding he landed in some little girl’s bedroom and screamed
    • poor, unfortunate little girl: MAMAN IL Y A UN GARCON DANS MA CHAMBRE
    • renjun: *nervous sweating* BAGUETTE
  • save him
  • since his superpower doesn’t really give him any special abilities in fighting, he has to train a lot
  • aka renjun is basically kinda ripped ??? but hides it under oversized sweaters ????
  • don’t be fooled, he can break ur ribs
  • shadowtravelling gives him extra mobility to catch opponents off guard
  • shadowtravelling also gives him like slight spidey-senses??
  • he isn’t sure why, but he can feel unwanted presences from far away when fighting
  • maybe it’s because he’s like ‘one with the shadows’ (or smth emo like that), but he still isn’t quite sure of the reason


  • telekinesis
  • whenever he’s too lazy to move, he uses telekinesis to do things for him
  • when he was younger it took a lot of concentration but now it’s as easy as breathing
  • picks things up using his powers and chucks them at his friends 
    • but soft things like pillows or knives, so it only damages their ego u know ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • probably the one who has the most control over their superpower out of the dreamies
    • he always feels bad tho so he runs over and flings it back to them afterwards
  • this binch can create energy orbs that he can use as a shield or use to attack others
  • whenever a dreamie annoys him, he creates orbs and pelts them with it, just hard enough to make them uncomfy :)))))))))
  • it takes a lot of concentration tho so he doesn’t do it that often
  • jeno can alter an object’s trajectory (ex. deflecting someone’s attack)
  • he uses it to cheat in monopoly by controlling the dice
  • can lift people 
  • u heard me right
  • probably lifts chenle up if he can’t reach things on the top shelf 
  • chenle always giggles when jeno lifts him up with telekinesis and in general
  • he also uses telekinesis to enhance his speed, strength, reflexes, etc 
  • it’s like as soon as telekinesis takes over and jeno’s body goes into mind-over-body mode, fluffy jeno just gets switched off and murder-everybody-and-destroy-the-evil jeno gets switched on 
  • hyuck jokes abt how jeno’s superpowers use his mind, but he’s failing school (which leads to jeno picking up his fridge and threatening to toss it at hyuck)


  • did somebody say NECROMANCY 
  • jisung can talk to the dead 
  • sometimes ghosts will approach him and try to talk to him, but honestly he doesn’t reply anymore
  • they always ask jisung for so much and when jisung can’t help, they get angry at him so he’s stopped replying to them in general
  • jisungie has the ability to absorb someone’s life essence 
  • since he’s not extremely skilled yet, he can’t completely absorb someone’s life essence to the point of death, but he can absorb it partially 
  • he usually only does it to weaken his opponents and enhance his own abilities
  • has an army of skeletons that he can summon at any time
  • also able to summon demons and shit, but the only time he’s done that was in desperate times of need (half of his soul may or may not be gone, but it’s all good :)))))) 
  • has a pet dog :’)) i mean the doggo is a ghost, but it’s a big big ghost that jisung rides around everywhere
  • doesn’t really need to fight honestly, just sends his army of skeletons on everybody
  • sure, getting them to go back to their graves is a pain in the ass, but so is getting his hands dirty so >:(((((
  • the first time jisung felt his death empowerment kick in, he freaked the fuck out
  • it just ?? happened during some vigilante mission the dream team had and jisung just couldn’t help drawing closer to the dead body
  • it had this black glow, an aura around it and when he got close enough, the aura shot into jisung and next thing u fuckin know, he went from being utterly exhausted and scared to feeling like he’s just beginning to fight 
  • “holy shit that guy’s death regenerated my energy”
    • mark: bro that’s fuckin scary
  • hyuck calls him emo boy 2.0 and jisung is literally this close to calling up satan himself to drag donghyuck to hell
  • nobody fucking believes jisung when he tells them he has necromancy, like this boy is 173cm of pure fluff and has bright blue hair, how can he have something as dark as necromancy ???
  • and then he summons his skeleton buddies and they understand.
  • dw, even tho jisung’s superpowers are terrifying, he’s a baby bean


  • u just KNOW i had to give hyuck, my #1 baby, my planets and all my stars, my world, my galaxy, MY UNIVERSE the power of cosmic manipulation
  • hyuck is literally a star boy
  • don’t worry, this isn’t as overpowered as it sounds, it has limitations 
  • hyuck basically drips of space and stardust so whenever he uses his superpowers, he glows a black-purple aura that gleams with speckles of stars, it’s SO CUTE
  • doesn’t really help when he’s trying 2 be sneaky tho hm
  • dw, he can hide himself in another layer of the universe (for a short SHORT period of time), like he’s turning himself invisible
  • he’s the reason why the dreamies have to hesitate whenever they play hide and seek bc they never know when hyuck is cheating and hiding in another layer of reality bc of his stupid star boy powers >:(((
    • jaemin: donghyuck istg if ur fucking hiding in-between space, i’m going to beat your ass so hard when you come out, all ur cosmic energy ass bullshit will leave alongside your pride
    • hyuck: fine meanie, god >:((((
  • cosmic empowerment is something he uses quite a lot, so he’s got that pretty much mastered
  • he channels the power of cosmic forces to enhance his speed, agility, strength, etc
  • if he overuses it, like in a long fight, he risks being burnt up by the overwhelming cosmic energy in his body
  • he can teleport by melting into the universe (it’s kinda like renjun’s shadowtravel, but with the universe ???)
  • hyuck has a couple, ya know, cosmic attacks up his sleeve :’)))
  • he can use cosmic energy to blast bursts of energy out of his hands, create shields, and create an aoe attack by sweeping his arms in the general direction of where he wants the wave of cosmic energy to hit
  • he doesn’t use his superpower to just fight, no, he can create little galaxies and stars out of the palms of his hands and whenever the dream team has a sleepover, he always puts a few stars on the ceiling while they’re all trying to sleep
  • and when mark can’t relax, all hyuck has to do is rest his hands on mark’s face and suddenly, mark’s soft brown eyes turn into black and purple voids speckled with stars and all mark can see are constellations and shooting stars
  • hyuck really knows how to calm someone down LOL

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what do u think about the actual clothes that dan chose tho?? I think it was a good mix of funny + ridiculous + different aesthetics but I would’ve loved some more clothes that actually looked good on him and didn’t make me cringe x10000

YES DEAR GOD. i will give u a full rundown of my thoughts on each outfit. 

  • the fuckin black ripped jeans: amazing, divine, brilliant, showstopping, etc. it’s AMAZING to see phil in jeans that fit him so well, his normal ones have a bit of give to them and can sometimes look a little baggy on his tiny legs. 
  • phil as a member of 83 piløTs: NO. hard no. what the fuck. the grey shirt was like … okay . the color worked, it fit his chest nicely, i couldve done with it being a standard silhouette rather than that longer length and so tight at the bottom, but i’ll give it a pass, whatever. the vans were actually great and fit his normal aesthetic and i dug the red color. but the beanie was So Bad and seeing all of those pieces together ……. no. he looked like he was a wannabe 16-year-old making a severely misguided attempt to hold onto his fading youth and i was dying from cringing
  • rose-core sensitive bad boy: good. i like the jacket a fuck ton. i like the jeans. the shirt w the jacket is a bit trash bc it’s so long but w/e i can deal. the hat sucks. why is it white. it makes no sense w this outfit. no no no no no 
  • fluffy coat: i love it bc i will never be over phil snuggling it up to his face and making puppy eyes at dan like … kill me? and i feel like phil would love to lounge in this and wrap dan up in it maybe or just drape it over both of them when theyre chilling on the sofa and im gonna cry now
  • bird shirt: as i said before, i rly liked this weirdly??????? ? wtf???? probs bc phil in all black, and again in sizes that fit him more snugly and accentuate his shape so well made my heart literally stop. he’s so fucking fine?????? and the bird wing fringe kinda works in a cool way, i’m into it. good shit. 
  • lumberjack dad: gross. i mean we are all blessed to witness the artwork that is phil’s arms so i can’t be too mad at this but also … i can … it’s the worst. sleeveless COLLARED shirts make no fucking sense at all, the flannel is horrible, the color is horrible, the jeans are horrible bc the color sucks and theyre way too big on him ……. nO
  • pearlescent hoodie: it’s way too light on him, and ugly kinda generally so …… another no … why dont people (and dan) understand that this man’s color schemes are dark/bold/jewel toned, not this milky, washed out pastel shit. i said it when this vid idea first came out and im still saying it … yall needed to go DARK and u DIDNT (i blame dan entirely tho) 
  • THAT suit: ok this is what i mean. aside from the obvious about how horrific this outfit is, this COLOR works so well with phil’s skin tone!!!!!!!!! bc it’s BOLD and JEWEL PINK ok, like it complements that pale ass alabaster, and this is what we needed more of and also damn i am not complaining about the cut in general, his legs are looking fine, and im still laughing so hard about the fact that it was so small he needed to physically hide his modesty
  • the camo dungarees: nope nope nope, didnt work for me, i hate dungaree shorts first of all, i hate camo second of all, and put both of them together esp not in a slim cut, but w those baggy wide legs instead … fuck that. i cannot believe dan thought this looked cool im going to legitly fight him. the color overall is not bad though. 
  • sushi underwear: 39420394234/10. best looks. dan bought phil underwear that is funny and cute and that phil would def actually like and wear and if youre not fucked up about this yet what are u doing in life
  • The Cheese: obvi amazing and great? artistic? beautiful? no im not just saying this bc the cheese dress gave us unprecedented thigh views and a shot of phil showing dan his ass?? 
  • phil as the definitely sufficiently beautiful newest member of BTS: not feeling it for the reasons listed above about pastel colors on phil’s skin tone. the white jeans could be good, maybe, if paired w smth dark on top but the yellow and white together??? nah. i like that this is the only outfit he seemed moderately comfortable in though, and how supportive and excited dan was about it 
  • 2004 punk rock glam: errrrrrrrrrr. gonna go w fashion diva!dan on this one and agree that this would probs look good on nobody ..? the baseball tee style doesnt work very well, it kind of takes away from the cute art on the shirt (like if this was just a regular black tee w that art, it’d be p nice?) and also those pants …. pass. not Horrible, just A Lot
  • metallic green envelope: i mean. do i even need to bother aahahha (but this one genuinely made me laugh a lot i loved how visceral phil’s reactions were and how dan just couldnt fight that urge to rub the material so vigorously) 

so ya overall i rly thought almost nothing in this vid worked on phil which i suspect was dan’s objective w what he selected (like going for the feel of PJ’s fashion videos .. if you havent seen those, watch them omg.)  as i wrote in some tags i kind of felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment when i was watching this bc phil looked soooooooo uncomfortable in a lot of these outfits? and fair enough–whether it was too small or revealing in ways he wouldnt normally go for or geared at teenagers rather than a 30-year-old man or jst overall unflattering, a lot of these outfits just didnt work for him and thats exACTLY why 1. i rly appreciated how dan completely ditched his snarky dark prince of sarcasm attitude to just uninhibitedly voice support and enthusiasm for phil with every single outfit, like he was out there truly being phil’s biggest fan and encouraging him to be less shy and just lighten up a little bit and he was making phil laugh the whole time and like … i die??? but also 2. i rly appreciated that phil made this video at all, knowing it would probs take him out of his comfort zone in this way. sdjfsdfsdflksdf it was jst such an important video on so many levels idk if ill ever be able to stop talking about it 

i promised a lovely anon some bi trans leo headcanons and what better day than on trans thursday? beware, they are… a bit sad. i got carried away;

1) he figures it out from a relatively young age, mostly because of his “tia”, who keeps referring to him by he/him and using male titles for him (she knew the prophecy about him after all). it always feels right, and after a while, his very smart and amazing mom notices and starts calling him mijo instead of mija without being asked. it makes him happier, though its one of those things he appreciates much, much more later in life

2) thanks to his garbage extended family and the foster care system, his self-esteem and sense of self-worth is shot and he gets a kind of heavy dysphoria he never felt before. any kind of sga he had felt starts to get repressed; real guys like girls, right?? real guys are macho. real guys are cool. leo is small and skinny until he isnt so small and skinny in some parts and it hurts.

3) things get better when he meets piper. piper boosts his confidence and, being trans herself, offers him advice and council he doesnt think he could get anywhere else. he doesnt want it from anywhere else, either - she’s the best kind of friend there is. even if she has the strange and unearthly power to make him give her the good parts of his lunch…. seriously how does she do that…

4) ohhh so THAT’S how she does it… he thinks after a while at camp halfblood. he likes it here - he has something like family, and they just.. accepted him. called him their brother, called him son of hephestus, and he doesnt know how to handle it. it feels… strange. he likes it and he’s afraid od it all at once. he feels like he might have a home here, where he can be himself, be a man the way he was his mother’s mijo, her family, her son. he even thinks the guy who gave him the tour was trans, too. he never wants to leave, but he’s terrified to stay.

5) jason may not have been their friend for real, but he is now. it makes leo feel… guilty. jason is a good-looking guy, which makes leo jealous and… something else. something strange that he hasnt felt since he was little and he had his first crush on that boy he knew… he doesnt want it to happen again, but it does, and he cant help it. jason has pretty blue eyes and a nice laugh and hes the kind of tall and strong that makes you feel safe instead of intimidated. like a cross between superman and captain america. leo sighs to himself as he watches jason and piper slowly grow closer and thinks “and im his sidekick, lieutenant Totally Screwed”

akdhs i’ll have some more soon!!! trans leo is my jam (trans everyone is my jam, gonna rub my trans little hands over everything) so be prepared~

s t o p  h a t i n g  t o d d

todd isnt an asshole. hes a human. 

he wants to save his sister. i dont know about you but i would do anything to protect my younger siblings. he doesnt want her hurt. he wants to save her. thats why he wants to leave, not because he doesnt care about these people; but because he cares about amanda more. 

hes seeking redemption. even tho he’s looking for it the wrong way, but he needs it. saving amanda and looking for dirk were the only things keeping him sane for these months. 

todd isnt a perfect, redeemed, nice character because real people arent that. humans are selfish. humans love unconditonally. humans make mistakes.

when Todd leaves dirk to find amanda, he wasnt saying, “ I’ve been trying to help but you’re still not fixed so im over you,” 

he was saying, “I’ve been trying to help you repeatedly by saying i believe you- but you need to believe in yourself.” 

Todd has been trying to help dirk this whole season, but Dirk hasnt tried to help himself. THATS the issue. 

DIRK doesnt believe himself. no matter how many times Todd tries to pick him back up, in the end, how dirk feels about himself is how is will feel. 

Dirk needed to find faith in himself. 

and todd needed to find his sister. 

(ALSO fuking hell he didnt leave Dirk “for dead”. Dirk clearly stated he was staying RIGHT THERE. Todd assumed he would be there when he got back with Amanda.) 

Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Five (Kindness)

“What about my dress?”
“Maybe … I could wash it,” Arya said doubtfully.
“Washing won’t do any good,” Sansa said. “Not if you scrubbed all day and all night. The silk is ruined.”
“Then I’ll … make you a new one,” Arya said. 

contrary to popular belief arya actually puts forth quite a bit of effort in empathizing with sansa. and in these trying times i really cannot stress that enough. their relationship is strained, essentially, because arya is not the perfect lady sansa wants her to be. for this reason sansa looks down on arya. which plays a big role in arya’s overall view of herself. because arya is told she’s not good enough she tries to do “better”. and that actually manifests itself into some really kind and compassionate moments. after asking for forgiveness she offers to wash the ruined dress and when that doesnt work she says she’ll make sansa a new one as amends even though sewing is her least favorite thing to do. its a really nice and selfless thing to do. especially considering the reason the dress was ruined in the first place is because sansa blamed mycah for his own murder. but thats neither here nor there. 

“It won’t be so bad, Sansa,” Arya said. “We’re going to sail on a galley. It will be an adventure, and then we’ll be with Bran and Robb again, and Old Nan and Hodor and the rest.” She touched her on the arm. (AGOT)

this is the sweetest thing. arya has been fighting with sansa since the first chapter. she hates kings landing and the lannisters more than anyone but she still comforts her sister here. she even initiates positive physical contact as a means of sympathy. arya might be the younger sibling but she’s acting far more mature. she sees her sister heartbroken and reaches out to her. arya tells sansa they’ll have an adventure on the galley and then they’ll be home, together. 

Even Sansa … I’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that.

this one is both sad and sweet. arya’s life has been rough by this point. she’s had her head shaved and wears rags. which is a bigger burden on her than anyone. arya shouldn’t have to beg anyones pardons. least of all for her appearance which is beyond her control. and also irrelevant. but arya knows what a high value sansa places on that sort of thing. she empathizes with sansa. and instead of belittling her feelings she decides she’ll change her own behavior in an attempt to make sansa feel better. arya will play the “proper lady” because she misses her sister and knows that’ll make her happy. once again, arya puts sansa ahead of herself. but arya’s been conditioned to see sansa as better than her. so i can’t say i don’t look on these moments without any bitterness. still, it shows what a big heart arya has inside her.

this interpretation of arya always lashing out at sansa because she’s jealous could not be further from the truth. arya doesn’t take pride in being different from her sister either. arya tries to be the lady sansa and the rest want her to be ( she actively tries to change her own behavior because she’s been led to believe she’s not good enough. the way she looks, the way she acts, the way she feels are all constantly invalidated by those around her. she would have every right to meet their disapproval with nothing but disdain but arya has more than one moment where she’s courteous and kind and genuinely compassionate in return. because what arya values is family. even when they don’t treat her right. and arya will never forget what ned told her:

“Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you … and I need both of you, gods help me.”

thats it. thats always been it. arya might hate her sometimes but sansa is her sister. she is a part of her pack. arya sees her in needle, the symbol of her identity. the house of black and whites magic candles smell like sansa singing because that soothes arya when shes afraid. their relationship will continue to be fraught with tension but, imo, arya will be the one to try and mend it like she has every time before. whether it be with a new dress or a kind words or a kiss. because she knows they need each other. 

dearly beloved we are gathered here today to talk about taz ships

okay standard disclaimer that this noncomprehensive, and also One Internet Idiots headcanons and analysis/meta and that bruh nothin’ i say is gospel if ya disagree…….fuck iunno, write your own post, i love reading other peoples meta. divvying this up into canon/noncanon for the sake of it - noncanon will be posted 2morrow.


heres the thing. this is a relationship that should not exist. it is impractical, it is improbable. taako doesnt even mean for it to become a relationship. he wants to fuck with this guy who has a dumb accent and looks good in a suit, who wants to kill his friends, let’s throw him off balance, lets take him on a date.

and. oh. he’s….he’s nice? taako likes him? he’s. huh. he’s really nice. taako tells him shit and kravitz actually seems he wants to see him again.

and kravitz, kravitz is fascinated, because someone asking him on a date is the most interesting thing that’s happened to him in centuries, here’s this guy, here’s this guy who shouts at him and banters and ties him up in tentacles and then has the audacity to ASK HIM OUT, and well. how can he not say yes?

and that’s how it starts. so this is a relationship borne of like. accident. but thats not a bad thing. it’s spontaneous, it’s realizing that maybe the perfect person for you comes out of nowhere, that life is full of surprises, and one of the surprises is, oh, hello, here you are, how did i not know that i needed you.


the slowest of all slow fucking burns. this is love that kindles over decades. i dont think this is a relationship that could have happened in any other reality but the one they live in. the time it took before barry and lup could become the people who mean as much as they do to each other.

think about it. barrys human, lups an elf - they’re operating on completely different timescales. there’s another world where the hunger never attacks and they never intersect.

it takes barry HALF A FUCKIN CENTURY to make a move. and i bet. lup doesnt realize that she loves him for half as long, and then has no idea how to approach a relationship that matters. they’re already important to each other, right? they’re crewmates, friends, partners in magic and in research and in late night talks and laughter, to fuck this up? for a prospective relationship?

neither of them thinks its worth it, without some signal that the other person is interested. the thing is that they’re both stupid tho, so that takes forever to establish. but when they figure it out. well.

this is love like a fuckin’ flood. this is knowing the other person like the back of your hand, this is offering to kill your physical form just to hold the other person, this is two people who are SO EXTRA ABOUT EVERYTHING with compasses pointed true north at each other. this is a love that took a lifetime to establish, a love that endures lifetimes.


this is love at first sight, tbh, this is “you’re it for me, hon.” this is magnus falling fast and hard because there’s this beautiful woman with SICK guns who BEATS HIM AT A FIGHT and she’s funny and makes fun of him and oh god he falls so hard he sees stars. but here’s a situation where rushing in wont help him, here’s him having to wait for her.

on julia’s side: terror that she likes him so quickly, wonder that she likes this stranger. she doesnt want a boyfriend, julia wants out of her hometown, julia wants to go on an adventure. then shit goes down in ravens roost, and both magnus and julia learn something about adventure and the world and what can happen to the places you love.

this is love grasped from the arms of tragedy (this is revolution, this is fire and blood and overthrowing, this is two leaders of a movement hand in hand, this is love forged in flames)

and maybe, maybe that leads to people getting married to young, having not nearly enough time together, maybe creates a love cut short at the height of its passion. they should have had time, is the thing. they were still enamored with one another, there wasnt time for them to really settle into the relationship, for it to become easy and comfortable, there’s never going to be that time.

no one said this wasn’t a tragedy.

also paging @ruffboijuliaburnsides i did it now U Gotta ;P 

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i saw your wonderful meta and i thought, another thing that really stuck with me is the difference between the sheith vs kallura hug in s2. with kallura, you see them hug up close, the viewers are invited into the scene because it's not an intimate one. but with sheith, you see both of them hug, you don't get to hear anything (if they were even saying anything), and the viewers are placed very far away, as if we're not meant to invade into that intimate moment that's reserved just for the 2.

hi!  ha i actually also like kallura and think their hug was cute too, but ya theyre both presented in really different ways. i think the main thing is how comfortable keith looks with shiro, so this is a level of intimacy he’s used to. he tells that one arusion he doesnt hug strangers, but i guess he must hug shiro time to time, since he just goes in for the handshake but isnt at all surprised when shiro pulls him in. 

also, interesting note about it feeling like this intrusion on a private moment: allura’s watching them 

so ya, in terms of how theyre in their own little world and someone else is looking in, i think its definitely framed that way, since its something we see from allura’s point of view. we also get the hug right on the heels of this scene 

so The Hug is also kinda this moment where you have someone else staring and going Why though?? why are they so close??? because shiro keeps trusting all these galra and she just?? cant understand it?? when she turns away from the bom she looks Tired and Annoyed. but after keith catches her staring during the hug, she looks more…hurt? guilty? something? like she’s maybe thinking she shouldn’t be so quick to judge, because keith and shiro both look so perfectly content and at ease in that moment, and its kinda hard to think Evil Galra when you see them being so vulnerable with somebody. (granted i think she had every right to be wary and im proud she was able to build that bridge back up by herself, but i digress). anyway, i think there is that extra level of it feeling like this personal moment  because its this scene that kinda “humanizes” him for allura a little–his affection for shiro humanizes him. and it’s one of the early steps in learning to confront her black and white worldview. ironically, the sheith hug reveals just as much about allura as it does shiro and keith. 

sidenote: i think its interesting that in both these scenes, shiro is turned away from her the whole time. which seems kinda indicative of how distant from shiro she feels because its like hes “siding” with the galra over her. keith is the only one who looks back. and when he does, allura immediately breaks eye contact. 

as for the kallura hug, it seems pretty one sided to me. that is, allura initiates it, and he doesnt respond as readily. she kinda grabs him and you can tell he’s shocked that she’s ready to forgive him so easily. He doesnt pull away or anything though, and tries to reassure her and everything. when he promises to come back you can tell he really cares that she was concerned for him. but, that being said, he definitely doesnt look as comfortable. hes more startled and just freezes. he doesnt hug her back right away. its not something to be expected, like with shiro. 

obviously, this also has a lot to due with the drastic change in her behavior, which leaves him pretty confused. but even when hunk hugs him that one time at the beginning, he looks shocked. hes a touch averse person usually, so its nice to see that he at least had shiro to open up to. and now, little by little, hes slowly letting his guard down around others too.

also, something i kinda wondered when i first watched season 2: since she was the one watching keith and shiro hug before, did it occur to her that oh!! maybe this is a thing! maybe keith likes hugs. should i be giving him a hug?? because she saw shiro do it to reassure him so she tried to comfort him the way shiro would? caus if so thats really cute 

anyway im thankful for both the sheith and kallura hugs! like honestly keith can probably use all the hugs he can get at this point ha