it doesnt even look like them whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish there was a way to block out the headcanon the majority of the fandom has about Adrien’s diet and/or Gabriel starving him for modeling.

For one, most male models are encouraged to gain weight, so long as it’s the right weight. They are encouraged to stay active and gain muscle. Most female models are encouraged to lose as much as they can, yes, but males aren’t treated the same. Yes, they want them slim and toned but they want them to be muscular too.

So, just from the model aspect of things, Adrien would more likely be encouraged to eat to gain weight than anything, especially with so much physical activity already in his schedule. That and that entire family looks like they have higher metabolisms all around.

If Adrien isn’t gaining weight, I highly doubt it’s his diet itself but more that he’s too depressed or upset to eat every time he should. And Gabriel likely wouldn’t be the best role model in this area either because if you look closely in Jackady, the man’s wedding ring doesn’t fit snugly anymore. He probably gets to busy and so caught up in things that he forgets to eat or just doesnt feel like it either. I imagine both of them probably need reminders to eat and stop focusing on everything else.

As for how Gabriel would treat Adrien’s diet, I seriously don’t see him starving Adrien. I honestly don’t see him even paying attention enough to reinforce that. If anything, I think he may have Nathalie schedule appointments for Adrien with a good nutritionist and then have her reinforce whatever that nutritionist would say (which, btw, would more than likely be to eat more protein and have healthy carbs to keep up with how much activity he’s doing).

The idea that Gabriel is starving Adrien for modeling honestly just seems completely unlikely to me and I hope that idea goes away eventually. He doesn’t even look underweight in the show. He just looks like a kid his age that gets a lot of activity on top of a high metabolism. I don’t understand where this came from or why? Guhhhhh.

Okay, I’ll attempt to shut up now.

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Tbh it's so funny how the ONLY people having trouble understanding the problem with Maggie and speaking over others on matters of recasting and how fucked up that situation is are white people. Because it's not something they're affected by they just easily look past it as "it's gay rep" lol

Lmao anon literally. They easily look past it cause it doesnt affect them in any way like to them being an “ally” or whatever its just like “i can separate floriana and maggie:/” when lmao… first of all when u do that ur validating her work. Saying maggie is woc even though floriana is a white woman is like saying scarjo is actual asian rep. They cant get that through their minds lol

hey ho spaghettio if anyone wants physical refs for my ocs or anything here they are………my kids whom i love with all my heart

okay so for my wlw webcomic i want to write

okay so there’s one character I havent named her yet, but i’ll call her broody for now, she’s kind of emo and wears a lot of black and has hella tats. She goes to university with this really cute but basic sweaters and coffee girl. They never notice each other until sweaters girl ends up working at a convenience store on campus which is where broody and her emo friends hang out. Broody always comes in to buy rootbeer or something and sweaters girl is always too afraid of talking to any of them. Broody starts coming in alone more often at super weird hours, like 3 am, and she’s always super tired looking and sweaters is like “ whatever she’s probably kicking people’s asses in parking lots not my problem” 

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{{ Babble }}

ok so why doesnt anyone talk about any coran ships? theyre such gems, literally all of them (yes EVEN ones including paladins)

like how could anyone look at coran being smitten with someone and think “meh whatever” he’d be the best?? boyfriend ever??? he would treat you so right???

all im sayin is that coran ships need more love

in which humans are dominant and trolls are lower class. the kingdom is ruled by the strilondes and trolls are nothing more than servants and brute strength. they are favored in many situations to humans because they are stronger and can provide better protection.

for that reason, dave, prince to the throne, second in line to inherit it, got to pick his own troll companion at a young age. someone who would grow to be big and strong and fierce, who would defend him with their life and serve him every moment of the day.

someone unlike the scraggly mutt of a child he chose instead.

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do you have any dc superhero girls! halbarry aus?


  • whole thing takes place in coast city, in this AU darryl who takes barry in after his mom has been murdered lives in coast city
  • rumors follow barry around - nobody wants to talk to him because they know that hes a kid of a killer which is not true but you know, tell that to teens in hs
  • barry is a great student, works rly hard to be come a forensic scientist and to get into the central city uni
  • but also AN ATHLETE… runs in relay races etc… likes to have as many extracurricular activities as possible to avoid talking to people and to avoid to coming back “home”
  • during training he sometimes sees some guy hanging out on bleachers, napping or just watching them run (and he’s pretty sure that brown-haired guy should be in class right now)
  • barry pulling a muscle or tripping one day, hobbles over to bleachers to sit down and suddenly hears a “hey” behind him?? it’s the brown-haired guy!! was he sitting here all along, what the fuck
  • barry nervously replying “hey–” he’s very used to people being cruel to him because of the murder rumors B( expects hal to be the same
  • but hal just starts a chill small talk, talks about running, talks about how much school sucks, etc. barry growing hopeful?? starts getting a little embarrassed but in a good way, he’s just not used to a nice type of attention like that
  • hal noticing how flustered he is and asking barry abt it (bc hal is a very forward and direct guy) and barry just “um– it’s– cause not many people talk to me–” and he wants to Die, he thinks he just ruined everything with that loser comment
  • hal getting silent and just looking away from barry, they sit in a silence for a while and hal suddenly saying “people don’t talk to me either because the first thing i usually say to them is ‘my dad died in a jet crash’” – BECAUSE HAL IS A VERY ANGRY AND DIRECTIONLESS KID… DRIVES PEOPLE AWAY ON PURPOSE
  • but barry just sad ‘oh.’ he doesn’t question it, he knows what it’s like to lose a parent, he doesn’t react with surprise and then alarm
  • “ah – you probably know that but my mom– she was killed”
  • hal giving him a strange look, barry thinking his eyes got darker a little bit
  • “why would i know that??” “um– it’s all everyone talks about in school…” “dude i’m barely there at all, i dont keep up with rumors PFFF”
  • suddenly this heavy mood is lifted and barry feels like he passed some unspoken test?? and suddenly became hal’s friend? because hal opens up and starts asking questions abt barry and talks abt his school situation, barry can barely believe what is happening right now
  • hal is an okay student, good at maths and physics but he constantly skips all classes to sneak out to the airfield, he only shows up for the minimal required amount of hours, school doesnt mean shit to him, hes going to join USAF anyways, as soon as he’s 18, he has to escape his family and go fly
  • shows up to classes with barry more often though!! waits for barry after school
  • one day he manages to convince barry to skip classes too (AFTER SO MUCH NAGGING… barry is such a nerd….), takes him to the airfield where his dad used to work. they lie in grass and watch the jets above them… barry feeling like he got to see another part of hal’s private world, like he’s getting to know him like no other person ever has and he’s so thankful for that
  • they start meeting outside the school, hal visits barry in darryls house, sometimes they eat dinner at his home, though hal prefers to stay away from his family 
  • hal is sometimes bruised from picking fights with jack or random jackasses older than him, barry always so worried for him
  • hal also has the reputation of the Mysterious Good-Looking Guy in the school, so he gets invited to parties by girls who want to date him… hal drags barry with him and first time he gets so drunk he passes out, barry carries him home (to darryl’s home, he can’t let hal’s family see him drunk!!). puts hal in his own bed and just stares at him, hoping that hal will get better? absentmindedly brushes his hair with his hand– and then takes it away, startled a bit.
  • THEM BEING SO CLOSE………….. JESUS…. so close…. barry suspecting he’s in love with hal but has no idea what to do about this weird situation hes in
  • but they both know that all of this is going to end with hal’s eighteenth birthday, barry keeps fearing that date
  • the day comes and hal sneaks out of the home, grabs two bottles of beer and they go to the same airstrip again, to that same spot, they sit in the grass and dont talk, tomorrow hal is going to be gone, he doesn’t even need to say it. barry drinking beer and hating it.
  • hal laying down, barry doing the same, hal turning head to look at him and he looks so quiet and so serious and there’s something in the air and barry knows that if he doesn’t seize whatever this is, the chance will be gone
  • both of them move heads at the same time and they kiss, grass tickling cheeks, eyes closed, jets roaring above, barry clenching fingers around the cold beer bottle
  • they kiss for a long time, it doesnt feel wrong it feels like this is where they were headed from the very beginning but barry wants to cry because its too late, its far too late, hal will be gone in few hours 
  • the kiss ends and hal just brushes barry’s cheek
  • “if you wait for me, i’ll wait for you”
  • barry tearing up and nodding, he’s going to wait forever if that’s what it takes, he loves hal and hes going to wait for him, he’ll wait for him to finish the military training and he wont even look at another person, he’ll wait for hal
  • they kiss again and tomorrow hal is gone
the ai au: picnic

part one | part two | part three

  • root decides that they need to go on a date
  • “but we already spend almost all of our time together?”
  • “if you want to kiss me more, we have to go on dates too, shaw. that’s what all the movies say, it’s the rules”
  • it may or not be The Rules. shaw doesnt really care to look them up
  • so root has to research this shit
  • she looks up the best picnic basket to buy, the best food to make
  • how to even MAKE food
  • she’s never eaten anything before. it should be fun
  • john and harold are her test subjects. she only gives them food poisoning like…once. twice
  • she’s pretty dang proud of herself
  • so the next weekend root packs up their little basket and drags shaw outside and they walk to the park together
  • “will you hold my hand, shaw?”
  • “what? why?”
  • “it’s the rules”
  • shaw shrugs. "whatever.” root’s hands are always soft and warm
  • root grins victoriously.
  • shaw squeezes her hand gently
  • “loser”
  • they arrive at the park and root quickly calculates The Ultimate Picnic Spot
  • she lays the blanket down, obessively smooths it out, sets the basket at an exact 45 degree angle
  • shaw stands back, amused
  • “can i sit now?”
  • root huffs. “YES, you can sit now”
  • shaw smiles peacefully. she likes to watch the ducks in the pond
  • root likes to watch shaw
  • “so, root…what are we supposed to do here, exactly?”
  • “we enjoy each other’s company, look across the lake–it’s supposed to be very romantic–”
  • “root. what did you drag us out here for?”
  • “it’s nice? OH, and i made food!”
  • she’s so proud of herself. shaw is slightly skeptical
  • “can we even eat?”
  • root shrugs. “guess we’ll find out”
  • root unpacks the basket. it’s simple stuff: sandwiches, salad, cut fruit. she offers shaw a sandwich
  • looks at her pleadingly.
  • “oh my… fine. FINE. stop looking at me like that”
  • shaw takes a bite. freezes. puts the sandwich down
  • “what?”
  • “how many more sandwiches did you make”
  • “i wasnt sure how many people normally ate. maybe 25?”
  • and thats the day shaw eats 25 sandwiches at the park.
  • root just stares, transfixed. she doesnt really understand eating. it’s not her thing. but watching shaw is an /experience/
  • harold has to perform the robot equivalent of a stomach pump later
  • “you didnt design your bodies to injest food, ms shaw.“
  • shaw groans. "it was so good”
  • “honestly, root, what were you thinking?” harold continues.
  • “dont blame her”, shaw slurs, “totally worth it”

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Adrien frantically calling Nino at some point because his photographer INSISTS that Nino take pictures along with Adrien as a contrast/compliment/"to complete the look". Nino willing to help out his bro but going through leaps and bounds to avoid Adrien's photographer who wants to make Nino his muse. Nino suddenly getting calls and emails from other fashion lines and agencies wanting to work with him after the first magazine with him in it is published.

EXACTLY. hes Adriens exact contrast. Their styles are super different, not to mention their appearances. They totally compliment each other, Gabriel loves it, and the results he gets from his son are ten to one when he gets to work with his friend. And Adrien loves the confidence boost having good photos of himself gives Nino, even when the DJ tries to hide it, saying he looks like a clown or whatever. The girls know that Nino has poor self image and intend to make a huge deal about seeing his photos for the first time, but when Adrien sneaks them advanced looks they arent acting AT ALL. Adrien spends ages telling Nino the play by play of their reactions.

The thing is, Gabriel doesnt need to pay Adrien, but he does have to supply Nino with something. Nino’s parents get checks for Nino’s photoshoots that they put away for him when he’s older, and when he actually sees the number on a check hes like “woah oh my god WHAT”. 

He makes slightly less fuss about getting pulled in after that, but always fusses at least a little. 


i was bored and absolutely adore the art from the newest update so i decided to go and make transparent images of them. i modified a few of them like terezi now shes just sad and doesnt have gamzee holding her or perhaps you just want a sleepy crockercorp!jane hugging the sidebar, or maybe even aranea looking like shes just eaten something fucking disgusting.

these are free to use on tumblr or whatever. i will be doing more because there were some amazing moments in the flash even if it was painful as fuck. seriously the art was phenomenal and should be appreciated by everyone for the hard work of those artists. even the music score was beautiful

one of the best things with art and the millions of styles that exists within it, is that each style somehow resembles the artists themselves. look at the portraits made by your favourite artist, and then look at their face. i am almost certain you’ll see some similarities.

im just so sick and tired of game developers pulling this kind of shit?? and even though its not nintendo thats doing all these designs and shit when they were designing shia did they not think like “oh damn nah”

its just so tiring and boring when they make the designs so ridiculous just to make them look hot or whatever and to grab male attention it sucks ass like??? her design doesnt even make sense how do her boobs do that without support????? its literally cloth covering her chest yet her boobs are just floating. thats not how big boobs work im afraid

im upset that they did this with zelda like yeah i know its a spin off but nintendos let me down this time. theres obviously been a few more cases of this like twinrova for example but they werent even subtle this time they literally have her tits hanging out with no support and i aint having that

dont be all like “stop slut shaming wow she can wear whatever she likes remember” like bear in mind that shes not real and had no control on how she was going to be designed. im so tired of gaming companies constantly having to make women look hot just for a certain gross audience. its fucking disgusting. bye

Sterek shippers seriously make being in this fandom intolerable. Literally intolerable. They’re so quick to bash and judge every other ship. They’re so quick to write out essays. Literally, pages and pages of complete bullshit as to why any other Stiles(or Derek) related pairing is morally wrong and illogical. The fact that you’re trying to attempt to categorize Stydia and Stalia in the same realm of existence, let alone define them as the same level of insanity, baffles me. I can’t even fathom it. You’re actually saying there’s barely any character development between Stiles and Lydia? Come on, I know y’all have your heads so far up your delusions ship’s asses that you hate to admit to any potential character growth when you see it but now I’m generally concerned for your wellbeing. Stiles and Lydia have had more build, more development, more REAL progress as a unit then any damn pair in this entire show.

I just love how this person(god bless their heart) is steadily preaching on how Lydia needs to remain single, and Stiles needs to heal and “take a break from romance plots and deal with the shirt storms of a life.” Only to finish up with “how about actually giving us what the majority of us fans want aka Derek!!” Wow, okay. So, let me get this straight. When Lydia is linked to Stiles, she’s seen as a “pointless romance”, and forced but when it’s Derek, hell yeah, all board the tunnel of love! Simply because majority of you so called “fans” want it? Are you kidding. Three years of slowly molding, shaping and building a new form found friendship is considered “suddenly, out of the blue” but wanting a emotional compromised man ( who’s not shown a single trace of having any other preference besides women ) to just magically fall in love with a highschool student (who, a season earlier, couldn’t give two fucks if that man lived or died) is justifiable? Tell me how any of this makes sense!

“Let’s mash together two mentally unstable teenagers and tell us it’s romantic, because that just screams healthy.”

So you honestly, truly think, the man who watched his family die in a fire, the boy who murder his first love at the age of 15, the man who’s basically completely fucked up in the head is more mentally stable than Lydia or Malia? Really.

You seriously have the audacity to talk so boldly about an unhealthy relationship, when you’re shipping a 20+ year old man with a 17 year old boy…? Let’s just take out the huge, gag inducing age gap for a moment shall we. You’re so stuck on saying that these two characters together would be romanticizing insanity but for two and a half seasons, weren’t you shippers the ones who kept romanticizing a giant pounding the shit out of a defenseless boy? Mistaking, abuse and freight for “undying sexual chemistry.”?
And to this day. Derek still talks about Stiles likes he’s a incoherent child. Like he’s weak and useless. If anyone’s health or stability should be questioned it’s your’s.

“How about not shoving a new ship down our throats”

I’m genuinely laughing my little tushee off over this statement. Gather around y’all. This is extraordinary. What we have here is a STEREK shipper, complaining that a ship is being shoved down THEIR throats. No! I’m not lying, go look if you don’t believe me!

This is coming from the same side of the fandom that sent porn edits and fanbooks to Dylan and Tyler. This is coming from the side that calls themselves the “alphas” and “light of beacon hills.” From the side that literally over analyzes and twists every single scene or thing in to sterek. This is coming from the people that legitimately destroyed the teenwolf tag with their AUs, metas, smutt and fanfics. Because you know, having 700 tags isn’t enough, they had to take over the main tags too. This is coming from the side of the fandom who literally trolls on a innocent, fun poll, THAT DOESNT EVEN INVOLVE THEIR SHIP, and gets pleasure off of belittling and completely demolishing ships while trying to promote theirs.

Are you literally insane or are you just trying to make every other shipper detest you. I don’t know what it is. Maybe you’ve all just become so good at lying and living in your fantasy world that you’re starting to believe its really true. Maybe you actually think you’re trying to look out for Stiles. What ever it is. Whatever you’re trying to do, just step back for a moment and realize, that just because you don’t like a certain ship, doesn’t make them any more wrong or worse then your own and if you want to be completely honest, Sterek is in no way, shape or form even close to fitting any vague definition of a stable relationship, let alone a healthy one. So you can take your hypocritical nonsense and butt hurt opinions and bounce.

(P.s I didn’t like this post personally I got it off of a twitter account that thought what this shmuck was saying actually counted as relevant. Ha)

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why are you so "sure" about zach's sexuality ? (i'm not sayin it in a bad way i actually share some of your thoughts and think he might be gay too but then i'm like idk i'm not getting the 100% gay vibe from him... i feel like he might sleep with frankie (outside) but idk his family is so open that he might just be a hetero guy who really doesn't give a shit or he's (sadly) just playin us knowing that zankie is getting him tv time? what do u think ?

i mean anything is possible of course.

theres a chance that zach really is straight and he is just very very open and always joking around with frankie. but to me i dont buy it.

i always say IMO when talking about Zach (which means in my opinion). and IMO he is gay. two main reasons why i think that…

1) how he is with girls…. if zach were a huge flirt like cody and he seemed really good with girls and had a genuine interest in someone in the house i would not be so quick to assume he was gay. but he literally has the worst dating/sex history. hes ALWAYS saying he doesnt flirt with girls or touch girls (and yet we see him act flirtatious with frankie) and anytime hes claimed to be attracted to a girl in the house (which changes every five seconds) hes so over the top about it. like, overky aggressive, yet he doesnt touch them. he doesnt talk genuinely about them. its obvious its all an act. like claiming he liked nicole and now shes his target? saying amber was a smoke bomb but then saying how much he hated her? he says he likes them to other people but then hes rude to them and says hes faking it. it makes no sense. he really cant be THAT bad at flirting if he really liked someone. i mean maybe these girls arent zachs type but he just had no interest in any of them. all the other guys in the house had genuine crushes which is NORMAL for a 23 year old guy. the person closest to being a crush for zach is frankie. him saying he doesnt date, or hasnt had sex in a while, or hasnt had a serious girlfriend are all red flags to me. normal straigt guys just arent like that. especially at that are they are girl crazy and think about them all the time. zach doesnt even talk about girls sexually or say sexual things like th e other guys do. he only says sexually aggressive things about gay men to frankie.

2) its in the subtle things he does. like, cuddling with frankie or hitting on him in front of people is one thing, that could be a show or him just trying to shock people and be funny. zach definitely has that personality. but its the things he does when he thinks no one is really watching/listening. him saying he could see why gay sex seemed fun? like, that was sad only to frankie and very quietly. and it was a passing comment that he didnt extend on. him saying he wanted to fuck frankie when feeds werent up, and then being called out and literally not denying it and instead just tried to change topics? that says something to me. also, he literally follows frankie around. when you like someone, you want to be near em. you want to act like them, etc. he thinks frankie is hilarious, he copies his fashion sense, he talks about him without even realizing that hes doing it, he defends him to other people, he raves about him in the DR, he talks about hanging out after the show, he talks about how his family would,love him…. these are all signs of a crush.

most importantly were the hoh moments with frankie. as soon as the lights went out that first time they were in there he turns over to frankie and masaages him. im sorry but that is not normal friend behavior. when he sleeps with frankie hes contantly tossing and turning, constantly looking over at him, etc. his feelings are just so obvious to me. and like that night when they were talking to cody and frankie was holding his hand and zach was massaging his arm, that all said SO much. thats like a thing crushes do. (look at haycole or even when brit and cody were tickling each others arms) it was an intimate moment just between zankie. if zach felt weird about it i think he would be telling cody, “dude, frankie was holding my hand last nigth” or whatever…. but he doesnt. because that was a special moment between them.

bottom line is, i dont act that way with my friends. the closest ive gotten to being sexual or flirting with them is slapping their butt as a joke. i never make sexual comments towards them or massage them in bed or joke about being lesbians with them. thats just not normL. i realize that frankie is gay and its a little different but its clearly obvious that frankie likes him and if zach had zero feelings i dont see him leading frankie on in that way.

with a gay friend you have to be that much more careful because you wouldnt want them to get the wrong idea. zack like eggs it on. and i think its because he likes it. he loves the attention from frankie.

maybe he doesnt fully realize it but hes definitely attracted to him. (and maybe hes frankie sexual… maybe frankie is the first guy this has happened with)

Doesnt it feel good to have your mother criticize the way you look every time she comes home? Especially when its something you liked and were excited about like, say, new glasses, but now shes made you feel shitty about them and you cant change it so youre just sorta self consious but youre sorta used to it cause my mother tells me stuff like that often. She thinks my short hair makes me look like a lesbian and that me with glasses at all doesnt look good so yeah whatever

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I really dislike when people say that a kids show doesnt count as such for being "too complex/deep/whatever", it feels like understamating kids, like, a show cant be aimed at them because it has good writing? kids can only like dumb and simple plots? no offence, but I just wanted to share this opinion

None taken.

Look before I can explain you have to understand, the cartoons I watched when I was a kid were nothing like today’s cartoons. Not even close. You hear people from the 90′s or 80′s tell you “oh shows back in my day were so much better” but they’re talking directly out of their ass. Those people are simply coming from a place of nostalgia, because most shows back then were either trying to sell you toys or… yeah sell you toys. Sure there were good shows back then that I loved growing up but that doesn’t mean I can’t see the greater strides being made in the medium nowadays.

Shows like Steven Universe aren’t a ploy to sell toys, or be a light distraction, these shows actually care about telling legitimate stories. They care about actually being legitimate learning devices to kids teaching them highly mature concepts brought down to a simple level. It goes way beyond what I watched growing up.

I’m not saying a kids show can’t be complex/deep/whatever or that kids can’t pick up on this stuff, just the opposite. I mean look at Adventure time, that show sometimes goes even over my head. It’s just that what a cartoon meant to me felt different growing up. Today’s shows don’t initially seem like kids shows to me because even now they engage me on a level shows I look back on do not.

You get what I mean?