it doesnt even have rights

sorry for the radio silence!! have a quick painting that was supposed to be jeremy but now…im not sure


Kusanagi ups the game by speaking in italics AND bold and I find it unnecessarily hilarious because what does that mean in terms of tone of voice. Does he get louder? Does his voice drop another octave and rumble through the grains of the earth?

It’s not even that much of an important statement, so I have to assume that this is just how arguments work with these people. Rather than raising their voices they just start speaking in different font styles until everyone else stops objecting.

Which is absolutely not what’s happening but I love it and I’m keeping it.

ALSO: ACTUAL PLOT POINT. Kamui just being entirely apathetic to everything that isn’t related to water AND/OR Fuuma is such a nice introspection into what his character could have turned into in X/1999 if he had gone the other direction. In that storyline he chose his friends and protecting others over his own interests (and the idea of actually fulfilling his own wishes takes a long time for him to relearn). This is the opposite. Kamui has made the opposite character growth; he’s only focussed on what he himself wants, to the complete exclusion of everyone and everything else.


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sylvia and dee reaching for the last pizza roll at the same time

so i’m a lesbian, but i’m not huge on labels

that is what i’ve determined

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Why are all of these unseen pics being released right now??? Like, I understand the article with new pap pics, since Louis will most likely attend the brits... but why all the unseen pics? Do they know that very very soon they will be worthless?? Will these pics be used for the story they will tell? Like, the ones from months ago, it's raining and the kid doesnt even have pants on....

Eh personally right now I think it’s likely because her desperate ass called the paps on herself and they were never used because nobody cares about her

if some guy i was with asked me to call him daddy i would be incapable of not laughing in his fucking face and i cant understand how anyone could react in any other way

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I happen to really like Despacito but let's be real here for a second and admit the king in the song (THAT song) was Luis, not Justin. -Mexican American girl

Justin Bieber just happened to made a “cover” which he doesnt even sing good so he doesnt have the right to be there

The song was already popular. So the good rating of it has nothing to do with Bieber.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee deserve all the credit

nancy looks so uncomforatable in this pic like . post s1 do u think she feels like a stranger in her own home . do u think she felt numb during this photo do u think she’s playing the role of herself but constantly disassociating and trying to cope with these big feelings and fears and being unable to properly process them and do u think she’s faking almost every single aspect of her personality and being performative and trying hard to forget but often just relivin her worst moments over and over and do u wonder if she ever feels comfortable talking abt her grief and bringing it up or does she still feel guilty for wanting to focus on the loss of her best friend and do u think she blames herself do u think she’s tearing herself up inside and jesus the last thing she wants to do right now is take a photo but she’s actively trying to fight off overstimulation and a meltdown and she’s literally seething in that sweater and she can feel her hair against her neck and she’s trying so hard not to mention it but every single argument , every single word uttered by anyone else in that room is making her skin crawl and please just let her out of there , please just let her sit quiet in her room alone and feel the soft blanket against her and drink cold water and not have to handle this

insulin is so CUTE though you guys idk if you realize

like, when it sees stray sugar, it actually helps us by turning it into energy! and it doesnt even have to be used right off the bat, they make sure the energy gets stored in your muscles and cells so you can use it later if you need it!!!!!!! omg precious

Facts about Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette

1. was tricked by his own family into falling in love with his future wife

2. so rich that he bought a ship to sail to America, and then bought all the cargo on the ship bc he was afraid if they stopped to sell it he would be arrested in the West Indies

3. was such besties with George Washington that he named one of his kids after him

4. during his 1779 trip back to France to ask for more aid, he was placed under house arrest for 8 days before King Louis invited him on a hunting trip. He was also presented with a gold-encrusted sword by Benjamin Franklin’s grandson

5. was an abolitionist and told Washington to free his slaves

6. was made an American citizen after the ratification of the constitution

7. everyone he ever met basically thought he was the shit

8. b/c he was

Im not gonna do a gofundme again because using the funds costed so much. Money to donate money to transfer money to withdraw money to swipe as credit money to swipe as debit. Basically it costed me at least $3 every time i looked at it.

People have told me to set up a gofundme for my dental extractions.

They cost 180 each tooth and i need 2 removed at the same time cuz theyre kinda stuck together and infected together.

All together i need 9 teeth removed because they are so far gone. Erupted. Black. Shattered. Broke off at the gums. Hollow.

But the two that keep getting infected need to go first. Asap.

And i need fillings in all the rest of my teeth.

I need dental insurance thats cheap and doesnt have a waiting period.

But i cant even afford that right now. But i gotta do something. if u wanna help me out.

I hate asking but i still don’t have a second job. Not for the lack of trying.

callout for bon enoshimo


previously/also known as:


probably some others i dont know

alright to start off- i know bon has stated not to publically call her out but all the issues i’m going to talk about have been brought to her attention and she refuses to even listen much less apologize for them (that ive seen, if she has in fact apologized for anything here let me know). 

shes even ignored anons (i know because i’ve sent some) about issues or answered in the format of a post without the ask (’@anon i really dont want to talk about that because of drama it will cause’ ((not a direct/actual quote, just an example)) ) which is often used by people as a way to avoid drama/being called out because no one will know what the ask said and therefore wont know about the persons shitty behavior. 

bon also usually deletes drama off her blog shortly after it happens, purposefully making it very hard to hold her accountable for things she says as theres no proof directly on her blog.

so i feel its important to let people know about stuff shes done thats not okay since she wont see that its wrong and wont apologize. she wont be civil about it and right her wrongs and people have a right to know. so here we go

also i’ve never written a formal callout before so if this sucks im sorry lol

getting onto the actual callout. its pretty long, so there is a tl;dr at the end. but please, if you can, read the whole thing. its important and provides a lot of evidence. also all the images are transcribed.  

topics/tws: racism, ableism, guilt tripping, manipulation

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  • Me: Wow the PS4 looks really promising with its upcoming exclusives
  • PC gamer: PC has many more and better exclusives
  • Me: Hey that new phone looks cool
  • PC gamer: You're wasting your money get a PC.
  • Me: That thing is nice
  • PC gamer: PC. Better.
  • Me: ....
  • PC gamer: ..... PC