it doesnt come naturally to me

Reasons being autistic is like being a vampire

-fuck sunlight???

-seriously I’m so light sensitive get me sunglasses

-doesnt sleep

-raptor arms

- bite?? I’m gonna bite that thing

- odd mannerism that other ppl find weird

- brain fog…my mind is the void

- you have to directly invite me or I’m not coming

-strong attachement to nature

me, aged 11: im not getting crushes on boys like my friends started to have, i must be a late bloomer, haha!!

me, aged 12: maybe i like girls a bit?? but not like in a gay way!!!! its totally platonic im still str8

me, aged 13: so im just gonna pick the popular guy every girl likes and have a crush on him…. man i feel rly uncomfortable around him and so sick to my stomach im actually gonna vomit. (do i have to want to kiss him?? ew sounds gross) HAHA Those Butterflies™ when you have a crush, amiright

me, aged 14: i dont need a boyfriend, im a feminist!!! i like the idea of romance tho…… theory i guess??

me, aged 15: ok… like maybe im a lil bit bi??? not that ill ever come out since im probably gonna end up with a guy anyway, ugh

me, aged 16: attracted to ppl regardless of gender. that must be it!! thats why being with a man doesnt sound appealing–its supposed to be regardless of gender! im so pan!!! wow

me, aged 17: ew, i really hate the idea of being with a man. like,,, literally disgusted. so naturally, if im not attracted to men i must be ace!! thats it

me, aged 18: ok since i got that crush on that cute girl last week, i might not be ace after all????? idk im just gonna call myself queer until o figure things out. but im obviously not a lesbian HAHA imagine that

me, aged 19: hmmm sapphic seems like such a nice term. i mean i do like girls so i think this might fit me. lesbian who tho???

now, me, a lesbian, aged 20: ……..took me long enough

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Uhhh? Excuse me???Clowns are NOT just "a lot of fun and ruccus" I know you might just know the more common breed, but sad clowns exist, too. They're equally as hard to take care of as "happy" clowns but in such an opposite way. Sad clowns need to be kept at a certain emotional low or they can actually die. Come talk to me when you actually know your clowns 🙄

and here come the clown gatekeepers … i know sad clowns dont need a lot of stimulation but its not neglect for a pet owner to not make their clown sad by popping their balloon animals and stuff. personally i feel like it’s a bit abusive, it may be like that in nature but in captivity it doesnt HAVE to be- as long as you don’t overstimulate them with wacktacular gags and goofs, they’re FINE

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question: how come you gave the a/m/e/d/o/t fusion 4 eyes and 2 arms? amethyst's fusions all have extra limbs so it doesnt make sense

Yeah, I did a two arm version as well for that reason

I just ended up liking the the 4 eyed version better, it seemed more natural to me

I love politely saying fucking you to customers.

Oh man so today I learned the most amazing thing.

Like two weeks ago when we had all the snow, a customer wanted help loading ice melt so our cashier called me up to handle it (I had presumed that it was cause he could see me and I wasnt busy) the guy I carried the stuff put for was not really pleased that I (a female shapped person) came up to grab them, nor that I just carried them out to his car cause the weight was nothing. If I had a nickel for every time a customer made some comment about my supposed gender and that I should have let one of my male coworkers carry heavy stuff, I could buy my store.

What I didnt know was that two days prior the customer had first come in and when the cashier had called for help, my coworker Emmaleigh had come up. And true to his nature the guy was miffed that a girl was helping him when he needed two 40lbs bags or salt. Emmaleigh just grabbed the two and carried them over like they were nothing, simply to spite him.

So when the guy came back, he specifically requested that ‘that little girl’ didnt come up and show him up again. The cashier said 'Oh not a problem, she doesnt work today.’

And paged me. 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

I get so excited about skincare and I hate when ppl come up to me like “well I just use toilet water and gasoline and my skin is fine. Less is more”

Like first of all, I didn’t ask. Second of all your skin is not as good as you think it is, you just don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Third of all, skin care isn’t always about the end result. I don’t necessarily do it for flawless skin. I do it because it’s fun and I like taking care of myself. I can mask for an hour at a time, I also make my own rose water and read about essential oils. It’s a good way to spend my time. Skin care is also a way in which I’ve learned about different cultures and different attitudes around self image. In the process, I’ve also become more aware of my own body in a positive and healthy way. When thinking about my skin, I am conscious of how much soda, sugar and dairy I put in my body while remembering to drink water and vitamin c.

So after all that, it’s not about whether or not I have a pimple, I’ve grown to accept it and love my skin no matter what. I do this because I like it and just because your genetic lottery has granted you clear skin, that doesn’t lessen the value people put into skin care and the time they’ve invested in themselves.

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If Kant literally said it's okay to let someone murder your friend then why does anyone still read his books?

okay. this is a pretty reasonable question when you’re coming at philosophy from a new angle, so im gonna give it a nice detailed response. so, my main point would be one bad idea does not the philosopher discredit. just because something kant said sounds bizarre and useless in the real world, doesn’t mean that all of his ideas are straight garbo. so thats why people still read his books.

secondly, the theory of ethics and the place that this comes from is a very interesting one, and whether or not one agrees, participation with the other side of the argument is something crucial in philosophy - and this tradition of informed engagement with opposing ideals is something to be treasured. we need it now more than ever. the whole system of kantian ethics is fascinating and i wanted so badly for it to work but it just doesnt (if you ask me).

thirdly, ethics isnt all kant wrote about. he wrote a fucking shitton. jesus. theres so much kant about the place. and he has some fuckin brilliant ideas about the nature of metaphysics and the mind dependent world that are so crucial to engage with to broaden one’s understanding of philosophy even if you arent convinced.

finally, although the inquiring murderer is a whacked out and ridiculous example kantian ethics brings with it something completely novel to the field in its hardline logical basis. in the broadstrokes, as a life philosophy its also pretty nice. but, and allow me to reiterate this because its important, disagreeing with an idea or thinking its trash is absolutely no basis for not engaging with one of the greatest minds ever. people still read kant because his writing is intelligent, unique and relevant.

in many disciplines nowadays people have moved away from philosophy’s open dialogue, towards a position of engagement only with the arguments and facts that they already find palatable. like myson (occasional seven sage member/early greek philosopher depending on who you ask) said ‘we should not investigate facts by the light of arguments, but arguments by the light of facts; for the facts were not put together to fit the arguments, but the arguments to fit the facts.’, and i think this extends to investigating arguments in order to see if they measure up to the facts, if in fact it appears at first they dont. could be that you might read it, hear what kant has to say and be convinced. i mean probably not, but you wont know until you engage with it. sorry, this came off super preachy, but this is something im pretty passionate about. basically, read kant because its important. love conor xo


i got drunk tonight off of 4 tequila shots and a couple beers (so naturally, messy drunk doodles at 2am) and started thinking about how keith probably doesnt get to actually hang out with people a lot because his personality comes off as abrasive but lance gets him cuz yeah abrasive personalities and it hit me really hard in the personal honey nut feelios so heres this

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How did you develop your amazing style?!?! I can only draw things realistically with reference but I want to do more cartoon styled stuff!!!! got any tips??? whenever I try and do cartoon styled stuff it never really turns out how i want it to?? like it just doesnt look like it has enough "character" in it idk ((love you btw :*))

uhhhhh i dont know how much of use this will be 2 u anon but i tried!!! under the cut:

(also tldr the shrimp method is essentially what i use skskskd)

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I dont get why more fans dont headcanon ushiwaka as autistic i mean??

Missing social cues :
-he really thinks hes giving oikawa good advice w/ the ‘you should have…’ bc he thinks thats the environment oikawas talent would grow best in
-doesnt get why oikawa gets so mad when he says that
-doesnt get why people get mad when he’s overly blunt and inconsiderate of others feelings/circumstances when he speaks
-doesnt catch sarcasm, misses jokes

Special interest:
-in canon, volleyball, all he really cares about is whether he can play, if his opponents are any good, improving is the most important thing to him so he sees it as naturally important to everyone around him too
-in fanon, gardening, linking everything back to analogies to express his sentiments, ideas and feelings.

Probably more stuff idk im typing this as it occurs to me bc ive been in the car for 8hrs feel free to add to this but idg why people only meantion kenma when it comes to autistic character headcanons.

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I don't know how to French kiss or introduce tongue when kissing. HELP! Does this make me a bad kisser?

First of all not knowing how to french kiss doesnt make you a bad kisser. A lot of people dont really like french kissing, its all down to personal taste. If you wanted to get really good at it have someone to maybe practice with, and how you introduce your tongue might just come naturally to you.

When you start kissing the other person dont immediately go in with your tongue. Start off gentle and slow and when you feel like the mood is good try opening your mouth a little during the kiss. Dont fully opening your mouth like youre trying to eat them, but something similar to pursing your lips. When you finally want to go in with your tongue DONT just shove it in ok. Poke your tongue out a little and lightly lick their lips while kissing them. Keep doing this lightly and slowly add more pressure until they start doing it to and then BAM french kissing achieved. 

Honestly this is a little awkward to explain and id fully recommend asking a friend or whoever you want to help you practice. Tell them that you want to try and learn how to french kiss and if you dont have anyone to practice with use your hand and try it out. :)

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scotch i saw your story is the wiggly boy okay :^o

hel if i know :^/ im not a caterpillar doctor but that would be a cool job. it doesnt seem healthy to me so like, he could b in the throes of death, or it could be a totally natural part of changing stages honestly i have no fucking idea. 90% of the time when i think a caterpillar is dying it poops itself out into a cocoon so…. who am i to discern …

The ISU meltdown (cont.)

Anonymous said:

Reading through this article, the one thought resounding through my head till now is ‘I never want to see Yuzuru skating under such a system’ if this, god forbid, happens, I hope it is after he retires because it is bad enough to make me consider quitting the sport altogether! 

Anonymous said:

I read somewhere that the reduction in the BV of the quads could “encourage” less injuries in both the men’s and ladies’ fields?? Put that way, I kind of get it?? Because while I’d love to see yuzu land the 4lz or 4a, the thought that he’d get injured training those jumps makes me almost wish he wouldn’t train them 😭😭

Anonymous said:

Okay but none of this is set in stone yet right? Even if they do reduce base values those numbers in the table might not be the ones we end up with. Is the way to get rid of inflation seriously to FORCE the scores into naturally being lower…?? And is Kori Ade living in some alternate universe? I cant really get where she is coming from, lol just because her skater cant land quads doesnt mean she can throw shade on those who can

Re: Yuzuru. Yes, I agree. I probably am going to hell for saying this, but considering the steady deterioration of this sport into complete and utter chaos, I am now officially in favor of a Yuzu departure post-Milan. Figure skating soon wouldn’t deserve His Highness as its champion anymore.

Re: ISU trying to justify their convoluted witchcraft by pretending that they care about the athletes. Yeah, well, that one line just about summed up what I think. No, BV reduction is not going to make skaters stop training harder jumps. Figure skating jump is not a commodity to which you can reduce supply by simply lowering price. As long as quads are not completely outlawed, there will be skaters training to perform them. As long as quads carry higher BV than triples, and harder quads higher BV than easier ones, there will be skaters performing them in competition. Working towards improving technical ability is part of an athlete’s raison d'etre. There is a reason why the Olympic motto is Faster, Higher, Stronger and not Higher Score, More Medals. Yes, there is the risk of injury attached to it, but you don’t get better at skating, or any sport for that matter, by playing safe. I think all skaters know that very well, I’m not sure the ISU does.    

Re: timeline of new rules going into effect. Right now the only confirmed changes that will take place during the 2018-2019 season are (1) reducing the number of jumping passes in the men’s FS from 8 to 7, (2) reducing allotted time for the men’s FS from 4 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes, (3) increase GOE range from +/-3 to +/-5. The adjustment to jump BV is still in a draft state and has not been finalized. The more dramatic proposal for athletic/artistic program likely won’t even be in time for congress consideration by 2020. As I said, these sport governing bodies tend to move at the leisurely pace of a morbidly obese turtle (trust me on this, I’ve been observing the ITF and FIFA at work too). 

Re: alternative solutions to the general inflation in scoring. Yes, those do exist. The most straightforward one, IMO, is adjusting PCS coefficient. My exclusive dealer of bad figure skating news, @fuckyeahdearlybeloved​, recently discussed this method extensively in a very nice rant, so I’ll let myself be lazy and just refer you to that post, here we go :) One other thing I’d suggest the ISU do is making sure their judges and technical panels read and understand their own damn rule book before going out and judging anyone. Going by the men’s free skate protocol from Helsinki, I doubt if any of the judges on duty that day had a very clear idea what the GOE bullets say, or about PCS criteria, or about the difference between an inside edge vs an outside edge.

Re: Kori Ade. Well, it was a rather dumb and careless statement she made, but you have to admit that it is true in a pretty large number of cases. If you look at the SPs of the top men last season and consider their non-Axel solo jump, which is explicitly required to have connecting steps/skating movements preceding it, only Yuzuru’s quad loop and Javier’s quad Salchow met that requirement. Boyang’s quad toe had no steps into it. Nathan’s quad flip was the same. Shoma’s quad flip had about one and a half steps which happened so far out from the jump that calling it “connecting” would be quite a stretch. And yet, at Helsinki, Boyang, Nathan, and Shoma all received positive GOEs for those jumps (I’m leaving Patrick out because he didn’t do a solo quad). Basically, when Ade said “The bullet points for GOE are not adhered to for quads“, she is not entirely wrong. Sad, but again, at least half-true (or 3/5 true just from the sample we discussed).

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but like the very idea that they were gonna have harry kiss uma's hand is blowing my mind. the isle doesnt like niceness or affection! dating is not a thing on the isle! but hes basically like fuck it! tho i suppose all their cutesy glances could be deemed affection too so them completely disregarding everything is hilarious

i feel like the way huma was presented in d2 almost seemed like they were already a thing? like all the flirtation that comes naturally, the ease they have around each other, the cutesy glances that you mentioned - idk they really gave me the vibe of an established couple who were familiar with each other’s flirtations and def didn’t feel the need to be very couple-y because they’re so well established with each other’s emotions

it would’ve been so!! nice!! to have that hand kiss in, and all of the context surrounding that, but the fact that they get to be openly affectionate in Isle standards makes me sappy

the really chill and subtle touching in the boy squad isnt something to be missed in todays clip. we all celebrated in the way jonas handled isak coming out as no big deal but in todays clip, from JONAS’ POV we see that he literally doesnt think twice about affection between two men. 

when isak brushes the hair out of magnus’ face its just as natural of a move as breathing. and i think thats amazing. that something isak used to be afraid of is normal now. 

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y u no caleo ship why *cries

im pretty tired now so i cant give a really educated explanation atm so in short

-shes cursed to love him (which is icky and takes away a lot of calypsos say in things)

-caleo is a major case of pair the spares (which Riordan is very guilty of in many cases as a way of avoiding actually developing individual characters and instead sticking them in a pairing which apparently immidiately and magically eradicates all of their problems) 

-adding onto the above point i think that the whole “a relationship will solve all of your problems and is what you should be shooting for” thing is the wrong message to be sending to young children im not saying thats what hes trying to do but its one of the things that comes across in the books 

so leo who is desperate for a relationship from the beginning i would have expected (or hoped) that he would have a more personal development such as coming to terms with himself (realising that he doesnt need another person to validate his worth)-some sort of involvement with his mother in the plot like seeing his mother in the underworld and finally getting to have a heart to heart with her and forgiveness all around i expected him to try and find his mother because of the line “‘nothing is unfixable” except the fact youre gone forever’ which sounded like foreshadowing to me tbh but instead rick gives us a couple of chapters of yet another unnecessary relationship beecoouuss das mur impurtant

-their personalitys dont naturally go together well so both of these characters (that i really really like) had to be butchered to make them suitable  for each other thus making the caleo chapters seem forced and really really badly written 

so in conclusion caleo had potential for fanfictions but is a really weak route for somebody writing as a profession 

i could probably write way more but im exhausted rn and nobody wants to read that shit so  

I am so excited to see what more Harry and Alan could bring to this situation. they both are incredible actors. I mean we only got a little of that but damn, you already could tell something was wrong in the way Valentine say “help me..” to Jace/Clary. And the way Magnus lost his tenderness towards Alec since the beginning. Magnus always ALWAYS so soft when it comes to Alec. He doesnt asked if Alec was okay, he doesnt even look at him! And the way he moves and walk.. He loose all the swift and grace the real Magnus had possessed so naturally.. so yeah, I cant wait to see what happen next week. Cant wait to see how Alec and (the real) Magnus figured this thing out..

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I've spent so long hating how i look and telling myself i just need to wait until I can get on T and that'll fix it. And even though i AM pretty sure I want the effects of t, im worried that once i'm on it i'll realise i actually dont like the changes, bc im nonbinary. And if T isnt for me and i come off it, i won't know what else to do. Because ive spent 2 yrs waiting with the expectation that T is what I need and want to help my dysphoria go away. But what if it doesnt?? What do i do then??

Lee says:
It seems to me you are pretty confident you want the changes resulting from T. Being non-binary doesn’t mean you’ll regret T- I know a non-binary person IRL who started T a few years ago and is happy with it, and I’m starting T next week and I’m non-binary. It’s natural to get a bit nervous and second guess yourself when it gets closer to actually starting it!

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about “what if it doesn’t help in the future” and instead practice mindfulness and staying in the moment. If it doesn’t help in the future, you can cross that bridge when you reach it. Right now, you should take care of your current self and not freak out about something that isn’t guaranteed to happen.

If T didn’t help, I think seeing a therapist (who is trans friendly) could help you work out your feelings about your body and help you figure out ways to cope with your discomfort. Hating your appearance could be related to mental illness and not just gender dysphoria. (This doesn’t mean you aren’t trans, it just means you can look at different ways to help reduce dysphoria besides medical transitioning). You still have avenues to explore even if T isn’t the cure-all for you, it isn’t The End™ and you won’t be doomed to unhappiness forever. Things will work themselves out.

You could think about what features of your appearance upset you. Then think about if it’s possible to change them or not. For example, you can change the pitch of your voice, but you can’t be guaranteed to grow a lot of body hair because everyone’s genetics are different. Work on changing what you are able to change through medical transitioning, be it hormones or surgery, and try to accept what is impossible to change. You don’t have to like it, but using coping skills to prevent you from constantly ruminating on it is healthy.

If you’ve spent two years thinking you want T, then ,,, I’m gonna go out on a limb… and say you probably want T and it will be helpful for you. T probably won’t fix everything, but it’ll be a good starting point, and it’ll make you feel better enough to be able to start working on the things that bother you, whether that’s starting to exercise, or bind or pack or change your hair or clothes or whatever things would help you. But I’d try to remember that there’s always something else to do, and nothing is The Only Way And Last Chance To Recover, despite what your anxiety might be telling you.

Followers, if you have anything to add on, please do!

i might be overthinking but lowkey when ppl say im talented, im very flattered, but most of my skill comes from drawing for a long time and working hard.. ppl say im talented like alot of it comes naturally and some of it is but ive lost alot of that ‘natural’ inclination from when i was younger and now im trying to actually learn how to draw instead of messing around. drawing doesnt come easy to me at all tbh.. i sit here for hours trying to perfect a drawing, looking at references, fixing multiple mistakes. so i get very stressed when given large projects bc i put as much effort and sweat into it as anybody else. it takes 90% effort and 10% ‘talent’ and i think this goes for many other artists. id much prefer to be told i’m hard working than talented, despite how much i wish things would come effortlessly to me