it doesnt actually bother me

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youve probs been asked this before but have you ever considered making a patreon? giving things (such as exclusive voice acting skits and requests for certain patreon tiers etc) in exchange for money might lessen the guilt you seem to have abt the whole concept. i just rly enjoy your stuff and just seeing you on my dash in general, so if you were able to make some money with your content, i think it'd definitely make me and your others fan rly happy.

that’s really flattering, but i dont really make enough content nowadays to warrant a patreon.

if i uploaded, like, weekly videos, or even fuckin. an audio post every few days, THEN i’d consider it, but at the moment this blog is more like a really intricate journal where i put all my silly ideas into

and sometimes the journal yells at me and tries to snap at my dick but that doesnt bother me too much

that being said, i actually do have a super-secret patreon, which is ironic considering what i just said. when i made more stuff i opened it cuz i thought, ya know, it’d be fine if i did that. but when i got more invested in school and farmwork and whatnot i stopped linking to it and told the, like, 6 people supporting me to stop it. the only reason i mention it is because there are still like 3 people (including my friend meg) who still give me like. a total of 30 dollars a month.

and every so often i send them a message like “hey dawg u can stop now. u dont have to give me anymore money im not even doing anything” and they either dont respond or they say like “nah its cool”.

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Are you okay with blmatsu?

If you mean in terms of submissions, then I think it would be best to refrain from having any blmatsu content for the sake of everyone’s comfort. Platonic brother interactions only!

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hey if the blog bothers you i can delete it, i really dont want to make you uncomfortable or anything. It was just a silly little thing, so if you want it to go away then it will. -bellaisthebestmomfriend blog

it doesnt bother me that much im just? confused? because im actually such a shitty mom friend?

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how was your first kiss?

i wouldn’t know!! i havent actually had mine yet but it honestly doesnt bother me that much so like? whatever my dude

what do you love about yourself?

i love my hair (even tho i need a haircut) and i love the color of my eyes bc its like greenish-blue which looks really really nice

when’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire?

today!! we had a team bonfire which is why i was pretty inactive on here

would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset?

sunset honestly? i feel like they’re prettier

what’s the best thing about summer?

not having school + the way the nights are all windy and cool feeling

  • secret government agent: *punches me in the face* say it
  • me: never
  • secret government agent: say steve and sharon had chemistry in civil war
  • me: *spits in their face* fuck you

My life is so difficult and sad when I don’t draw fe:a things for a while BUT I STARTED DRAWING IT AGAIN o(TヘTo) and I feel better.  I’ve actually been wanting to draw fe:a things for the past week since I started my new playthrough and it inspired me but I’ve been in a bit of a slump.  I’m slowly working out of it though!!!  And I was able to draw cute mama Carinus and Lucina things.

Since Carinus normally ends up falling asleep on her work at night, Lucina always makes sure to check on her and give her a blanket or something so she stays warm and doesn’t catch a cold.  And later on Chrom comes in to carry Carinus (and sometimes Morgan) to bed (▰˘◡˘▰)