it doesn't work so well the other way around

something i’ve noticed: on the three occasions we’ve had a mutual ily, robert is the one to say it first. i hope (and pray) that the day we finally get our first (of many, hopefully) mutual ily that isn’t angst-ridden, it’s initiated by aaron.

  • Interviewer: Is there a fandom name?
  • Halsey: [...] I don't really wanna give them a name because I feel like it kind of distances myself from them and it puts me in a position where I'm almost above them and I really don't like that. I kinda like dig in and stay around in the Twitter world and look at my fans and I'm like, "Hey, sick prom dress!" "Oh, you graduated? That's awesome!" The same way I would with my friends. I'm 20 years old, a lot of these kids are my age, I'm not going to patronize them by giving them some group name. I think a lot of other artists do it and it works super well because it's this idea of a collective and who doesn't want to be a part of something? But I don't really think it works for me so from now on I'm just gonna keep considering them my could-be-friends.

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You know, I yelled a a racist "friend" the other day, because he won't stop saying racist shit. It made him stop, at least around me. Although, people say it doesn't work, my "friend" included, the results show otherwise. Is he still racist? Yes, but my goal wasn't to change his mind. My goal was for him to STFU with the racism when he's around me or mine. So implore everyone, for your own well being, yell at these racists. You're just killing yourself internally when you let them have their way

Yeah. The point of yelling at racists isn’t that you have to change their racist, tiny minds, it’s to let people in general (your mutual friends, acquaintances, even strangers) that racism isn’t generally acceptable in the immediate community.

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Headcanon: Day takes June's last name after they got married so that way her last name won't be gone and to honor her brother and parents who died trying to change the republic for good and after all Eden can carry on with the Wing name

*gross sobbing*

they are lying in bed when he suggests it. the sheets are somewhere around their legs, her head is in the crook of his shoulder, her hair spread across the pillow, his hands playing with hers. its early morning and they both have work in the morning but stay up nonetheless.

‘So when we get hitched,’ he says, earning a low chuckle from her.


'Well, you know the girl usually takes the guy’s last name?’

'Yes?’ she says slowly.

'I was thinkin… well, I was thinkin… what if we did that the other way round?' She doesn’t reply, but her fingers still in his hands. Daniel rushes on, 'I mean it’s just an idea. Because if you change yours to Wing then your family name is kinda gone, and I still got Eden to keep my name. And besides, Daniel Iparis doesn’t sound half bad.’

June is still silent as he finishes babbling. Then she pushes herself up onto her elbow to look at him, he stares back and there is nothing but honesty in his eyes.

'You would do that?’ she whispers. After he has lost his entire family but Eden, after her part in his grief, he is willing to sacrifice this part of his identity, this name which tethers him to his family.

'Of course,’ he says, like the answer is obvious. Like she is asking him if he can run in a straight line or scale the side of a building. Like he is made for this; made to be with her.

June smiles at him, feeling tears spark in her eyes. ‘I would love that.’

#147 Surprise [Requested]


‘We’ve set up a flight out here set to leave tomorrow.’ The boy on the other end didn’t even give you the chance to answer the phone properly before speaking. 'What? Ashton whats going on?’ A heavy sigh had you pulling the phone from your head so not to hurt your ears. 'He’s so absolutely wrecked without you around that we can barely get him to wake up for interviews. You’ll land here tomorrow at noon, he doesn’t know yet, he’ll be happier if its a surprise.’


He didn’t know you were in town, you had kept everything well hidden, telling him you could only text because you had to work long shifts at work. The boys knew, only to help set up accommodations before you arrived. Other than that no one knew, and you wanted to keep it that way until the moment you saw him. Finally, that moment had arrived, and you pushed open the door on bated breath. Maybe the boys were over exaggerating when they said he missed you, maybe it was just to make you feel better. But when he caught your gaze and his face absolutely exploded into a grin you knew that if anything they were underestimating him.


You had come to the show and everything, and the other boys knew very well that you would be there, making sure to find a way to get you in front of the stage, close enough he could see you from behind his drums. The show had progressed smoothly, and he had yet to notice you, but as they neared the end of their second song you noticed he was slightly off, and with a smile you met his gaze, jaw dropped as he struggled to keep up and contain his enthusiasm.


You dropped onto his body, eliciting a groan from his lips as he tried to push you away. He wasn’t fully awake. His tongue slurring his words. 'Mike get off me.’ He pushed once more but you clung to his, wrapping your arms around his waist. 'Not me mate.’ Michael said from his watch at the door, a smirk playing on your accomplices lips. He had only gotten you the room key, but you were thankful even for the smallest support. 'Then who the,’ His voice cut out suddenly, his eyes open now, a snicker escaping you as he sat up. 'Oh my god!’

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