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Tbh I'm wondering if something bad happens to his mom or sister, or someone threatens them or something. He doesn't seem to be running away from something, he seems scared or worried or angry, like he's running to do something.

as far as i know, his mom and sister haven’t been cast, which immediately nixes the idea of something happening to them in my mind. if something were to have happened to them one) jug definitely would leave town and two) betty, archie, and veronica likely would have gone after him. if you just found out your friend’s family had been hurt or threatened, you wouldn’t let them walk to the bus station alone

jughead definitely looks like he’s rushing out of the school to me

with betty, veronica, and archie on his heels 

looking at the pictures, it seems to me, he must stop at the bottom of the stairs and say something to them

he then walks away (i feel like if there had been an emergency, he wouldn’t have stopped at all and wouldn’t have slowed his pace on the sidewalk)– 

leaving the others behind; who also look upset 

or at least betty does. archie and veronica have more concerned/surprised looks on their faces 

and let me just say, i still can’t believe archie is wearing jeans to homecoming. who does he think he is? 

Some early concept art of a JJBA OC I am planning on making! She’s named after Bonnie Tyler and her stand name will be Sweet Dreams; it will probably have the power to alter memories or something like that but also have some fighting abilities too. Her dad is gonna be a head doctor in the Speedwagon foundation and she’ll meet the crusaders by going undercover at Jotaro and Kakyoin’s school to keep an eye out for strange stand activity! She’ll also probably die (I would need to rewatch part 3 to really see if I could shoehorn her into their fight against DIO) and then come back somehow (maybe come out of a coma?) but not tell anyone because she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her and then come to Morioh to investigate the strange activity there, only for Jotaro to find her again and partner up with her to take care of Kira! 

Also she’s paired with Jotaro and I hope I can draw them together sometime. (ꈍᴗꈍ)

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I'm a white witch with a friend who is also white that is trying to dabble with voodoo/hoodoo. I've told her multiple times it's a bad idea and dangerous. She doesn't know what she's doing. She won't believe me because "I'm to scared" when in reality I have a very good friend who trained for years with his family in this practice and warned me off from it and basically I swore to never mess with it and leave it alone. Do I just leave this friend or try to stop her?

In my own experience with stubborn friends, there is only so much you can do. It seems like you’ve done what you can, and they still won’t listen. When someone delves into something they have no business going into, the negative effects may not just affect them, but you as well. If your other friend who practiced it for years is saying “NO”, then I would say no as well.

You’ve done what you can, so now let it play itself out.

Also, I would like to point out that if your friend is using voodoo/hoodoo like that, interchangeably, and may think they are the same thing, then they’ve already messed up. Voodoo and hoodoo are not the same thing, and they are not interchangeable. A mishap like that could spell out serious trouble in the future already.

And also, if your friend is chastising you for being “afraid’, then that’s a bad sign already. Rightfully, you are being careful and cautious to a force you may not understanding, and assuming she is getting into it, she should be as well. Already I sense she is the stubborn, ambitious type that will have to learn from consequence.

At the same time, I’m not sure whether or not hoodoo or voodoo is open to all. Both have deep African Roots, and at least one of them is intertwined with past slavery, so I’m not entirely sure if it is okay for her as a white witch to be delving into something that’s not hers.

I’ll pose the question on my blog later on tonight, however, in hopes that I can find an answer.

But bottom line is this: Leave your friend if she will not listen to you. There’s not much else you can do, if she’s going to endanger herself because of ignorance, there’s no point in sticking around.

Also, just to note

If the game IS bad. As in, it’s rushed like other….titles…then ok! Not saying this is going to save the series or it’s revolutionary or whatever. But it’s defo worth a chance. Games are getting better at custom models and hopefully ST will use that to their advantage.

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What would you say to the idea that Killua is more invested in his and Gon's relationship than gon is? I'm at Chimera ants and I'm starting to feel really bad for him, it seems to me like gon, although he cares a lot, doesn't care as much as Killua

I think Killua is invested more in their relationship, but I also think he is TOO invested. He’s been relying too much on Gon’s affection to measure his own self-worth which honestly isn’t good for him.

Gon also is very emotionally compromised during Chimera Ant arc, so him thinking less about Killua makes sense to me imo. His mind is too pre-occupied by anger and sadness for him to think clearly anymore. 

Amd idk where you are in the Chimera Ant arc so WARNING SPOILERS 

Gon lashing out at Killua during their encounter with Pitou is something that gets Gon a lot of hate for not treating Killua well, but it makes perfect sense considering what he’s feeling. His friend’s murderer is right before him and all he wants to do is kill them but he can’t. Instead he has to wait and watch them SAVE someone even though they had done such terrible experiments to Kite.

He has nowhere to direct his rage so some of it just ends up getting spilling out towards Killua.

I think some people also forget that this happens within only ONE DAY. It’s not like Gon has been treating Killua like this all the time. Like Gon was most likely more distant than usual for after they discovered what happened to Kite, but again, he is dealing with loss so it’d be unfair to expect Gon to remain upbeat and cheerful.

SasuSaku is wrong
  • A majority of SS shippers are like woman who fall for assholes/bad boys. The thing here is that Sasuke behaves unfriendly towards our beloved (or not so much loved) Sakura. But she still insists on getting together with him. You can perfectly notice this phenomenon in the real world. And I will explain to you why so many delusional SS shippers exist.
  • 1. There are such women out there who are interested in assholes/bad boys because they think they can change them with their so-called love. They want to feel good about themselves and they believe if they always chase after them, it will happen. For them, it's like a challenge. They want to be THE GIRL.
  • 2. Studies have shown that the more a man ignores a woman, the more she is going to find him attractive. Just like Sakura. Less responsive guys seem more sexy for a lot of people. *caughs* Sasuke anyone?
  • 3. They don't care for the bond or development. They are just after his looks.
  • 4. I don't have a fucking idea.
  • No, seriously. We have one probleme here. It might seem like Sasuke responded to her "love" in a good way, but nope. First of all, he still doesn't gives a shit about her. Second of all, the real world looks different. Most guys, who behave like assholes towards you, aren't going to change because of your "love". They are going to fucking break your heart. Over and over and over again. Wake up! SS is highly destructive. It is destructive, it is bad, it is toxic. A toxic ship. Sasuke is unhappy, Sakura is unhappy, heck, even their kid is unhappy. I bet Naruto is unhappy too (since he wants to suck Sasuke's dick). But anyway... I don't say this because I want to hurt anybody, or put them down—I say this because I want to open YOUR eyes. If you are a SS shipper, and you are reading this, don't think I wanna insult you. I don't. At least, I don't insult you as a person, I am insulting your ship. And your ship is bad. It is a bad, bad, bad ship, and you should stop romanticising destructiveness. Listen, I know, they are all ninjas and shit, BUT he tried to kill her. He tried to kill her. More than one fucking time.
  • On another note—I know, SNS has problems too. But these idiots deserve each other. Anyway, I wish all of you a wonderful morning/day/evening/whatever.
When programming doesn't work...
  • Chihiro: This is bad, I don't like this. [kicks console and yells in pain] Never use force, you just embarrass yourself. Unless you're cross, in which case... always use force!
  • Ishimaru: Shall I run and get the manual?
  • Chihiro: I threw it in a supernova.
  • Ishimaru: You threw the manual in a supernova? Why?
  • Chihiro: Because I disagreed with it! Now stop talking to me when I'm cross!

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But haven't you ever considered that "feminism" doesn't stem from the word female, but is closer to the word "feminine," because society shames men for anything they do that isn't masculine, and it forces women to be feminine, judging any woman who is different (masculine, if we're going with polar opposites)? And feminism is actually, in addition to supporting gender equality, about destroying the idea that femininity is a bad thing for all genders?

I ask because it just seems like you’re doing what you believe feminists do. And that is ignoring the fact that all social justice movements have ignorant people running around making radical arguments and decisions. The fact is that “antifeminism” as well as the word “feminism” just seems to focus solely on what women (and male supporters of these women) are doing wrong or right. I guess my question is if you’re trying to advocate equality, why choose a problematic title like “anti-feminist”?

Well there’s a lot of ground to cover here, anon….

Firstly my objection to feminism has nothing whatsoever to do with the word ‘feminism’ itself. My objection to feminism is to do with the actions, tactics and rhetoric of the movement. It could be called Bananapants for all I care - if it actually fought for gender equality in a manner which I believed was effective and if it actually espoused ideas which I believed then I would support it regardless of its name. But feminism does not do this.

You correctly say that society shames men for anything they do that isn’t traditionally masculine. And society also judges women for anything they do that isn’t traditionally feminine. However I would argue that women have been able to escape their gender role to some degree, whereas men have not. This is partly due to feminism and is one of its successes for women. For examples we can look at things as simple as it now being socially acceptable for women to wear trousers. We can also look at the fact that women who show an interest in taking on traditionally male roles in the workplace are actively encouraged by many and are often highly praised for this. But this same change has not been achieved for men. And I will argue that this is partly because of the flaw in feminist thinking which means it gives no attention to men. Feminism (as the most visible and powerful gender equality movement) has placed all its focus on women and society has simply bought into this with little thought, so men have essentially been left behind in this area.

Now in your ask you assert that feminism is about destroying the idea that femininity is a ‘bad thing for all genders’ and yet just before that you basically say women are judged for being masculine. So I am afraid I find that a little bit confusing, would you like to clarify?

The assertion that you seem to be making is that society sees femininity as automatically lesser than masculinity. And this is another line of thinking that I hear coming out of feminism, and another thing about feminism that I disagree with so thank you for bringing that up. Feminism essentially teaches us a version of history viewed only through the eyes of women. So while looking a gender equality from a female only perspective it is of course going to come to seemingly obvious but unfortunately myopic conclusions about how society views men and women.

The truth is that (as you have said) society judges men for stepping outside their gender role just as it judges women for stepping outside their gender role. However the difference comes in the way many feminists explain this - saying that in each case this is judging women negatively. Women are judged negatively for stepping out of their gender role and this is sexism against women. But when men step out of their gender role feminists say it’s because society has a problem with femininity and paint this as being sexist against women. This is a massive double standard and is the exact type of thinking that pushes me away from feminism - every problem faced by men is twisted into misogyny, men are not allowed to have their own problems, everything must focus on women. 

At this point I will say that I am in no way ignoring the fact that every movement has ’ignorant people running around making radical arguments and decisions’ In fact I am painfully aware of this when it comes to feminism. And just to point out - I am also painfully aware that there are ignorant people who call themselves anti-feminists, and there are ignorant people who call themselves many other labels. I am painfully aware of all of this and I do my best to call them out whenever I can. However the fact remains that many of the ideas I object to are coming out of mainstream feminism. I obviously object to the radicals within the movement, however I am not biased enough to think that the radicals represent all of feminism. But still I find myself disagreeing with many parts of feminism outwith the more radical areas.

Next you say that “antifeminism” as well as the word “feminism” just seems to focus solely on what women (and male supporters of these women) are doing wrong or right. Well actually antifeminism focuses on the word feminism. I am not focusing at all on what women are doing wrong or right. I am focusing on what the members of feminism (be they male or female) are doing wrong or right. I choose to take the anti-feminist label knowing it may have negative connotations. I do this on purpose because I think it is vitally important to point out the flaws of feminism in order to make the discussion on gender equality as open and objective as possible. I believe that feminism has had too much influence on society to the point where feminist ideas are readily accepted by many without any question or critical thinking involved. I strongly believe that it is time for that to change, and that is why I label myself as ant-feminist - because I want more people to question what feminism is saying rather than simply accepting it as truth. And I find taking a label such as this often gives an opening for discussion on that topic - as has happened here with you.

I am happy to say I am seeing more and more self proclaimed 'critical feminists’ on Tumblr who are members of the movement but who are also objective enough to take a step back and question the approach feminism takes with these issues [ just-smith feminism-is-complicated (not 100% sure if they identify as a feminist or not actually) and  the-critical-feminist are good examples]. In fact it is through anti-feminists and non feminists interacting with some of these critical/reasonable feminists that I believe we can move things forward for the betterment of everybody.

Comforting you when you're on your period:
  • Makoto: He wouldn't really know what to do exactly, since he doesn't seem like someone with much knowledge of how the female body works, and his little sister is too young to go through that, so he would have no experience in that department. He'd still try to do his best. He'd do whatever you'd need him to do, and he'd baby you like there's no tomorrow. He'd go out and buy you so much chocolate, even though he might sneak a few bars for himself.
  • Haruka: He'd have no idea what's happening, and might avoid you for the time being. Although when he sees how awful you feel he'd feel bad and try to make you feel a little better even though he'd still keep his distance. He'd get you pain-killers and make you mackerel to eat and then go back to avoiding you.
  • Rin: Rin would know exactly what needs to be done and how to handle the situation. Since Rin has a sister not much younger than him, he has a pretty good idea of what you're going through and would be pretty helpful during that time. He'd do anything you need him to do and would even go out to buy you pads and tampons, and prepare a heating pad too. He would be patient with the mood swings and be pretty understanding in general.
  • Nagisa: Nagisa has three older sisters, so he knows what a period is. It'd be surprising how much he knows about girls and periods, and he'd tone down his personality a bit when he's around you and you're on your period. He would give you your space, but he'd definitely be there whenever you need support and candy. He'd try to cheer you up with movie marathons, food, and if you feel like it, cuddling.
  • Rei: He won't know how to comfort you, so he'd look up how. Rei would be quite intimidated by the whole period thing, and would acquire a whole new view and respect towards women for going through something like that. He'd try to take care of you to the point where it gets a bit overbearing and you need to reassure him that you're fine.
  • Nitori: He'd be really confused and would stay out of your way as much as possible. He wouldn't want to upset you during a time when you're so sensitive, even though in this case he's the one that might end up in tears. When you tell him it's okay to be around you, he'd do anything you ask him to do and he'd be very careful with everything he does around you.
  • Seijuro: Seijuro seems like someone who absolutely loves to play hero, so he'd be your maid until you're better. He'd go out and buy you pads and tampons without feeling any embarrassment, and he'd even get you candy and magazines. He'd spoil you so much and he would enjoy every minute of it.
  • Momotarou: He'd be panicking all over the place and might end up calling his older brother asking him what to do. He wouldn't be very good at comforting you and in the end he'll either end up in tears or avoiding you for the rest of the week.

I’m not really a big fan of the 2016 season of Real Life. The writers seem to have run out of story ideas and are just going for shock and awe and really bad tropes.

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Hello. Why do you think a book with reversed views of hetero/homosexuality would be a bad idea? Sounds like an interesting set for a distopia to me (though this particular version and its terminology doesn't seem very appealing indeed). Also, what's wrong with an author not belonging to the group they're supporting, I guess in this case a heterosexual author? This part really confuses me.

Oh boy, where to begin…

1. The book doesn’t reverse views of hetero/homosexuality.  Instead, it presents a present-day US where straight people are all thrown in death camps.  Which makes it too easy to go “hey, we don’t throw gay people in death camps, guess we’re doing a-okay!”

2. It depicts gay people as powerful bad guys who are trying to destroy straightness.  Even if you say “yeah, but that’s just the dystopian fantasy element,” that’s really not a good idea.

3. What’s the use of a fantasy where you have to imagine the gay people are “really supposed to be the straight people” and vice versa?  If you make the switch in your head, it’s a confusing and unrealistic story about gay rights.  If you don’t make the switch in your head, it’s about evil gay people oppressing the straights.

4. Heterosexuality and homosexuality aren’t Star-Bellied and Starless Sneetches.  We didn’t toss a coin to decide that gay people would be the oppressed ones.  The development of institutionalized homophobia is a long and complicated story involving a lot of oppressive ideas about gender as well.  You can’t flip this around without completely distorting it.  Plus, this destroys the book’s ability to mean anything to real-life homophobes, because they can just say “yes, oppressing straight people would be wrong, but gay isn’t the same as straight,” and they’re not technically wrong about that.

5. Why not just write a story about gay people?  Is it because the author think they’d be less sympathetic main characters, or less interesting, or because she just can’t see herself getting inside their heads?  These are problems.

6. I don’t strictly know that the author is heterosexual, but she’s married to a man and never mentions her sexuality even though she’s promoting a book about sexual orientation.  And if she were heterosexual but problems 1-5 weren’t there, her orientation wouldn’t be an issue for me.  But since it has all these other problems, her being straight suggests that at best she doesn’t really know what real queer people’s lives are like, and at worst she supports the “gay people would oppress straights if they had the power” interpretation.

It’s clear that Katniss knew the whole pregnancy thing was fake. She looks surprised when Peeta first dropped the baby bomb, but she also looks sad. When Peeta hugs her, you notice this look on her face. To me it almost seemed like she was mulling it over. Her pregnant with Peeta’s baby. She has that bit of sadness on her face because she has planned on sacrificing herself to keep Peeta alive, and thus eliminating children as a choice for them. And as she’s hugging him, she’s thinking how, if only for a moment, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

the pll ships as boroughs of new york city
  • spoby: staten island, so forgotten, so misunderstood, so isolated...formerly unloved but now that every place else has gone to shit GUESS WHO WANTS TO COME LIVE HERE???
  • haleb: da bronx, can cut a bitch if necessary, still riding off that bad rep. does illegal sketchy shit but doesn't get caught (because sneaky af)
  • ezria: brooklyn, so hipster, trendy coffee shops galore. kale = life, artspresso = life, and i'm doing this for aesthetic OKAY???
  • emison: manhattan, so trendy, so social, everyone is jelly, even though everything is always inconvenient af due to the VOLUME OF TOURISTS. also low key hipster af but *looks* like a trendsetter soooo...
  • spaleb: queens because it seemed like it could've been a good idea but it's BORING AS FUCK. there are buildings and stuff, i guess. some good restaurants. but meh.
I do also have this story i'd like to share
  • I was wearing my Misha holiday sweater at work today and one of my co-workers comes up to me (apparently he's done a bit of research on my behalf)
  • co-worker: so uh, him and that other guy they're gay for each other right? I mean...they just seem gay... like I'm not saying it's a bad thing. But, they act gay around one another.
  • me: *trying not to laugh or expose self* I-um... they have wives and children...
  • co-worker: So? I was married when my wife left me for a woman and we have a kid doesn't mean anything. They could still be together.
  • me: *breaks down and laughs*
  • co-worker: What? I'm being serious. I don't act like that around my friends.
  • me: *controls laughter* Oh- oh I know it's just....believe me i know what it appears to be...

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Why doesn't anyone like the idea of a spinoff? From today's episode it seems cool. Though I may be bias cause I find the whole monster mafia families badass. I love SPN as much as the next obsessive fangirl but is it just because it is a spinoff? If there is a legitimate reason to dislike it I respect that but anything else seems kinda silly... That's like VD fans hating The Originals or old Star Trek fans hating on the new movies cause they are different? What's so bad about a possible spinoff?

Okay I’m gonna speak for myself here, as well for some of what I saw on twitter–

(Please press J or K I can’t remember which one to quickly scroll past this if you don’t want to see why I disliked the ep)

The spinoff just didn’t interest me. If it was a whole different show, not related to supernatural, then maybe. But it’s a spinoff of supernatural, and it’s just so.. I dk

For example, Ed was so original. Wow. His girlfriend died in the first episode!! And holy crap his dad was dead… and now he called??!

Ed annoyed the fuck out of me because like.. “omg my girlfriend died, some guy was faceless…. I’m gonna become a hunter!”

And he just goes around shooting everyone and everything and he just really got on my nerves.

And then we got a shitload of other characters, too. Like Sal, Margo, Violet, David, Julian….

you could have introduced them over time, not at once like that.

I mean I speak for myself and for what I saw, we were all confused as hell as to what was happening.

And Dean and Sam just didn’t fit into the whole thing??

Like we have so many established characters in supernatural that we could have made the spin off based off of, but that’s okay. That’s why we all watched this and tried to enjoy it.

Maybe it was the writing of the episode more so than the plot? It was pretty boring, I dk.

I mean I liked David Lassiter and Violet, but then they had to have the “forbidden love between a werewolf and a.. shapeshifter this time!”

And like what’s with shape shifters shifting really quickly

didn’t they have to go through the painful thing with skin peeling?????