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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why have All Time Low never played A Daydream Away at an acoustic set? Like, it's understandable why Alex wouldn't play it at any other live show since the acoustic portion staples are Remembering Sunday, Therapy, and now Missing You but really? Never an acoustic show. It's objectively one of their best songs with its use of metaphors detailing a relationship never becoming a 'real' one but still covering there was strong feelings there. Even though it was on Dirty Work (an album they need to stop besmirching the name of) it's still a pretty great song and perfect for an acoustic set. Is there a personal reason Alex doesn't play it like Lullabies? Does it bring back a painful memory he'd rather forget? I need answers.

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Hi! Really sorry to bother you if this has been covered before, but is there ever an explanation as to why Asgore doesn't recognize Frisk as a human in the genocide route? After all, it's not as though "monster = bad," since monster souls require things such as hope and compassion to exist. Or is it simply because he sees Chara, who he might recognize as a monster because he raised them?

(undertale spoilers)

Asgore is not the first monster to not recognize Chara as human. The assertion that Frisk/Chara is not human is an exclusive motif throughout the genocide route.

You’re not really human, are you?
No. You’re empty inside. Just like me. In fact…
You're Chara, right?

Flowey recognizes Frisk as Chara, but only after they determine they are “not really human.”

well, i’ll be straight-forward with you.
my brother’d really like to see a human…
so, y'know, it’d really help me out…
if you kept pretending to be one.

While Sans plays it cool, he quickly realizes that what he sees is not truly human, but some other entity “pretending to be one.”

No, WHATEVER you are.
For the sake of the whole world…
I, UNDYNE, will strike you down!

Undyne calls them human at first, but then immediately denies it, correcting herself to “WHATEVER you are.”


In this route, Mettaton still refers to himself as a “HUMAN ERADICATION ROBOT,” but he never refers to Chara as human, instead opting for “UGLY LITTLE CREATURE.”

What a shame.
A human comes through and they aren’t even fit to be eaten~
Oh well!
Rotten ingredients can always be discarded~

While Muffet does identify them as human (because she was told a human was coming through), in the genocide route she considers them to be “rotten” and inedible.

i always thought the anomaly was doing this cause they were unhappy. 
and when they got what they wanted, they would stop all this.

In the genocide route, Sans never acknowledges that Chara is human, and instead refers to them as kid, buddy, and namely, the anomaly.

At the very end of the route, Asgore’s reaction fits this pattern perfectly: even though he recognizes Frisk as human immediately in all other routes, he does not recognize Chara as such.

Erm… What kind of monster are you…?
Sorry, I cannot tell.

Based on how Chara is considered non-human by the other monsters in the game, Asgore probably shares this sentiment. However, the request to know “what kind of monster” they are is likely said to politely hide that he doesn’t recognize the entity before him. After all, Asgore has been ruling the Underground for a long time, and thus is probably very familiar with every monster type in his kingdom. 

The fact that Chara is not recognized as human or a type of monster Asgore knows goes to show that Chara emanates a presence that is neither human nor monster. This mystery is solved when Chara identifies themself not long after.

I am Chara.
The demon that comes when people call its name.

Chara also does not consider themself to be human, even adopting an “it” pronoun to describe themself. They also are not a monster because monsters are kind in Undertale. Demon may be a convenient term that Chara has chosen to identify themself as, and it may be the identity the other monsters were alluding to as well.

Seventeen as Tumblr bloggers
  • S.Coups: Says he's going to post about certain things, but actually posts everything. Doesn't gave a shit about what he promises. Total shit poster. If you know your only following seventeen blogs, but you have unicorns dancing on a library on your feed, you know who posted it.
  • Jeonghan: Hair guru. Posts tips that actually work. Everything he says works, actually does. Girls live by his advice and go to him for help when they have a bad hair day. Everyone thinks he's a girl.
  • Joshua: Posts some random stuff. Usually anime or guitar related. Whenever people asks for tips he gladly helps them out. Doesn't really care about how many followers he has, but actually has quite a few.
  • Jun: Somehow he gets into a battle with some blogger he's never met before. Whether it be who has more follower, or who has the most notes on a post. Strives to be one of the top Tumblr blogs.
  • Hoshi: Posts picture and clips of him dancing, but you can't see his face. The sneak has his inbox flooded with 'who are you, let us see your face' posts. Every girls Tumblr crush. Occasionally posts pictures of cute puppies.
  • Wonwoo: Barely posts. He's more of the follower type. But whenever he posts, his pictures somehow make you reflect on your life and shed a single tear.
  • Woozi: Doesn't really care. Reblogs whatever he wants, but is still obsessed with gaining more followers. Probably recommends songs to listen to.
  • DK: Constantly thanks his followers and spams their feed with thank you's. Usually posts pictures of cute baby animals, then goes back to worshipping his followers.
  • Mingyu: 100% memes. Not just any memes. His memes somehow always talk about how much everyones else sucks and how you are the best. Way too much sass to handle. Thats why he has a million plus followers.
  • The8: Usually just follows people that post dancing stuff or cute animals. Doesn't really post anything but when he does, they somehow get 500+ notes.
  • Seungkwan: A blog dedicated to himself. No one knows since he pretends to be a die-hard Seungkwan fan. He reblogs all the HD pictures of himself and drops subtle hints about how he makes a better rapper than Vernon.
  • Vernon: Posts random music crap, recommends songs and posts pretty much anything music related. Has the coolest themes and changes them every week.
  • Dino: A Michael Jackson dedicated blog. He also posts videos of him covering his dances with a mask and hood on so no one knows its him. Though a few fans suspect his true identity. Fanboys with other Michael Jackson fans.
  • Credits to me. ~Nilla