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Malec Moments - 6/ ∞

                                  Where do we go from here?
How do you fly with no wings?

Membership Drive


Riq read over his case notes once again as a member of his guard detail programmed in a set of co-ordinates. After terrorist attacks on the Citadel, the High Council had forced Riq to have a member of the High Guard accompany him everywhere he went, despite his protests about his privacy. Luckily he’d been able to select the specific member himself and this one knew to keep quiet and keep his secrets.

Smoothing down his tunic and adjusting his tall peaks of hair, Riq stepped through the portal to be presented with a rustic looking shop door. Magic? Really? Surely science mascaraing as magic, hmm…really he had no idea. Stepping inside he opened up his case files and read aloud before even greeting the Rick inside.

“Ricardio Sanchez, Dimension A-S1-14, I am here on behalf of the High Council of Ricks to remind you of your duty to register with the Council of Ricks.” Admittedly it was the first time he had spoken these words, normally the Council sent a low graded guard to issue these kinds of notices, but due to pay cuts and staff shortages all High Council members had been forced to agree to one week of these mundane duties, as a gesture of good will, urgh. Riq, keen to bolster membership figures had imagined his natural charm would be the best way to recruit wayward Ricks. The other members of the High Council had seen fit not to tell Riq he actually lacked any charm at all.

“What say you A-S1-14?”