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i can’t wait to get to the episode where kurogane looks OUTRAGED when kogane tries to punch him like hey kurogane do you remember that time you immediately tried to punch kogane in the face because you thought he might tell you to not go save that planet

just a little PRO TIP: i have nothing against people pointing out problematic celebs or things they’ve said but if you’re going to point something out that they’ve said in a magazine/interivew/whathaveyou and if you physical evidence, consider posting the link to said interivew or whatever it is. this allows people to get the full story and to see what was said IN CONTEXT because sometimes context does matter and it allows people to decide for themselves if they deem what was said as being problematic or worthy of ’cancelling’ a particular celeb vs people just cherry picking quotes.


How dangerous can circumstances become?

someone just blatantly said “fuck you thibaut, piece of shit” on one of breakbot’s Instagram selfies and he directly replied “ok man I get it” and Honestly Breakbot Doesn’t deserve that evil shit in his face. Thibaut is one of the sweetest artists and now this random ass dude has made it onto my “to punch directly in the face” list

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Is it considered erasure if I consider a character as LGBT in my novel, but don't mention it text because it doesn't matter in the context of the story? Because I know a lot of people give JK Rowling a hard time about it, but I mean Dumbledore's sexuality really didn't matter in the context of the story? So, I was wondering what different opinions on this were.

Yes, it is erasure. Proper representation is visible. If you don’t put that your character is lgbt+ in the actual text, there is no representation. If JK Rowling had not told us through Word of God that Dumbledore was gay, we would have all kept believing he was straight because, unfortunately, characters are assumed straight until proven otherwise.

And as for not mattering in the context of the story, I have three things to say:

  • The favorite sports teams of secondary characters didn’t matter in the context of the story, but we learned about that anyway.
  • Dumbledore having romantic feelings for Grindelwald, whom he later had to defeat, is pretty damn important if you ask me. If that little factoid had made it into the books, the whole thing surrounding Grindelwald and Dumbledore would have been a bit more interesting and more conflicting.
  • By the logic of “it doesn’t matter therefore we should leave it out”, writers are 1) erasing marginalized people by promoting the use of white/straight/etc as the default for characters and 2) promoting the idea that marginalized characters can only be seen if the part of them that is marginalized is directly related to the plot.

If you have trouble showing that a character is lgbt+ without a plot that directly relates to that here are two posts to help.

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I have a request... Archie and Maxie in ugly sweaters? Context doesn't matter, but the tackier the sweaters the better.

i had a little too much fun with this request

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Hey there! Since today is Kagakuro day, I was wondering if maybe we can get a Kagakuro story from your Werewolf AU? It doesn't matter the context I just want to read some amazing story from you! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the prompt, friend! I already had plans for posting something on KagaKuro day, but your ask was so lovely, and also, I feel bad about the fact that I still haven’t written your other request, so here! Please enjoy a very short snippet =D

It was not uncommon for mammalian shifters to be incredibly tactile, especially in their own pack. It was not something Kuroko had experienced much in Teiko, and it is a little off-putting the way Kagami so easily slings his arms around people, or pats them on the back, or occasionally drapes himself over others. (And by “people” Kuroko means himself. It’s strange that Kagami keeps touching him. Strange, but not objectionable.)

Kuroko isn’t fully aware of how bad it is until he comes home one day and his mother wrinkles her nose and says, “Tetsuya, is there something you want to tell me?”

He stares at her blankly, uncomprehending, until she clarifies, “You smell like cat. What is that—lion?”

It was one of those moments where he felt very glad that he took after his father, and didn’t blush easily. “Tiger, I imagine. We have a tiger shifter on the team. He is very friendly.”

The looks his mother gave him was extraordinarily skeptical.

“I am sure it does not mean the same thing. To tigers.” He doesn’t sound particularly convincing when he says that.

“Hmm,” his mother says, and Kuroko flees to his room.


Furihata, thankfully, is the only other wolf on the Seirin team, and he at least doesn’t mention it until they’re alone together.

“You know, Kuroko, you, uh, smell an awful lot like Kagami these days.”

“Kagami-kun is very open with the team,” Kuroko says, although the line doesn’t work any better than it did on his mother; especially since Furihata knows full well the other members on the team don’t smell so much like tiger.

So Kuroko tries again with, “I am sure that it does not mean the same thing to tigers as it does to wolves.”

Furihata raises his brows and says, “You don’t know a lot about cats, do you?”