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Hello I can’t end things but here’s a short (very short) Jacob Frye x Male OC drabble thing

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They’re close enough that their breaths mingle between the drunken laughter and slurred witticisms. Jacob has never seen Fletcher smile this much before, and he’s only noticing now how the corners of his eyes crinkle, how thick and dark his eyelashes are and how his good eye is the brightest shade of green he’s ever seen. It reminds him of summer, of long, careless hours with the fresh grass tickling his skin and the clean air of the countryside. The other eye is milky white with tinges of blue and the scars trailing from it are still pink and shiny. Jacob’s hand comes to rest on Fletcher’s cheek. The other man freezes, but he doesn’t pull away. He doesn’t flinch. He just watches Jacob with thinly veiled interest. 

“I want to kill the bastard who did this to you,” Jacob says. 

To his surprise, Fletcher actually leans into his hand. Through his glove Jacob can feel the heat of his skin, the raised flesh where the scars are, and he swallows thickly as Fletcher’s hand presses over his own. 

“You don’t have to,” Fletcher says, “I already did that for you." 

Jacob breathes out a laugh, then stops altogether as Fletcher tilts his head to press a kiss to the palm of Jacob’s hand. Jacob can feel his heart thudding hard against his chest, his blood singing in his veins from just the sight alone. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. Fletcher seems to sense his hesitance and pulls away, but his hand still remains over Jacob’s, lacing their fingers together in a comforting squeeze. 

"We’re not just friends,” Fletcher says, quiet enough that Jacob only barely hears it, “And you know it.”

Jacob swallows thickly, his mouth suddenly feeling very dry. “You… You’re about to ruin your good name you know. The proud, stoic Irish man who possesses an undying hatred for any and all British people for stealing your lands and your histor-" 

"And what about you, Sir Jacob Frye? You’re about to kiss an immature chimpanzee,” Fletcher says with a smirk, “But I find myself more than willing to work with your faults, if you’ll work with mine.” This last sentence is whispered against Jacob’s lips.

“I find myself wondering just why you haven’t kissed me yet,” Jacob whispers back, and that’s all the confirmation Fletcher needs before he leans forward, capturing Jacob’s mouth with surprising ease. 

Jacob’s only other kiss with a man had been with Roth, and that had been full of blood and teeth and the savagery that burned from within Roth. Kissing Fletcher is different. There’s still the hard press of a man’s lips to his and the scratch of stubble beneath his own, but Fletcher is slow and careful, laughing when their noses bump together and making pleasured sounds from deep within his throat.
When they pull away Jacob’s lips feel like they’re trembling and swollen so he licks them, a shudder running down his back when he sees how Fletcher watches his tongue. Fletcher’s own lips are shiny and pink. 

“I never noticed you had freckles before,” Fletcher says, “You’re a ridiculously beautiful man." 

Jacob snorts. "It’s taken you this long to realize how stunningly attractive I am? I’d ask if you were blind but that’s a low hanging branch." 

Fletcher playfully hits his arm. "You’re such a bastard.” But he’s laughing again, lips pulled in a wide smile and Jacob just can’t resist leaning in for a few more kisses.

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Hi is it OK if I ask you a question... About the use of the n word.Who can use it and whether or not context matters. I've always thought/lead to believe that only black people can use it and non blacks just shouldn't, doesn't matter about the context, if it's used in a song - just don't say it. 1 friend thinks not even black people should use it & the other thinks it's OK for everyone to use depending on context/if it's in a song (😕) I would appreciate your thoughts if you want to answer.

I believe that the only people who should use the n word are black people and mixed black people. There are some black people who choose not to use the word and that’s their right, but there are some black people who have reclaimed the slur and believe it is empowering to take a word that was meant to dehumanize them and make it into something positive. Non-black people should NEVER use the n word even if it’s in a song. It is a SLUR. No one can tell the people who are oppressed by the n word (black Americans specifically) that they can’t use it, but no one that ISNT black, should even WANT to say it. Of course, anyone can say the word technically. You can technically say anything you want. Just don’t look surprised when a black person punches the shit out of you for using a slur that was used to oppress and belittle their ancestors for hundreds of years and is still used by racists.

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I have a request... Archie and Maxie in ugly sweaters? Context doesn't matter, but the tackier the sweaters the better.

i had a little too much fun with this request

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Hey there! Since today is Kagakuro day, I was wondering if maybe we can get a Kagakuro story from your Werewolf AU? It doesn't matter the context I just want to read some amazing story from you! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the prompt, friend! I already had plans for posting something on KagaKuro day, but your ask was so lovely, and also, I feel bad about the fact that I still haven’t written your other request, so here! Please enjoy a very short snippet =D

It was not uncommon for mammalian shifters to be incredibly tactile, especially in their own pack. It was not something Kuroko had experienced much in Teiko, and it is a little off-putting the way Kagami so easily slings his arms around people, or pats them on the back, or occasionally drapes himself over others. (And by “people” Kuroko means himself. It’s strange that Kagami keeps touching him. Strange, but not objectionable.)

Kuroko isn’t fully aware of how bad it is until he comes home one day and his mother wrinkles her nose and says, “Tetsuya, is there something you want to tell me?”

He stares at her blankly, uncomprehending, until she clarifies, “You smell like cat. What is that—lion?”

It was one of those moments where he felt very glad that he took after his father, and didn’t blush easily. “Tiger, I imagine. We have a tiger shifter on the team. He is very friendly.”

The looks his mother gave him was extraordinarily skeptical.

“I am sure it does not mean the same thing. To tigers.” He doesn’t sound particularly convincing when he says that.

“Hmm,” his mother says, and Kuroko flees to his room.


Furihata, thankfully, is the only other wolf on the Seirin team, and he at least doesn’t mention it until they’re alone together.

“You know, Kuroko, you, uh, smell an awful lot like Kagami these days.”

“Kagami-kun is very open with the team,” Kuroko says, although the line doesn’t work any better than it did on his mother; especially since Furihata knows full well the other members on the team don’t smell so much like tiger.

So Kuroko tries again with, “I am sure that it does not mean the same thing to tigers as it does to wolves.”

Furihata raises his brows and says, “You don’t know a lot about cats, do you?”

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I'm super over this one-upmanship fandoms seem to have regarding representation. Every time a show on a kid's network takes another step forward, they compare it to Korrasami & act like what LoK accomplished pales in comparison. For one, it's not a freaking competition! And second, LoK was the first to take a very unambiguous step despite working under network constraints & helped make it possible for other shows to make things more explicit. But apparently context doesn't matter.

I mean the people who want to underplay Korrasami will underplay Korrasami. There’s naught we can do about it, but it definitely doesn’t change what it means to us.

And yeah, it was groundbreaking, for sure. Especially because it wasn’t a side-character, or an already-established couple or something. It was the title character and a rather detailed depiction of her search for identity during which she and her best friend grew emotionally close and pushed on the boundaries of their friendship in a manner that felt quite authentic and evocative of the experiences many LGBT+ individuals have, and ended with the two of them ultimately pursing a romantic relationship in a moment that was framed as being quite like…healthy for Korra. She had gone through hell and back and this was like, a moment of self-care for her. It was just quiet and nice and so…thematically fulfilling.

So there’s a lot more to context than timing, though you are right…Korrasami did push on those boundaries earlier. Even with that though, we can’t ignore things like networks. Viacom =/= TBS =/= Disney. There’s a unique culture to each of them, and that includes boundaries perceived by the creators. Maybe the boundaries to depiction Bryke thought existed were less stringent than they assumed, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are inherent standards and expectations that all media creators face, and of course that colors how they draft a story.

There’s also intent. I love Steven Universe, but it’s also important to realize that this is Rebecca Sugar very consciously pushing on boundaries. Like, the show is just embedded with these transgressive messages, and it’s really not by accident that she slays every trope.

People talk about how Bryke went through with Korrasami to “make a political statement,” which like, first of all, nothing is apolitical. They made a statement when Aang wouldn’t kill Ozai. But I would say that they didn’t set out to write a narrative that challenged a shitload of societal assumptions in the way that Rebecca Sugar is doing with SU. Both narratives are SUPES progressive, and both do challenge societal assumptions, but I think the context of creator intent (granted, I’m guessing, but from interviews we do know Korrasami came about more organically as a result of working with these characters and wasn’t planned) does matter as well.

Still, at the end of the day, haters gonna hate. Representation-offs are just stupid, and direct comparisons are rarely apt, for the reasons I just listed. It’s not a competition because representation in media is not a zero-sum game. So let’s just embrace it all.  

That being said, is there recent one-upmanship or something? Did a show do something cool? TELL ME

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You actually are really ableist, like the word stupid doesn't matter that much though it can be used in ableist contexts, but like you also use the words sociopathic/psychopathic which are horrendously ableist (I'm speaking as someone affected by both of those words as I have both autism and psychosis) and you literally reblogged a post on bpd awareness day about murders with bpd. And instead mocking me or whatever so your followers can laugh at me maybe you can try fixing your ableist behaviour

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1. I don’t use the words sociopathic/psychopathic. I actually made a post about how sociopathy and psychopathy are outdated terms that are not used in the medical profession in this day and age.

You can even search for those words on my blog and see I don’t use them:

2. I never reblogged a post on BPD awareness day about murderers.

Here’s the post you’re referring to. Do you see my URL? Do you see anybody reblog it from me? No.

You should probably do something about your penchant for lying, because it’s not healthy. You can call me ableist for the things you made up in your head, but at least I don’t make up lies about strangers on the internet.