it doesn't matter if you get reblogged i love you

  • Tumblr: We support mentally ill people! They deserve love, protection, and affection just like everybody else does! I'm going to stand by them and support them, no matter what!
  • Someone who's mentally ill: Hello! I have a mental illness that has to do with dependency issues. I get anxiety when people don't answer texts/emails/phone calls within a certain amount of time, and I need constant reassurance and reminding that you don't hate me. Talking to me at least once a day is preferred, because I have emotional permanence issues in which I literally feel like somebody doesn't love me anymore if they don't talk to me often.
  • Tumblr: ... Except you, you selfish, manipulative, toxic, clingy, self-absorbed, entitled asshole.
CalFreezy: It Doesn't Matter

Requested by Anon: ‘a Calfreezy imagine and y/n was getting hate and got called fat, I like the idea of him dating a Cuvier girl and like maybe he loves to go on about how much he loves your curves and grabbing your ass/thighs whatever and maybe one day you get hate and he just loses his shit’

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any

A/N: I’ve decided that I am going to write sidemen of The Sidemen imagines as well! Thank you guys for liking/reblogging my imagines I write, it means a lot to me :3 Enjoy x

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