it doesn't matter if you get reblogged i love you

did you know you’re worth everything, every breath, every moment of hesitation, every struggle, every step towards the light, it’s all worth it, it all matters, it all means something, we’re just too close to see it, we haven’t lived it yet, we haven’t been who we need to be to see who we will be, but we’ll get there, we’ll see it, we’ll touch it with our fingers and teeth and skin suffused with light, and you are worth every damn moment in that light, you are worth every mile that light has traveled to come here to this place and touch you, and oh how i envy the sun, it gets to touch you every day, forever, and seeing you glow in its light is worth every moment of pain, every heartbreak, every step back, you are worth it all and i will never stop reaching for the moment when i can say “i hold your body like something holy in my hands, and you are mine”

  • Tumblr: We support mentally ill people! They deserve love, protection, and affection just like everybody else does! I'm going to stand by them and support them, no matter what!
  • Someone who's mentally ill: Hello! I have a mental illness that has to do with dependency issues. I get anxiety when people don't answer texts/emails/phone calls within a certain amount of time, and I need constant reassurance and reminding that you don't hate me. Talking to me at least once a day is preferred, because I have emotional permanence issues in which I literally feel like somebody doesn't love me anymore if they don't talk to me often.
  • Tumblr: ... Except you, you selfish, manipulative, toxic, clingy, self-absorbed, entitled asshole.
CalFreezy: It Doesn't Matter

Requested by Anon: ‘a Calfreezy imagine and y/n was getting hate and got called fat, I like the idea of him dating a Cuvier girl and like maybe he loves to go on about how much he loves your curves and grabbing your ass/thighs whatever and maybe one day you get hate and he just loses his shit’

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any

A/N: I’ve decided that I am going to write sidemen of The Sidemen imagines as well! Thank you guys for liking/reblogging my imagines I write, it means a lot to me :3 Enjoy x

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