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JUMP GIGA - Tite Kubo and Matsui Yūsei Interview

TN: Here’s Kubo’s response to a question about his creative process and mentions of his health, taken from two pages of JUMP GIGA 2017 vol. 2

Part 1

Kubo Tite X Matsui Yūsei

Creative process secrets

Q&A special.

Two mangaka are gathered here, they have created works that are great hits shining brightly through the history of JUMP. A passionate talk unfolds, extending over two hours!

—- “There is a difference between the things you want to draw and the things you can draw. The creator should draw the things they can draw. That’s what I’ve heard, but what do the two senseis think about that statement?” That is the question from pen name - “Red Pencil san”.

Matsui: First of all, I think Kubo sensei is probably the opposite. You draw the things you want to draw right?

Kubo: That’s right. Because, I think that the things I want to draw, is something I can draw…

Matsui: I thought so…!

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SFF: It's Christmas and Sam is sad and missing Gabriel, wishing the Trickster Archangel was alive to enjoy the holiday with him and Dean and Cas, but Gabe is gone, and Sam is depressed and pining. And maybe, maybe he slips out of the bunker on a snowy night to stargaze, and finds Gabe in the middle of making a snow angel, all six of his golden wings on display. And Gabe doesn't know how he's back, but he's there, and he's never leaving his Samshine again!

Sam can’t help sighing a little bit as Dean gives him another look and looks towards the door.  Dean wants a few private moments with Cas, and he couldn’t help it if he didn’t want to go stand outside in the damn snow.  

“You have twenty minutes,” he told Dean, pushing himself up. 

Castiel frowned.  “Sam-”

Sam waved him off and grabbed his jacket off a chair and headed for the door, taking a deep breath.  It wasn’t Cas’ fault that he missed Gabriel like a limb, especially whenever he saw Dean and Cas together.  “It’s fine, Cas, I promise.”  

He caught sight of his brother putting an album into the stereo and holding out his hand to Cas.  They were going to dance.  Another pang hit his heart and he sighed as he closed the door behind him.  Maybe he’d give them a half hour.  

It was cold outside.  And snowing.  There was already a few inches on the ground and so far this was looking like several more were going to be left behind.  Dean would be bitching in the morning, without a doubt.  

He looked up at the stars and couldn’t help smiling a little bit.  He couldn’t help thinking of Gabriel at Christmas.  He was in every story, images of him were in every story, he couldn’t get away from it.  And worse still, he couldn’t get away from those stupid fucking memories of Gabriel when they’d been nothing more than two people having a good night together.  

Sam sighed and pushed his fingers through his hair.  If it hadn’t been for that night, he could have forgotten entirely about Gabriel and let him rest wherever the hell angels went when they died.  But no, of course not.  Of course Gabriel had had to be the best kind of rough with him, had been strong enough to toss him around and had kissed him like he fucking mattered.  

Sam stared at the stars and repeated his usual mantra to himself.  “It didn’t matter.  You didn’t matter.  It was just one more way to distract us.”  He took a deep breath and glanced at his watch.  Had barely been six minutes.  Dammit.  

“You know, you did matter.  Even if I didn’t want you to.”  

Sam slammed his eyes shut and took a hard breath.  It wasn’t Gabriel.  It never was.  No matter how often he heard the voice, it never was him.  He’d heard it too damn often, especially after Lucifer had… He shook his head.  

“What?  You can’t even look at me?” 

Sam spun around, ready to snarl at the vision that wasn’t going to be there and froze at the sight of Gabriel in the snowbank, large golden wings spread out behind him.  His mouth went dry and he slammed his eyes shut, shaking his head and turning away.  “Fuck, now I’m going insane.  You’ve got to be kidding me.”  

“Nah, you’re not insane.  Well, not insane as someone who regularly hunts monsters in the night can be,” Gabriel drawled, flexing his wings to leave an imprint in the snow.  

Sam opened his eyes and glared at Gabriel.  He was still there, still sitting in the snow like he had been there for hours.  “Why the hell are you here?”  

Gabriel shrugged and sat up.  “No idea.  Why?  Do you want me gone?” 

“No,” Sam blurted, his eyes going wide as he stepped closer.  “I don’t, there’s no way that you can be real.  I must be hallucinating.”  

Gabriel raised his eyebrows.  “Do you hallucinate me often?” 

Sam scowled at Gabriel.  “Fuck off.”  

Gabriel hummed and settled back into the snowbank.  “Well well well, would you look at that.”  

Sam turned back towards the bunker.  It was just his imagination, and he needed to focus on something else, and then maybe have Cas check him for a concussion or something worse.  

“Sam,” Gabriel called.  “You did mean something.  You did.  A great deal, even.” 

His breath felt stuck in his chest and Sam shook his head again.  This couldn’t be Gabriel.  Gabriel wouldn’t have given a shit about that night.  “Liar,” Sam managed to choke out.  

Gabriel pushed himself up and off the snowbank, his wings disappearing as he strode towards Sam  “You call me a liar?” he asked, his voice reverberating with power.  “You dare…”  

“Oh I dare,” Sam snapped, spinning back around to glare at Gabriel.  The snow started to whip up around him and he took a step back, scowling at Gabriel.  “Stop it!”  

“Oh no,” Gabriel said, laughing.  “You think I’m not real.”  

“I know you’re not real,” Sam snapped back.  “I know Lucifer killed you, I know that he hated doing it.”  

Gabriel’s smile fell and he stared at Sam.  “And how do you know that, Sam?”  

Sam shuddered and took another step back.  “The cage.  I went in with him.  He, well.  He got to have fun with me for a very, very long time.”  

“I’m sorry,” Gabriel said.  “I never wanted that for you.”  

Sam blinked at the apology and watched Gabriel walk closer.  “You’re really here, aren’t you?”  

Gabriel tilted his head and looked at Sam.  “You really did miss me, didn’t you?” 

Sam shrugged a little bit.  “Maybe.”  

“Maybe,” Gabriel scoffed, unable to keep from smiling.  “Well, is maybe enough to invite me into your humble abode for a drink?”  

“Yeah,” Sam said with a nod, looking at the snowbank and the imprint of the wings.  

“Don’t worry,” Gabriel said with a drawl, holding out his hand.  “If you’re good, I’ll pull them out for you again soon.”  

Sam hesitated, but reached out and took Gabriel’s hand.  It was warm and real.  He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding and opened the door to the bunker.  “Cas’ll be glad to see you.” 

Gabriel snickered.  “Depends on your definition of glad.”  

Sam couldn’t help grinning as he held onto Gabriel’s hand, nice and tight.  He wasn’t going to let go this time.  

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Idk if it's been asked but can I ask for a fic of the JL or YJ stepping in for Bruce to watch over Nightwing to make sure he doesn't get harassed by people/villains? Considering in canon Nightwing is considered pretty and stuff. If you don't feel comfortable writing that kind of thing it's okay and thanks for your time

yes sorry I didn’t write this earlier stuff happened :( sorry


“If there’s no new business I’d like to adjourn, I have to get back to Gotham” several Justice League members looked uncomfortable and looked back and forth before Wonder Woman cleared her throat. “Well Bruce there was one matter we wanted to bring up with you” Batman gave the group a look that would freeze water. “um a number of us are worried about Dick” 

“why?” his tone was sharp “He seems to be getting a lot of attention lately, villains are making comments during our joint fights with Young Justice, and given the way he dresses… When he was nine it was cute, silly but he’s 17 now and we’re worried it’s drawing the wrong kind of attention from people.” Batman didn’t say anything for a long time. “Dick Grayson is 17 not seven, he can dress himself. I wonder how you would react Diana” his eyes flicked over her “if someone told you to change how you dress to avoid harassment” Wonder Woman’s mouth dropped open before she shut it with a click “finally Robin can handle himself, whatever attention he gets he can deal with. Now that we’re done airing my sidekick’s personal business I’m leaving” 

He was gone before the rest of the League could react. “Well that could have gone better” Hal said pouring himself a glass of water. “Maybe he has a point” Wonder Woman said looking down at her lap. “Hey now” Superman butted in “there’s an important difference between you and Dick, Diana, you’re an adult, you’ve made an informed choice about your costume. Dick is a kid he doesn’t know any better, and the responsible thing is for the adult in his life to set boundaries to keep him safe” 

“Don’t know how I feel about that” Captain Marvel said, he and Superman met eyes across the table and Marvel looked away first. “Well you want to be the one who tells the adult in his life that?” Flash pointed out. “Bruce respects facts” Superman responded “if we can prove that Dick is getting harassed and can’t handle it, he’ll step in” 

“And how do we prove it?” 

“we’ll go to Gotham, and follow Dick, Hal” 

a few hours latter Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern hovered in the air above Gotham. “You sure we’re invisible Hal?” 

“for the 10th time Berry, YES! no one can see or hear us, have some faith in me!”

“well if Bats finds out we were in his town without asking he’ll kill us”

“quiet you two” Superman said “here they come” a purple 1973 Ford Thunderbird fishtailed around the corner below them it’s engine roared and smoke rolled off the wheels as it fired down the straight away. a split second later a Yamaha FZ-09 in Red and Green whipped around the corner. A skinny boy pressed into the bike a short yellow cape flying out behind him. 

A moment latter the car crashed into a a street light. A figure staggered out of the driver’s side door sweeping his green hair out of his eyes. “Well well well, If it isn’t every one’s favorite pretty boy” Robin leapt off his Bike letting it slide to a stop. “Hey Joker” He said as he landed on his feet placing his hands on his hips. The wind blew his cape to one side showing off his bare legs leading up to a pair of green scale covered briefs that left very little to the imagination. “Well come on apple bottomed boy lets dance” The Clown pulled a gun and the Justice Leaguers tensed, but Robin was already moving dodging shots and closing the distance, in moments it was over. 

The night went like that. Poison Ivy complimented his long eye lashes “so like a girl’s” Two-Face mentioned his two round cheeks, Calendar Man said that if he looked like Robin “every day would be Valentine’s Day” Dick took it all in stride laughing and taking out villain after villain. The League was horrified “by the Gods, is there a single villain that doesn’t hit on him?” 

“Honestly, no I don’t think so” said Hal. “Hey were’s he going?” Dick ducked down an ally a moment latter his costume was gone. Dick Grayson was wearing tight jeans, a too high white t-shirt and a high school letterman jacket. The Justice League followed into Boy’s Town, the gay part of Gotham. Men cat called and whistled at Dick who smiled waved, some times spinning in a tight circle, and once shaking his ass for a group of drag queens. He walked to a small bar with a rainbow flag on one side and a leather flag on the other called “The Meathook” walking through the door like he owned the place. 

“You don’t think?” Barry said in shock. Clark’s face was hard “this has gone too far we’re ending this right now!” With the the group still invisible swooped down and through the door. The bar was totally empty. Before they could react Dick Grayson exploded from behind the bar a flash bang flying out of his hand into the middle of the group of Leaguers. A blinding flash and boom, Green Lantern lost his concentration and the Leaguers became visible and fell to the floor. Before they could react Dick Grayson was in the middle of them. Hal lifted his hand only to find his ring was gone, already on Dick’s finger. Berry moved but a cuff was around his left connect to a chain around one of the bar stools. Wonder Woman jumped forward and Dick threw a handful of bright yellow powder into her eyes. Diana twisted to the side hands over her eyes with a strangled cry. 

“Stop” Superman floated in front of Dick looking down at him sternly. “Fine, but only because Bruce never told me the combination to the Kryptonite safe. Why were you following me all night?” Superman cleared his throat and looked embarrassed “well Dick some of the League, felt, we were worried about you”

“I see and it never crossed your mind to talk to me?” 

“um well, as the adults in your life”

“Listen, Superman, I like you, but I’m only gonna say this once. You are not my dad, you’re not an ‘adult in my life’ I got one dad okay? you ain’t it. You, me? we’re co-workers, if you ever treat me as anything else you condescending boy scout ever again I’ll put you on the floor too. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna get 5am coffee with Wally before we go to school, I’ll tell him his Uncle Berry said hi” He glared at the Flash and walked out the door and left the Leaguers slack jawed. 

Half way down the road he pulled out a cell phone and made a call “Thanks for the heads up Billy. yeah us junior heroes have to stick together or they won’t let us have any fun” 

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Has Harry met scorpius: I want him/Draco to see how cute their sons boyfriend is, part 1. Al says early on he knows Harry doesn't like scorp implying Harrys met scorp though it might be JUST bc he's Dracos son. 2, scorp and Harry don't acknowledge each other when scorp runs up in 1st alternate reality. Bc they already met or bc of the current circumstances? 3, Harry later says to al that he can nowsee scorp is not the black cloud implying he's never properly interacted with his fluffiness before

Has Harry met scorpius: I want him/Draco to see how cute their sons boyfriend is, part 1.

Oh they’re definitely cute, but I think Harry and Draco are mostly going to see how happy they are together. Harry will notice how the smile never leaves Albus’s eyes and how he doesn’t curl his hands up into his sleeves when he’s with Scorpius. Draco will notice how Scorpius lights up around Albus the way he’s only ever seen him do in bookshops…. and sweet shops. Oh and that one time he took him to a muggle zoo- ok. Bad example. But he sees, they both see, how completely comfortable their sons are with each other. It’s like they belong together, you know? But Draco would only mock Harry for using the word ‘cute’. (Even if he secretly uses it himself when he’s telling the photograph of Astoria about them in his office later on.) And anyway, Harry should have seen three year old Scorpius on his first toy broomstick wearing full Quidditch gear, goggles and all. Now that was cute.

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Ok, so now I want a short Mai + palace intrigue drabble ...(if you're ok with that anyway. You just piqued my interest.)

“How was your moon-viewing?” Zuko asked without opening his eyes as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

‘I hate everyone,” she told him blandly, and it was one of those times when she herself couldn’t tell if she meant it as a joke or not.

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I have a prompt for you. Ron is injured during an Auror mission, and loses his memory of being with Hermione. He wakes up in St Mungo's and doesn't understand that we're together. Fluff ensues. Bonus points if Harry and/or Ginny have to explain that they're dating. thank you

This is very vaguely nsfw, totally ridiculous, and contains horrendously inaccurate medical descriptions. But thank YOU for the prompt, anyway, anon! AO3 | ffnet

“Oh my God, Hermione! Thank Merlin. I came as soon as I could, Harry owled me, but the idiots in charge didn’t pass it on me until I’d finished training—training! Like that’s important right now!—and then I had to get through the Croatian Ministry, and, well, I thought I was asking for the first available Portkey back to England, but it turns out I was asking for the first available potato back to England, and then—but it doesn’t matter, how is he, what’s going on?!”

“All clear,” Hermione replies, cutting across her frantic shouting, and Ginny visibly sags against the wall. “He was in a lot of danger at first—the hit several rather vital arteries with severing charms—” Ginny squeaks, “—but the team of Healers were incredible, and the other Aurors, too. They were able to stem the flow of the bleeding long enough to get him here, then the professionals took over and he’s going to be absolutely fine, once he’s rested.”

“Oh, thank God,” Ginny says again. “Where’s Harry? Can I see him? Ron, I mean, but I’ll see Harry too, and—”

“Ginny—” Hermione leads her to some chairs in the waiting room, sits her down gently. Ginny gets the feeling she’s withholding something, something important, and she begins to panic. Ron’s absolutely fine—that’s what she said, her own words. “All clear”, Hermione said that too, but there’s something… Ginny realises that, despite the fact that her fiancé was almost killed in the line of duty earlier, Hermione is remarkably relaxed. More than relaxed, she seems to be supressing amusement.

She resists the urge to whip out her wand and make her magically prove her identity, like they used to during the war. This isn’t Hermione. If Ron is in any kind of danger at all, she’s always in full meltdown mode, fussing and panicking not…giggling?

“What’s going on?!”

Hermione waits for a passing Healer to leave, then turns back to Ginny. “He’s going to be fine. His injuries will heal completely in a very short space of time, and he is in no long-term danger at all. He’ll get a couple of weeks’ medical leave from the Aurors, then be able to return to work with no problems, the Healers have assured us.”

“But?” asks Ginny.

“But they gave him some pain killing potions, and…”

“He’s allergic to them?”

“Not exactly,” Hermione says, lips twitching. “It’s probably easier just to show you. Come on, he’s through here. Harry’s there, too.”

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Bro, what about a combination of the Soulmate au and 1920's?? Like the timer on the wrist indicating when someone will meet their s/o and so they meet in a speakeasy but s/o doesn't really seem to fall in love easily and says they're okay with finding someone else if Tsuna wants to continue his current lifestyle. This would be one hell of a fanfic

//other prompts aren’t going to be this big. i am so in love with this idea right now! if anyone wants to write about this, feel free to send it in, there can never be enough scenarios on this ;)//

You were super excited because the timer on your wrist indicated that you would meet your soulmate in less than 24 hours. 23: 54 to be specific.

Your friends had dragged you to a speakeasy that night in celebration. It was your first time going to a speakeasy but your woman’s intuition told you that you would find your soulmate there. The alcohol, the music and the dances… what an exciting place to meet your one true love.


You weren’t drinking because you felt dizzy enough. You were going to meet your one true love in a minute and you wanted to be aware of every detail in your surrounding.




All joy left your body when you saw the man you were destined for. He immediately recognized you and god was he the sexiest thing you ever laid eyes on… He looked at you straight in the eye before he kissed another woman in front of you while his arm was draped around the waist of another flapper.

All your dreams and fantasies were crushed and you recalled the times your mom warned you about love. 

“What the hell-” you started, your hand balling into fists. But you immediately cooled down. 

The brown-haired man sent the women away and walked towards you like a predator. “I was making a statement and I hope you get what I meant. I’m Tsunayoshi Sawada, the freaking king of the mafia and I don’t need some soulmate. I have enough women spreading their legs for me. Hell, even three at a time. I like my lifestyle and I don’t want you. Who wants to be tied down during this Golden Era of Crime?”

You had prayed so much that you wouldn’t be rejected the way your mother had been. A rejection from a soulmate was the most painful thing in the world but you were strong and you weren’t gonna let the asshole see you break.

“Whoever said I wanted you?” you said, haughtily. “I’ll find someone else if you so desperately want to continue your stupid lifestyle.”

“Good,” he patted your cheek, “I knew you had a practical brain in you.”

You stormed away, trying reel in your tears.

No matter how hard you tried, your heart belonged to the asshole. So you frequented the speakeasy because you knew it was his favorite one. And you kept staring at him and looked away when his eyes fell on yours.

You tried not to cry every time he flirted with other women and you decided to flirt with the other men in the bar. They gave you attention, especially when you started wearing those cute flapper dresses.

“Would you like a drink?” You were surprised when Tsuna approached you.

“Why are you talking to me?” You demanded but his eyes were on your cleavage. He quickly took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. Tsuna glared at you when you tried to take it off.

“Let’s get to the point, shall we?” Tsuna asked, playing with his drink. “You are my soulmate so, naturally, I want to bang you. We aren’t going to date or get married or that crap but who says we can’t have fun?”

“There are plenty of men who are willing to give me fun,” you said and did you just imagine his growl? The problem was that you had saved yourself for your soulmate and now that he was in front of you, your body screamed for his attention. But you wouldn’t let that asshole know that you were a virgin. It would satisfy him too much.

“As you can see, I’m quite experienced,” Tsuna’s hand brushed your lips, “and it’s only fair that my soulmate gets a taste of it.”

“How about a big, fat no?” You said .

Despite your sane intentions, you did end up in his bed. Several times. Every day. It wasn’t human nature to deny themselves their soulmate.

It broke how he kept treating you like some random fuck. You were his soulmate! Why was he so against loving the one person who was made for him? He had even started trusting you with details about his shady business but he refused to give you his heart.

Selfish bastard. If he could have fun, so could you.

You were drunk and you ended up having an intense make-out session with the first man who flirted with you. You wanted to forget the taste of Tsuna’s lips. You wanted to forget the feeling of  his rough hands on your waist. You wanted to forget how much you were in love with the Devil…

Strong hands pulled you away from the other man and you could feel Tsuna’s cold rage ripple through his skin. “What the hell, Tsuna-”

He dragged you away, wordlessly, and you marveled at how good it felt to be held by him.

Once you two were alone, Tsuna bit your collarbone. “What do you think you were doing, (Name)?” His voice was low.

“Having fun,” you said. “Just the way you like to have fun with so many women despite the fact that we’re fucking around. I mean, I might as well get a taste of of other men-”

He shut you up with a harsh kiss. “I haven’t been with another woman since the first time we slept and if you ever, ever suggest sleeping around with another man..”

“Why? I’m not yours. Go ahead. Enjoy your lavish lifestyle and let me have fun too-”

“You are my soulmate,” Tsuna said. “And I get it. I get it. I can’t even stand the idea of you being with someone else. I can only imagine how you felt when I-” His hands caressed your cheeks. “No more pretending. I want you and only you and I’d sacrifice everything to make sure that you are mine alone.”

You gave him a small, gentle smile and he quickly picked you up bridal style and took you to the  nearest bedroom.

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Characters: Daud and older Emily. Pairing: N/A Prompt: As when The Outsider gave Corvo The Heart. He gives Emily one also, but its Daud's heart. After she took revenge on him and slayed him. So older Emily using The Heart to find bone charms and runes and how does she feel to hear his voice helping her. Maybe she doesn't want to accept its help at first or listen to it reveal information about people and places until finally giving in to its information.

Daud’s heart shudders and quakes like the runes and bone charms tucked away in the corners of the world.

It’s with a serrated blade is Emily Kaldwin carefully detaching the beating organ from its unmoving vessel. The Knife of Dunwall is just another cadaver pulled out from The Academy of Natural Philosophy’s freezers, drawing the man open as if blade is pen and his corpse paper.

She was content to let the man rot where she cut him down, deeming that an unmarked grave is more than a lasting punishment. It’s The Outsider, quiet, curious, and humming with energy, who prompts her to find the gift he has laid within the fallen assassin.

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Since your last fic was so amazing, can i ask for another one? Something in hospital maybe? doesn't matter who'll be the patient, i just want more skelebros fluff! >///<

This one took even longer than the last, and I’m sorry for being so slow! Also, there will be MORE to this. I’ve got lots of plans, but I’m breaking it up. So, here’s Hospital part 1! I hope you like it~

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