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this is happening on opposite walls of the same corner

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda pastel goth already but how do I get into pastel goth more. My mom doesn't allow me wearing black makeup (only eyeliner) and nothing dark, I wear black and purple a lot and it's kinda works but I need help Ps I love ur blog

It’s alright if your outfit isn’t dark c: 

You could wear a black top that matches the style with pastel pants(mint, lavender anything light^^)

Or the opposite! Pastel tops with black pants :3 

Also: graphic shirts, creepy designs, dripping letters, dip dyed shorts, leopard prints, galaxy prints are something usual in Pastel Goth^^

As for the make up it’s alright if it’s just eyeliner for now, you can also use a white pencil on your waterline or white eye shadow in the corner of your eyes,a long with the eyeliner,it gives the thought of a bigger eye too c:

I really hope I helped! If there are any more questions please feel free to message again!

Have a beautiful day!