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I don't understand y'all. Anti fascism yet for big government? Anti fascism yet against freedom of speech? Anti fascism but attacking anyone who opposes your political views? Doesn't all that sound exactly like fascism to you? Hell it sounds exactly like Mussolini's black shirts (y'all look exactly like them) and Hitler's brown shirts. Both did exactly what y'all do! How can y'all possibly think y'all are anti fascism? (This is a legitimate​ question)

About the new Irish Taoiseach

All I’ve seen on here about Varadkar becoming Taoiseach is “yay gay Taoiseach, son of an immigrant, so progressive!” But Varadkar is a shitty politician who only cares about his career, he’s pro-life, he’s incredibly classist and he’s way less suited to the job than his opponent was.

The only reason he got the job was cos he makes Ireland look progressive and apparently it’s working, given the “yay gay Taoiseach” shit.

Pros of being an artist: Draw your faves Kissing.

Cons of being an artist: be Sad due to the Astounding Lack of Kisses in Canon.

  • Robert: (scrunching up tablets like a pro, hears a noise, hastily hides everything in a drawer, Aaron comes in) Oh, I thought you'd be long gone by now.
  • Aaron: I forgot my wallet. I won't be a sec.
  • Robert: Yeah, it doesn't bother me.
  • Aaron: Right, then.
  • Robert: You look knackered.
  • Aaron: Oh, erm, thanks.
  • Robert: Are you okay?
  • Aaron: Yeah, yeah. I probably had too many energy drinks last night, that's all. It's not about you.
  • Robert: Good. (lloking in his notebook with empty pages, totally busy)
  • Aaron: So... I'll see you later.
  • Robert: Yeah. See you later.
Mystic Messenger Reactions: The RFA as types of vampires
  • Yoosung: "The Newbie"
  • -He was only bitten recently...
  • -Not one for human blood
  • -Thinks of sucking blood as an indirect kiss
  • -That low key freaks him out
  • -"Could I go into shock from drinking different blood types?"
  • -Would be pretty awk, indefinitely asking for help on how to be the edgy vamp he now is
  • -P o o r b o y
  • Zen: "The Looker"
  • -Would be tempting all the ladies
  • -Looks like an albino anyway so he should be fine
  • -Doesn't like draining blood BC it gets sick nasty sometimes (yuck)
  • -Refuses to dye his hair black (Jumin recommended him to do so)
  • -H e w o u l d n e v e r
  • -Still brags about looking hot
  • -Likes eating red meats instead
  • -It seems more practical ???
  • -Wears sunscreen while performing onstage... Those lights are rough on one's skin and overall complexion,,,
  • -Complains on not getting enough outside time
  • Jaehee: "The Pro Vamp"
  • -V practical
  • -U can't be a vampire if you're a whiny baby this is a real woman's game
  • -Is very good at hiding her secret, unlike Yoosung, Zen, and 707.
  • -Doesn't like to talk about how she got changed
  • -Is p darn good at what she does not to brag or anything but
  • -Is tight with Jumin because of it
  • -Brings a classy, decorative, and definitely lacy umbrella with her in public.
  • -Kind of intimidating now, not that she wasn't before.
  • Jumin: "The Negotiator"
  • -Alpha Male
  • -The dramatic one
  • -He probably wears guyliner to look the part
  • -Even so, no one really knows that he's not human
  • -He runs a business! He can't flaunt his powers!!
  • -Reminds everybody of Edward from Twilight
  • -Except he's better looking
  • -Still wears a tux
  • -Still loves Elly
  • -Doesn't go outside if he doesn't need to
  • -What's the point??
  • 707: "The Gag Vamp"
  • -Looks more of like a Halloween-infiliated vamp than a movie-generic one
  • -Quotes Count Dracula a whole lot
  • -Has many tricks up his sleeve
  • -Carries around fake packets of blood and plastic bats for kicks
  • -Wears a cape lined with purple velvet
  • -Loves being a vampire!!
  • -So many jokes!!
  • -likes spooking people
  • + V and Saerun
  • V: "4 Senses"
  • -The chill vamp that doesn't meddle or bite people
  • -He just chills eternally
  • -Is blind, so he uses vibrations to gauge where he I going (echolocation for the most part)
  • -Basically Alpha Male... Besides Jumin.
  • Saeran: "Devious Hottie"
  • -Definite blood kink
  • -No doubt about it
  • -Hardcore vamp
  • -Already looked the part before he had been turned
  • -Still a sexy beast
  • -Still loves being a vampire!!
  • -Wears chokers now
  • 💜💜

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seriously, yousef's good look is the only pro, every other girl would leave him the moment he steals her something or throws something at her but our girl sana stayed and fell in love with all of this eventhough she never expected to fall for a guy like this but her face after he throws the grass at her says it all, she doesn't say anything, every other guy would be dead but no, the other day she even levels up and admits she LOVES yousef instead of only liking him, i love my two dorks in love

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Val seems kind of obsessed with Laurie, even at the expense of his partnership with Normani. I am seeing a lot of fans state he looks. unhappy all the time in interviews with Normani. I do know some of the male pros on the show would love to have Normani as their partner, but Val doesn't seem to share that appreciation. His season with Laurie was great, but be respectful and focus on correcting mistakes to get that perfect score from Len.

NAHHHHH What yall wouldn’t do is question Valentin’s commitment to Normani. Not today…Not ever…Especially not around me tbh. The man can make magic with Normani and still be a big brother to Laurie. “Val seem kind of obsessed with Laurie”…See what yall call “obsessed” I simply call it support and the same will be extended to Normani after this competition. 

  • (My service dog wears a head collar)
  • Random guy: What is that on your dog's face
  • Me: It's a Halti
  • Random guy: But her mouth is open
  • Me: Yes, the bottom is loose it doesn't keep the dogs mouth shut
  • Random guy: Wow! And it stops them from barking? I've been looking for a muzzle to stop my dog from barking, but I want her to be able to open her mouth
  • Me: This collar does not stop barking
  • Random guy: But your dog isn't barking
  • Me: That isn't because of the Halti, she just doesn't bark
  • Random guy: Oh.

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Hey so I get oily and that's mostly because i sweat so easily no matter what, even walking up the stairs. and my makeup cakes and gets oily and slick and greasy and looks super shiny. What makeup primers and setting sprays could help with this? Drugstore or highend it doesn't matter

• Rimmel Stay Matte $6.99
• NYX Shine Killer $13.99
• Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue $28
• Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer $54

Setting Sprays:
• Elf Mist & Set $3
• NYX Matte Finish $7.99
• Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control $8
• Urban Decay All Nighter $30

Hope this helps!
- Tara

The Signs as Types of Gamers
  • Aries: GRRL GAMER - Only plays games she thinks will get her the most praise. Lives for the attention.
  • Taurus: REC GAMER - Has a life outside of gaming. Plays anything.
  • Gemini: POKEBAES - Actually caught them all.
  • Leo: RETRO GAMER - Still plays the N64.
  • Virgo: CHEATER - Uses cheats everywhere to win and exploit the games.
  • Libra: SUPRACASUAL - Plays Sims on their iPhones.
  • Scorpio: BRO GAMER - Says BRAH a lot. Plays mostly Sports Games or Call of Duty.
  • Sagittarius: ELITE GAMER - Can't live without gaming, it's a drug for them. Makes sure you know how good he is.
  • Capricorn: ARTISTE - Plays for the graphics, the looks of a game. Doesn't care what it is, as long as it's pretty.
  • Aquarius: PRO GAMER - Actually likes gaming, and knows his shit. Has skills, unlike most gamers.
  • Pisces: CASUAL GAMER - Owns a Wii.

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Thank you for posting all those guides! I'm another one who'd love to be able to do art, but doesn't really know where to start in terms of improving. Just one question though - do you have any recommendations in terms of purchasing a graphics tablet? Obviously the one you have as a pro would be very different to someone who fancies dabbling in art, but there are so many choices! I've looked on Wacom's site but don't know what would suit a beginner. Any pointers would be gratefully received!

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your message! Glad my guidelines were able to help you and gave you an idea where to start. Good luck to you! 💗

Obviously the one you have as a pro would be very different to someone who fancies dabbling in art 

DuuuuuUUUuUude! You are so wrong! I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun that is five years old! About two years ago I wanted to change because “yeah, you know, I’m a pro, now…” but I wasn’t convinced by any of the palettes for “pros”, particularly the ones where you have to draw on a screen like a Cintinq. But it’s just me you know! When I am used to something, it’s VERY difficult for me to change! T__T

do you have any recommendations in terms of purchasing a graphics tablet? 

If you are not a pro, just start by small size models, they are very good and well noted on Amazon too. You have for instance:

These models are between $59 and $78 but the prices fluctuate a lot because you have very often sales on Amazon and suddenly, they can be sold at -20%. I like these models because they are easy to use, when you install the driver the default settings are good (= the palette is ready to use, it’s rare to have to change/set something), they are solid (my cat was practically living on my palette and pushing all the buttons and the palette still works) and they are not that expensive for graphic tablets.

I must admit that I like Wacom but you also have other brands like Huion (this palette is very well noted for instance).

Voilà! If it’s your first palette and if you are not a pro, no need to go for the $700 Cintiq. Have fun anon ^^

PS: If you can afford it, buy a tablet owl to encourage you and check you are keeping up the good work:

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A bit judgmental but a good companion still!

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Have you noticed how Hook is always hanging in the background, looking awkward and out of place? How am I supposed to believe he's Emma true love or whatever, when he doesn't seem to belong in her world, her family? And I don't care if Henry is already 12, I just cannont see him as a parental figure.

If you haven´t notice Regina is always shadding the dudes on screen hahahahahaha

take a look at THIS shoot and tell me the director didn´t do it on purpose:

woops sorry neal we didn´t need you on screen when Regina is being all protective mama to her son (and wife, lets be real here)

in the words of our Goddess Lily Sparks:


“The fuck are you laughing at?”

“Come on, kid, I’d been sitting here trying to will you out of my periphery for a week, you were bound to fall on your ass at some point. You’re what I’m laughing at.”

Ray has no idea who the guy is, the one that lounges in the metal stands of his local rink, hidden behind a baseball cap and a newspaper (or the light of his iPhone), but when he hears the motherfucker snickering after he takes a spectacular spill on the ice, he figures he must not know who Ray is, either. But hey, if it lets him take a break from the pressure of preparing for the Championships, Ray’s all too happy to find someone to laugh with.

(aka the figureskating au, coming soon for your viewing pleasure!)

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Imagine Bucky preferring tea over coffee. He doesn't like the jittery, heart-pounding sensation that high caffeine doses provide.

“… And honestly? Death before decaf,” Bucky says, finishing his pro-tea tirade.

“Fair enough, but all of your ‘tea’ looks like trail mix,” Tony says, poking at the tin of the spiced nuts and berries that Bucky’s got labelled as a beverage somehow. “Aren’t there leaves involved usually?”

“Well,” Bucky says. “Yeah. There’s mulberry leaves in this one.”

He sips at the tea while Tony looks on skeptically.

“Try it,” he suggests. “It’s good.”

Tony’s not an instant convert to the world of tisanes, but at least he stops teasing Bucky about his potpourri drinks.

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I hope this doesn't offend you, but in your selfie with your dads Grammy you look female and in your profile pic you look male, what is your sex? I really don't mean to offend, totally not judging! ❤️


are u saying i look like dan bc if so that’s quite possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received (even though it’s not true at all oh gosh) thank u ♥

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I just found your blog and I just wanted to say it's rad. Thanks. My boyfriend and I discuss issues around partiarchy, feminism and other social topics a lot, and your blog gives me input to keep that up (and also, even more pro-feminism arguments)! What annoys me though is that my bf grew up in the Partiarchy as well (of course...), so he still doesn't fully realize "Not All Men" is a very harmful sentiment. What would you respond to that?

Hey! Thank you so much! 😊

To understand why it’s a harmful statement we have to look where it came from. #NotAllMen always starts trending during times when a lot of feminists are discussing domestic violence and sexual assault. By using this hashtag men are pretty much pushing away any and all responsibility and derailing conversations because “well, actually, I’m not like that.”

I get it. It’s tough to face horrible statistics such as the fact that 98% of rapists and 96% of domestic abusers are men. And it is definitely toxic to assume all men are rapists and abusers because of these statistics.

The thing is though, the #NotAllMen crew never raise these issues outside of those conversations. They never speak up about how they don’t like these stereotypes. #NotAllMen is solely used as a counter-argument. As if rape culture and domestic violence aren’t issues that need to be addressed by ALL MEN before there can be change. Just because “you’re a good guy”, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a part of the solution.

What I’m really trying to say is that #NotAllMen is extremely counter productive. Because instead of looking at solutions, these men are actively looking to shut down productive conversations because “they don’t like how something is worded”.

My megane friend had to be taught a lesson
  • Friend: Let's get down to business *pushes glasses down*
  • Me: Did you just push them DOWN?

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I'm going to say the same thing I told my BFF once about Z/V. Val is a man with a life of his own and a job that demands a lot of his time. The fact that he chooses to spend so much of his free time with Zendaya and her fam and friends says volumes. He's admitted a long time ago that he doesn't see age when he looks at her, that she's a "grown woman". And this was BEFORE she was 18. This dude has loved her for a long ass time and doesn't care who knows it. (Pt 1)

Now that the season is over, he’s right back to being up under Zendaya and his new fans want to be mad. This is just how Val is. He likes to be around Z and doesn’t shy away from that. This season, the pros were supposed to be all over social media about their partners. I read an article about it before the season started, that it was part of their way of interacting with fans and giving an inside look. Now it’s back to V’s normal stuff. He and Janel may be close but Z is a part of his life.