it doesn't look like them *cries*

anderwelt  asked:

Tal: Father. I heard you dislike Liyos because he can deal with horses. Explain. Now. *angry look*

“Princess, you must understand that horses are demons. If you get along with demons, that’s not usually a good thing. I mean, just look at him.”

“This is the face of evil.”


This’s one scene that wasn’t on the board at all, or something we talked about when we were writing, and Lauren is like, ‘I wonder if we could have a scene where Fitz and Simmons are just silent and just, she cries in his arms.’ And you just think of something like that and, and it could be nothing, it could be something that’s easily cut, but because of Elizabeth and Iain, it really works, it makes you feel it.” - Rafe Judkins