it doesn't look like a manip


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

my friend irl: Oh my god! There’s a Kara and Lena kiss gif on Twitter. Look… *links me to a Supercorp manip kiss gif I made*. Who has even time to do that lmao… that’s so wrong.

my gay ass:

Hair by ninzied // “He’s staring at her again. She can feel it”

Happy birthday, Nina! I wish I could celebrate with you in person, but since I cannot, I hope this fanart will bring a smile to your face. You are a wonderful, amazing, talented writer - never stop. 


TMI Fitz.

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BC doesn't look like Jesus. Jesus was not a pale-ass white guy.

You know, Benedict doesn’t look like a girl at all.

He doesn’t even look like Oscar fromThe Rose of Versailles.

We all know he’s never been a farmer.

He doesn’t appear in Anastasia, surprisingly.

So don’t worry, darling. I know where Jesus was from. And I don’t think my silly manips would mislead anybody about the fact of his origin.

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hey, there's this tag going on on twitter "#LarryKiss" i don't know if is a manip, and i don't know if this pic is old and people from my country is only being crazy, but there's this pic where louis and harry are kissing, and doesn't look like a manip at all, do you know something about it?


the only thing i know about it is: people can’t find what original pictures would’ve been used to create it (if it is a manip)… soooooo :)