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Nobunari Oda, Liebestraum || 2016 Japan Open (x)


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*He got arrested by mistake when someone thought he was the one who keyed this mans car to which Jongin tried to explain that it really wasn’t him, he was just out buying a snack from the shops and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the time being they didn’t believe him and he was sitting in the jail cell for the night looking calm but panicking inside*

K: “What if I don’t make it out by tomorrow Y/N is gonna kill me”

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*He got done for jaywalking because he was so into his music he didn’t even notice the oncoming traffic so he was arrested and currently sitting in a police car telling the officer about how he needed to be released otherwise he could miss his wedding*

SH: “Oh well at least I didn’t get hit by any of the cars I guess, on second thoughts maybe that isn't such a great thing Y/N is gonna be pissed”

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*He gave a library book back in like 5 minutes late and was asked to pay the late fee but he wasn't having any of it I mean come on he was only late by a few minutes. The library called the police on him*

S: “Why am I being arrested over 35 cents I mean come on I have a person to wife tomorrow wyd”

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*He ended up getting into a row with the police officer that was trying to arrest him, because he hadn’t done anything wrong*

CY: “You wouldn’t have to arrest me if you knew how to do your fucking job”

OFFICER: “Swearing at an officer right thats it you are coming down the station lad”

*Swears again bc he realises that he just landed himself in more trouble at the completely wrong time*

Imagine Chan acc saying this lmao never 

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*Baekhyun was out and about and ended up taking a joke a little too far and the night ended up with him in a police cell but he was allowed one call and so he made it to you*

BH: “Hey babe about our wedding I don’t think i’ll be able to make it”

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*On the way back to your home he felt the sudden urge to pop to loo, except there was no loo around so he thought he might as well pee in the bush I mean no one was around to see or so he thought*

OFFICER: “I’m arresting you for indecent exposure and for poisoning those plants”

*Tries to make a break for it but ends up falling on his ass”

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*He didn’t see the sign that said no trespassing and so off he went trespassing on private land until he came to a stop as a policeman appeared behind him and asked him why he is here and tells him about the sign*

C: “Please don’t arrest me my wedding day is tomorrow and if I miss it my partner will never let me live it down”

*Flashes the officer his biggest grin*

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*Tries to flirt his way out of trouble with the police officer but it doesn't work*

T: “Look I’m getting married tomorrow and my partner has put a ban on sex until the marriage is official so once again I ask you please let me out”

Jfc he is so perfect

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*The officer guarding the jail cell recognizes him and mentions that his daughter loves Exo. With Lay getting married in the morning he had to think fast*

L: “I’ll give your daughter Exo concert tickets and backstage passes if you let me go now”


Jfc he is also so perfect help

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*Starts getting agitated with good reason he hasn’t got time for this at all*

K: “Do you see my head, there is no hair and it’s not ever gonna grow back if you dont let me out of here because my partner is gonna snatch me bald with insults”

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*Keeps moaning about the handcuffs whilst sat in the back of the cop car and how he needs to be let off the hook because his wedding is much more important than sitting with some random officers in a smelly car*

OFFICER: “Tell me about this person whom you’re getting married to then”

LH: “Thats got nothing to do with you, the only thing you need to know is I need you to take off these handcuffs so I can go home and marry the person I love. Simple. 

Jfc he is so perfect as well what is their problem

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*Actually manages to flirt his way out of the jail cell because I mean why do I need to explain he could flirt his way out of anywhere tbh*

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