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That shows how stupid you are. It's not just because of louis and harry, It's because of louis girlfriend, and his son (family, friends) Shipping is nothing bad: But when people saying mean things about louis girlfriend, and much worse about his little son. Then shipping is something bad. It doesn't matter what louis says, for you everything is fake. You have no respect for louis and harry. You blame everyone, except yourself. You have ruined a friendship, and now you have to live with this

Sweetheart, I have been here since before One Direction even existed. I was watching the X Factor that year rooting for Harry and Mary Byrne. I have seen so much hell from this fandom. And I haven’t been too vocal about things but after seven years of this bullshit, I am fed up. I want to start by saying that I never once stated that it was okay to send Eleanor hate. I have spoken out in defense of that girl many times which ended up getting me asks just like this sent my way by larries themselves. I don’t think it’s right to send anybody, regardless of who they are, death threats, insults, or anything else of the sort. I have defended every “girlfriend” that has received any of that shit. Because they’re human beings. And no one fucking deserves that shit. And I know you lot like clumping us all together as having the same opinions on everything, but I can assure you that most larries don’t promote bullying.

In seven fucking years, Louis Tomlinson has never voiced his supposed hatred of us out loud. In seven fucking years it has always been quotes from different magazines claiming they interviewed either Harry or Louis on the topic. From their actual mouths, we’ve gotten:

“They genuinely think we’re together”

“It’s photo-shopped”

“Fans can believe whatever they want.”

“It’s up to interpretation.”

And that’s only what I can remember off the top of my head.

Let me tell you something. When I was 16 and became a fan of One Direction in 2010 I was opening myself up to a lot of bullshit. Because as I started seeing things about Larry Stylinson and how maybe there really was something there other than friendship, I started thinking to myself “If people go through such great lengths to hide a relationship within a boy band, what else do people lie about?” And so, thanks to these kids, I started questioning everything. The government, the news, grown ups. Everything. Because people fucking lie all the damn time. Everyone has secrets. Considering all the bs happening with the world, two boys in the same band being in love didn’t sound so far fetched. And the only reason that I’m bringing this up is because I have to ask you. Do you seriously believe everything you’re told? If Louis was quoted to say “I only have two siblings.”

Would you believe that? Even if there was evidence proving otherwise? What I’m trying to get you to understand is that the printed word means shit. I can easily tell you that the actress who played Regina on The G*t Do*n once told me that she hates dancing and singing. I knew her. I went to school with her. We were in drama club together. Do you believe me when I tell you that she said that to me. “I really hate dancing and singing.” We know that’s not true based on the show she was on and the fact that she was in drama club and the choir. But would you believe me if I wrote a whole article on that? My guess is yes. Because despite the fact that Louis has never said anything negative about the fans on camera, you people still choose to believe his written words. Why? Why don’t you question any of this shit?

Do you genuinely believe everything the tabloids tell you? And if Louis and Harry were so angered and bothered with larries, why don’t they just sit down in front of a camera and finally say “No, we have never been in a romantic relationship.” It’s been seven years and they’ve never vocally talked about this topic.

And the whole baby shit? I’m sorry but what’s worse, larries saying he’s not the father or you guys making fucking fan pages for the child? That is disgusting. It is a baby, not his, but a baby nonetheless. Why the fuck are y’all making fan blogs and twitters dedicated to a child? How is that in any way okay? And I get that some larries were fucking disgusting towards the child. And again, I have never said that was okay. Stop clumping all of us together.

And we have no respect for Louis and Harry??? Did you see what just happened with Harry? These fucking girls trying to be groupies because they want to have sex and do drugs with him? They’re fucking harassing him but that okay. Thinking he and Louis are romantically involved is so much worse. You’re right. And I know not all of you are the same. Just like us larries aren’t all the same. But in comparison to what antis have done and said to the boys, we aren’t that bad.

Another thing I want to bring up is the disgusting image they’ve given Louis. In seven years that I’ve been a fan, I’ve never know Louis to be a shit person. A person who doesn’t give a shit about his son. A person who’s never with his kid. A person who hates being clumped with the LGBT+ community so much that his twitter handle had to spout fucking hurtful shit over an article saying that he supported the community. Nothing else. Not that he himself way gay. It was just stating that he was supporting the community with his rainbow apple shirt.

Do you really believe that’s him? This makes me so genuinely sad. Louis is non of these horrible things they’re making him out to be. He has always been so supportive of us fans and of Rainbow Direction, which has nothing to do with larry. Is this really the person you think he is? Because it’s not. And he fights so hard against this image. He tries so hard to prove that he’s not like this at all. And you’re refuting that?

I don’t know what else to say. We haven’t ruined a friendship. And I am going to live with myself knowing that I never once disrespected these boys or those tied to them. I don’t know if you can say the same.