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marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

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Mystery RP Starters
  • " This place has been abandoned for years. I wonder why? "
  • " Did you hear something. "
  • " SHH! There's someone in here. We're not alone. "
  • " Is it just me, or did it just get really cold suddenly? "
  • " We're either going to die or get arrested for trespassing. "
  • " Why did the train just stop? "
  • " Who turned out the lights?! "
  • " Something. Is grabbing. My leg. "
  • " Where did that scream come from?! "
  • " We're going to die, we're going to die... "
  • " You're acting kinda funny. I don't like that look you're giving me... "
  • " There was a body. Where did the body go?! "
  • " I-Is that a dead body?! "
  • " How did he/she/they die? "
  • " Why did you kill him/her/them? "
  • " So you were a witness. Tell me, what did you see? "
  • " Is that blood?! "
  • " My head feels weird... I-It's all going dark. "
  • " What do you mean, there's someone beside me? We're the only ones here. "
  • " This doesn't make sense. "
  • " I think we're being lied to. "
Yandere Genos (sorta nsfw)
VA: Kaito Ishikawa
Yandere Genos (sorta nsfw)

“Why do you look at me like that? Aren’t you happy that I kissed you?”

I promised you the yandere kink Genos audio, I give you the yandere kink Genos audio. Completely OOC but hey, why not!

This isn’t the most kinkiest thing out there (trust me), but it’s still enough nsfw that I recommend using headphones.
Actually you DO need headphones in order to hear him whispering into your ear.

This is from drama CD “ Rear pheles ~Rost memory~ vol.1″

hey, so it’s super rad that a loser like me just hit 666 followers? this is fucking insane?? thank you all for following me, honestly this has been such a great and rewarding experience i can’t thank you all enough

so to celebrate me gaining such an!! unholy amount of amazing followers, i’m going to be doing demon aesthetics! however, if that’s not your thing, i’ll be doing my usual blog rates as well

here are the rules:

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Hey, I just want to say something: It’s pride month. When you make all your cutesy posts listing a dozen different orientations to be proud of, please, please don’t leave aromantic people out.

(And before exclusionists get on my case- If you don’t think we’re LGBT+, fine. I don’t want to start this argument up. I’m talking specifically to people who include aces and aros. If you don’t then this post is not for you and I don’t care what you do.)

Aros are so often forgotten. I see so many posts that are like “Support lesbians! Support pansexuals! Support asexuals!” etc. but nowhere are aromantics included. We deserve to be proud too, and that can be hard, especially when we’re so often ignored. I personally had a lot of internal struggle over my identity for a long time because I didn’t even know it was possible to be aromantic, since nobody ever talked about it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who went through that, and there are probably people still going through it even now.

So please, just… Acknowledge us. That’s all I ask. We exist. Please be proud of us, too.

saltedfrosting  asked:

OOC: Hello again! Sorry for the random message, but I was having a really rough day the other day and your Post with Vani being nude and Ven getting all blushy gave me a much needed laugh. :) I'd like to give you a present as thanks but I can't draw! XD I can however write a good story! Are there any Ships you really like? :)

ah, you don’t have to make any present—it’s really okay! I’m glad you liked my recent photoset, I guess it’s really funny (lmao i laughed my ass off) all what I wanted was to bring joy to this place and I’m happy to see that’s happening right now.

buut if you insists, I can actually tell you my ships.

my moment to talk about ships has come!! jkjkjk.


ah well…it’s really tough to choose which ship I love the most….mmh

I don’t know…………

i mean, it’s not like they like each other or something….

i am crying this is too hard

ok i think i love vanven, yes, i love them.

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really i don't understand why kokopoop is selling this much that song is boring and it's not hype? you guys could just be making this up i wont be surprised >:// exo is nothing too compared to big groups like bts who write their own songs? that is talent >:)) your loser biases will drown on bts dust like the old smelly geezers they are

*pops knuckles one by one*

okay anon, first of all it is kokobop not kokopoop. it has earned four weeks at the number one spot on Gaon digital charts, 718,162 digital download on its fifth week, and is currently #1 on lots and lots and lots of charts - i don’t think it deserves to be called poop. again with this pathetic name insults - this is why i dont deal with five year olds ://

next, a song being “hype” is not a basis for a song to be called good or amazing. people aren’t always into those head bangin sweat inducing heart rate pumping kind of songs okay. we have our own preferences and we are supposed to respect those preferences (which you clearly have not good luck explaining yourself to more than a million people streaming and listening to kokobop in the last month)


also if your faves write their own songs, then good for them! they did well! yes that is talent and yes they are amazing artists - but hold your reigns little miss my-faves-are-better-than-yours-coz-apparently-i-think-only-my-faves-write-their-own-songs exo does too. wonderful wonderful tracks like she’s dreaming, lose control, heaven, lightsaber (the rap part was written by pcy) are all written by the members and let’s not forget the anthem of the fandom promise cause i still cry whenever i hear that and yes they composed and wrote it all. they also took part in writing the lyrics of their b-side tracks so i don’t know what you mean with your faves being better because they write their own songs because mine does too?? and they are still breaking records on top of all that so.

and hon, writing songs isn’t the only measure of one’s talents okay, not in the real world. just don’t.

lmao GEEZERS??? OLD????? our men are aging like fine wine sweetie, have you seen them cause hell yeah. i don’t ever see their ages being an inferiority or anything. your faves ages too okay it’s a normal part of life they teach us this in school come on. 

so all in all, i dont understand why you felt the need to send this to me cause i am clearly just celebrating the fact that my biases have accomplished something great. i am in no way degrading your faves UNLIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. also like what my friends say, if you don’t think my group is not a threat to your fave’s success then why the effin hell are you in my ask box saying all these?

people throw rocks at things that shine, wow i guess exo is blinding you right now so you decided to come and visit me, an exo blog, to try and drag them down? honey, sweetie, no. just no. maybe some other time. but no.

hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

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Not to be so blunt do you stay so happy and positive all the time? You're so light and radiate good vibes!! I'm trying to be more like that and it's going well mostly, but I'm still riddled with negative emotions (depression doesn't help that either) and it just makes me feel so awful and like I'm never going to make any progress 😭😔

Oh sweetheart just keep trying (rest when you need to, but don’t give up) I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression most of my life and it’s literally all about perspective.
Keep a journal to write positive, uplifting and inspiring quotes or passages from books, read and follow self help or spiritual books and blogs, make gratitude lists and appreciate every little thing, be productive when you can and pick up old hobbies or start new ones, spend time doing things you enjoy and only with those who support you, compliment yourself (on more than your appearance), be proud of every little thing you do (even if it’s just getting dressed), help others if you can (volunteer, spread kindness, donate) and please take care of yourself and talk to someone or get help if you need it! Also be aware of what you’re exposing yourself to, sending you so much love 🙏🏼💗

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2 - Who entailed Longbourne in the first place? What's stopping Mr. Bennet from selling the place while he's alive and giving the money to his daughters? And, considering Mr. Collins doesn't share the Bennet surname, he must be related via a female member of the family. If the estate can pass to him through a female relative, why can't it pass to, say, Jane's first born son, should he be born before Mr. Bennet dies? (With my extra characters I'm just going to say thank you for this blog <3 !)

As to who exactly entailed Longbourn… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some old dude.

(Now the following is all from my own memory as it’s early and I haven’t had a cup of tea yet, so forgive any inconsistencies or errors but I’m 99% sure this is how I remember the entail case in P&P being laid out. It’s a mess of a burgeoning family tree and same-level generations basically racing each other to see who can produce a son, first.)

As per my last answer, estates could be broken up to be sold for quick cash or to be given as a part of a marriage portion. As this tended to rather irrevocably lose the land to Other Families (patriarchy being what it is, even if the inheritance came through the female line,) as you can imagine some self-important materialistic dillholes thought this was The Worst. Being untrusting that their progeny would display the same level of miserly male superiority and worrying that the generations to come might be so irresponsible as to sell the family holdings or give their daughters secure futures, these sexist douchecanoes would bring in a legal measure known as an entail, which was a set of rules around an inheritance which would oblige whoever held it to keep the estate intact, and to pass it on to a single male heir. In a perfect world everyone has a son who is financially responsible and any daughters they do have all make spectacular marriages all on their own and so are provided for.

So Mr. Bennet, being the heir to an entailed estate, is almost more of a caretaker for that estate while he lives, rather than possessing it outright and having the ability to do with it as he will. The income from the estate is all his and he can direct its running and growth as he likes, but unless he has a son, it must pass to Mr. Collins, who is indeed the son of Mr. Bennet’s first-cousin (Mr. Collins Senior,) and the grandson of Mr. Bennet’s aunt (a Miss Bennet who married a Mr. Collins The First.) While this is through the female line from the Bennets, it would appear that there are no other sons born in these successive generations apart from Mr. Bennet and Mr. Collins.

Now the funny thing about the Longbourn entailment is that it still wants to stay in as direct a line as possible, including all possible lines through married daughters (as it’s going through the branch of the family with Mrs. Grandma Collins, aka Mr. Bennet’s Aunt,) but as the current holder of the estate, any legitimate grandsons of Mr. Bennet would have a higher claim than the distaff heir Mr. Collins. Which is perhaps part of why Mr. Collins would first prefer to marry a Bennet girl, which would almost guarantee that his son would inherit Longbourn, no matter what. And part of why Mr. Collins is so damn gleeful that Lydia has run away and ruined herself and all her sisters by association, because no-one will want to marry them now and provide any of them with sons who might knock him out of the inheritance and the stress or a duel with Wickham could possibly kill Mr. Bennet so it’s just a win-win situation all-round for Mr. Collins. (Not that I personally believe he’s capable of thinking in such explicitly malicious terms but he is certainly able to understand how the estate is going to come to him and his position is a delightfully comfortable one just then.) And then his rather relieved note to Mr. Bennet in his last letter where he mentions that Charlotte is expecting, because the sooner he has a son, the sooner his own line’s claim is cemented. If Charlotte has a daughter, however, and Jane or Elizabeth then produces a son, the Longbourn inheritance will go to the Bingley or Darcy boy, and Mr. Collins will have to continue with his career as a clergyman, though he will have the consoling advantage of enjoying the condescension and patronage of Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

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Hi Greer, I just wanted you to know that I think you are extremely beautiful and I would love to go on a big Gay™ museum date with you. I also really love all of your beautiful Goblins! Your blog makes me smile every time I'm on it and I hope you're having a good day and I hope this message doesn't seem weird. Sorry for rambling haha - Shy Anon

thank you so much! 

this was a v sweet thing to read. I hope you don’t mind me saying something more general in response, as well? there’s a lot of extremely nice messages that I haven’t responded to. sometimes I have a hard time thinking of what to say even to my closest friends, so replying to people I don’t know makes me panic a little, & I don’t always have enough energy

but every single message like this seriously affects me, & I’m so grateful that people are just randomly kind & cool. you’re good people! thank you!!

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Hello! I just wanted to say first on how much I love your blog! You have the best writing I've seen in a long time! And second, I was wondering if I could get a scenario for Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke and Haru: Their S/O that's good at an instrument, invites them to an empty room and plays a song they wrote just for them as a thank you gift for helping them stick to their passion for music. (I hope that makes sense! I'm sorry if it doesn't!)

Hi!! I am SO GLAD you’re enjoying my blog and my writing still has a ways to go, but I appreciate your generosity all the same!! ;A; Thank you for this request, it made perfect sense and it’s so romantic!!


“Come on, Akira. There’s something I need you to hear.”

S/O had ensnared Akira’s hand with their own and they were currently dragging him through the desolate auditorium of Shujin High. He didn’t have the slightest notion as to what S/O was plotting; regardless, the bespectacled student played along, his curiosity expressed by his attentive onyx eyes and slightly furrowed brows.

S/O warily guided him up the stairs leading to the stage, where a lone, forgotten piano stood at the opposite end. Akira suppressed the temptation to drum his fingers on the concealed ivory keys; incidentally, however, that’s exactly where S/O strayed. The couple halted just in front of the instrument, and Akira flashed S/O a questioning look. They returned the gesture with a reassuring smile as they squeezed his hand prior to procuring a few sheets of paper from their carry-on.

Akira’s eyes widened upon recognizing the dots and dashes that unified a music score, and S/O hesitated a moment before speaking, their eyes grazing over the flimsy paper. “I’ve seen you play the piano here after school. Seeing you play each note with such passion… it’s truly inspired my own.” 

S/O paused again to place the sheet music on the rack, then they perched themself upon one half of the wooden stool before their eyes locked with Akira’s. A glint of determination nestled in their eyes as they stated, “This piece requires two people. So…” They extended their hand toward him. “Will you join me?”

Akira simply stood there for a moment, disguising his astonishment with a neutral expression. Verily, could a person be any more lovely? 

He promptly nodded and grasped their hand, his eyes soft as he responded, “It would be my honor.” Akira seated himself adjacent to S/O, gently releasing their hand and uplifting the fallboard with them to expose the dichromatic keys underneath. The duo exchanged a final, affirmative glance before diverting their attention on the composition, their eager hands levitating above the keys. On S/O’s count, the duet commenced with Akira supporting the harmony and S/O dominating the melody. 

The nocturne reverberated throughout the vicinity, the mellifluous series of trills and chords dancing in Akira’s ears; the dulcet tones embraced him and the ensuing sense of euphoria conjured goosebumps on his skin in addition to an electric chill zipping down his spine. This feeling was one of the few things he treasured, that gave him peace; the fact that his dear S/O was alongside him, playing with such fervor and flair, amplified the sentiment.

The song was gradually concluded with a hushed set of triplets, and S/O abruptly hugged Akira around his waist.

“That was incredible,” they whispered breathlessly. “I thought this feeling would never come back… thank you, Akira.”

His arms delicately snaked around them; he empathized perfectly with what S/O was feeling, as evidenced by his swelling heart. Akira resolved to display his own appreciation for another day. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied, followed by a soft kiss on S/O’s crown, “And… thank you for this, S/O. You really do play beautifully.”


Ryuji retained minimal to no knowledge pertaining to music, but the wondrous ballad emanating from S/O’s instrument was quite captivating, even to untrained ears such as his. 

Lately, S/O had been struggling with their motivation, or rather their lack thereof, and Ryuji had been their most devoted supporter, assisting them in any way he could through words of encouragement or spectating while they practiced. 

On this occasion, however, S/O had mentioned that this particular ballad they were currently playing in their isolated studio was an original piece dedicated to him as a symbol of their gratitude. He believed he didn’t do anything to warrant such a touching gesture, but S/O insisted so earnestly that he couldn’t refuse. Truthfully, Ryuji was grateful he didn’t.

Despite his infamous indifference to the arts, he could feel S/O’s heart dripping from every note that hung in the air, and it had steadily lulled him into a peaceful reverie. Once it had ended, all he could do was sit there with wide, awestruck eyes. 

S/O’s voice was dense with concern. “Ryuji…? Are you all right?”

Ryuji shook his head to jerk out of his trance and apologized, “S-sorry, I think I’m still in shock… where’d ya learn to play like that?”

S/O grasped the elbow of their limp arm in embarrassment as they explained, “I’m self taught.”

“For real?!” Ryuji exclaimed with raised eyebrows. “That’s incredible! You’re incredible. I feel like I could run a freakin’ marathon after hearin’ that.“

S/O laughed, and to Ryuji, it was just as musical as their ballad. “Save it for after I thank you properly.”

“Babe, ya don’t gotta thank me. This was all you,” he proclaimed, his muscular arms circling around S/O’s waist.

S/O shook their head prior to resting their own pair of arms around his shoulders. “Don’t dismiss yourself so easily. I nearly gave up a few times, but you always gave me a reason not to.” S/O’s amused eyes twinkled like the stars as they reminisced, “There was even that one time you borrowed my instrument and played it yourself, and you were sharper than needles.”

A smug grin danced on his lips. “But it worked out in the end, didn’t it?”

S/O tenderly pecked him on his lips. “Yeah, it did. Thank you again, Ryuji… for being my inspiration.”

Although S/O’s voice was soft, their words carried enormous weight and emotion, catching Ryuji off guard. A faint blush had permeated the apples of his cheeks, and a sudden temptation to embrace S/O forever overcame him. He decided to subdue the urge… for now. “Of course. It would be a shame to rob yourself of somethin’ that makes you so happy. I should be thankin’ you for creatin’ this song. To be honest, it’s kinda stuck in my head now.” 

Ryuji broke away from the embrace and proceeded to bashfully rub the back of his head. His demeanor was similar to a child that was about to ask for something expensive. “Uh, if it isn’t too much trouble… could ya record it? For me, I mean. I-I’d be willin’ to pay.”

S/O slowly blinked at the blonde before smiling brightly, prompting Ryuji’s heart to flutter. “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry about money, just think of it as a thank you gift. And…” S/O paused and timidly clasped their hands together. “I’d be willing to play for you any time you like.”

Ryuji’s consciousness was threatening to escape him; if S/O became any more perfect, it would certainly prove to be detrimental to his health. Even so, they were one of the most precious gifts to have ever befallen him, so he figured they were worth the risk.

“Yeah… I’d really like that.”


“Is it really okay that we’re here, Yusuke?”

“It is all right, my dear. This room isn’t occupied on weekends, and the acoustics are splendid.”

Once school had been dismissed and the students had finished tidying up, Yusuke invited S/O to the Kosei choir room upon their request for a quiet, vacant area. He ascertained that it was relevant to music, since S/O was carrying a case befitting of an instrument. 

The couple had reached their destination, and Yusuke cautiously turned the doorknob. “Hm, it’s unlocked, like usual. How careless of them; anyone could sneak in here.”

The irony of his words elicited a reluctant smile from S/O, but once Yusuke opened the door, they merely gaped in reverence; concert hall would be a more appropriate term for this vicinity, rather than choir room.

“Is something the matter?” He spoke with a hushed volume, but Yusuke’s pleasant voice wafted through the air and faded with a wispy finality. He was correct; the acoustics were most magnificent.

S/O shook their head as they joined him inside the ‘choir room’. “I’m all right, honey. It’s just… amazing.” They gasped softly as their hand shot up to their vaguely parted mouth; their echoingthey voice had surprised them, and they suddenly longed to enroll for admission to this school.

Yusuke emitted a low chuckle from how adorable they appeared with their child-like wonder. “I suppose it is rather impressive. If I may ask, what did you want to use this room for? I’m assuming it has something to do with the instrument fastened to you.”

“Oh, right.” S/O detached the instrument’s bag and fumbled around with the zipper before finally retrieving the object. They discarded the bag and pivoted toward Yusuke, their instrument nested in their hands. “I… wrote something for you, if you’d like to hear it.”

Yusuke hesitated from surprise, but he hastily recovered to give S/O a confirmation. “Yes, dear, by all means.” S/O smiled cheerily and bobbed their head once prior to directing their focus to their instrument as they initiated their arrangement.

S/O’s aria was enchanting beyond compare, and it enraptured Yusuke like a moth to a flame. Of course he knew they played an instrument, but their aptitude surpassed what he could have imagined. Not only was he struck speechless, but his mind was devoid of any thought, and for once, that included art. The melodious sounds echoed throughout the chamber and rung like bells in Yusuke’s eardrums. 

It had ceased much too soon, and his astonished gaze had promptly met S/O’s expectant one.

“My love,” the artist started, raising himself from the seat he had occupied, “music isn’t exactly my forte, but that was truly the most divine thing I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.” He elegantly sauntered to S/O as he continued, “But what precisely did I do to earn such a treat?”

S/O shyly shuffled their feet after they returned their instrument to its bag. “I wanted to repay you. Your passion for art was always something I strived to have, and you inspire me to keep going. So… thank you.”

Yusuke halted directly in front of S/O, subsequently clasping their hands with his. “I must admit, I’m… surprised to hear that you think of me this way. Surprised…” He ascended their hands to his face and daintily pressed his lips to each of them before continuing, “But elated, all the same. If you are comfortable with it, can you play that tune for me again sometime?”


Haru was entirely aware of S/O’s adeptness for their instrument; in fact, the two had performed in various duets in her private studio, and their chemistry was seemingly unparalleled. Even if they improvise, they’re still able to support and harmonize with the other, as if they were one. 

However, despite all of this, Haru remained stunned by the graceful etude S/O had composed specifically for her, as a method of expressing their gratification. She marveled at their impeccable technique, and each measure contained a fraction of S/O, all of it assembling to manifest a breathtaking piece. 

Once S/O finished, Haru eagerly applauded from her seat. “That was remarkable, S/O! I can’t even begin to properly express how much I loved it. All I can say for now is… thank you. This means so much to me.”

S/O smiled fondly from her praise as they returned their instrument to its stand. “You took the words right out of my mouth, Haru. Our duets give me the passion to continue pursuing music, and I hope my composition was enough to get my point across.”

“S/O…” Haru breathed, her cocoa eyes glimmering with admiration. She couldn’t prevent herself from standing up and embracing S/O, her gentle warmth radiating like sunshine. “It makes me feel so happy to hear you say that. Watching and listening to you play is such a beautiful experience, so I’m glad you can find joy in it as well.”

S/O could never grow accustomed to Haru’s natural kindness, yet they reciprocated her affectionate gesture regardless.

“I have a confession to make,” Haru confided suddenly. “This might seem selfish, but I may have recorded you with the intention of, um… keeping it for myself.” When S/O retracted slightly to glance at Haru’s face, it was as scarlet as a rose. “I-I feel bad for not telling you, but… is it okay?”

A chuckle bubbled from S/O’s throat against their will. “Of course you can keep it, I wrote it for you. I… hope you think of me when you listen to it.” They stroked Haru’s cheek, and she covered their hand with her own, her adoration written all over her porcelain face.

“I promise.”

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So, I have another thought for the Bellarke kiss scene. In my head I see Bellamy and Clarke arguing about Bellamy wanting to sacrifice his life for a mission. Clarke is upset and doesn't want him to go. But Bellamy is defiant and decides to prepare for the perilous mission. At opposite ends of the room, Clarke shouts out unexpectedly. ''I love you...I can't lose you again.'' Silence. He is astonished by her words. Yet all he can do is rush over to her, grab her by the waist and kiss her...

IS THERE A SIGN ON MY BLOG SAYING “please come in and stomp on brooke’s bellarke heart” BECAUSE I DON’T REMEMBER PUTTING ONE THERE!!! Really, any bellarke kissing theory is gonna get me because i’m bellarke trash and YOU ALL NEED TO STOP SENDING ME THESE BECAUSE I’M JUST SITTING ON MY BED CRYING RN ABOUT TWO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS KISSING ASKJDHAFJKASFG

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So I just wanted to tell you that you're one of my fav FT blogs and I'm always excited for your posts!! I also wanted to share a silly headcanon I thought of for Natsu and Lucy. I have a headcanon that whenever Natsu and Lucy go on a job and Natsu doesn't give Lucy time to pack, it's because he has stuff for her in his bag already. I dunno how plausible it actually is but I thought it was kinda cute 😊

OKAY FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH. Second of all, that headcanon is so perfect I’m going to write a terrible drabble about it right this instant

    Natsu rushed towards her softly-colored dresser, throwing Lucy’s favorite vanilla lotion into the open bag. He had barely managed to grab the best job on the board, probably the best job all month! It was paying extremely well, and called for a small group of mages to defeat a herd of giant lizards invading a small village outside Hargeon. Natsu laughed, knowing Lucy and himself, and Happy as well, would be more than plenty. The two of them had become quite the destructive duo, since Lucy stopped holding back. 

    Perhaps “holding back” wasn’t the right phrase. Perhaps it was when she realized that she knew who she was all along.

    Although he never told her, he was so proud of her for how far she came, and honestly always knew she had it in her. After all, he knew Lucy better than perhaps her own spirits did. He knew Lucy loved parfait on the weekends, but preferred to eat plan cereal on the weekdays. He knew that she kept her toothbrush in her nightstand, because she was deathly afraid of leaving it “with the bacteria in the bathroom”. He knew that it could take her ten minutes to walk home, but it instead takes her fifteen, because she stops to take in the beautiful town she loves. He knew that her warm eyes are never more clear than when she first looks at the sun each morning. He knew that she loved her coffee with four spoons of chocolate flavor and five spoons of milk.

    He knew that she cries every time she writes her mother another undelivered letter, every time she looks at Aquarius’ broken key, every time she is tickled on that certain spot under her arm, every time she buys a new novel.

    He knew that she laughs every time Gray and himself bicker, every time Erza drops her strawberry ice cream and blames it on “The Merciless Gods”, every time it snows and she nails him with a ball of ice, every time she listens to the vinyl record that Gajeel recorded when he was twelve.

    He knew her favorite shirt to wear around the house was a maroon v-neck with faint and worn heart patterns.

    He knew her smile so well that he could draw it without a moment’s hesitation.

    He knew where every line of her guild mark touched each structure of her delicate yet experienced right hand.

    He knew that he loved her.

    Right as Natsu’s hand let go of her pastel. stained coffee mug, her door slid open. 

“Natsu? Whatcha up to…?” Lucy questioned, peaking at her small bag in Natsu’s arms. 

    Natsu ran forward with a wide grin covering his face. He grabbed her hand, tightly enough to feel her pulse, yet loose enough for comfort. Without stopping, he dragged the woman back out the door. 

“I got us a mission! We gotta go now!” He rushed them down the stairs of her apartment complex.

    Obviously frazzled, Lucy tilted her head, sweetly golden hair falling to the side. “But–I’m not really prepared–”

    Natsu held up her bag, laughing as he stole a glance into her widened eyes. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget anything.”

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okay so i just had a thought about your langst post where Lotor might instigate it but what if everything manipulative Lotor says just doesn't affect lance? just he's already so hard and cruel on himself that anything Lotor says doesnt phase him? Like if Lotor were to say "your team doesn't need you" but Lance just responds with "yeah i already know". Like maybe its Lance's own self that takes him to the breaking point, not Lotor.

First; how dare you come on to MY blog and spit terrible truths to me. I am offended. Go sit in a corner and think about what you have done.

Anyway, all of this was pain and I am SO DOWN. Like hear me out, what if Lotor makes it his goal to prove Lance wrong. So, he had this great plan to use the paladins weakness against them bc that’s what his father and mother have taught him, have used themselves against him, but Lance DOESN’T RESPOND and Lotor???? doesnt??? understand???? He was just throwing things around to see what gets under the skin and Lance just brushes it off as a fact that he has already accepted and had moved on. But Lotor gets stuck on it, bc this beuiful blue eyes alien doesn’t fit what Lotor threw out off-handily to get a rise. If Lance had said that to him, he would have defiantly reacted…he thinks, bc he’s important to his people now right? He’s no longr the half bread freak people liked to gossip and snicker at behind his back anymore right? Lance isn’t those things he said Lotor is, so why does the blue paladin think so. Lotor doesn’t fully understand it, but from then on his encounters with the paladins change from manipulation attempts to actual praises directed ar mostly lance, trying to make him see himself differently. But of course team voltron doesn’t see it like that, and I have a feeling Lotor isn’t as in touch with how things work in the universe so he wont understand what he is feeling and how peole are interpreting his genuinity for manipulation. Queue heartbreaking self discovery for both parties.

p.s sorry this took so long I’ve been on a mass effect andromeda kick so I didn’t see this until a few hourse ago. And for the huge chuck of text and rambleingness. I’m on moble and it 3 in the morning.

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