it doesn't get better the second time does it

Doctor Sentence Starters
  • [ For Anon who asked for these like forever ago ]:
  • "Well, you do have a fever."
  • "What's going on today?"
  • "I'm going to shine this light in your eyes real quick."
  • "Take a deep breath."
  • "Breathe out."
  • "Any allergies?"
  • "What medications are you taking?"
  • "Where does it hurt?"
  • "Does this hurt?"
  • "How frequently do you experience this?"
  • "Your vitals are normal."
  • "Other than that, you're perfectly healthy."
  • "I'm referring you to a specialist."
  • "I'll prescribe you some antibiotics."
  • "I'm giving you some muscle relaxers."
  • "You'll be better in no time."
  • "We'll have to do an x-ray to make sure it isn't broken."
  • "Don't worry. It's just a sprain."
  • "Stay off of it for awhile, and it should heal."
  • "It'll only hurt for a second."
  • "We're just about done."
  • "You'll have to come in for blood work."
  • "Everything looks normal."
  • "What does your diet look like?"
  • "Are you getting enough sleep?"
  • "Your muscles are tense."
  • "If anything changes, call me."
  • "If this doesn't work, come back, and we'll try something else."

I haven’t been playing Bravely Second what are you saying

Anyway, sorry about the inactivity. I did a lot of stupid things at stupid times, like honestly believing that homework wouldn’t come back with a vengeance, starting a web comic, and also procrastinating. This looks really bad and was honestly just a sort of test. I’ll never get digital art, will I?

Somewhere In The Afterlife
  • Graham: So have you heard what's going on?
  • Marian: I know.
  • Neal: Don't ask man, just I can't believe it.
  • Daniel: Me neither.
  • Johanna: What happened?
  • Eva: Oh well apparently it was okay that we all died but the man who threatened to murder them all, then changed his mind at the very last minute they're all going to hell to bring back.
  • Daniel: It doesn't get any better when you hear it the second time does it?
  • Neal: When I said find Tallahassee this is so not what I meant.
  • Billy: It's absurd.
  • Marian: Hey how do you think I feel? I died twice.
  • Daniel and Neal: Ditto.
  • Graham: So what do we do?
  • Eva: I guess we stay stuck here in the afterlife...
  • Cora: Forget that. I say we make our voices heard! End the bullshit!
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Daniel: I don't think it ends...
you're fucking beautiful, it doesn't matter what other people say, you are perfect they way you are, i know you can get though this tough time because you are strong and i believe in you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, i want you to look at yourself in the mirror every single day and tell yourself your perfect, i know its hard when your going through a lot at the moment but it does get better, i know everyone says that but its true, stay strong gorgeous <3