it doesn't even need explanation

Hi guys, it would mean the whole entire world to me if you kept both my great-grandma and my grandad in your thoughts and prayers. I found out today that my great-grandma is now receiving end of life care and it’s really hard to even process despite the fact that I knew deep down this was coming. Tomorrow I’m going to do one of the hardest things I’ll ever have to do and go and say goodbye to her for the final time, I really need to find the strength to do this, I’ve never lost a close family member besides a pet before. Additionally, I found out some bad news about my grandad too this evening which could end in the worst possible outcome so yeah… I guess it’s not so happy days ahead.

anonymous asked:

who are each of the characters in this stranger things and deh au jkljljjkljl heidi is clearly joyce

my personal Thoughts:

  • evan hansen - will
  • alana beck - eleven
  • jared kleinman - dustin (obvi)
  • zoe murphy - lucas
  • connor murphy - mike
  • Good ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu
  • - Shipping EunHae
  • - Supporting SaMin
  • - OT15
  • Bad ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu and attacking Liu Wen whenever she's with Siwon because apparently she's not allowed to be near him
  • - Shipping EunHae and hating EunSiHae because Siwon apparently isn't allowed to be with them
  • - Not supporing SaMin. This doesn't even need an explanation. Like, just... Stop.
  • - OT13/OT11