it doesn't even look on bit comfortable

Late Night Comfort

do they even have a concept of day and night in space i don’t think so

A smol, homesick Lance, Klance comfort fic. (tw: lowkey panic, swearing)

Keith was really confused as to what woke him up in the middle of the night. He was disoriented as he sat up. It was still late wasn’t it? Why had he woken up?

Then he heard something move in the dark and whatever it was take a sharp breath, and he jumped. He rubbed his eyes, trying to see what or who was out their in the dark. He was reaching for his bayard when the figure spoke, voice shaking, “Keith?”

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Small headcanon that when every Tord's emotions heighten he naturally reverts into speaking Norweigian and the gang find this out when Tom sneaks up on him and makes him jump, and Tord just starts shouting at him in Norweigian and doesn't notice that he's not speaking English - SA

That is what I want…

He`s just sitting somewhere comfortable, maybe working and humming a bit, only for one of the guys to prank him. Maybe even Ringo just comes close to his neck to snuggle and he jumps up, shouting profanities at first and then either angry mumbling or guilty sorrys for overreacting, while the others just stand there and look at him like:

“We have not a single clue what you are saying….”

Tord would at first be really weirded out, blinking, before he realises.


I love that idea….


A short comic I did for a collective comic book of the drawing club of the university. =)

Let me explain a bit the meaning of these nonsens pages.
I love the concept of urban fantasy and the idea that magic is everywhere but we don’t see it because we can’t or don’t believe in it.
And I think it is in places filled with creativity that we can find the more easily faeric creatures. This why I decided to draw two animal spirits frequenting the drawing club of the university (represented on the first panel). The last panel represents the main gate of Seoul Nat. Univ. and I also want to precise that even if there is a montain behind it (a bit hidden by the dragon and trees), it’s not that big… ;)

This comic has been done in one week (well, a week-end and three evenings to be exact ^^’) so it’s a bit rushed and on such a short scene I was totally out of my comfort zone, but it was actually really nice to DRAW AGAIN GODDAMFUCK!

I miss drawing and comics so much… T^T

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Hey Kyle! First up, your photography is amazing! So I've wanted to be a filmmaker/photographer for a long time and working by myself I'm pretty good at capturing what I want. If I just point and shoot, me by myself, it's fine. But I learnt during A level art that I have trouble communicating what I want to achieve when working with other people. I get embarrassed about my ideas or I feel it just doesn't look right so I end up working solo. Obviously not good for a career in the field. Any tips?x

Thanks!  And yeah I definitely had that problem.  I think you just need to force yourself into it a bit.  Try taking photos of friends first to practice with giving direction.  Taking self portraits is great, because it helps you figure out what poses work and what doesnt.  Use that to help figure out how to direct better.  You could even try showing them if youre comfortable with that.  Also you shouldnt be embarrassed about your ideas!  Any one who is modelling for you probably is excited to be in something, and wont be critical.  People who aren’t used to being in photos normally aren’t very good at posing, so it can often be more about focusing on perfecting one single pose at a time, instead of quickly moving around.  Hope that helps a bit!

#119 Frat boy AU part two
  • Niall: When Niall invited you to this party, this is the last thing you expected. Not only was the house completely trashed but you could barely hear your own thoughts over the blaring music. Everyone was gathered in the kitchen, there were so many people here, but you were looking for one person. You smiled when a blonde head of hair popped out in the crowd. Cup loosely in his hand, sunglasses nicely resting on the bridge of his nose. Laughing with another boy. The other boy looked at you then looked at Niall, smirked, and left, just like that. You squirmed through multiple people trying to get to him until you saw his hand reach through the crowd. You hesitantly took it, falling into his chest as he pulled you. His voice echoing giggles, keeping his drink above his head so he didn't spill it. "I didn't think you'd come."
  • Harry: "This is getting boring mate," Harry hummed into your shoulder. Throughout the game, you ended up in Harry's lap, with his head stuffed deep into your neck. Occasionally placing kisses there, his lip ring cold against your warm skin. "Yeah," Someone agreed but you couldn't see who it was because there were about fifty people in the circle with joints hanging out of their mouths. It was quiet for a minute, some people coming in and out of sleep after many drinks and some were just shooting down shots to pass the time. "Suck and blow." A girl practically demanded beside you, before a chorus of yes erupted from the crowd. "I don't know." Harry uttered. "Oi, Styles relax." You felt his breath spread around your skin, scooting you out of his lap and putting him on his left. "Let's make it interesting, (y/n) get on Harry's right." You nodded, crawling over to his right. Surrounded by boys. You saw harry tense but rather than saying something he wrapped his arm around your waist. The paper went around the circle before it was the boy next to you. You had the paper but he stopped sucking, his lips attached to yours for only seconds. Before Harry jumped on the boy who's lips tasted of bile.
  • Louis: He stayed in the bed for a few minutes, waiting for you to come back and crawl back in bed. He's such a dick and you were so nice, agreeing to go to his party with him but all he could think about was how those jeans complemented your ass and damn, he couldn't help himself. He was only being so mean, because - as sappy as this sounds - you weren't like every other girl, you promised no strings but he felt some tugging on his heart. He couldn't believe himself as he was untangling himself from the covers that were heavy against his clammy skin. He pulled some sweats on and ran out of his room. "Have you seen, (y/n)?" He asked, once he saw Niall, hovering over the fridge. The blonde boy nodded, almost hesitantly, making Louis more suspicious. Cheese dangled from Niall's mouth, "She went with Tom." He said sincerely, Louis mind went blank. Tom? Tom? "Where?" He yelled, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. "Where did they go?" "His place." He muttered. Louis, then ran out of his apartment, not caring he was half naked, you were the only thing on his mind.
  • Zayn: He knocked the joint from your hands after one huff, the smell was toxic and the taste made you want to puke. "What was that for?" You yelled, pushing Zayn back from you. His eyes widened, a smug look taking over his features. His voice was sarcastic and slowly slurred from a few drinks as he whispered, "I'm trying to be a good boyfriend." You bit down on your lips furious at his attitude. Sure, his efforts were somewhat comforting but is trying to protect you from everything necessary? "A good boyfriend doesn't protect his girlfriend from everything." You snarled, he chuckled against your ear. "Then I'll stop. You have fun." He was mad too, even though he held a smile you could sense the edge in his voice. Before you could protest he was already walking away, leaving you with the random person who gave you the joint.
  • Liam: The boy slithered from his spot on the counter, placing his hands on either side of you, trapping you between his legs. "What a pretty girl." He sputtered, taking his pointer finger and dragging it across your cheek bone. "I'm sure your boyfriend wouldn't mind if I borrowed you." He chuckled, sticking one of his legs in between your thighs. You struggled around him. He sighed in content, moving his hands from the counter to your wrist pinning you agains the hard surface. "Silly, girl." Tears sprung to your eyes. Liam no where in sight and the room was fuzzing in and out of your vision. His lips attacked yours suddenly, making you scream in pain. "No ones going to here, the musics too loud." He snarled, moving his lips to your neck. You paused for a second before starting to scream again, hoping that someone would walk through the kitchen doors and get this perve off. "Shut up." He yelled, revving his hand back and connecting it to your face, the sting unbearable and only causing you to cry harder. "Never touch my girlfriend again." A dark voice said behind him, relieved that Liam had come to your rescue.