it doesn't even look like it has a colouring on it

Maleficent is a dragon who cursed an infant because she wasn’t invited to a christening, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

Queen Griemhilde is a conceited, vain witch who killed a 14 year old because she was prettier than her, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

Jafar hypnotised the sultan, got himself turned into a magician, a genie, just for power and forced a 15 year old to be his slave girl, this man CANNOT raise a child.

Cruella DeVil is a mentally ill woman whose affection consists of derogatory comments, blowing smoke in your face and never taking no for an answer, this woman CANNOT raise a child.

So, let’s say Evie, Carlos, Mal and Jay grow up on an island without magic, surrounded by murderers, thieves, people who did bad things, people who are proud of these things. Let’s say, they don’t teach them to be evil. Let’s say, they teach them ‘don’t let anyone keep you from what you want, you are a queen, a dragon, a genie, you are magic’. Ben has dreams about a girl with green eyes and lilac hair, of a girl who is different, something fae, and he remembers the fairy who cursed his father because he wasn’t kind, so he asks his parents to let some of the villain’s kids stay in Auradon. Show them goodness.

When they arrive, they don’t arrive in a tumbling mess. They don’t even get out of the car, and when the chauffeur opens the door, there’s a stick thin girl with long blue hair staring at her hands, a muscled boy who almost isn’t a boy anymore, rubbing the bands on his arms, the girl from his dreams, eyes glowing, a little boy dressed in fur curled up in their laps.
They aren’t used to magic, even though it is in their very cores. So they take time to get used to it, to learn to live with death and power under their skin.

They weren’t sent to get a wand for world domination. They were sent to get a wand for freedom. So it takes them longer to realise just what their parents did. It takes talks and family day and Queen Leiah screaming at the top of her lungs (‘Get away from here, do not touch my grandchild, my daughter will never be mine because of you, how dare you, how dare you?’) for Mal to realise that this isn’t about invitations and pettiness. It’s about a woman with hair as yellow as gold and lips that shame the red red rose, growing up poor, in a cottage, falling to her death at the touch of a spindle, this is about her mother talking about the raven with more fondness than her, this is about all the things her mother did, no matter the reason.

Evie still studies with Doug, and she hasn’t been taught to score a prince, she’s been taught to use her beauty, it is all men want, get rid of them before they get rid of you, do NOT die. So she meets with Doug at his house and Dopey stares at her and then he gets Snow White, who breaks down crying at the sight of this thin, beautiful girl with hair in a colour that has haunted her sleep ('what did she do to you, was it not enough for her to kill me, what has she done to you’) and Evie realises that her mother’s stories are not about men, they are about this woman, about her sister, who was 14 and beautiful and dead. And this is about her and all the bones she can count when she looks in the mirror.

Jay befriends the only other Arabian speaking children he can find, plays gurney, ruthless and self centered and for him, and one day Aladdin picks his children up and Jay does one of those backflips where he stays in the air for too long and it knocks the wind out of him. Jay doesn’t understand because of Aladdin, he sees a thief, who is like him, but it isn’t what makes him think, tourney does the trick because they are a team and the world does not revolve around him, he is not the center of the universe.

Carlos knows that his mother is wrong from the moment he is old enough to master critical thinking. She shrieks and hits and worships fur and he spends his days begging for scraps. There’s no magic in him, no rush he gets from crossing the barrier, so he helps his friends. They have always been his lifeline, so maybe now he can be theirs.

Magnus Bane, 2x13 analysis

He had put so much effort into his psychical appearance, with colourful eyeshadow and glittery clothes, in an attempt to improve his mood. Or perhaps in the hope of convincing others that he is fine, because if they believed it, maybe he would too.  

When Alec picks up on the change “you look…”, Magnus interjects he was “just bored” suggesting there is no reason behind it. But the way he quickly interrupts Alec to offer an explanation is very telling.

Magnus for once is shown to initiate the kiss. After what he went through it is understandable he is uncomfortable showing any vulnerability and needs to feel like he is in control of his body.

When asked “everything okay?”, Magnus quickly changes the conversation back to Alec “I was worried sick”. Magnus doesn’t want Alec to be concerned about him, nor does he want to be reminded of what happened, he just wants to move on. So he directs Alec’s attention away from what is really upsetting him. 

When Alec asks for a DNA sample, there is clearly another conversation going on under the surface. As Magnus replies “do you not trust me?…so again, your just blindly following clave rules…what happened to following you’re gut?” he is not really referring to Alec asking for a hair sample anymore. But rather how Alec knew only Magnus could know the things ‘Valentine’ was telling him, he knew something wasn’t right, and yet he continued to follow his orders.

Unfortunately, Alec doesn’t pick up on this and replies “let’s not be overdramatic” meaning a piece of hair isn’t much to ask when shadowhunters are dying. But it hits Magnus hard as he thinks Alec is telling him to get over what happened like it is no big deal and we see the anger and hurt he has been suppressing come to the surface. 

He rejects Alec when he moves to try and comfort him, telling him to “get out”. You can see the pain and tears forming in his eyes, the fact he doesn't’ make eye contact with Alec or say anything else, speaks volumes for the intensity of his emotions. He clearly doesn’t feel ready to open up to Alec and fears if he lets Alec stay and explain himself, he won’t be able to stop himself from breaking down.  

He then turns to alcohol to suppress his painful emotions.

But gets another cruel reminder of how Valentine was in his body, pretending to be him when Dorthea brings him the Dragonfly wings. But rather than tell her the truth, he casts them aside, symbolic for him also casting his trauma aside?  and spends the evening discussing the past and Dorthea’s love life rather than himself.

I wonder if the dance was so fast and over the top, to convey that Magnus was desperately trying to enjoy himself?

 I also wonder how long he stood there on the balcony, stuck in his thoughts, till Alec joined him…

So to conclude, even though the scenes didn’t directly discuss what Magnus went through or how he is feeling.  We can see through his behaviour that he isn’t processing it well, instead, he is avoiding everything and acting like all is fine when that is far from the case. I also think it was so important that there was no pressure on him to open up. At the end when Alec apologises, he just tells him he loves him. He is letting Magnus deal with this however he wants and whenever he wants. It’s entirely in his control and after being in a situation where you are completely powerless and your body has been violated, that is so important.

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Sorry you're having a bad day. For you: Maria gave Tony a Bucky Bear when he was a child and when Howard sneered at it she got up in his grill about his attitude toward their TODDLER having a STUFFED ANIMAL so Howard doesn't say another word about it. Tony still has it. It's well worn and soft. An eye and arm have had to be sewn back onto it from all the love its gotten. Steve finds it and Tony sees him holding it and karate chops him to get Bucky Bear back safely. 1/?

Of course Steve’s like wtf Tony you could have just asked for it back is your hand okay? YES it is because he’s holding Bucky Bear with it. Steve is like “all of my whats” but he lets it go and asks about the bear. It doesn’t look like all the other Bucky Bears from back then. And Tony is so proud, his mother stood in line at a toy store for a SPECIAL EDITION Bucky Bear. Only a hundred of them were made. They’re worth thousands in pristine condition. 2/?

Tony’s bear isn’t pristine but he doesn’t care. It’s special to him because his mom waiting in line to get to him. It’s priceless. “Do you still sleep with it?” Steve asks curiously. Tony scoffs at him and says “Absolutely you dolt. Bucky Bear has always been there for me.” Steve melts because that’s so sweet, and he mentions it to Bucky, and Bucky’s like “??? okay buddy I don’t give a fuck about his bear???” And of course Steve snorts and says “He likes the bear better than you.” 3/?

Bucky is v offended by this and creeps into Tony’s room and THERE. THERE IT IS. THE BUCKY BEAR. And Tony is there sleeping too but THE BEAR. He eases it from Tony’s arms and glares at it jealously but then he realizes he is in Tony’s room? Tony’s sleeping? So he sets the Bucky Bear aside and climbs in bed with Tony. Tony wakes up to Bucky instead of his Bucky bear and he says, “I’ve had dreams like this. Where you turned human to protect me.” And Bucky’s just like FUCK MY HEART. 4/?

And so he wraps around Tony and cuddles him and apologizes for taking so long. Tony sighs and tucks his face into Bucky’s chest. (And then he wakes up fully with a squawk and punches Bucky in the stomach with his flailing because WTF ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED YOU CREEP. It’s too late, Bucky knows Tony wanted to be protected by him as a child, so he rolls on top of him and says “I was the bear and now I’m not” but Tony sputters because HE CAN SEE THE BEAR BUCKY WTF. But he likes cuddles so. 5/5

This is so precious I’m squealing!!! Just imagining Maria going at Howard in a Rage over the Bucky Bear is brightening my day. (Especially when I think about how, even a decade later, Howard will not dare to say a word against the bear in question. His mouth twitches once, suspiciously, during dinner when Tony is fourteen and carries the bear with him out of pure spite, but Maria notices and her eyes narrow dangerously. And Howard isn’t always a wise man, but he’s not suicidal, so he gripes about his latest business deal instead.) 

It’s this intriguing combination adorable and funny and slightly creepy (you don’t just climb into other people’s beds while they’re sleeping, Bucky, what even?!) and I love it. I can just imagine Bucky’s indignant face when Steve Dares To Insinuate that Tony prefers some toy to him lol. Thank you so much for cheering me up!!!

Of course now I can’t stop thinking about a tiny Tony clinging to his precious Bucky Bear, the one toy Howard would never dare to take from him, crying silently into it’s fur, begging it to please protect him and tell his father that he isn’t stupid and–

Yeah okay, I stop before I ruin it with angst haha. Lets focus instead on how, after all the well-deserved Tony-cuddling that morning ends, Bucky drags Tony down to the gym because that punch will not do if someone other than Bucky tries to sneak into his bedroom, not at all. Tony is less than impressed.

In the background, Clint loudly complains because “Bucky pulls an Edward Cullen and then actually gets into Tony’s bed and cuddles him while he’s asleep and it’s freaky cute but when I listen in on your margarita nights from the vents it’s creepy, what the hell???”

Natasha doesn’t look up from where she’s sorting her smarties by their colours. “Nobody disturbs margarita nights, Clint.”



(Clint is slightly appeased when only one Bucky Bear is allowed to join the next margarita night, and it’s not the fleshy one)

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Serious question: have we ever encountered a colour that doesn't look amazing on Harry?? I just saw your reblog of him in that red shirt and was like, "Damn, boy looks good in red" but really when doesn't he...

nO he looks good in every single color see 

1. red, as you said (ha that rhymed i’m a poet & i didn’t even know it)

2. orange

3. yellow

4. green

5. blue

6. purple

7. pink

8. black

9. white


Lasalle Widowmaker wip 2

see now people this is why showing the early stages of art-making is laughable

we don’t know wtf we doing until hours into sketching (and even after that the ?????????’s intensify) lmao 
so rip if you like the old version better and rip if you prefer this version bc the final coloured piece will probs look even more diff ha haaaaaaha

" if David Bowie hasn't slept with Styles yet, then he doesn't resemble Jagger.” VERY LONG THREAD of parallels

Alright if you want it so badly… You really wanna go there…

You really want me to give you the dirt…



Any Rolling Stones fans, please don’t take this the wrong way, i will not say one is better than the other. This is just for us to celebrate their similarities. And as the song goes “ Mick Jagger could be Harry’s dad. Vas Happenin’ mum? Vas Happenin’ Mick? “

Exhibit a)

Them laughing together sure is something.

Awe cuddling and relaxing. Nice!

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So, uh prompt I can't seem to be able to get out of my head is kinda like: Eddie shares a class with some guy that has a crush on him but he doesn't know and he's already dating Richie (but its a secret). So one day Eddie's ranting about something to the random guy and the guy just kinda grabs him and kisses him, across the room, Richie sees and flips his shit and Eddie doesn't know what to do so he just starts spewing facts about germs while Richie's yelling his head off. I LOVE YOUR WRITING!

(Thank you so much love! I don’t know if this was quite what you were looking for but it turned out so mushy! I hope you like it anyway!)

Send me prompts here

Read it on AO3

Eddie’s fingers tugged gently on soft dark curls, familiar lips pressed against his collarbone, sucking a dark purple bruise there. Shirts were discarded and legs were entangled together in a familiar position on Richie Tozier’s bed. The house was empty, as it usually was, therefore it served as a much more safe place for them not to be caught. With Richie’s father always working, and his mother either passed out drunk or out god knows where, they were most definitely guaranteed to be alone.

It wasn’t that they were keeping their relationship a secret because they were afraid, oh no, they were keeping it a secret because they knew if everyone knew then they would never have any alone time, and they liked their alone time.

Eddie felt his breath leave him as Richie pulled his mouth away from his collarbone and back up his jaw to his lips, planting one last lingering kiss to his mouth before he pulled away, smiling dopily down at him.

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Reddie prompt: "You only want me when you can't have me". Some angsty shit with a fluffy end. It doesn't matter who these words will belong to, Eddie or Richie, I will be glad anyway if you'll write it.

okay sick done. i hope you like this, it feels like it’s shit but i also kind of love it? idk here u go darling xxx

ao3 link:

warnings: kissing, swearing, mentions of sex i guess?? they’re sixteen yo

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exo shitpost #2: exo at the carnival
  • junmyeon: alright assholes go wild
  • chanyeol: hoo boy i'm going to win me some prizes
  • baekhyun: you suck ass at everything what could you possibly win
  • chanyeol: that thing with the hammer
  • sehun: your arms are two limp noodles lmao
  • chanyeol: fuck you
  • luhan: your weak ass can't even get it past the halfway mark
  • chanyeol: i don't deserve this verbal abuse you try it
  • luhan: what. the fuck.
  • luhan: it doesn't work
  • sehun: excuses are for the cheap
  • luhan: this is bullshit, this game is rigged, and we are going home
  • -
  • yifan: ok junmyeon let us get wild
  • junmyeon: would you fuck off i will not ride a roller coaster
  • yifan: why
  • junmyeon: because i may shit myself
  • junmyeon: but also because i don't want to be seen next to your crusty ass
  • yifan: why did i ever love you
  • -
  • jongdae: fuck yes corndogs
  • kai: holy shit kyungsoo take it slow
  • kyungsoo: i am a hungry bitch today don't speak to me
  • jongdae: did you really just inhale that entire corndog
  • kyungsoo: it's not that big
  • kai: i can personally assure you he's seen bigger
  • jongdae: wow kyungsoo, king of the dick
  • kyungsoo: if you don't shut up right now i might eat you
  • -
  • zitao: fuck i lost my watch, i must have left it on the ferris wheel
  • minseok: you irresponsible fuck what did i tell you about leaving your goddamn shit everywhere
  • zitao: here, take my ice cream and put it on your tits because you need to chill
  • minseok: /rubbing nosebridge/ how much did that stupid thing cost
  • zitao: it was gucci
  • minseok: i just pissed my pants
  • zitao: relax jethro i have like ten more at home
  • minseok: what
  • zitao: eleven including the one i gave to candy
  • minseok: you have eleven gucci watches, one of which is for your dog, and you still gave me a fucking slurpee for my birthday
  • zitao: at least it was a jumbo size
  • minseok: you're dead to me
  • -
  • yixing: life is fantastic
  • kyungsoo: you're a cheery mf today aren't you
  • yixing: why are you so pessimistic, go inhale another corndog
  • kyungsoo: i can't eat too many, i'm corn intolerant
  • yixing: that's not a thing
  • kyungsoo: i'm also mildly allergic to dogs
  • yixing: that's,,,, not how it works
  • luhan: don't bother this is from the same guy who didn't know how dna works
  • kyungsoo: no more kimchi spaghetti for you
  • -
  • sehun: cotton candy BITCH
  • chanyeol: this is your fifth one, stop it
  • sehun: i am in love with this shit
  • chanyeol: diabetes says hello
  • sehun: i might dye vivi this colour
  • chanyeol: what the fuck she's not an easter egg
  • sehun: doggosthetic
  • chanyeol: s e h u n that's abuse pLEASE DON’T DO THAT
  • -
  • yifan: aw fuck
  • junmyeon: what now you overgrown baby
  • yifan: i'm too tall for the bumpercars
  • junmyeon: too bad
  • yifan: this is no fair
  • junmyeon: go ride something else you ingrate
  • yifan: that's it i'm putting you on the death drop
  • junmyeon: you better freaking not
  • yifan: hi yes one ticket for the death drop
  • junmyeon: nonononono im sure i don't meet your height requirement eheheh
  • yifan: don't worry dear, they have seats for shrimps like you!
  • junmyeon: WU YI FAN YoU fUckeR
  • yifan: enjoy bitchy!!
  • junmyeon: YoU haVe a laWSUiT oN YoUR handS
  • -
  • jongin: i love the fact that i still look hot in all of these
  • jongdae: hey baekhyun this mirror's got me looking just like you
  • baekhyun: how so?
  • jongdae: makes me look ugly as shit
  • jongin: im piSSing
  • baekyun: this kind of commentary is the reason no one loves you
  • -
  • luhan: haunted house, leggo
  • zitao: fuck this shit i'm out
  • minseok: nah i'm in let's do it
  • yixing: zitao i'll protect you
  • zitao: too late i'm already crying
  • minseok: oh ShiT i am Spooked
  • luhan: his soul has left him
  • yixing: you made it taozi, i’m proud of you
  • zitao: thanks yixing, the only thing that helped me through it was the fact that those goblins back there kinda resembled you and it was really funny
  • yixing: wow, this is basically bullying!
  • -
  • junmyeon: well boys, it's been fun
  • kyungsoo: no it has not
  • junmyeon: but we must head back to hell
  • yifan: he means home
  • junmyeon: trust me, i mean hell

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hey! In your opinion what is the biggest larry proof we have gotten recently? Not about how fucked up louis's team is, or the fake girlfriends, or bg, but like actual evidence from harry and louis. I mean, it doesn't need to be something big, just what was the last thing that reminded you they are definitely together. Also, i'm loving your aimh fic :)

Anon it’s not you but tbh I’m starting to hate the word proof in here 😂😂 because what’s proof? Proof is different for everyone. For some people proof of rain is the dark blue ominous clouds and for some is being hit by the raindrops.

Something that’s forever? Like a tattoo? Or multiple tattoos? Or a Harry Styles smugly showing off he didn’t cover the rose tattoo when he was rumored to do so? That would be the first thing I did if I lost my lover, to get rid of them. So is that proof they never touched any of those tats? For some maybe it is.

Or are hints proof? Hints linking them yet again to their tattoos? Like a dagger/rose selfie, or a rose shirt?

Are colours proof? Blue and green lights during JHO and making the JHO video Larry? Colors being proof is the stupidest thing you ever heard and they aren’t proof they’re together. So we all know what blue and green means to them, THEY started it, they made their house key chains blue and green, their mics, their stuffed bears etc. So does it make me smile they still can’t not make anything blue and green? Of course it does. They also wouldn’t happen if they weren’t together in my opinion.

Or is disappearing and appearing at the same time proof? That’s going on pretty much since the hiatus started.

What’s proof? CSI research? That Louis posted an ig pic of him that was taken by Harry? Or two mismatched football shoes where one is Harry’s? Or a Dunkirk poster in the background of another ‘Larry’ shoe pic?

Is that Twitter follows, tweets? Is that proof for you? Him following the photographer who took a pic one of the most iconic AM picture was inspired by? Or how he keeps following the same acts that are linked to Harry or Harry memes? How he deliberately chooses Harry or Larry accounts when replying to their tweets for JHO promo?

What’s proof?

Sharing multiple homes and properties all over the world? The older twins taken home by Harry and Anne after TXF? Or the silent Snapchats? Or the videos taken so carefully and deliberately cutting off when certain shadows or shoes get in the picture? Harry’s growing collection of rings. Is that proof? Or all of his nails painted but his ring finger. That proof? Or is that proof that their friends keep considering Harry part of his life? Steve Aoki, anyone? His H follow and rainbow like? Steve still replying to tweeters w the AImH header? Or James saying how Harry and Louis came over?

65 court cases could’ve been won with the proof this fandom collected in 7 years but for some it’s still not enough to see them as gay while for some people one look, one lyric change, one jealous moment, one touch, one anything was enough.

I feel like this thing has to be proven over and over again while the opposite is never being asked to.

Here’s my take on it: the last time we saw them was the mitam promo. They showed how best of friends they stayed and how genuinely in love they are with each other, still, how they move to the same beat and are able to finish each other’s sentences. That's​ enough of proof to me.

Then comes the understanding of such level of commitment (I’m w Adam for ten yrs this year and we plan to have a forever sign tattooed on us. After 10!! Not 2 like they did. And not 6 tats or god know how much more complementary tattoos like they have)

Could they break up even after they were such a balanced out happy couple during mitam? Yes. They could. I just don’t believe they did. Don’t forget they assured us (although they weren’t ever supposed to, it’s not their job) for the umpteenth time in 2016 and 2017 as well.

Do I believe they would do that if they were broken up? No! I believe I know who they really are as people.

So if you take this out of the equation you have a very very happy and together HL during mitam. Then the bears. Then 2016 which we all know how it was. And 2017. They're​ still fighting for freedom, they’re still giving off hints they’re very much a thing and that’s a status quo to me.

Harry and Louis are in love and they’re such great men both that no one deserves Harry Styles more than Louis Tomlinson and no one deserves Louis Tomlinson more than Harry Styles.

When the Gents took off for the day they didn’t expect to come home to this. Sure, leaving Gavin, Michael and Jeremy aimless and unsupervised for any length of time is never the best plan, somehow even worse when you throw Lindsay into the mix, but Trevor had been around. Trevor who, on second thought, takes far too much glee in passively overseeing mayhem from a distance without actually taking steps to stop it to be a reliable supervisor. Huh. Throw in the fact that Geoff had made them promise to keep a lid on their mayhem for the day, stick around the penthouse and behave themselves and yeah, disaster was inevitable. Still, there’s disobedience, there’s leaving base for a little joyride or antagonising the police or holding-up the convenience store two blocks over, and then there is this.  

The living room of the penthouse is in complete disarray, bottles and cans, straws, a vuvuzela and what looks like hairspray strewn all around the room - Geoff’s first thought was that his idiots have gotten drunk and taken off with some kind of haphazard homemade bomb. This is terrifying for a number of reasons but honestly Geoff is mostly just lamenting the mess he’ll inevitably be left to clean up. His second thought, wading through the disaster zone as Jack sighs and starts chugging straight out of an abandoned vodka bottle, after Ryan points out the chain of extension cords trailing up the stairs to the rooftop access door, is that his idiots have gotten drunk and are throwing things from his building. Delightful.  

None of the three know what to expect when they start climbing the stairs but they can’t help but pick up the pace when Michael’s shouting drifts into earshot, “Jesus man you’re killing him!” The following onslaught of expletives not quite drowning out Gavin’s distinctive squawking and an awful, inhuman kind of moaning. The fact that Lindsay is laughing, loud and helplessly breathless over the rising din honestly isn’t in any way comforting; that woman would chortle her way through the apocalypse and they all know it.

The sight they’re met with when they make it to the roof really isn’t as enlightening as one might hope. The cans have made their way up here too, a rainbow array of silly-string, the kind they used to use to block camera’s and identify hidden traps before their new supplier moved them on to the plain white military grade stuff that actually sticks the first time.  What the surplus has been used for while the Gents were working is immediately evident, though the why is honestly anyone’s guess.

Jeremy, face unrecognisable under a veritable mountain of colourful silly-string and spluttering through his breathing straws, is charging full tilt after a shrieking Gavin who’s still clutching an aerosol can of glue. Add Lindsay charging along in the rear, delightedly blasting Jeremy’s horrifying home-made mask with a hairdryer, and Michael going red in the face shouting at the top of his lungs as he runs in loops to keep them all from careening too close to the edges of the roof, and all they’re missing is the Benny Hill theme playing in the background. An oversight Trevor is probably already considering, sat safely away on the raised lip of the helipad and recording the action with his phone, grin a mile wide as he very helpfully calls out various obstacles just a second too late for Jeremy to avoid.

Somewhere under the blanket of confused disbelief Geoff registers Jack shaking her head, diving back into the bottle with gusto as she wanders towards Trevor, catches Ryan smirking and slinking off to sneak up on the action, tries to come to terms with the fact that this is his crew. That after all this time they can still blow him away with the utter absurdity of their antics. Everyone here is armed, all dangerous, every single one of them is a ruthless murderer.  

There’s a thump, a yelp, cries of foul-play as Ryan croons out some disturbingly excessive line and holds Gavin still for Jeremy’s gleeful retribution. Jack shoves Trevor from his perch and he dances closer for a better angle as a cackling Michael presses silly-string into Jeremy’s blind grasp, Lindsay’s hairdryer still roaring away as she calls out requests over Gavin’s objections.  

Geoff is the most powerful man in Los Santos. These morons are the most dangerous people in the city. The Fake AH Crew now lives in a building caked in glued on straws, silly string and probably glitter. Somehow there is always fucking glitter. It would have been so much cleaner if they’d just made the damn bomb.

prettypettypansexual  asked:

SO I HAD A THOUGHT AND IM GIVING IT TO YOU BECAUSE YOURE THE BEST!!! So any soulmate au where once the youngest one turns 18 you find out who the other is OK SO the day before his, Enjolras decides he doesn't want his life dictated by pre-determined rules, so he impulsively marries his boyfriend, Grantaire. As soon as they wake up the next morning, they see that [enter whatever soulmate au: tattoos, quotes, whatever] matches.

[Shhh, you’ll make me blush. I’ve never written a soulmark au! Here it goes:]

“Are you really sure about this?” Jehan asks doubtfully.

Yes,” Enjolras says firmly.

“Believe me, Jehan,” Combeferre says with a slight grimace. “This is already the toned down version of this plan.”

“He wanted to get married, today,” Grantaire says, grinning lovingly at his obstinate boyfriend.

“Isn’t there a two week waiting period after you register a marriage?” Jehan frowns.

“Yes, yes there is,” Combeferre says. “And with good reason.” That earns him a scoff from Enjolras.

“So tattoos it is,” Grantaire grins widely.

“Alright,” Jehan laughs. “I do think it’s super sweet.”

Enjolras gives them an enquiring look. “You don’t approve though,” he says. He doesn’t sound accusing or resentful, he’s just asking.

Jehan hums vaguely, putting the appropriate paperwork down in front of their friends. “I have good reason to be fond of soulmarks,” they say and their hand absentmindedly passes across their heart. Just above the low collar of their shirt the top of the letter M is visible. “But you guys were obviously meant to be together.” They smile. “And chosen soulmarks… That’s just too romantic for me to object to. I love it.”

Enjolras looks content and Grantaire grins. They sign the paperwork and hand it back to Jehan.

“Right!” Jehan beams. “Let’s get you ready for some ink then.”

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NCT playing Monopoly
  • Taeil: Thinks he know how to play. Buying properties left and right. Doesn't know how to play. Gets tricked by others to "share his wealth" of $200 with them. Is two bad turns away from being bankrupt.
  • Hansol: Spends most of the time in jail so half of his money goes on leaving the said jail because never did it happen that he got the same numbers on the dices for a free pass. When he gets out of jail, most likely to land on Community Chest or Chance and pay for hospital fees of $100, or, if not, go to jail once again.
  • Johnny: Furrows his eyebrows Johnny-way each time you land on his property and asks you for the money with an annoying voice and his hand outstretched: "$2 please!" Every time he rolls the dice he snaps his fingers and goes "yEAH BABY!!" as if that's exactly the number he wanted. Most of the times it's somebody else's property. With a hotel.
  • Taeyong: Makes sure all the pieces are neatly arranged. Fixes the houses' position every roll because "the kids just can't roll the dice away from the board". The rest of the group gets annoyed by him after some time of having the money they owe him being announced to them within a nanosecond of landing on the property. Sworn enemies with Ten.
  • Yuta: Says he isn't the best player of Monopoly but boi, he be lyin'. Owns all the best places and quickly gets hotels on them with who-knows-whose-money. Always offers to move your pieces for you when they know you will land on their expensive property, announcing each number with a certain emphasis, then finally slamming your piece onto the property (usually Mayfair with a hotel). Leads more than three players to utter destruction, but apparently ends up losing as well by the hands of WinWin?
  • Kun: Doesn't play but is the banker. Always has his cat sitting in his lap which makes the others annoyed because "Kun the fur is getting on the game board" and "Kun the cat is playing with my houses". Sometimes struggles with the numbers and gives Yuta more money than he should have (or it's just his cat doing things), to which Yuta doesn't say anything.
  • Doyoung: Always finds a way to whine about Kun's cat. Has a rainbow of colours within the pile of money he keeps in front of him. Somehow always ends up only with $500 bills and annoys others when he hands them a $500 bill for $12 rent. You land on a property and for some reason think it's yours? No, it's Doyoung's.
  • Ten: Puts all the money under the game board and everyone thinks he's close to bankrupting. Everything changes when he starts pulling out those $100 bills out of nowhere, causing all the houses and pieces landslide to the middle of the board so that everybody else has to fix them. Taeyong doesn't like him for some reason.
  • Jaehyun: Jinxed from the very first roll when he lands on "income tax". Has a total of three properties which never get landed on, so he eventually gives up and leaves all his money and cards to WinWin. Spends the rest of the game munching on that really delicious, but really,,,noisy sandwich, leaving crumbs all over the game board and annoying Taeyong.
  • WinWin: Only agreed to play so Yuta and Taeyong would stop pestering him. Doesn't really care about the game, only here for the drama. Owns a few good places but nothing special. Continuously receives help from Yuta and other hyungs he didn't ask for and escapes bankrupting a few times. Apparently the one winning??
  • Jungwoo: In charge of bringing snacks. Never gets to sit down because the moment he brings chips, popcorn is gone, the moment he brings popcorn, there's no chips. After 10 minutes of going to and back from the kitchen, decides to put all the snacks in the room Monopoly is being played at. Taeyong gives him dirty looks whenever there are crumbs on the game board.
  • Lucas: Doesn't play the game, but plays with the pieces when nobody uses them so he sometimes places them back on the wrong place and causes chaos between the members because "you landed on my property, why didn't you pay me the rent then". Too afraid to say it's his fault and hopes nobody saw what he did. Jungwoo gives him suspicious glances.
  • Mark: Isn't really interested in playing the game but playing it anyways to humour the hyungs. As the game progresses, gains more and more enthusiasm as he manages to land on Park Place enough times to put up hotels. Tragically loses all money when he lands on Mayfair owned by Yuta and is forced to give up both on the game and playing Monopoly ever again.
  • Renjun: Doesn't play but watches the game alongside Jeno and Jisung. Falls asleep in the 10th minute of the game and isn't there when the major downfalls happen. Is rather confused the next morning when only Jaehyun and Johnny talk to each other and nobody wants to even be in the same room as Yuta.
  • Jeno: Not too into the game, so he spends the night observing the match. At some point Renjun falls asleep on his shoulder which only transfers the sleepiness to him, so he only stays awake to see Taeil go bankrupt. Contrary to Renjun, isn't surprised at all when he sees the group falling apart the morning after.
  • Haechan: Only playing because Mark is playing. His goal isn't to win, but to find a way to make the said member lose, or make new ways as opportunities arise. Always adds 2 extra dollars to the rents others have to pay him and gets rich rather quickly?? Is disheartened when Mark loses by the hands of Yuta and swears he'll get his revenge, only to end up the same way Mark did.
  • Jaemin: Eats all the snacks. Is put in timeout after he,,,accidentally knocked down the board. Rubs into everyone's face when they land on his property and earns a smack from Renjun at some point. Contrary to his successes at taking the money from others, loses disgracefully after one landing on Yuta's Mayfair.
  • Chenle: Insists he plays with the hyungs even though he doesn't really get the game rules. Makes "vroom vroom" sounds every roll with his car piece which strangely makes Doyoung very proud each and every time. Bankrupts first even with all the help Doyoung offers him as "the only one who understands him".
  • Jisung: Isn't interested in the game, but the worst it will bring out of the members. Will probably use events from the night of playing Monopoly to blackmail others into cooking him three-course meals or letting him not do the housework when it's his turn.
Baby Girl You're Just My Type (Seventeen Preference)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: Definitely someone girly; he's the tough, man's man, and he'd need a very feminine partner to contrast that. He seems like an ass man to me, so someone who is very bootylicious and likes to show off their ass/doesn't mind having it grabbed. He'd also probably be into a girl who is quieter or who doesn't feel pressure to talk a lot so that he can be the one to do the talking, and so that he can feel listened to, and so that the two of you can just sit in comfortable silence when you feel like it. He would love the type of girl who can wear heels all the time and not feel overdressed, but also rocks a messy bun and flannel. His type all around would be the "girl next door" to the extreme, but in a good way.
  • Jeonghan: He would like a softer type of girl. Being someone who doesn't conform to gender norms himself, he would never be opposed to dating a tomboy or someone who often bounces between ultra feminine and masculine. He just wants someone who would be easy on the eyes - someone that everyone could look at an agree is absolutely beautiful, just like him. It would also have to be someone with amazing hair, so that you could be a stand out hair power couple. As personality goes, he would enjoy who is very cute without trying. Maybe they're awkward or clumsy but this turns out very cute and he enjoys those moments to the maximum even if you get embarrassed, just for the cuteness. He would also like someone shorter than him so that he can lay his head on top of you during hugs, and he can cover you completely when spooning.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: He would want someone opposite of him. He's all shyness and blushes and giggles, so he'd need someone who's confidence and certainty and standing tall. He would love the contrast you make against him and the confidence you give him when you're together. He also loves that when he gets shy or embarrassed he can bury his face into your shoulder or hair and you'll be the one laughing with a brave face because you enjoy how cute he's being. He'd also want someone very cuddly. Because he seeks physical comfort, and he would want his partner to be very okay with that happening when he needs it. And although he might not always be completely okay with showing PDA because of how shy he is, his ideal type would also know how to use words to calm him down and make him feel good because you would be smart and linguistic like that.
  • Jun: As predictable as it sounds, Jun would like a bad girl. But not just a "bad girl", a genuinely bad, doesn't give a fuck, bad attitude kind of girl. The kind of girl that the rest of the boys and Pledis would hate and probably ask him to stop seeing. Mostly because he would like the thrill. This is the kid who 9/10 legitimately thinks he's a vampire, so if he found a girl who smoked and had dozens of piercings and tattoos and swore more than his little ears could handle, he would want to hold onto you forever. Eventually he would find out you have a whole other side, a softer side, and this would just make him melt, and then you'd never get rid of him. Because as much as fishnets and barbells are appealing, actual emotions are like the jackpot here. And he would follow you around like a lost puppy, hanging on your every word, waiting for your next move, wanting to see just how bad you could get. You just might get sick of him. But he would be a lovesick puppy because being with a bad girl is the closest he's ever really come to living on the edge.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Hoshi would need someone versatile. He can go from literal puppy to walking sex monument in two seconds flat, and he needs someone who can embrace his many sides and roll with them. I can also see him falling for a plus-sized girl. Saying that he enjoys the curves more and that your gorgeous body is part of what captured his attention when the two of you first met. He'd want a girl who is very good at taking care of herself, but can also take care of him when he needs it. He can work long hours and dissolves into a child-like state, and he needs somebody there to pick up the pieces and put him back together at the end of a hard day. He might also like a girl that he has to bring out of her shell a little. Maybe you're more shy around others, around the boys, and from time to time he has to help you loosen up and he loves that about you. He loves the challenge, and he loves the reward of when he finally gets to see the same you in public that he does in private.
  • Wonwoo: He would go for one of two types of girls - he would either date the ultimate goth girl and live out his emo dreams, or he would date the softest, girliest hipster/kawaii girl and defy everyone's expectations. If he dated a goth girl, they would match perfectly in your emo appearance and attitude, and your occasional slips of undeniable cuteness and happiness. Black is the perfect color that goes with everything, so he would love seeing his girlfriend dressed in it every single day, and would delight in finding black lipstick stains on his skin and even items of his clothing. He would also love that he would get to see the cutesy and caring side of you that people never expected when they saw your harsh appearance, and he would always be right their defending you if people judged you too harshly. If he dated a super soft kawaii girl, it would a lot like the cinnamon roll meme. It appears that he could kill you, but he is, in fact, a giant cinnamon roll, and he is protecting you, a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this earth, too pure. That's what he believes and that's what he upholds. He doesn't let anyone come near you, look at you the wrong way; he doesn't even let anyone speak badly about you when you're not around. You would be his one weakness, and he would both love and hate that about being with you.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: His ideal type is definitely someone who appreciates music. Someone who can listen to his work and it's afraid to give him critical feedback about it, but also isn't afraid to tell him when it's perfect. He wouldn't mind dating someone taller than him. He might even enjoy dating someone taller than him, but continuously claim that it's just a coincidence (I mean he is only 5.3") when in reality he enjoys the bear hugs and feeling so safe all wrapped up in you. He's the type of guy to feel confident and secure enough that he doesn't need to be taller than his girlfriend. He would also want a to date a girl that he finds genuinely interesting. Whether this be because you're into the arts, or because you're athletic, he'd find something about you and then from there, he would want to learn everything about you. He'd study you like it was his job. He also might prefer a girl with coloured/pastel hair so that you could match and be ultra cute together.
  • DK/Seokmin: DK would want to date a sporty girl. He would love everything about you from the fact that you always wear ponytails to your muscle tone to your yoga pants (probably especially the yoga pants). He would watch you jogging by one day and be hooked. He'd want to know your name, everything about you, and the fact that you might not be much of a talker only baited him so much more. He would love dancing with you and trying out all the sports that you're into, even if he sucks at them. And in the rare moments that he could get you to open up, that he could get into your mind instead of the physical aspect of your being, he would feel so rewarded he would be over the moon. He would also love the times that you dressed up. Seeing you all the time in sportswear, you always looked amazing no matter what, but when you dressed up, it always shocked and amazed him, and reminded him that he was so lucky to have you.
  • Mingyu: He would probably like a really quiet, shy girl. As cheesy as it is, he would be the type of guy to dream about finding the introverted girl and sweeping her off her feet. He would probably think it's so romantic and dreamy to pick up a girl at a coffee shop or a book store and all the other boys would make fun of him because deep down he's just a sucker for John Green and Twilight. He would want to find a girl who would blush whenever you looked at him and giggle at all his jokes and used her hair to hide her face out of shyness. He'd be a sucker for a girl who had sweater paws and stared at her shoes and spent a lot of time reading or writing and liked watching old movies. He'd get weak in the knees for a girl like that.
  • The8/Minghao: I can't really pin down his ideal type. He is a puppy, but at the same time he's very mature, so I feel that he'd be very versatile when it came to girl. He mostly would probably wouldn't care what his girlfriend looked like because he believes that all girls are beautiful in their own way. But if he fell for someone, he would fall hard and fast. You would sweep him off his feet, probably within days, and he wouldn't know what hit him. He might even think he was getting the flu with how lovesick he was feeling. He wouldn't be able to get you off his mind and he would come to the undeniable conclusion - you had captured his heart. You were his ideal type.
  • Seungkwan: He'd want someone sassy. He is the king of sass, and he'd want someone who could at least try and compete with him and his sassy antics. This also means you would have to have a very good sense of humor, because even though he can be very serious, he loves his jokes. He would also need someone to help keep him calm, because he gets very tense and aggravated (especially when asked to do aegyo) and he'd need someone who knows how to calm him with words and simple touches. I also think he'd want his girlfriend to be stylish. Because, let's be honest, out of all the boys I think he'd be the one to most pay attention to what his girlfriend is wearing. So if his girlfriend has a very defined sense of self style and image, he would be very proud to be around her and show her off to everyone.
  • Vernon/Hansol: I feel like he would actually go after a very nerdy girl. On stage he's all "$wag $wag money" but he's actually just a huge dork, so I feel like a nerdy girl would be the perfect match for him. Someone who would watch anime with him and obnoxiously scream the themes, someone who would poke fun at him and not mind being mocked as well. He probably also thinks that glasses are hot, so he would embrace that in a girl. He's got plenty of confidence, he's maybe even a little cocky, so he needs someone who will knock him down a few notches and remember to keep him level headed. He would love someone who's really smart, who can teach him things, someone who's very energetic like himself, very enthusiastic about life. I also feel like he'd be very into just sitting and listening to you talk for hours about what your passionate about - whether it's TV shows, or the book you're reading, or stars - he'd just want to listen because it would give him peace and it would give him a chance to learn more about you.
  • Dino/Chan: He's the little maknae (which nobody will ever forget) so he needs somebody who will balance him. Somebody who can be funny and immature with him when the time is right, but also somebody who can be serious and talk about serious things when he needs that. I also feel that he's still uncertain - he's still young and shaping his confidence, so he needs someone who's not afraid to shower him with compliments to help him boost his confidence over time. He would also need to date someone who shares his interests (dancing, music) but can also introduce him to new ones that you can explore together and use to bond. Overall he needs someone stable. He wouldn't do well at all with someone playing with his feelings, he needs someone to be straight with him (where some of the older boys might like "the chase"). Dino would probably also like someone very girly who wears skirts and has longer hair.
  • AN: yeah so this is the obvious thing so post under kpop, right? sorry if it's kind of all over the place, i tried. i also tried to make it a little more unique than other ones i've seen and i genuinely tried to imagine what each of the boys types are. pls lemme know what you think! <3

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i feel like today was a ; "too rough & i need some fluff"day. So could you maybe do a prompt?? The one where Stiles is colour blind and can't see Derek's Red Alpha eyes. But Derek doesn't know that so that causes sooo many misunderstandings. - just felt like i needed this today

I wrote this as fast as I could for you, nonnie (so I hope it doesn’t entirely suck). But I hope you are still up and awake to read it and that it makes you feel a little better anyway <3 *all the Sterek snuggles* 

“What do you mean I just asked him to marry me?” Stiles hisses, turning away from the seriously pissed looking werewolf.

“Dude, he flashed his eyes at you and you still approached him,” Scott says, eyes wide. “What did you think was going to happen during a pack recruitment ceremony?”

“I thought the point was to make friends!” Stiles yells, unable to help looking back at- Darren? Danny? Because in any other circumstances Stiles would be trying to convince- Darryl?- that letting Stiles climb him like a tree would be the best decision they would both ever make. Ever. “Wait, what do you mean he flashed his eyes? That doesn’t mean anything!”

“It does if he’s an Alpha.”


“But Alphas have red eyes…”


“But D- uh?”

“Derek,” says the- wow, Stiles really didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that pissed and blush at the same time. It’s kind of adorable, really.

Which. You know. Not helping.

“Right, Derek. Uh, thanks,” he says awkwardly, turning back to Scott. “Derek’s eyes aren’t red!”

“I’m right here you know.”

“Dude,” Scott says again, face serious as he takes hold of Stiles’ arm, turning him completely away from his apparent groom-to-be. Which is probably for the best because even though Stiles is aware he is freaking the fuck out right now, he can’t help but think Derek is kind of perfect. In a Carly Rae Jepsen crazy sort of way, maybe, but still perfect. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they-

“Look at me and tell me what colour my eyes are,” Scott says.

“What difference is that going to-” Scott’s eyes glow bright, cutting him off, and Stiles gulps.

Oh no.

“They’re a weird…beige colour?”

Scott sighs. “I knew taking that book from Deaton was a bad idea.”

Stiles frowns, realisation dawning on him a second later. Shit. The colour spell from this morning. “It was supposed to enhance my vision, not change it!” he cries. He had taken precautions, goddammit. Sure, it hadn’t been the easiest spell to start with and the book did kind of did state not to perform it alone, but Stiles had been so sure.

Well, fuck.

“Wait, does this mean you really didn’t mean to propose to me?” Derek asks then, his voice suddenly small, nervous.

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Hi!! Sorry to bother :3 but i love your blog!! And i was wandering if you could do the alphabet for Eomer? I feel like he doesn't get as much love as he deserves... :c only if you want to tho!! Again, love your blog and your writing!!! ❤❤❤

Eomer, my babe !! he doesn’t get enough love. Oh Lord the first time I watched Lord of the Rings (I was so young!!) I fell in love with his lovely brown eyes ;) Well this is going to be a pleasure x

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

He would kiss your neck, working his way down your arm until he reached the back of your hand where he would plant one chaste kiss, looking directly into your eyes as he left the bed to go and get you a fresh shirt and a wash cloth. He’s so caring and soft, a complete opposite to how everybody is used to seeing him, brushing the hair from your face as he gently settles himself down beside you, back on your bed as you nestle yourself in his strong arms.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

His favourite body part of his own are his legs. He spends most of his time on his horse, as a rider of Rohan, and his legs have become so toned and muscular they are the envy of most of the cavalry.

His favourite body part of you however are your breasts. He loves the way they look in the dresses you wear, how soft they look when you breath and they press gently against the cloth of your top. But most of all he loves to hold them, and caress them, lightly pinching your nipples when you’re in bed together. He’s constantly amazed by all of you but your breasts mesmerize him.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

He loves cumming inside you, the idea that he could get you pregnant often spurring him on to his finish, the thick pulses of cum deep inside of you soon triggering your own. He cums so hard, and most of the time with such force you can feel the tensing of his abs against you as you both convulse with the powerful pleasure of your orgasms. 

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

(I’m making it a dirty fantasy)

His dirtiest dream, one that he’s even to afraid (and a little ashamed) to tell you, is that he dreams of taking you in the stables. He has a fantasy that you’d be tending you your horse in the stable, and he’d be coming back inside from a ride, and he’d fuck you; up against the stable walls. The image of your head thrown back in pleasure as his body pins you to the wall, hips hammering into you as he sucks marks onto your neck. The filthiness and taboo of it only making his heart race faster; at the idea of the warm but slightly coarse hay acting as a mattress as he holds you, lovingly at that, in his arms while making you cum over and over. Taking you from behind, in every position he can think of, the risk that someone might wander in and see you both, literally rolling about in the hay. Just the thought of it some nights makes him sweat.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s quite experienced. He’s an elegable bachelor and quite attractive at that. Of course he’s had girls throwing themselves at him that he just hasn’t been able to resist. His experience means he knows what not to do, but of course everyone’s different and his first experience with you was a learning curve for you both.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

Taking you from behind, in any way is one of his favourite ways to fuck you, not only does his cock hit deep and sensitive parts in you, but the feel and look of your soft arse bouncing gently against his pelvis has his twitching [NSFW].

He also loves to see you ride him. Seeing your breasts bounce with the combined force of you both pushing against one another, and the way your thighs tense around him is just a feast for his eyes [NSFW].

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

When you first began being intimate he was very serious. Although he loved you he still maintained his strong and fairly stoic persona. He took your pleasure very seriously (he still does) and tried to make sure he did nothing to embarrass himself. Eventually though, you broke down each others barriers and although sex is still very passionate for the both of you, you do make each other smile and its far less tense as it used to be.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

He keeps it fairly trim as he doesn’t like the chaffing unruly hair gives him when he rides his horse. Its roughly the same colour as the hair on his head, only slightly darker as it trails down from his stomach and into his pants.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

90% of the time sex is always in a romantic setting. He approaches you as you’re changing, gently brushing his hand down your arm before kissing your shoulder and murmuring his praise for your warm skin. As quiet and fairly shy as he is with his emotions the praises he whispers into your neck and mouth as you make love would prove that statement false.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

Rarely does he masturbate anymore, not since he started courting you. But even before you, he’d only touch himself when he needed to relax. Settling on his bed, after bathing and changing out of his dirty clothes, he removes his clean shirt and pushes his trousers down to his ankles; freeing his cock and letting it rest against his thigh. He likes to work himself up, gentle tugs of his cock with one hand whilst the other plays with his balls, rolling and massaging them in his palms. When he’s finally rock hard he takes a deep breath before gripping firmly at the base of his cock, strong and sure pumps of his shaft get him releasing heavy breaths before he cums. Hot and thick all over himself, strong pulses of his cum go everywhere, there’s so much as he hardly ever has time for release. Sated and happy he slowly drifts off relaxed on him bed.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He’s got a bit of a kink for foreplay in public places. As much as he has to keep up appearances you both love the thrill and risk that comes with trying to get one another off, or at least turning one another on without anyone noticing. 

When you’re in bed together you did discover that he does love to be called master. You discovered it one evening when you were both relieving some stress, the words slipping from your tongue in the form of a breathy “yes master” when he had ordered you to turn over so he could take you from behind. The effects of said words becoming very evident by the low growl that came from his chest and the pounding you received as a result.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

He’s very protective of you, and he loves to just appreciate you without added stimulants like different locations, so mainly he likes the bedroom. He has however, when you were first in love, ambushed you in various locations inc;  your secret little garden and the top tower of the castle, where you were looking out at the sun setting.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

You always tie your hair back before you go down on him, so now whenever he sees you going about your work with your hair tied back, he can’t help but get aroused at the sight of your bare neck.

Other than that a number of things motivate him to want to fuck you. When you gently massage his shoulders after he’s been out all day hunting orcs, or when he see’s another rider flirting with you, clearly ogling your chest is enough to make his blood boil; for him to stride over there, possessively holding you and staring down the man before guiding you off to your chambers where you have a less than quiet encounter.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He doesn’t like whipping or beating you. The occasional cheeky slap on your bottom he doesn’t mind, but he hates the thought of over dominating you and becoming abusive.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He loves to eat you out, other than actual sex its far his favourite thing to do. He loves the light sighs and whimpers that fall from your lips as he begins to devour you, and watching you finally climax, your chest heaving up and down as you writhe about on the bed when he focuses his hot heavy sucks on your clit. 

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Its always slow sensual and loving, Eomer loving to surround himself in you fully. That is unless he’s stressed, either with his riders or with the council, then he surprises you with rough passionate sex, whisking you off your feet but somehow managing to be both rough and delicate with you at the same time. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Only when he needs some stress relief, and you’re only too happy to help, do quickies ever really happen. He’ll surprise you wherever you may be; embracing you from behind and kissing up the column of your neck until he gets to your ear, where he whispers all the things he wants to do to you, all whilst slowly walking you into a less suspect place; where you can’t be seen or heard.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s all for experimenting, sometimes he’s a little hesitant though as he’d never want to make you feel uncomfortable and pressured. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He’s only a man, he doesn’t have the stamina of an elf say, but he comes close. He’s able to hold off for an extraordinary amount of time before he final cums, and when he does he’ll need about 5 - 10 minutes before he can go again, but then its back to work and he can go for another two rounds before you finally both collapse in a sweaty exhausted pile together.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

You don’t really own any toys. Although he does love when you tie him up sometimes, and when either one of you wears a blindfold. It just adds that extra heightening of senses that make his nipples stiff.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

It isn’t so much that he loves to tease you, its that he loves to see the reactions and sounds you make when he pleasures you. It fascinates him, and makes his heart swell slightly, that he is the one giving you such pleasure. This sometimes results in you begging him to just fuck you already because he’s been teasing these sounds out of you for over an hour now and you can’t take it anymore.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s quite quiet, the only noises he makes quiet gasps and pants mixed in with the occasional “fuck” as you ride him. He gets a bit louder though when he’s closer to his climax, deep grunts and growls that seem to come from the deepest depth of him rumble out as he grips you.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

Once, when playing on of your games of who can get the other off first, you had snuck into the hall and under a table, when he and his family were having dinner and sucked him off. You had started by teasing him, running your hands up and down his legs, making him jump in surprise, before you undid the laces on his trousers and pulled his soft cock out, licking it lightly before gently sucking the head into your mouth. 

His fists were clenched the entire meal, the king asking if he was ok. Luckily no one seemed to suspect anything, even when Eomer came fast and strong into your mouth, as you hummed around his shaft, during the main meal.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

He is Hung!  (well he is a horseman ;) Its about 8″ and thick as fuck, curving up slightly at the tip to rest against his belly when he’s hard.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive is very high, he’d fuck you whenever he could if it weren’t for his job and the fact he has an appearance to keep up.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He falls asleep fairly fast after you’ve done the deed. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and secure in his arms before he does though, wrapping his strong arm around you as you snuggle in to his side.

anonymous asked:

Imagine a few of the class 1-A kids are talking abt random topics and they all start talking about eye color. Someone (probs mina or something) asks who has the prettiest eyes in the class. they all look at eachother for a moment, nod, and they all respond with 'Todoroki' at the same time

to be fair shouto has the advantage of having two eye colours, but even then they’re super beautiful like. god. 

when tddk start dating izuku finds himself staring at shouto’s eyes a lot. they change hues under different lighting conditions???it’s like looking through a kaleidoscope sometimes. shouto notices izuku’s excessive staring n becomes a lil self conscious, especially about his blue eye ((since he got that eye colour from his dad)), but izuku’s like stfu ur beautiful.

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Can you do a Zach imagine where his gf(that doesn't go to the same school as him)plays futbal (soccer)& she has a game against his school on their field?& well he's in the stands cheering her on she takes & hit from the other team well trying to make a goal, getting knocked down & hurt in the process & he loses his shit running over to her ect(even tho he's not suppose to) b/c common soccer is a rough sport 😂🤕⚽

Good Luck Kiss

Zach Dempsey x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, 3 am grammar mistakes

Words: 920ish

A/N: It’s right now 3 am and I just scrolled through my inbox; finding this. And I fell in love with this request cuz damn, I can’t stop imagining Zach exactly doing this. But please let me excuse my grammar mistakes (again) it took me roughly 20 minutes to write this and I wanna include the fact that it’s 3 AM & 3 Am is not a time to be awake for me. So please have mercy on me!xx


“Zach, what are you doing in here?”, I screeched while covering my half naked body with the jersey that I was about to put on when I saw my boyfriend entering the girls’ locker room while carefully checking if anyone else was in here changing.

He turned to his left, to see my small figure standing there with a maroon coloured jersey knitted in my hands and covering my chest as he slowly walked towards me, wearing his cheeky smile on his lips.

“What the hell are you doing in here?”, I questioned him while turning my back on him so I can change into the freshly washed T-shirt I had to wear during the match to support my school.

Zach leaned against one of the randomly standing lockers and shrugged his shoulders at my answer, still smiling at me like he was planning on something wicked. I narrowed my eyes at him as I sat down on the bench and supported one leg on the bench while I tied my shoe laces, waiting for him to finally say something.

“I’m just here to give you a good-luck-kiss.”, I looked up from my shoes, seeing him itching his neck in uneasiness and worry.

Since last week Monday, Zach tried to stop me from going to my soccer practice so I can’t attend today’s match against his school with no further explanation.

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what do you think all of their bedrooms look like? which ones are messy and which are tidy? what kinds of themes (if any) would they have? do they like decorations? does pidge just have tech EVERYWHERE and keith just doesn't know how to decorate but he has something similar to his conspiracy board back home?? lance has pictures of beaches and things that remind him of earth? i'm curious about coran's room too does he even have one what is he

okay listen up have i got a wall of text for you

  • shiro’s room is i m m a c u l a t e
    • that shit is cleaner than a hospital alright lemme tell you
    • when he gets in a cleaning mood he’s literally that one video of that person throwing clothes around screaming about cleaning
      • you know the one
    • he has a nightlight and he can’t sleep without it very well
    • the walls are empty except for like a couple of storage shelves with like two things on them each
    • he has a framed photo of all the paladins right by his bed and he looks at it when he has nightmares
    • the floors are white carpet, and the room has pale grey walls with lots of light
      • as far from galra appearance as he can get
  • keith has an unexpectedly average room
    • you’d kind of expect that he’d have like edgy MCR posters all over the place with black walls and a black floor you know the works
    • it’s surprisingly bright and airy and there’s a big window taking up the whole wall
    • he has those fancy sheer curtains and his room is obviously lived in but kind of still detached
      • he has a couple of small knick knacks here and there but nothing of super permanence
    • the conspiracy board is no longer used for conspiracies - he gave it to lance
    • don’t tell me he wouldn’t have a special wall mount specifically for his knife because he would
  • lance’s room goes through phases
    • it’s either drowning in clothes or relatively organised
    • his wardrobe is the neatest part of his room - everything is colour-coded, folded neatly, stacked perfectly
      • boy loves his clothes man
    • he enlisted everyone to help paint a wall in his room with whatever they wanted and it’s like an event now - once every couple of months they repaint lance’s wall
    • after keith gave him the conspiracy board he started gathering mementos and small bits and pieces from everywhere he visited
      • the center has a photo of his family that pidge helped him print
  • stepping into hunk’s room is like getting a hug
    • he slathered the walls in yellow paint as soon as he got the chance
      • “wow hunk now your room is as sunny as you”
    • he’s always got at least one or two candles lit and blows them out only when he’s sleeping
      • scents like chamomile, lavender, etc.
    • the lights are all warm, yellow, sunny lights instead of the blue of the castle
      • he totally programmed it himself
    • he would have a dreamcatcher over his bed
    • somehow his room always smells a bit of coffee and chocolate
  • pidge’s room is a fucking warzone
    • tech all over the place
    • empty chip packs and snack boxed littered everywhere
      • shiro stepped in there once and almost died
    • a serial cup hoarder - if you can’t find a cup 99.95% they’re all in pidge’s room
    • glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that are surprisingly accurate and make a couple of pidge’s favourite constellations
    • has like one lamp and room is basically in perpetual darkness
      • partially because they just rely on laptop light
        • also to hide all the rubbish
  • allura’s room is the living embodiment of Aesthetic™
    • she’d have fairy lights, a four-poster bed, the works
    • fluffy rugs and bed drapes
    • probably has a small mini-bed and such for the mice
    • literally the fluffiest, plushest bed ever
      • lance is convinced it’s made out of literal dreams
    • neat and very minimalist overall with decoration - lots of soft pastels
  • coran repurposed a small store-room as his own
    • bits and bobs everywhere
    • organised chaos - unlike pidge, he can find everything
    • shelves upon shelves
    • a really comfy armchair is his staple, and he’ll just fall asleep on that instead of his bed
B.A.P as Tumblr users
  • Yongguk: Minimalist monochrome vintage blog. No tags. Simple url (that he managed to somehow get? without extra letters or underscores?), all gifs slowed down, every time something bad happens he goes looking for the most up-to-date and well-sourced post about it and reblogs it as well as any crowdfunding. reblogs people's gofundme's/paypals etc and throws whatever he can afford their way. answers asks privately unless its an anon in which case he's very vague, really hilarious in the PM's though. simple theme. Links to his soundcloud.
  • Himchan: High-quality aesthetic photography of cities, old buildings, fashion, cars, watches, jewellery, etc. Really relatable adult humour posts. Daily selfie. Reblogs some music or sheet music then a week later has a guitar/piano cover. Always reblogs other people's selfies. Gifsets from sitcoms and emotional movies. cool url but had to use numbers or - to get it. hilarious responses to asks or @'s, always posts never private (unless requested), hilarious in PM's. fancy theme. has a cool cursor he keeps changing because he can't decide on a good enough sparkly one. Organised tagging system.
  • Daehyun: Mash of food, dogs, good-vibes pics etc. Lots of funny videos and gifsets. basic url that probably has his name in it. Has really ott tags like AHAHAH OMFG SHFHSFKJSJK IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY, MEEEEEEE, SAAME!!!!!!!!, LMAOOO LOOK AT THIS!!!!!. @'s everyone in funny posts, as well has has a tag for each friend on his blog for them to check and get the Good Content. Lots of text posts of him talking about stuff that happened or thoughts he's had. Always answering asks or getting in long chain-post conversations, has a nickname for his anons, blows up friends PM's with funny things they need to see RIGHT NOW. Colourful theme he keeps changing with each season or depending on his mood at the time. Has had a few urls depending on his current obsession or in-joke. has a positivity side-blog for inspirational and motivational posts and fun songs.
  • Youngjae: Big pictures theme with small text. Mostly his photography as well as other photography that inspires him, but he can't help going on spams of tv shows or a band hes listening to at the time. reblogs the good memes. has a "WE DONT TALK ABOUT THAT" phase on his blog in like 2011 when he had a bad url and a bad theme and was into some bad content (probably shitty anime). still has a bad url now. Can't help reblogging pretty naruto fanart. tags his friends in posts but usually to make fun of them. often dealing with angry anons and snarks at them with accompanying memes, PM's only to ask "what the fuck did you just reblog?". has made a few viral textposts that were probably anime shitposts. some pastel wholesome goodness. has a secret side-blog for his anime and gaming spams. messy tagging system.
  • Jongup: Shitpost hell. Ugly theme, uglier url. next level mass memeage. spams anime, games, comics, cartoons, movies etc in no apparent order or consistency. bird posts. up to date on every fresh meme. has a few viral posts he hates more than anything because theyre pre-2014. gets really weird anons and replies weirdly. never PM's. tagging system is long forgotten, now entirely ????? !!!!! or ......., alternatively just tags 'me' or a friends name. refers to tumblr as tumblr dot hell. literally hates this hell site. wants to quit but cant. has a bunch of forgotten, abandoned side-blogs because he's given up on keeping his main intact and just made it a mesh of whatever he felt like. remembers every layout tumblr has ever had.
  • Junhong: A nice theme he keeps tweaking because he can't decide exactly what he wants. url is probably byzelo. tries to balance anime, games, movies, tv and music in a visually appealing way. doesn't care much about textposts and will reblog memes and shitposts and whatever else he can find. reblogs loads of posts about any disaster or event thats happened even if theyre uninformed or even wrong, just so he's read everything. went through a phase of bad sjw-ing and now is calmer and reblogs more informed stuff. Tagging system just for his own reference and to cover anything that might distress people. really playful ask responses but really shy in PM's. aggressively optimistic about the state the entire site is in.