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Sam is done. SO DONE.

Ok so like, hear me out for a sec, or don’t that’s fine too. 

Persona 5 was a good game, fun game play, good plot, a few twists here and there. But here’s something that bugged me, Ryuji’s social link. 

Overall it’s an ok social link, all buddy buddy with him helping the track team and he and the protagonist becoming super bff’s. But it felt really lack luster compared to the rest of the routes, almost kinda like the generic best friend route, where the best friend overcomes his personal issues and accepts himself for himself. 

Which is fine, except when he spouts a certain line near the end of the game, (Spoilers, from here on out) 

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This is hard, Anon. I mean, I think Kacchan growing up, he wouldn’t change so much physically. Maybe grow taller I guess. He already has a great body lol and his hairstyle is really hopeless… plus his costume also has a great design. It’s quite hard to top that haha

However, I think most of his growth would be for his personality. Unlike some of us fans think, it never did seem to me that Kacchan would even consider becoming a villain. So, growing up, he’ll mature and learn how to become an actual Hero with aligned morals and vastly improved cooperation skills.

By the way I got some fun fact for manga readers at the end of the tags. (might be considered spoilers for anime watchers only)



gay content ;0 Junithena is always a favourite for me and I know I have this url but Kay and Ema is my other favourite Ema pairing (I tried to look for fics about them a while ago and couldn’t find any ;_;) and I thought I should finally post one of my sketches of these lovely “gal pals” haha~ <333

Am I the only one who cries whenever I read a Megstiel Meta?

I mean seriously… They haven’t seen each other’s faces, only their ‘souls’. Demons in their true form had always been described as hideous, scary, etc. and Angels tend to be very overwhelming, bright and just glorious and that didn’t stop Meg and Cas from connecting.

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'Unicorn’ and 'Clarence’- two things that Meg called Cas. The first pertains to a person you 'almost’ had. The second was in reference to an angel who showed someone else what life means.

'All that thorny pain. So beautiful.’ - This may be crazy Cas talking but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. As I mentioned above, they see each other’s true form and yet, Cas saw that she was indeed beautiful.

'It was a good memory.’ -Cas about the 'I learned that from the pizza man’ kiss. Do I even have to explain this?

Lastly, everyone clearly saw there was something between them– even Crowley. They were the 'almost’ lovers, 'almost’ allies, whatever you wanna call it– and they didn’t even have a proper goodbye.

Castiel still remembers her, I believe. He used the name 'Clarence’ when he became human. Also note the amused look on Sam’s face when he said “That’s what Meg used to call him.”

So there you go. I’ll just go sit in a corner and cry my eyes out. Bye.