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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Don’t let anyone discourage you with statements like “Do you really think you’ll still identify as that when you’re an adult?”. 

Because it doesn’t matter. At all. And here’s why: 

1. There are plenty of lgbt+ adults (and even lgbt+ elderly people!) in the world (If you don’t know any: Hello, it’s me! I’m certainly way too old to be “a confused teenager” or “going through a phase due to puberty hormones” or any of that crap). The idea that people stop being lgbt+ once they’re mature is one that just doesn’t ring true in the real world. 

2. You’ll no doubt learn more about yourself as you grow older. When i was 15, I identified as lesbian because i had a crush on a female singer. I do in fact not identify as that anymore - I learned more about the different labels (and more about myself!) and realized that pan fits me better. Does that mean i went through a “lesbian phase”/am a fake/am a liar? Nope. Now i have a label that fits me perfectly and a really big crush on the woman i date and plan to marry her. You may change the exact label you identify with - and that’s okay!  

3. You deserve to be able to express how you feel right now. So what if it changes one day? What if it is indeed a phase? Then you are still allowed to use a label that feels right right now.  You’re allowed to go through phases. You’re allowed to explore and experiment and discover and try out and play around with your identity. Even if it is a phase, it’ll not ruin your life: You’ll just learn more about yourself. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Asgardian Gothic
  • The walls are made of gold. The curtains are also gold, and the doors. You wonder if the men in golden armor are becoming part of the palace, or if they came from it.
  • There are broken pumpkins and shattered glass on the floor, and melted gold running down the walls. You glare at the person who irritated the older prince.
  • There are no explosions in the distance. Why?
  • Chains are rattling. You carry on feasting, throwing glasses so the smashing will cover the noise.
  • Ravens perch in the bedroom, cawing. They are adding important information to the conversation.
  • Sometimes two people saw the queen at the same time, in different rooms. It was always good to see her.
  • The younger prince has died again. It’s the second time, or maybe the third. It doesn’t matter. He’ll be in prison again soon.
  • The end of the world is coming. No, says the lore-knower. The end of all the worlds is coming. 
Happier || Joe Sugg

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A/N: okay so this isnt the greatest thing in the world, but i suck at song fics and really hope that this was okay. (i guess it’s a lil sad so you have been warned!!) enjoy!!xo


There’s this one poem, or extract, you may call it, that I found on tumblr after attempting to drown myself in the anonymous world of the internet. Twitter is too wild at the moment, I have people tweeting me about you ever minute of the day, trying to get me to tell them what happened, like just because we’re not dating anymore that your privacy doesn’t matter to me anymore.

I actually deleted the app for a while, but then I missed something about the latest release of KUWTK and regretted everything. I mean, I could maybe just blacklist your name, but I guess a small part of me still wants to see those tweets, because without them, I begin to feel like this whole thing has been one horrible dream.

You know, even though you’ll never see this, because I can assure you that I’ll burn this piece of paper the moment I’m finished with this letter, my heart is beating in my chest as if I’m saying all of this to your face. I could never, I wouldn’t have the guts.

I’ve never been one to write letters, or write anything, really, but there’s really nobody else i can talk to about this. My friends, they don’t understand, they constantly reassure me that one day I’ll be just as happy as you look like you are, and I may smile, and nod along, but deep down, I know that I’ll always be happier with you.

I saw you, the other day, on my way home from work. You were laughing, and you had your arm around a girls waist. She was really pretty. Prettier than me.

I guess it’s been a month since I broke up with you, since I lied to your face and gave you a whole handful of fake reasons why we’d be better off apart. I know just how much i hurt you, I saw it on your face, and I swear I almost went back on myself. I’m a hypocrite, Joe, a hypocrite who constantly overanalyzes everything. You were getting so busy, you had so much going on that I felt like you didn’t have room in your life for me.

I spent so much time just avoiding everything to do with you, constantly reassuring myself that without me, you’d be free, you would no longer be tied down to me. I hoped you’d be happier, but when I saw you with her, your smiles wider than ours had ever been, I started to think that maybe I wanted you to be happier alone.

You’re moving on, and that’s okay, because god, you look so happy Joe, and my friends, they’re all telling me that one day I’ll be just as happy as you. I don’t think they understand how much worse that makes me feel about this whole thing.

But my darling, I’m so in love with you. In love with the way your cheeks dimple when you smile, in love with the way you clench your fists whenever you laugh especially hard. In love with your eyes, and how they sparkle under the light of the moon, in love with your hands, and how they fit oh so perfectly into mine.

I think now, I understand how much I hurt you. But back then, when I’d convinced myself that I was doing the right thing for the both of us. God was I wrong.

Everything I see reminds me of you, and I don’t think I’ve stopped crying for these past two weeks. Everything crashed down on me alln at once, but by then you had her in your arms, and you just looked so much happier.

A part of me knew that one day you’d have to fall for someone new, someone who wasn’t me. But seeing you with her, it made my whole exterior crumble.

I saw you at Darcy’s birthday party, but I didn’t let you see me. I think Louise understood, because she helped me avoid you, even though she tried to talk me into saying ‘hi’ to you; but I couldn’t.

I’ll keep smiling and hiding the truth, and I’ll continue trying to convince everyone that I’m okay, but the truth is, I’m not okay. I’m still in love with you, more in love than I ever have been.

I made a mistake, Joe, but I think it’s too late to fix it now.

One day, when she hurts you, just like I did, I’ll still be here. Right now, I’m doubting that I ever won’t be here, loving you with my heart and trying so hard not too. I feel like such a hypocrite for saying that, that ‘when she hurts you’ thing, because I probably hurt you more than anyone else ever could, but i can’t help it.

The poem, the one that I told you about at the beginning of this letter thing, it was one by Atticus, and i’m not one hundred percent sure who he is, or what he does, or where he or she came from, but it’s been the only thing keeping me from calling you up and spilling my heart out to you.

[    The funny thing about chasing the past, 

     is that most people wouldn’t know

     what to do with it

     if they caught it     ]

I guess I should be glad that you’re not miserable, that maybe I didn’t hurt you as much as I initially thought I did.

I just can’t bring myself to accept the fact that you’re not mine anymore, even though I lost you of my own accord. I’ve admitted to myself that I’m a selfish person, a selfish person who doesn’t think things through before doing them.

Joe, I’ll never be as happy as I was with you. But baby, you look happier, you really do. But when she breaks your heart, inevitably, I’ll be waiting here for you.

Maybe this’ll be the last time I say it, but I love you, Joe, with my whole heart.

I’m sorry.

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Sad but sweet Bucky coming your way. So after he loses his arm and comes out of Cryo, you're there to help him back into the real world. He gets frustrated from only having one arm, even still reaching for things with what's left of the arm before he realizes. One day, you're sitting with him, trying to help him cope. You both have had such feelings for each other, but he suddenly expressed how he's not a "whole man" without his left arm. (Cont)

With a soft frown, you straddle his lap and start kissing over his neck, telling him everything you love about him. How it doesn’t matter that he’s missing an arm, because he’s all you’ve wanted and more. You start to grind on him, seeing his dismay when he goes to flip you and he falters. “Let me do all the work, baby,” you say, looking into his deep blues before showing him that he’s still as much of a man, even more. (End)

I need to write something like this, so soft and pure - Gen 

Moaning Monday™

*Mr. World whistling Tech Boy in*
*Tech Boy doesn’t come in*
*whistles again*
“is he still sulking?”
*Media sighs*
*Mr. World whistles once again*

I mean… the thought of them being his parents makes me so nauseous considering how abusive they are towards him, both of them knock him around a lot (and no matter who the kid is, all powerful technology god and shithead or not, I really hate abusive parents) but oh my fucking god their interactions in this episode are so very much “two parents frustrated with their bratty son” and “son is embarrassed and confused by his overbearing parents’ because-I-said-so logic”

I’m so torn on whether I like the theory or not just because I deeply, deeply hate dynamics where the older, parental figures physically and or verbally abuse the younger kid figure no matter how much the little shit does need a slap

side note: I like the little references to the book with Technical Boy questioning Mr. World’s logic, he did that in the book too and did not end well for him and considering what we’re told about how Tech Boy’s brain works it makes sense for him to call out all this random illogical stuff when Media doesn’t

Shipcanon for @alexahood21

You deserve only the best, Alexa. Which is why I ship you with Pete Dunne. He’s “snuggling in under a blanket when the power goes out, watching the lightning flash through the curtains” and “making snow angels on a Tuesday morning, just because,” personified. You’ve got the knight in shining armor who’s your loyal protector, who also is your best friend because any secret you tell him he will keep and he doesn’t forget any plans you two have made. Doesn’t matter if he’s half the world away- he will always call you to talk before you fall asleep and when he’s home? He’s all about hugs and holding hands and cute kisses while on walks.

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okay but real talk i can’t even begin to explain to you how often i am just fucked up by the fact that jack goes from a guy who’s just trying to do the right thing, who really believes in the good in the world, who wants to see the world achieve piece, to a hardened vigilante alcoholic who can’t even look himself in the mirror, who would kill his younger self the second he got the chance, who doesn’t see the peace in the world or the good and doesn’t fight for it anymore. he gave 30 years of his life to the world, and in a matter of minutes, they turned on him and destroyed him

“What…what is that?” Blaine asks. He’s sure he has it figured out, but he’s waiting for Kurt to tell him. Blaine knows Kurt’s been looking for a way to get Blaine on land, to transform his fins into legs, or something, anything so that they can be together, if only for a little while. This magical potion is it. Blaine feels it in his gut. It has to be. Blaine’s heart thuds harder just thinking about it. The world outside his ocean scares him. It always has. Old fish tales of the frightening things land folk do to sea creatures have haunted him since his childhood. But it doesn’t matter. He’ll stand up to that fear, overcome it, if he gets to spend time with Kurt – hold him, walk with him, maybe even sleep beside him. It’s been his dream ever since they met. He prays this flask of liquid in Kurt’s hand, breathing in the sea air and holding on to the sunlight as it continues to fade into the water, will be the key to making his dream real.

“It’s a potion,” Kurt says.

“And,” Blaine says, slowly reaching out his hands for it, “am I supposed to drink it?”

Kurt looks at his boyfriend, at his hopeful, expectant expression, and smiles.

“No,” Kurt says. “It’s for me.”

Blaine stops reaching, his arms retreating to his sides beneath the water, confused, and a little bit hurt. Kurt didn’t make a potion for Blaine to come up on land? The one thing they talked about? The thing they both wanted?

Then, what was it for?

“I don’t understand,” Blaine says, looking from the red liquid glowing in the flask, to the setting sun, and then to the rock Kurt’s sitting on, the tide rising around him, the persistent ocean water blocking their view of the shore. Blaine didn’t realize before how far Kurt had swum out to meet him. With the water rising higher, the waves getting stronger, Kurt won’t make it back to the beach in time if…

“Oh my…Kurt!” Blaine shakes his head, his face fraught with worry. “But you…your legs…I can’t let you…”

“You said you’d do it for me,” Kurt argues. “Even though you’re scared to death of coming up on land, you’d do it to be with me. How is this any different?”

Blaine can’t stop shaking his head. He feels like he should talk Kurt out of it, but his heart is swelling with joy.


“I want to be with you, Blaine,” Kurt says. “And according to the book, the spell’s not permanent. But, we’ll get the weekend together. Three full days if we’re lucky.”

“Kurt, I” – Blaine drifts closer to the rock, holding out a hand to help Kurt as he climbs down into the water – “I don’t know what to say.”

“I do,” Kurt says, holding the flask aloft to keep it out of the reach of the water. “Bottoms up.”

No V - YOU missed the whole point. I know that white ppl are privileged and that has to stop as soon as possible - thats the most important thing. I was just complaining that in the last 1-2 years the internet uses “white straight men” as an insult and that’s annoying and not the way to go.

You are all for Black lives matter - PERFECT! You are wonderful, do it without putting other races down. You are for the LGBT movement? Yes queen  - do it without putting straight and cis people down. You are a feminist? BEAUTIFUL SO AM I - do it without saying that woman are better than man. The world isn’t black and white (no pun intended …) just because something is right and more important (the whole black lives matter movement is A LOT MORE important than people using white and straight and male as insults - I get that!) … that doesn’t mean that small and less important things don’t deserve a change as well.

I’m white, I’m a feminist, I’m queer, I’m out and proud and I do not take anyones bullshit … and I’m tired of blogs using “white straight male” as an insult … they can be woke and awesome people and that 2017 isn’t giving them a chance to prove this - WITHOUT USING THEIR HERITAGE AND SEXUALITY AS AN INSULT - is simply wrong and immature and not the right way to show that the Black Lives / LGBT+ / Feminsm movements are the right way in the right direction. 


it’s funny because you’re a WHITE person and therefore speaking from a space of privilege when it comes to race and ethnicity. frankly, i think white people should shut the fuck up when it comes to black people/people of colour. y’all have been dictating for far too long how WE should go about things when you will NEVER understand. i get what you’re saying, but stop dictating how a black person or a poc should feel or should react. it’s what white people have been doing for centuries and continue to do. we’re allowed to feel the way we want to without you criticising us and getting offended. lmao.


Becky Marie why the fuck are you still in my inbox? Cry your white tears elsewhere. You’re the definition of a white feminist. “Yeah black lives matter totally matter!!” But when a black person disagrees with your opinion? “NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME NIGGER IM A PROUD MAYO JAR AND I DONT TAKE BULLSHIT”


salvador sobral: *tries to pass an important message about helping refugees but isn’t allowed to bc it’s too political*

salvador sobral: *thanks his sister and the composer luis figueiredo for making the song, giving them all the credit*

salvador sobral: *can’t get excited during the voting bc of his heart condition but when his sister is singing on stage he flails adorably at her performance*

salvador sobral: *during the press conference always refers to THE SONG WINNING - NOT HIMSELF bc that’s it’s the song that really matters*

salvador sobral: *doesn’t consider himself a national hero, he just wants to sing and live a peaceful life, he just hopes the song can make a change*

salvador sobral: *makes a slightly bad worded speech directing at ALL POP MUSIC, and NOT just for Eurovision competitors*

amar pelo dois: *a song with no specified gender, no specified sexuality, just the simplicity and strength of emotions conveyed in song can be applied to almost anyone over the world if you empathize with it, uniting people with a language that not the majority of the world knows about*

tumblr salty people: dude this guy is an arrogant shit saying he’s better than everyone what does he know about eurovision it’s supposed to be glamorous and full of glitter how straight is this guy with his incestuous boring duet ballad that puts anyone to sleep

me: ……….

Calling All Witchy Writers.

It’s getting harder and harder to connect with witches who are also writers. It is so, so important for us all to band together and form a helpful community where we can all celebrate each others’ works and give advice.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been published on Witches & Pagans, posted fanfiction online, or have written in a journal you only keep to yourself. If you’re a witch who writes, I want to hear from you. 

Use #witchywriters to connect to each other on Tumblr and Instagram.

This hashtag is hardly ever used, so we might as well take advantage of that. And of course, reblog this to boost the word.

I want to connect! Make more friends! Read more work! Change the world one witchy writer at a time!! 

imanmeskiniRamadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the month of fasting! This means that we don’t eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset everyday for a whole month. It is a month where it doesn’t matter where in the world you live or how rich or poor you are, the rules are the same for everyone! It’s about getting to know yourself better, and test your patience. It’s about getting a feeling of how people without food live every single day, and it’s about being grateful that you can come home to a dinner every evening, when so many people can’t… It’s a month where it’s time to feed your soul and not your stomach! 🌸💕🙏🏾 So Ramadan Kareem everyone and may we all become the best versions of ourselves ❤️

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So I get it what happened was scary but he's in mexico which is so far away from the UK I feel like he's taking this way too personally considering the chances of anything happening to him are basically at zero. He should have taken this time to bring positivity not to cry the entire time and rush through songs or he should have just cancelled.

It doesn’t matter that he is in Mexico and the attack happened in the UK. People naturally are going to be fearful for a while. I’m not sure if Harry actually is afraid for his safety right now, I would hope not. But just like what happened with Christina Grimmie, people are going to be on edge and thinking about what might be coming next. You can’t blame Harry for that.

If Harry is emotional after a tragedy, let him be emotional. He, like many people from the UK and around the world, are still mourning. He has worked personally with Ariana and given her a song before. A lot of her fans are also fans of the boys. We already know one of the girls that has passed away was a huge fan of louis especially. Manchester is where Harry grew up because it was so close to Cheshire and that’s where people his age could go see concerts and hang out. Harry and the boys have played shows in Manchester. Manchester and the fans there mean a lot to him.

There are so many reasons Harry can be taking this especially hard, and for you to tell him how you think he should be acting is so ridiculous. He tried his best to bring positivity by saying be a lover. He tried to bring positivity by doing a show where all proceeds go to charity. He tried to bring positivity by singing his songs and performing even when he would probably rather be home with his family.

And it’s funny that you say he should have cancelled because I know if he did, people like you would be down his throat for it. Talking about how he’s selfish and the show was or charity and he should have just done the show anyway. Harry did his best tonight and put as much emotion and love into the show as he possibly could have and honestly fuck you for trying to twist this into something negative where Harry didn’t do a good enough job.

tl;dr Harry tried his best which was more than anyone should be asking for right now and we should be grateful he is safe and able to still do shows where donations are made to charity. Harry has such a big heart, I’m sorry you don’t understand that concept.

BIGBANG and GOT7 won “Best Worldwide Act” at the MTV EMAs and Super Junior and EXO where nominated for the same award before. BIGBANG were nominated for a Kids Choice Award. Now BTS were nominated and won a Billboard Music Award. Stop saying that KPOP need Western approval, or recognition in the West. No they don’t. They never will. They are popular in their own country and have tons of worldwide fans and are able to do so much, such as world tours, fan meets, traveling to countries they probably never thought of visiting. They are breaking down barriers that was set up from the past and are doing what any other musician would do, work hard to achieve their dreams. Wither a group wins an award, get nominated for one, or don’t, having someone in the KPOP industry being able to achieve things like this, is a step forward in a new direction. Doesn’t matter if you like the group who gets nominated or wins the award, show love that they are able to do that for future artist.

Your party of would-be vampire hunters soon realizes that there’s not really such a thing as “a vampire”. Every region of the world has its own unique form of the undead, and what works against one doesn’t work for another. The word “vampire” is only a result of poor research and lazy translation. In fact, the only consistent thing these beings have in common is that, in every part of the world, no matter the local language, they sound like terrible Bela Lugosi impressions.

10 Ways to Find Inspiration:

1.  Walk down to your favorite cafe.  Look and listen to the world around you, and let your mind wander.  You’ll be surprised at the ideas that start to flow.

2.  Go to a quiet coffee place, restaurant, or library, and read a chapter of a really good book.  Not necessarily a “classic” or something pretentiously intellectual, but something you enjoy reading and like something you’d want to produce.  

For example:  when I was working on my urban fantasy novel, I read a lot of Good Omens and American Gods.

3.  Be sure to listen to music – it doesn’t matter what – that makes you feel passionate or emotional, particularly in regards to something you want to write.  When I’m writing a scene that’s fast or angry, like a fight scene or a confrontation, I’ll listen to a lot of punk rock and heavy metal, like Disturbed or Metallica, or if I’m writing something upbeat I’ll channel my inner Star Lord and listen to some upbeat 80s music.  Basically, listen to music that matches the mood of what you’re trying to write.

4.  This is going to sound painfully cliche, but keep a notebook.  I would frequently write down ideas during boring lectures (though for the sake of your GPA, you may not want to follow my example), as well as jot down the oddly specific sentences that popped into my head.  Sure enough, some of them strung together to create coherent stories.  They’re also lots of fun for doodling.

5.  Try to keep a clean working environment.  Personally, my brain is easily sidetracked by clutter, and will procrastinate what I actually need to do by cleaning off my desk or re-organizing my pencil drawer.  Try to get this done ahead of time.   

6.  If possible, don’t work at home.  My house is full of distractions, and I just feel fresher once I’m outside.  

7.  Seriously, cafes are the best.  You won’t feel isolated, but there’s usually not too many people you know to provide a distraction.  Couple this with a pleasant atmosphere and caffeinated beverages, and you’ve got an ideal writing environment.

Find a cute, cozy cafe and make it your sanctuary.

8.  Don’t edit until you’re completely done.  Writers are infamously hard on themselves, nothing is as discouraging as seeing how clumsy and disjointed your first draft appears.  Rewrite and revise afterwards, but in the meantime, keep moving forwards. 

9.  Write every day, even if you aren’t necessarily feeling it.  It might not seem like it helps, but it does, and your skills will improve exponentially.  

As Barbara Kingsolver wrote, “Don’t wait for the muse.  She has a lousy work ethic.  Writers just write.”   

10.  Conversely, if nothing’s working for you and you’re feeling frustrated, just give yourself a break.  It could just mean your creativity is in hibernation mode, which is 100% normal and okay.  Inspiration will strike again, so go about your business and be kind to yourself.