it doesn not matter it is not of this world

hey remember when tony was held at gunpoint while zip-tied to a bed and he still worried about the plastic watch that belonged to “his (nine-year-old) friend’s sister”

remember when he made peter parker a spider-themed nightlight to go with his webshooter just because

remember when he was triggered by wanda but looking after clint was his primary concern during the trip back home from that mission. then remember how when other team members went through the same thing, his priority was taking them to a safehouse where they could recover

remember when in the middle of a world crisis, tony had no problem helping a pregnant laura barton with home chores like log chopping and fixing the family tractor

remember how much it mattered to him that pepper would enjoy her christmas gift

remember how he keeps fanmail from kids lying around the house

remember how he doesn’t just thoughtlessly sign kids’ drawings, he leaves little speech bubbles on the characters drawn, customized with the kid’s name

remember how he found time to buy harley a lot of candy

remember how he’s had the same slow bots since his MIT days, and has apparently never had the heart to upgrade them or rid them of their imperfections

remember how he had a model airplane collection and WII in his workshop. remember how he keeps the vintage car his father used to tinker with, according to the picture he also keeps in the shop? remember how that car is his screen saver. remember how his main systems keyboard is made out of a symbolic language he compiled and shares with JARVIS alone

remember how tony named JARVIS after his childhood butler, and created a whole other AI who reminded him of pepper? remember how he coded peter an AI that was invested in the kid’s emotional well being

remember how tony arrived from captivity and the first thing he did was get an american cheese burger? remember how he sat down beneath the podium during a press conference and turned to obadiah stane and told him that it was good to see him

remember that fundamental naïveté underlying everything he’s always done, from “tony stark wants to save the world” to “these are my guns, how did they get my guns?” and “they told me ‘here’s the line, we don’t cross it, and this is how we do business’”

remember how tony thinks that being a superhero would be “outlandish and… fantastic” but he doesn’t think he’s the type and all the way to homecoming he’s looking at a younger hero and vocally wishing he’d be better than him

remember how he’s been trying to use his own struggle with grief and trauma to find solutions that should benefit others as well. remember how he’s explicitly trying to break the cycle of abuse his father started

this post doesn’t have a point or a pattern and it most certainly doesn’t have a satisfactory ending bc it could literally just keep going forever, i just wanted to remind us all of what a Great Dude the fave is

What I love about PlayStation is the undying effort they put into their Single Player games in world dominated by Multiplayer. They provide so many games to choose from. And it doesn’t matter if the franchise isn’t popular like Gravity Rush, any fans at all are what matter. That means a lot to me. 

Louis is nobody’s accessory. Louis does music because he has something to say and not for the sake of doing an album. Louis has to express who he truly is through his music, because he refuses to leave this world with a legacy he didn’t choose. We are what we leave behind and Louis refused to let other people determine who he is. 

Also like it or not Louis is talented. He is amazing. Ha has fans. 100 or 100.000 or 25million it doesn’t matter, he touches people with his voice and his ability to convey emotions through poetry and wonderful melodies. 

I’ve been wanting to scream this from the rooftops for days but I’ve been too scared until right now.

On Thursday I broke away from my abuser and after standing up for myself, being physically assaulted for doing so, and spending the weekend afraid to leave my home, I just want to say that I am free.

It doesn’t matter that my abuser was my mother. No one is allowed to treat me the way I have been treated for the last 23 years.

The recovery has only just begun, but I am already stronger for it, and even if I have to keep on fighting, there is nothing that will make me return to being treated less than human.

For anyone afraid… it took me 23 years, knowing at 5 that I would have to wait to be safe, for me to get away, but you can do it too. One day, you will have the support to get away.


same. and it’s so funny to imagine that /no matter what’s happening/ she /doesn’t swear/ and it’s just stoic silence. But not because she’s badass (which she is) but because she used to say stuff like ‘darn’  when the situation definitely merited a 'fuck!’ and the team thought it was hilarious/adorable so she stopped saying anything at all

LMAO YES THATS SO ADORABLE. the first time havoc said “aw” about her she gave him the worlds harshest glare. and roy was like “well if youre gonna do something cute you cant blame him for noticing”

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The point is you came up on a post discussing how in light of how poorly these white women treated black people, the discomfort of their beauty rituals is nothing, and in hindsight, as a member of the oppressed, it's not sympathetic. You inappropriately defended the white women. And instead of listening to the oppressed, u keep defending white women. Yes, we're all humans, but in a world that doesn't treat us that way, it's naive and offensive for u to oversimplify it like that.

im saying that reducing those experiences to “discomfort” is fucked up, because of aforementioned massive health problems caused by those rituals. that matters. its significant

Hello :) I’m Emily, and I’m looking for an internet friend ! Just anyone tbh, gender or sexuality doesn’t matter BUT JUST PM BCS IM LONELY AND TOO AWKWARD TO TALK TO PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD.
So here’s a list of shit I like:
Swing and French jazz :)
Bill Skårsgard
Frank Sinatra
Classic cars
Goth girls
All yo basic emo bands
Bill Skårsgard
Bill Skårsgard
Decklan Mckenna
Supernatural :):)

I’m 13 so looking to talk to someone under 15,, pm me if ya want to get in touch my tumblr is,, @allthecyanidey0udrink

Thesis: People hate social media and the concept of internet friends because it breaks through societal control of social interactions. White kids who live in towns that are 98% white aren’t supposed to have black or brown friends. Teenagers aren’t supposed to know 15 other kids their age who are LGBT, lest they question their own gender and/or sexuality. There are people who hate that kids and young adults are making friends in places other than school, work, place of worship, places within the local community, and family connections, because those are the places where you meet people who are “your kind”, and now it doesn’t matter what worldview adults try to instill in their children. They can be exposed to several other world views, some of which may conflict with the one they were brought up with, by talking to people online from 5 different countries.

Astrology Fun Facts pt. 6

- People who have their sun falling into your 10th house/conjunct your MC tend to inspire your work and desired public image.

- Those with a pisces moon have trouble dodging outer stimulants making them vulnerable to being emotionally affected by anything that could touch their emotions.

- Saturn does not only relate to discipline and restrictions but also to society. 

- Jupiter in 1st/conjunct the Ascendent makes someone stand out in that they appear “grand”, there can be a “loud” vibe to them too even if the person doesn’t have a loud personality or voice.

- Squares in Synastry add tension but also attraction/fascination. 

- Virgo moons tend to be intrigued by “crazy” people.

- Aquarius risings are adept at making perfect sense out of paradoxes/dissonant matters.

- Tight Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto conjuncting transits to the AS cause reevaluation and/or reforming of one’s believes, world views, and shallow approaches.

- A great deal, if not most, of famous people have a T-Square in their chart.

- Uranus in 2nd can feel as if they are rootless or homeless in a metaphorical sense.

- Venus in 1st makes generally attractive while Venus in 10th makes more “conventionally attractive/beautiful”.

‌I never wanted you to promise me you’ll always love me, or stay with me, or never even look at another. They might say you fall in love just once, but that doesn’t mean that this time is that “one time”. These words we say to each other in front of men and women don’t matter to god. We can’t fool god with words, feelings are all that matter. These social commitments don’t matter. These are just ink on pieces of paper. Papers don’t matter, souls and feelings do. So I set you free. Love me as long as you can. But love me true, with a whole heart, make love to me, soul on soul. And if you find love that feels right, go for it, whenever or wherever in this world that may be. But remember, I’ll always be there for you. No matter what. What’s mine will be mine, no matter where it goes, if it’s us, then you’ll never really leave, or you’ll forever have my heart wherever you go. Either way, I am always with you.
—  Nidhi Bhasin

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Tell us more about your announcer guy!! What's his relationship like with King Dice?

if you attempt to cheat in the casino, chances are that these two are already nitpicking at your sloppy techniques via security cameras and making bets, before getting the bouncers to go after you.

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It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you act like, no means no. Women can do whatever they want and they should never warn about being raped. In fact, it’s never a woman’s fault,it’s the society that teaches men they can treat women like this. And the most horrifying thing is that they’re always blaming the victim. Teach your kids the right things and we will be able to change this world.

Hockey Fan Starter Kit

  1. Chose a team, doesn’t matter which one, you’ll be called a bandwagoner regardless.
  2. Prepare yourself for at least 10 mental breakdowns, 50 if your team is in the playoffs.
  3. Don’t try the understand the calls because the refs are blind and the rules are a more like guidelines.
  4. Get yourself a beer or wine or any other drink you can turn to when the game infuriates you.
  5. It’s called a penalty box, but I call it a pout palace.
  6. Don’t expect to understand what goalie interference is. It’s like big foot; it might exists but you never see it.
  7. Like goalie interference, offsides is called when its pulled from the ‘stupid reason to blow the play dead’ hat.
  8. You boo Bettman. Doesn’t matter when, where, or what he’s doing - you boo. He feeds of it, like an unpopular hockey vampire.
  9. Pierre McGuire is the Hermione of the hockey world; very smart and educated but occasionally overshares.
  10. Phil Kessel is a stanley cup champion and that’s the only thing you need to know.
  11. Goalies are precious and have never done a single thing wrong. Love them, they’re marshmellow optimus primes.
  12. Fighting isn’t fighting, unless fights are classified as hugging matches to see can squeeze the hardest.
  13. Mike Millbury is the white crayon of hockey; no one wants him and no one cares about what he does.
  14. Don’t throw your jersey onto the ice, it’s rude and (unless you got a small loan of one million dollars from your dad) expensive.
  15. The bond between tendy and defendy is v. strong. Don’t question it.
  16. Finally, have fun. Shit talk other teams, be a die hard fan but don’t be a dick. We already have one Steve Simmons, we don’t need another.

things that warm my heart

  • strangers smiling when passing you on the street. maybe they are smiling at you, or laughing at you, but it doesn’t really matter, as long as they smile and radiate happiness.
  • noticing little details about paintings that no one else seems so see. overanalyzing them, trying to put yourself in the painter’s position, trying to be the painter yourself.
  • helping children understand the world. telling them stories you’ve heard or even about your own experiences, looking at their faces filled with excitement and curiosity as you do.
  • people staring at their phones and smiling, probably because they have gotten a cute message from their loved ones, or because they read something nice.
  • strangers helping you even though you didn’t ask for it. even if it’s the smallest thing, like picking up a pen, or moving out of your way.
  • friends giving me little random gifts out of nowhere. without any specific reason. just because they love you, and they want to see you smile, and they want you to be happy, always.
  • grandparents telling stories about their lives to children, gesticulating wildly as they start reminiscing certain moments themselves, and seeing the children’s eyes light up, looking up to their grandparents with curiosity and admiration and the wish to be old enough to experience all of these things as well.
  • waking up in your loved one’s arms and feeling their warmth surrounding you. listening to their heartbeat, wanting for everything to stay like this forever.
  • looking through old journals and realising how much you’ve grown, both physically and mentally. and realising that you’ll grow even more in the future, that this is not the end, yet.

What if a guardian found out that one of the FR Gods was its charge?

It could theoretically happen, since a guardian’s charge can really be anything. The official encyclopedia even says that it can be an object, an individual, or a place even, so it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

A guardian wandering through the Starfall Isles to the Observatory after seeing the Arcanist in a dream, spending years learning ancient tongues in hopes of communicating with him, sits at the edge of the island to wait forever if need be.

A rugged guardian, feet sore from trekking, finally makes their way to the World Pillar, then searches for an eternity through boulders and cracks for the calcified form of the Earthshaker, whose image they saw carved in the stone. It doesn’t matter to them how long it takes.

A collier guardian, who thought that their charge was an oddly glowing ember, sees the Flamecaller in the fires of their forge, and lays down their tongs to travel to the Great Furnace, ready to dive into the volcano just to see her.

A fur-clad guardian entering the Fortress of Ends, despite being warned and cautioned endlessly, because they’ve gotten this far and they can’t stop now, not when they can feel the Icewarden’s eyes locked on them, not even when they know that they’re potentially walking into a cold demise.

A quiet guardian who banished themself to the Sunbeam Ruins becomes enamored by the Lightweaver, and goes to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye every few days, never expecting her to show herself to them, but reading to her their favorite tomes and sonnets. Some days they think they hear her humming contentedly.

A guardian toiling endlessly in the Shifting Expanse, never stopping nor faltering, because they saw the Stormcatcher in the crackling lightning, and they hope that if they work until they bleed, until they can work no longer, then they could catch his eye. Anyone who insults the Stormcatcher in their presence will regret it.

The gentlest of guardians, who feels connected to flora and fauna, seeing the arching branches of the Behemoth and feeling nothing but peace. They sorrowfully know that the Gladekeeper would never reveal herself, so they protect the entire forest with unending passion.

A slightly demented guardian, travelling through the Scarred Wasteland, gathers bones and alien branches and wears them proudly, eating any rotting meal they come across in hopes of mutating themself with infection, to appease the Plaguebringer, who they know they will find at the center of it all.

An aggressive guardian who was cast out of their clan swears vengeance, and ends up wandering alone through the Tangled Wood. They end up seeing an ancient rendering of the Shadowbinder, and they dare through the darkness and the thorns. Finding their charge is an afterthought, what they want is to prove their worth.

A superstitious guardian sees the Tidelord in a vision upon the waves, hears an echo of his booming voice, and becomes enraptured. Never a day came when the guardian could not be found flying over the sea, listening, waiting, and watching, because maybe he’ll come to the surface, if not today then tomorrow…

A guardian with a missing leg finds immense joy in flight, something they can do just as well as the most skilled skydancers, and soars in the winds of the Cloudsong, knowing without doubt that their Charge is the Windsinger, swearing to any dragon they meet that the Windsinger has flown with them and laughed with them jovially.

the violet hour | jjk

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summary: in a world where a mark completes itself when you are introduced to the love of your life, jeon jungkook is convinced that he is fated to die alone. here’s a hint, though - he’s wrong. (soulmate au)

• word count: 6.31k

• warnings: swearing; alcohol

→ note: kind of a college au; side vmin. also, i just wrote this already have drabble ideas for this, goodness… hope you enjoy!!

[eight weeks before]

Jeon Jungkook is his own soulmate. Not that he has any say in the matter, truth be told, but he doesn’t need to shout up to the sky and ask the universe himself in order to know what it has planned for him. 

All he has to do to understand is take one single glance at his forearm.

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I don’t understand how people can say lauren isn’t latina because she was born in miami.

the first apple tree originated in Central Asia So if i grow one in the UK, does that mean it isn’t an actual apple tree?

No, no it does not, its still a fucking apple tree, doesnt matter where the fuck i plant it, it has to do with heritage. The wild ancestor, of the apple tree, also known as Malus sieversii, is still found in central Asia today. Yet apple trees are grown all over the world.

Do you see where im going with this?

Lauren is cuban, its a fact, her family are cuban, her ancestors were cuban, cuban blood runs through her veins. Where she was born doesn’t cancel out that.


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Obi-Wan’s Snobbery

Obi-Wan is one of those characters who genuinely believes he isn’t in anyway a bigot. This is in spite of the fact that he struggles when dealing with people who are “uncultured,” and “uncivilised,” as if those words weren’t subjective. Apparently the only culture that matters is Core World culture. If you don’t know about that you’re uncultured, clearly ignorant, and a rather pathetic life-form in need of rescue, and a “proper” education. To be refined is to appreciate opera, and the fine arts. It doesn’t involve being multilingual, and deeply immersed in the art, etiquette, and society that developed separately on an Outer Rim world. They’re archaic, naturally: Clearly inferior. Obi-Wan is a snob who is barely aware that he is one, and he is all the more a better character for it.

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I have questions! 1- So if Frisk gliches out and dissapears the timeline will corrupt with him right? But after that will frisk be able to create another world or because he broke the reset button he will never come back again? 2- If he does glich out but doesn't dissapear or the timeline gets corrupted will he be able to somehow make a reset button by gliches? 3- Say frisk said he was running out of time, does that mean that the hate will take over or he will dissapear?

If frisk dies the timeline will be erased. Everything will be black just how it hapoens at the ejd of a genocide route. Without beung abke to reset it diesnt matter if a monster or someone absorbs their soul before shattering, because the one who the save file is named after has to be alive.