it does sound like ''ou'' is there at least

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Just NamiDai, Suzuken and Mamo-chi having a little snack time due to NamiDai’s BD(^_^)

Things that I learned from this video:

  1. SuzuKen DOES sound like a lazy tanuki from time to time (>///<)
  2. Idols like Mamo-chi cannot drink beer in public or on TV! Or? OR?! (Ether way, in my opinion Cola is better than Beer so good for you, Mamo-ou-sama (^_^))
  3. If they will ever make “Barakamon the Live Action Movie” then Mamo-chi should play Handa (*_*)(jk.)
  4. Don’t leave Mamo and Suzu-ken in one room with a guitar (><)!
  5. Tsukkomi time! : “ Oi! Omaeraaa! You are just giving him the Gundams your characters piloted! Good thinking there! But ooooI!”
  6. Good at least they have something else…… a golden bottle…… (o0)…… I’m done……
  7. Where else will you find 3 grown up men… scared of opening a bottle? Oh what to say…. SuzuKen is even scared of butterflies. (^__^;)
  8. Mamo sure loves them chips (>////<)!