it does remind me of samurai jack

Today I started watching Mushishi, the acclaimed anime of 2006. With its stunning visual style, slow and athmospheric pacing and its focus on one wandering main character with each episode being unique and independent, it sounded like something I would enjoy; much like Samurai Jack but without the crazy sword fights. I’ve seen three episodes so far and I do like it, even if it gets a bit too slow sometimes.

Good thing the main character is nice to rest your eyes on. ♥

I finally wasn’t too sad and so I drew some Samurai Jack to make me feel better.

level 1: drawing Jack, I realized that his chin is huge, and then he reminded me of that one cat meme. I love that face.

level 2: I so dearly want more episodes of Jack teaching someone or whatever. So I adapted the baby from the final of season 4 and make them Jack’s apprentice. Whatever. The kid is mute/took a vow of silence. They try to make a straw hat like Jack does but messes up and feels embarrassed.

level 3: Before jack leaves to go on his attack with Aku he tells his apprentice to leave. Although I do wanted them to fight together, I don’t want the kid to die. So in an effort of giving a gift/last statement. They tie their swords together for something along the lines of “we’re in this together”. However, to be respectful of Jack they leave (to train another for Jack to meet up later).