it does remind me of samurai jack

Here’s what all you Samurai Jack “fans” sound like right now.


Seriously. And before you all go “OOOOOOOOH DOOMS IS STRAIGHT THIS IS OPPRESSION” on me, I should remind you, I am in a relationship with a trans man, so you can shut your trap. Let’s examine a few things, shall we?

1) Samurai Jack does not need to be about your agenda! Incredible, I know! A show that doesn’t  pander to a crowd to tell a good story? OMG UNBELIEVABLE. Not every show with a single main character needs to be homosexual, trans, ace, or anything. It’s not an automatic betrayal of your personal preferences if a man and a woman get together in a show. It’s not some personal attack on you. Yes, heteronormativity is a thing. Yes, diversity is a good thing, and there should be more trans/ace/homosexual characters and relationships…WHEN IT FITS THE NEEDS OF THE STORY. If you need a male/male or female/female or even a male/female relationship in your media for no other reason than to HAVE a relationship in your media, then you’re not some champion for the downtrodden, you’re a disgruntled shipper.

2) This relationship was planned to unfold over a much longer span of time, and was completed long before the series premiered! That’s right! Mr. Tartakovsky has said that Before Samurai Jack originally ended, the current storyline was meant to unfold over a much longer period of time, but due to the length of the season 5 that he got (already almost over), he had to fit the plot points into a much a smaller timeframe in order to really tell the story he wanted to tell. It’s obvious that Jashi was meant to be a major part of that storyline and some pacing issues needed to be sacrificed. You should consider yourselves lucky that Ashi wasn’t just killed along with her sisters, but no. You take everything for granted like the pissbabies you are.

3) Jack and Ashi are consenting adults. Weird time-travel bullshit aside, Jack and Ashi are both above the age of consent. We see relationships in this age bracket frequently in real life and all of a sudden it’s “not our business”. Why is it our business now? At least Jack is physically close in age to Ashi. And BTW I saw none of y’all complaining that Aang is hundreds of years old kissing Katara, just saying.

So, in conclusion…god, y’all are just whiners. *whew* Okay, I’m done, but seriously, you should honestly just accept it just for the additional stakes that are added to the story. If Jack DOES get a chance to go back, will he leave Ashi? Take her with him? What will happen? THE SUSPENSE IS BUILDING DANG IT

Something less stupid than what I last uploaded. 

This was my favorite scene from S5 of Samurai Jack. It just felt so much like the original series (not to mention I love watching guys beating the shit out of each other in the most improbable ways).

Not feeling the background 100%. They’re not my strongest point. I do like the how the lighter/brighter colored outlines on Jack and Scaramouche turned out. Kinda reminds me of that black-coated scratch paper that turns rainbow when you “draw” on it with a stick. Does anyone know what that stuff is actually called?

Samurai Jack Season 5 Review - Part 1 (SPOILERS)

So, for those of you not in the know, Samurai Jack had a final, conclusive fifth season this year that aired on Toonami/Adult Swim. It consisted of ten episodes which ran successively over 11 weeks (one episode being displaced by a Rick and Morty surprise season premiere). This is going to be a review of that season, with one section dedicated to each episode, and then a “closing thoughts” segment. This review will also be split into two parts since it’s so damn long, so hopefully that will allow more people to actually read it. The second part will go up tomorrow.

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Samurai Jack: XCVIII Review

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Hey guys, Kris again with the newest episode of Samurai Jack and we are getting close to the end people, it is bittersweet, anyway let’s get to the review.

In this episode we finally got to see how Jack lost his sword, basically after trying for millionth time to get a time portal, Aku destroys the last one and transformed these cute little sheep into monsters which Jack then proceeds to straight up murder. 

Now what I like about this is that Jack losing his sword was not only a physically problem but and spiritual problem as well. The sword was made to be used for good and righteousness and when Jack killed those sheep it felt more like him taking out his angry and frustration out on something rather then him defending himself. You can’t really blame him for getting so pissed off, especially with the amount of times he’s been so close to getting a back to the past, for example….

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And more recently

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See 50 years of this bullshit will get to anyone especially considering that this is the last time portal and also on just how close he was, THE DUDE WAS LITERALLY GOING THROUGH THE DAMN THING! His anger getting the best of him really reminds me of the episode Jack vs Mad Jack but at a more deeper level. Jack had to earn the right to wield the sword again by confronting Mad Jack again, and once he does man did it feel satisfying seeing him in his old get-up with sword once again in his hand, it really feels like Samurai Jack has truly returned.

I’m also glad that Asihi isn’t side lined this episode, while Jack meditates she solos an entire army in spectacularly brutal fashion. It reminds me of when I play God of War and I just go on a killing spree with wave after wave of enemies. I also found the transitions between Jack making tea to Ashi covered in blood and breaking someone’s arm off way more funnier then I should’ve.

But the highlight for Ashi was her taking on her mother. The Priestess even tries to persuade Ashi in going back to her side by faulting Jack of her sister’s death and even though Jack did kill it was their mother that set them on this path and Ashi knows it. It’s almost ironic that this is probably the first time ever in her life that her mother gave her a real choice.

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With Jack finally getting back his sword I feel like Scaramouche might accidentally cause Aku’s demise since he’s going to tell Aku that he lost his sword and if Aku is going to try to kill Jack he’s in for a big surprise. The only really negative I have for this episode is I felt it was way too convenient that right after Jack lost his sword Aku just happened to not be around to see it. Aku literally had to stick around for only a few more minutes then take out Jack once he loses the sword, way too convenient in my opinion.

So that’s all I gotta say, despite my issue with Aku not seeing Jack lose his sword it didn’t detract my overall enjoyment of the episode. It’s such a relief that Jack has returned to his old self and Ashi was finally to settle things with her mother and pretty much avenge her sisters in a way. What’s next, I’m not too sure, there’s only three episodes left and the preview was pretty vague. But I don’t mind, I hate it when trailers/previews show too much anyway, so see you guys next week, PEACE :)


P.S. Is it me or was seeing Jack make tea really calming, it was like watching an ASMR video.

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