it does ok!!

Why you so salty?
—  My mom at KFC’s irresponsible sodium content in their menu

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So I'm your Opposite Day AU, do you still ship Gashtingon x Hlex? If so how does that work? :) + D: = ???

Ok so Hlex can’t really get anywhere close to Gashington because he just avoids him so he tries to approach him wtihout make him feel stressed I’ve bene talking to friend about htis imV ERY HPAPY 

I love every taako

right now we’re all talking abt organising, taking action, n like, for those of us who can, great – that’s exactly what we should be doing. but anyone who can’t, for whatever reason that may be, let me remind u: you are not failing anyone.

at the end of the day, the most important thing for all of us is that as many of us as possible survive. the biggest threat to the systems that oppress us is our continued survival. and so we therefore have 2 look after ourselves as well as after others. i promise u, ur not failing anyone. we can all only do what we can, and sometimes that’s simply being around to support our friends


kyungsoo and david lee on the set for ‘be positive’