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Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”

anonymous asked:

I admire sara for her passionate activism on LGBT community but dont you think it's a bit aggressive of her to attack abc like that? i mean she worked for them for 10yrs, she couldve approached them first privately or addressed the issue in a more diplomatic way. her tweets toward them sound to me like a kid who throws a tantrum if she doesnt get what she wants. pls dont hate me for saying this. i love sara but her tweets lately are somewhat out of her character.

Like i said, I have no idea what happened bts and I don’t really think I should have an input on what she does. To me, it doesn’t seem like it; it looks like someone who is upset with what’s going on in their community (or more to it) and this is how they choose to voice what is going on. She’s using her voice the way she sees it should be used. 

Rob/Reader/Rich Christmas Fic

Soo, this little fic is in the works, and I just wanted to give you guys an overview of when it’s all going to get posted because I’m keeping it close to the timeline in the story. I have decided to do three parts (does that count as a mini-series?), two full of sickening sweet fluff, and the other is just filthy smut. For those who read Truth or Lie, this is basically me making up for the angst I force on you guys (and, yes, I’m working on part 16 soon!). Anyway …

Part One - Early December 24th (Fluff)

Part Two - Late December 24th (Smut)

Part Three - Early/Mid December 25th (Fluff)

So, for those who don’t want to read the smut, skip the second part, and for those who are here for the smut, hold out until late December 24th. 

If you aren’t tagged below and you would like to be tagged in this fic, let me know! :)

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Pool Games

Steve x Reader Oneshot

Anonymous said:

hey so i saw that you are going back to work lately but could i request a one-shot of the avengers at the pool and theyre playing a bunch of games and stuff and steve and the reader have been dating for a bit but have kept their relationship secret and the team does a chicken fight and they kiss underwater?? you can make the ending whatever you want :) thank youu!

Warnings – Absolutely none!  Just pure fluff!

Word Count – 925

Notes – To the Anon who requested this, sorry it took me so long!  Work has been crazy, but I hope you like it!  For everyone else, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well!  Feel free to leave me comments or reblog!  Thanks so much


Originally posted by castelnou

The best part about lounging around Tony’s pool at the Avengers Compound was that you could hide behind your sunglasses and admire your boyfriend’s shirtless, wet, and tightly toned body without fear of getting caught.  You and Steve had been dating for about two months now, and the two of you had decided not to tell anyone just yet.  You knew they wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it was kind of nice to have something that you didn’t have to share with the group.

It was days like this that made you wish that the secret was out.  What you would give to be able to rub some sunscreen on that perfectly sculpted back, only to have him return the favor?  Letting your thoughts get away from you, you accidentally let out a small moan as you lightly bit your lower lip.

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うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Explosive Tag…!

Day 5: Tag

[Ah hello! I am very sorry this is definitely late! I got caught up again and fell behind, but I hope this is still in the spirit of the month- even if it does not qualify for entry! Ah I am so sorry! I am still working on the other prompts as well! Let’s see if I can finish them quickly! I wanted this one to feel almost like a mission from when they were younger, ah nostalgic (*´∀`*) It was really hard to incorporate the feeling of the old manga style- I do not think I did it very well! But in the end, I think I am happy with it! Please enjoy and forgive me for how messy it is or mistakes it might have- I have been working on this late at night and was very tired! Please take care!]

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

Is this thing on...?

Time to shake out the blog a bit, I think.  ^_^

Anyway, for those of you who have been keeping track, we’re going to have an Ace Mis Week this year!  This fandom week will be for stories focusing on any Les Mis character, so long as they are interpreted as asexual.

That being said, I have a question that I’d love some input on if this week seems like a week you’d be interested in:

Tentative dates for the week are May 21-27.  

How does that strike everyone?  I was trying to get it late enough in the month that it wouldn’t interfere with finals for anyone in college, but early enough that people would still have time to do Barricade Day things if they wanted.  If you’d prefer a different week, let me know!  (Or you can reblog/reply to the post. ^_^)

If that works for everyone, I’ll make it official.

I’m excited to get this show on the road!  ^_^

So you want to work on a Farm?

Great news! FarmUp is a thing that is happening. If you don’t know what FarmUp is lend me your ear as I prepare to share some information with you.

First, when does this event happen?

Saturday April 29, 2017. Work is set to start around 9am and will end sometime mid to late afternoon.

Second, what should I expect?

You should expect to work, laugh, get dirty, sweat, groan, laugh, and have fun. The main project for this event is setting fence posts. This involves a lot of digging with a post-hole digger and a shovel. It also involves a lot of pounding. This is good old fashioned physical labor we’re talking about.

There are a few other jobs to get done most of which will involve shovels, wheel barrows, animal poop, dirt and sweat. We have a job for you no matter your fitness or skill level.

Third, what do I need to bring?

Tools, shovels, rakes, pruners, chainsaws, axes, machetes, gloves, hats, snacks, lawn chairs (more on this later).

Fourth, where da food at?

An army marches on its stomach and you are no different. We will be accepting monetary donations for food as well as if you want to bring or send goodies for the crew. Bottled water, granola bars and the like are great. Alcohol is fine after work hours are over.

Fifth, should I bring everyone I’ve ever known?

No, this would be a bad idea because, a) Jimmy Foster is still pissed that you stole his favorite pencil in fourth grade and is looking for payback and b) while the farm has wide open spaces, those spaces need to be treated with kindness and there isn’t a lot of parking available. While many hands make light work there is only so much work that can be done at once. Ideally there will be 25-30 of us and we can handle 50. That’s where it tops out because of parking, food, bathrooms and available work


If you need more details you can reach out for me (@claviusrobinsky).

So I made myself a quick little weight loss tracker on my lunch at work that I can print off when i get home and put on my pin board! I’ll probably buy a pack of cute ass unicorn stickers or something to mark off the lbs! Idk why i’m normally an all-black witchy kind of girl but lately I’m really embracing baby pink and unicorns.

Soon the question is - Does anyone want one? This really didn’t take me very long and I think its dead cute i can do it in whatever colour/s you like and if message me your goals & info etc I’ll put your name on it and everything and e-mail the printable pdf to you? (heck if you’ve got a pantone reference i’ll do it to that! This is Rose Quartz from last year a colour I’m completely in love with)

Might as well cast my graphic design skills to some good use! All for free of course just wanna help people out! Message me your details and i’ll e-mail it over? 

I Can’t Take It *Chris Evans x Reader*

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

Summary: Inspired by all the hate, I and other writers have been receiving as of late.
Admins Note: The only I could make this work was if you were a vlogger/ blogger for YouTube, but that’s only mentioned briefly. I’m not one to really express how I feel, in fact, sometimes I just delete the anon hate because it doesn’t bother me but I have days like I am writing here where, yes, the hate does affect me and I want the “haters” to realise that the stuff you write has a domino effect. Your messages can really affect how someone is feeling, especially, someone who suffers with mental illness; I have dysthymia, so waking up sometimes is difficult for me, reading messages that tell me to die, well, yeah that’s gonna effect how I feel! So, please, reconsider how you treat someone on and off the internet.- Ro

If you know any blogs/ writers that have been receiving hate and you think they may like this as a pick me up, then direct them, I’d like to lift as many spirits as possible with this Evans fluff.

You sat scrolling through your dashboard, laid upon your bed with your laptop propped up on a book to keep from overheating too much, your chin resting on one hand as the other hit the down button and occasionally reblogging some cool content.

Your eyes would flick to the message icon, the number increasing still as the hours passed, you had been avoiding clicking on the icon for almost a day but you knew you had to view all the messages at some point or another. It’s part of your “job” to have a presence on the internet, at all times, when did blogging become a job you didn’t know but it did.

You sighed as you clicked on the icon, sucking in a harsh breath as the screen loaded for a few seconds before showing various “anon” messages to you, you let out a shaky puff of air and began the scrolling of the ego bruising messages ahead.

Various; “Kill yourself” messages, “youre ugly and fat, just leave” messages and the famous “he is too good for you, you are just a distraction to him!” messages.

It never usually affects you this much, normally you are able to take it on the chin and just delete those messages, shrug them off with a simple chuckle and go about your day. You knew the shouldn’t mean anything, amongst those bad messages, are a tonne of nice ones, people still congratulating you on your following count so far-plus a million subscribers on YouTube. It shouldn’t matter, but yet it does.

You had woken up not feeling too great, not in a sick way just having a bad mental day, you just felt lethargic and didn’t want to do anything but stay in bed. Days like these weren’t good for scrolling through your social media’s, especially Twitter. It seemed no matter what media you clicked on, someone had something to say about you or your relationship, whilst you’d shrug off the teeny-boppers any other day but today was different.

Today you had enough; you had enough of the constant ridicule, insults and death threats. You had enough, it was plain and simple, you couldn’t take it… you couldn’t stand it. Was any of this worth it? Was actually being in a relationship with someone worth all this shit? Sure, you loved him but was that enough that take this amount of hate every day for rest of your life, maybe.

The bedroom  door opened, you didn’t even realise you were crying till you sniffed and wiped the evidence of weakness away, you looked up to see a confused Chris standing in the door of the bedroom; holding the leash that was connected to Dodger.

“Hey, how as the walk?” you asked, smiling as Dodger pulled on the lead to get to you.

“Yeah, it was good, why are you crying?” Chris asked unclipping the lead from Dodger’s red collar and he stormed to you, jumping on the bed and assaulting you in kisses and fluffy hugs; making you laugh loudly.

Chris pulled Dodger away, telling him to lay down and he obeyed, you were left sitting on the bed with the opened laptop beside you both; you nodded to the screen, Chris pushed the lid of the laptop back and scanned the few dozen hate messages, clicking on Twitter to see your mentions full of the same abuse also.

He sighed gently, “We’ve talked about this, doll. You gotta ignore ‘em, you aren’t doing this for them, we aren’t together for them!”

“I know, I get it,” you sighed and ran a hand through your hair “just… it’s hard to ignore them, Chris. It’s my job to take criticism and feedback from my audience, I don’t have actual New York Times reviewers, I have these people who send me messages every day, telling me what they think. So, yeah, it will affect me because that there, is how they think of me.”

“But they aren’t your audience or your followers, they definitely are not your fans, so stop listening to them and listen to me” he closed the laptop shut and turned to face you “you’re a nice person, who has a tonne of friends, who loves doing what she is doing and that’s running a blog, you met all your friends from doing this also! You have a great community of people, yeah not everyone is gonna love ya, I don’t understand why it works that way but it does” he sighs “those messages are people who are jealous and are fucking idiots.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” you sighed helplessly, “I hate feeling like this, I can’t go on any social media without feeling like utter crap, I get it shouldn’t affect me but that’s easier said than done. I sound so pathetic, cause look where I am, but it just… hurts.”

Chris pulled you to him, hugging you tightly in an embrace “you shouldn’t have to take it, no one should but unfortunately people are gonna keep being assholes over the internet, but you gotta remember the good things about why you started.” You sighed shakily, cuddling into Chris some more.

You don’t know how long you sat in Chris’s lap for, his hands running soothing circles on your back, the silence of the room being calming and lulling you into peacefulness. If there was anyone to make you feel better about having such a terrible day it was-

“Dodger, piss off” you jumped as Chris laughed, almost pushing you off him in response to Dodger wanting some affection, you chuckled as his dog carried on showering his best friend with affection and Chris meekly trying to push away the lovable dork.

“Okay, you two lovable goofballs are worth all of this shit,” you grinned.

“I wish I could make them stop,” Chris sat up, scratching behind Dodger’s ears “but I can’t, I can offer warm hugs and a dog that won’t leave you alone, not even for a second.”

You smiled opening your arms, Chris suspected for him but instead Dodger got to you, you wrapped your arms around the fluffy neck and snuggled into him. Chris raised his eyebrows at you both, shrugging and wrapping his arms around the both of you, hugging slightly tightly.

(I just wanted to lift myself up with some Dodger and Chris moments. - Rosalee)

Imagine: Spence overhearing that you want to attend Comic Con, and taking the opportunity to ask you out on a date.

Talk Nerdy to Me//

Familiar faces encompass you in a sea of chatter and controlled commotion. Footsteps, both heavy and soft, rush around you, just itching to finish up for the day so that they can go home, lie down and catch up on whatever is good on Netflix. Okay, so maybe not everyone does that. Maybe the infamous Aaron Hotchner, your boss and an avid workaholic who works late hours and insists on getting the job done, goes home to his son Jack,  only to begin his second full-time job as a single father. David Rossi, on the other hand, will go home and write the night away. You smile at JJ, who is just about the closest friend you have here ever since you began working as a criminal profiler. She bids you a warm good night before she disappears down the long narrow hallway, her long blonde hair swaying behind her as she walks. She will go home to a loving family, her husband Will and her little bundle of joy, her son Henry. Your hand begins to cramp as you furiously write away at the papers in front of you, following up about the case you have just solved. Several bodies had been found scattered around Ohio with signs of rape and electrocution marks covering their skin, all young women around the same age with an appearance far too similar to yours. As always, the team had done their job and arrested the man responsible without firing a single bullet. Another fellow co-worker, Dr. Spencer Reid, had been acting strange around you all day. Usually, all he would do was ramble on and on, countless facts about serial killers that relate to the unsub, but today, he was oddly quiet. You turn your head, peering across the room at him. HIs actions mirror yours. His eyes are squinted, focused on the report in front of him. You worry about the good doctor sometimes, wondering what he does when finally goes home. You have heard many stories, terrible stories, about how a little over a year ago, he did have a life outside of work. A wonderful woman named Maeve who he truly loved with all of his heart. She was killed, murdered in cold blood, right in front of him. He never speaks of the incident, and you don’t blame him. After all, why is it that terrible things always happen to extraordinary people? You shake your head of the many thoughts coiling inside of your brain, realizing that you have been staring at him. Luckily, his eyes have yet to meet yours. You take a deep breath, blinking to readjust your eyes back on the report in front of you. You scribble down a few more words, finally finished and ready to go home. You gather your papers together, standing up and making your way towards Hotch’s office.

“Finished?” Hotch asks you with the faintest hint of a smile. It was rare for him to smile so he must be in a good mood tonight.

“Yeah.” you confirm, “I can’t wait to get home and crash.”  Laughing, you hand him the completed follow up report, “There’s a warm bed at home with my name on it.” Examining his face with a shocking amount of precision, you squint your eyes at him, softening your voice, “You should do the same. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be more bad guys tomorrow.”        

“I will.” he sighs, his eyes never leaving the stack of papers in front of him, “Thank you for your concern. Have a good night.”

“You too, Sir.” you smile warmly at him, tearing your eyes from the stressed workaholic. You turn, spinning on your heel to face away from him, gripping the door handle firmly with your right hand and pulling it open. You take a few steps through the lengthy hallway, lost in your own thoughts. Suddenly, as if in slow motion, your body comes to a forced hault. Snapping out of your daze, your eyes widen in realization of what just happened. Spencer of course, being polite and gentle, apologizes for bumping into you.

“No no, it’s completely my fault. I should’ve been watching where I was going.” you smile up at him, running a nervous hand through your hair. You bend down, beginning to gather the mess of documents, all once neatly filed, that you practically knocked from his hands.

“Don’t worry about it.” he assures you with a cute, boyish smile, kneeling down to your level and gently taking the documents from your hands.

“Oh look at this mess.” you sigh shaking your head, still frantically gathering stray sheets of paper from the carpeted floor of the Behaviour Analysis Unit, “My mind must have been somewhere else, I’m so sorry.” you mutter on.

“Wow, and they say I like to ramble.” Spencer teases, “Don’t worry about it, seriously.” Completely synchronized, the two of you stand up to your feet, your eyes meeting for the first time since you practically knocked him over. He analyzes your face, paying close attention to the dark circles under your eyes worsening with every passing night. “When is the last time you slept?” he asks curiously, his mouth slightly parted in careful speculation.

“You mean for over three hours?” you chuckle, “What day did we first leave for Ohio again..?” Your voice trails off and your mouth settles into what can be best described as a mix between a tight smile and a cringe. “I just have trouble getting my full eight hours when we are miles and miles away from home.” you further explain. The genius nods, the worried expression on his face slightly fading.

“Hey so uh..” he starts, “I overheard you talking to JJ the other day about how you wanted to go to Comic Con…” he awkwardly fixes his short, curly, brown hair, licking his lips before continuing, “I actually have an extra ticket and was wondering if you wanted to go with me..?” Your eyes light up with anticipation, the corners of your mouth tilting upwards into a wide smile, flashing your white teeth at him.

“Are you serious?” you breathe in joy. Spence nods, his own expression quickly turning from nervous to surprised as he studies your broad smile and bright, ecstatic eyes.“Oh my God, I would love that! You’re the best, Spence!” Practically jumping forward, you pull him into a tight hug. His heart pounds in his chest as you engulf him. He raises his arms, softly wrapping them around your slim body.

Why Are You Like This- Jungkook


 Jungkook was late. I mean he was always a little late, but lately it’s been getting worse. And I haven’t been getting as many cute messages or work selfies. When he does finally come home, he doesn’t even stop to say hello. He just rushes off to the restroom and takes a shower and heads to bed. But I’ve had it with him now. He’s going to confront me tonight whether he likes it or not. He can’t just act like I’m not here when he walks in anymore.

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Sterek au: Stiles’ college internship has him working with Deputy!Hale. And they get a little help from Derek’s nephew. 

Happy birthday, obriensnipples! <3<3


Stiles gets to the station late as usual. Deputy Hale is waiting for him, arms crossed over his chest , looking stern and irritated. Stiles groans. Of course it had to be Deputy Stickler-For-The-Rules waiting for him instead of his dad. He could probably convince his dad to pretend he was here on time. Maybe bribe him with some hamburger. Yeah, yeah, he’s a terrible person, he knows this.

“Where’s Dad?” Stiles asks, looking around.

“Busy,” Derek replies. “You’re late.”

“Yeah, traffic and not speeding and being a lawful citizen kind of thing,” Stiles says with a wave of his hand. “Does he want me to wait for him or something?”

“You’re not working with him,” Derek says. He drops his arms and walks over to wall to grab the keys to one of the department SUVS.

“You? I’m doing my internship with you?” Stiles starts to panic. This is bad for so many reasons. Sure, Derek Hale is smoking hot, especially in his too tight uniform pants, but Stiles barely notices that anymore. Mainly because he’s pretty sure Derek is an alien who is going to eat his brain for fun. Derek has that look about him. Plus, the dude is like a robot who hates fun. He’s a robot alien who wants to kill Stiles in his sleep.

Derek heaves a long-suffering sigh as he slips the aviators on his face. “Unfortunately.”

“Hey!” Stiles exclaims, bristling.

“I have better things to do other than babysit the sheriff’s son,” Derek says as Stiles follows him out.

“You’re not babysitting me!” Stiles exclaims. “This is my senior internship. It’s a big deal. I’m serious about this.” It’s the last major thing Stiles has between him and his degree.

“So serious,” Derek mocks. “Serious people are often late.”

“You couldn’t, I don’t know, forget about that on my week one report?”

“Not a chance,” Derek says as he walks around to the driver’s side.

“I’d have been on time if I’d known I’d be working for Deputy Asshole,” Stiles mutters.

“What was that?” Derek asks.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Stiles grumbles as he pulls the seatbelt around him.

“Sixty hours,” Derek says. “Can’t wait.”


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The Perfect Gift

Lucien Modern AU!!! It’s Elain’s birthday and no part of the day is really going as planned, but everything turns out alright in the end. Complete fluff.

Also this is a collaboration with @lexaarts who does BEAUTFUL tog and acomaf work and has made this piece to go along with this fic!! Amazing!!!!

As always, I am happy to hear any and all feedback so please do not hesitate to message me! Happy reading folks

All Elain wanted to do was go home and lay on the couch. Her day hadn’t been tiring or anything, but she was exhausted from working late at the restaurant last night. Lucien had attempted to make pancakes this morning and she had to step in before he burned the house down, but after adding strawberries and Nutella, you could hardly taste the burnt parts. After that, he had rushed out of the house since he had to work all day and told her that she had to go meet the girls at the salon.

Feyre, Nesta, Mor, and Amren had collectively paid for her to have a manicure, pedicure, and massage as her birthday present and gabbed away as she just laid there and took it all in. Of course, it was nice to have the tight muscles kneaded out of her shoulders and feet, but all she really wanted was sleep.

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I know you probably don’t want this but I give zero fucks and I’ve got zero chill in me :) 

I want to publicly wish you a HAPPY GLORIOUS GLITTERY BIRTHDAY, may this day when you had to wake up at 4am to go to work and will probably never end be the happiest and joyful and full of pictures of Diego Luna and Louis Tomlinson. 

So here’s to you getting older baby and i’ve been thinking about it lately does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changeeeeees, here’s to the bad decisions and the good decisions of this life i am glad to share with you, here’s to the tears and the laughter and the pain and the excitement and the tiredness and the discourses™ and the endless nights trying to sleep with that damn baby crying all the fucking time on the other side of the wall. I love you and I can’t believe it’s already the third birthday of yours we spend together. For the occasion, I am going to leave you a picture of your cake:

And this is two of our latest selfie we took that time, remember? How GOOD we looked !!!!


All the love for youuuu,


I was going to write this morning, before I go to work, since I’ve been getting home too late most days to do anything but stare blankly at the wall.

Opened up P2. Read the previous couple paragraphs to orient myself. “This is terrible, dreck, worst writing EVER, no one will want to read this, I don’t want to read this.”

Closed P2. Opened up Off Label.  Read the previous couple paragraphs to orient myself. “This is terrible, dreck, worst writing EVER, no one will want to read this, I don’t want to read this.”

Closed Off Label. Opened Dance with Me.  Read the previous couple paragraphs to orient myself. “This is terrible, dreck, worst writing EVER, no one will want to read this, I don’t want to read this.”

Right. I see it’s going to be One of Those Days.

(or how to find peace as a student)

here is the first installment of the “you vs…” series! this was requested by @juptiers​ awhile back, so i hope this does the request justice. 

if there’s anything you think i missed or should elaborate on, or something else you want to see in “you vs…”, feel free to message me.

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