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“The cards…”

I remember when we could all enjoy shows and movies without people purposefully looking for things to be angry and/or offended about. I remember when we could all have favorite characters without other people telling us how that character is “problematic” and should recieve no recognition or support. I remember when we could enjoy things without someone trying to ruin it.

How I convinced my younger sister to watch Miraculous
  • Me: *watching Miraculous on TV, it's being aired in a kid channel to 4y/o*
  • Sister: Why do you watch that kid show?
  • Me: I like it. Sure the dub changed a lot of things, but overall still like it the story.
  • Sister: *rolls her eyes*
  • Me: You should watch too.
  • Sister: *looking at me with a "are you for real?" face*
  • Me: I'm serious. I mean the original one, with subs.
  • Sister: And why is that?
  • Me: Because You're trying to learn french and the original show is in french.
  • Sister: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Sister: *making a "CRAP, SHE'S DOES HAVE A POINT" face*
  • ME: I'll send you the link later.
A Breakdown Of The Monkees Voices

Trying to get back into the writing game, so I decided to throw together this little analysis (uh, if you could really call it that :P) of the guys’ voices.  I wrote it fairly quickly, so it sort of looks like crap and could probably go into more detail…..but at least it gets some thoughts down.


A Breakdown of The Monkees Voices


Micky: Please. Micky has just about the purest, smoothest tenor voice I’ve ever heard.  There is not a nuance to be found in his tone.  It just flows through any lyric and makes his phrasing some of the best in music history.  As wonderful as his voice is though, it is not a range-y voice.  Micky does not have much of a lower register at all.  I’d love to hear him challenge himself and use a lower register more in the future.  (Note: Hearing Micky today, his voice does sound slightly lower than in his younger years, but he still doesn’t have much of a lower register at all).


Davy:  Davy’s Broadway experience definitely shows in his vocal delivery.  He has a great range, a lot of dynamics, and a fantastic sense of pitch.  However, as solid as his tone is, it can sometimes come across as reedy and nasal. Most of time, I can ignore that little flaw, but on some songs, it doesn’t hit my ears quite right.  Though on the right songs (i.e. Daydream Believer, Someday Man), it is magic.

Peter:  I’ve heard many IRL Monkees friends say that Peter can’t sing.  That he’s just an instrumentalist, and nothing else.  Of course, that is all hogwash.  Peter DOEs, in fact, have some very solid vocal ability. He has good projection, solid phrasing, and quite a nice deep tone.  However, like Micky, Peter doesn’t have much of a range.  He has a lovely baritone register that sounds pretty amazing on the right songs, yet his tenor register is very weak.  Furthermore, several of The Monkees songs that had Peter’s vocal contributions were structured so that his part was often too high. This resulted in a lack of power and pitch that portrayed Peter as a very subpar singer.

Mike:  Much has been said about Mike and Micky’s harmonies, but I will get to that. First, let’s talk about Mike’s voice alone, which I don’t think he get’s near enough credit for.  Mike recognizes his role as the top songwriter of the group, but never felt the need to be much of a lead singer.  I honestly disagree, and wish that he had sung lead on more material.  He has a beautiful voice, with a technique and superb grasp of pitch that I put right up there with Micky.  Micky has a slight edge with tone, as Mike’s has a few very subtle nuances that make it a touch more “gruff,” and not quite as pure.  This tone does, however, have a richness and warmth that lends itself very nicely to the more country-flavored material of The Monkees and gives it a bit more versatility. The slight gruffness also adds a touch of warmth to Mike’s voice that, in general, is just SO pleasing to the ear (Much like Micky’s is). On the other hand, Mike has a significantly larger range than Micky that is magnificently showcased on a song such as Love Is Only Sleeping.

And of course, I cannot ignore the legendary (and STILL quite underrated to me) vocal blend of Mike and Micky.  Both tenors have tones that just naturally fit together and produce a sound that hits my ears in all the right spots.  It’s a fit like chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, or any other sweet food analogy you could possible make.  However you describe it, there’s no denying that the Mike/Micky blend is one of the very best in music history.

Best Friend Drabble Prompts

// prompts in which y/n and justin’s relationship will be strictly platonic //

send in numbers !!

1. “The skirt is short on purpose.”
2. “Arrrrre you sober by chance? That’s VERY nice. Me? Yeah, of course I’m sober… PFT. What would make you think otherwisssse?” AU
3. “I never knew you could bend like that.”
4. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
5. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
6. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
7. “is there any reason you’re naked in my bed?”
8. “kiss me”
9. “ive seen the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice”
10. “please? just once”
11. “you’re the only one I trust to do this”
13. “I got you a present
15. "all my chances of being dicked down have been ruined”
16. “put my hand where?”
17. “i’m not a fucking virgin”
18. “make out with me”
20. “hey have you seen the- oh!”
21. “did you really like it? like forreal?”
22. “you’re heading out again? it’s two in the morning, at least bring a jacket it’s cold out.”
23. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
24. “My entire universe is/used to be you.”
25. I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately
26. It’s A’s birthday but B and C both forgot until the last second, B distracts A while C sneaks out to get a gift
27. A is babysitting but has to go somewhere unexpectedly, leaving the baby with B and C who have little/no experience with babies
28. we drunkenly got each other’s names tattooed on each other’s ass cheeks so now its kind of hard to forget you’ au
29. oh my god you’re doing my makeup and you’re so close and I can’t breathe
30. sneaks up behind the the other for a hug or kiss and which one gets startled and accidentally punches the other in the face
31. i had the weirdest dream about you and now i can’t stop imagining what you’d look like naked
32. Person C narrates their ‘love’ life.
33. Imagine Person A beginning to doze off while Person B is holding them. Person B whispers “I’ll protect you”
34. “It’s funny; I used to think anything was possible when I was a kid.”
35. My ex comes home to pick up his/her things and you came by after your shift at work and now my ex thinks you are my new girlfriend/boyfriend, so let’s play it cool
36. you don’t like (bug/animal) so i bought a realistic rubber one and left it for you to find except now you’re crying/screaming and omg i’m so sorry i didn’t mean it
37. i always punch you in the arm as a friendly gesture except this time you flinch. are you okay??? have i been hurting you this whole time or are you injured!?!?!
38. i always tease you because that’s just our thing we tease each other but for some reason you snapped at me and are you okay? what’s wrong
39. imagine person A is hardcore crushing on B, and fantasizes about their relationship so much they often refer to the both of them as a couple and say “I love you” at the end of their phone calls accidentally
40. A keeps farting and it smells so bad I’m trying to sleep I HATE
41. you suddenly got really hot wtf au
42. you’re high and keep calling princess and baby. I’m digging it au
43. late night shopping trip
44. you pulled me up on the table to dance with you now you’re shirtless and grinding on me
45. spilled my drink down your shirt and then tried to drink it off you

46. zodiacs

My Reaction to Iron Fist S1E6
  • James Earl Jones?
  • Oh I like that pillow
  • *sing songs* Ta-ran-tu-laaaa
  • Actually, you know what, I won’t skip the intro this time
  • RZA?  Like the martial arts dude?
  • This show is actually starting to pick up.  Yay.
  • *heavy sarcasm*  More corporate policy things!
  • Look at Danny at his desk, all proper and everythin’.  :)
  • We need to get Danny in grey more.  Or get Melvin from “Daredevil” to make him a suit
  • “Monastery Boy in an Aston Martin” is gonna be my new tag for Danny
  • OK, this definitely does not look like Hell’s Kitchen
  • Oh my God…
  • Why yes, take something out of a dead man’s mouth, Danny.  That’s the way to go.
  • Yes, Claire has more experience fighting the Hand than Danny.  Because she rocks.
  • Discount Tyler Perry
  • “… that incredible green guy.” 
  • I can totally imagine Danny singing “Wait for It” from Hamilton
  • Who be that….
  • Is that Clancy Brown?
  • “I’ve mastered everything.”  Oh really?
  • Oooohhhhh…..
  • *in Dungeons and Dragons narrator voice*  You walk into a dark room and you find a well in the middle of the room.  You go DOWN THE WELL…
  • When are we gonna see the flashback of Danny getting his Iron Fist powers by PUNCHING A DRAGON?
  • Heck yeah Daredevil lighting!
  • Oh, it’s always a fight to the death in this world.
  • Oh that looks awesome
  • Ken Watanabe?
  • Well somebody clap because that was good
  • How did he tear off the sleeve of his sweatshirt like that?
  • #ClaireNeedsRespect2k17
  • Ooohh the fog effect!  Me like!
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt….
  • Whooaaaaaa….
  • Holy snot
  • [Bride of Nine Spiders starts crawling on top of Danny] GOD NO DON”T DO THAT
  • Did he just knock her out with a kick to the jaw?
  • Ward looks terrible…
  • Why is he driving?
  • One of the themes of the Marvel Netflix shows seems to be John Does in the Metro General Hospital.  Kilgrave, the chemist dude in this show, the other victim in Daredevil Season 2…
  • “Sweet Christmas!”  SHE SAID IT!
  • Whaddya bet Madame Gao is gonna be like “The last challenger is me!”
  • Danny is so done with everyone’s shit about him not being who he says he is
  • Wait is that Lewis Tan?
  • Wait is that a scythe??!?
  • Oh this looks awesome!
  • “You belong to me” does not sound like something your respected and beloved master would say to you
  • Brown sugar is an excellent smell
  • What?
  • WHAAATT?!?!?
  • I like the red lighting

❛Okay wait, how does this one look? Im trying my best here. It’s either this one or the black one. I like them both.❜ she makes a pose on her bright pink bikini before a smile flashes towards who’s looking at her. Victoria is just trying to have fun instead of thinking how bad she wants to swallow some pills to blurr her dark thoughts.  ❛I accept both negative and positive comebacks. Habla ya.❜
Things the signs would say(all quotes from things my friends and I have said);
  • Aries: We should go bomb an orphanage.
  • Taurus: I'm not stubborn... I'm right.
  • Gemini: You can't make lemonade from just lemons though.
  • Cancer: I'm not alone this Valentines day... I got Ben and Jerry with me.
  • Leo: My eyelashes are longer than his dick.
  • Virgo: This is the crappiest map to ever crap a crap.
  • Libra: Guys can we just be serious for one second?
  • Scorpio: It's not really stalking... It's more like research for our future together.
  • Sagittarius: I mean, I'm hot. He's hot. We should just fuck already.
  • Capricorn: Does this make me look like I know what I'm doing? *Writes random words down in notebook*
  • Aquarius: *In response to Libra* I really like grasshoppers.
  • Pisces: Wait? Are Sea Bears an actual thing? Or?

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Alright, I'll play your little game. Undertale Asks: Numbers 2 and 3

Oh dang anon, those are some juicy questions! lol Thanks for the ask!

2. Who’s your least favourite character from UT?
Onionsan is the freaking worst man. I’m sorry but every time I go through that part in Waterfall I just get so irrationally angry.

3. Your opinion about UT fandom:
*sigh* it’s…not good. I have met a lot of cool people in the fandom, and this fandom has inspired so much creativity that I don’t want to disparage, because holy crap! Some of the stories and art and AUs out there are AMAZING! I don’t want to make it seem like I think the fandom has no redeeming qualities, because it does, nor do I like when people look down on Undertale as a “cringey” or stupid thing to like, because it’s not. But, well…there is a lot that’s happened in this fandom that’s very hard to defend. The rampant bullying, overall rudeness and even threats and suicide baiting that have come from both sides of the anti-shipping debate (mostly from the antis, but I’m not going to ignore that it hasn’t been all them) is repugnant. Spamming and whining about certain creators not putting out content fast enough or not putting out content that caters to their specific sensibilities to the point where they almost leave the fandom is really crappy and entitled. The amount of headcanon policing and general ridiculous behavior is eyeroll-worthy, and the constant mischaracterization of many characters, while something that admittedly goes on in every fandom, can definitely get annoying. I can’t blame anyone that doesn’t want to associate with this fandom anymore. 

But, well…even for all that, I have no intention of leaving. Undertale still has a place close to my heart, and I like to think that focusing on the positive people, bringing each other up, and being decent to other fans whenever possible might be making the fandom just a little better. There’s so much creativity here, and for me personally, that’s worth everything above.


“(Y/n)!” Dean called out after jumping from his chair and smacking his knees on the desk. “Your damn dog did it again!” You came out of the kitchen then, looking at him confused.

“Did what?” You asked. You looked at Dean, who was giving you the “I-know-you-know” look.

“Scared the ever loving crap out of me.” He growled at the little Yorkie as she sweetly rubbed up against his leg.

“Oh sweetie, she just loves you,” You explained. “She just wants to play.”

“She likes to watch me squirm.” Dean sighed. “She does it on purpose, you know.” You just giggled and went back into the kitchen. Your dog looked up at Dean and gave him a playful little yap, making the hunter jump again.


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I had a ziam stan call me a racist bc i didnt ship them and was invested in larry instead. When i told them that im black and informed them what racism really is they blocked me lol

Yeah I’ve seen that. Where people are like, “you’d rather stan two white boys than Ziam because you hate/are racist toward Zayn!!” like…… holy crap… that’s so offensive toward people who /actually/ experience racism. cause not stanning/supporting/”believing in” Ziam does not make you racist lol. Neither does not stanning/supporting Zayn. Sorry that’s just the way it is. but people love to throw that around to the point where it’s virtually indistinguishable what racism looks like in this fandom. (because believe me it does exist and i can name a few people) but yeah it’s messed up and gross and i’m over it lol

“Side Effects May Include...”

Summary: She’s taught him everything. All the things he’s missed. How to live and thrive in the future. How to be a SHIELD agent and a black ops soldier. How to be her lover. She’s taught him everything, and everything is perfect. But all it takes is a little white lie and Natasha descends down a crazy spiral of self-doubt, worry, and misery, all leading to one inevitable question: does Steve even need her anymore?
Rating: E
Characters/Pairing: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff
Link: AO3
Author’s Note: Well, I’ve noticed a trend with this series that the stories keep getting longer (I mean, look at this monstrosity - holy crap) and smuttier (… yeah, I make no excuses).  Warnings for a lot of sex :-).  Definitely not safe for work.  At any rate, enjoy this!  Special thanks to @faith2nyc for everything.


              It’d be alright.  It wasn’t like they were ending their relationship.  It wasn’t like that at all.  It’ll be alright.

              So she knocked on the door.  A moment later, Fury’s muffled voice answered.  “Come in.”  She grabbed the handle and pushed open the door.  Fury’s office aboard the helicarrier wasn’t nearly as big or airy as his office at the Triskelion, but it was among the most sizeable rooms aboard the ship.  Everything was still gunmetal gray, chrome, and steel.  The SHIELD Director sat at his desk, flanked by computer screens that were arranged much like his station on the bridge.  His one good eye flicked to Natasha as she stepped inside before returning to what looked like a mountain of work.  She couldn’t tell if he was surprised to see her.  As good a spy as she was, she still couldn’t touch his level. “Agent Romanoff.”

              “Sir.”  She stood at ease before him.  SHIELD wasn’t entirely a military organization, but there were times and places where it was appropriate.  This felt to be one of them.

              Fury glanced at her again.  “What can I do for you?”

              This was it.  She hesitated a moment, because as much as she knew this was right, getting the words out was much harder than she thought it would be.  “I’d like to… request reassignment.”

              Now Fury stopped.  He set down the tablet he’d been using, swiped his data away on his monitors, and looked up at her squarely.  She fought to stand motionless under his analytical stare.  There were a few people in the world whose mere disapproving glance intimidated her.  Fury’s always had been and always would be one of them.  He’d given her a chance, against the wishes of the World Security Council, when Clint had brought her into SHIELD.  He’d looked beyond the horrible left she’d led, the countless murders and robberies and arsons and worse in her history, and had seen a good person beneath who deserved a second chance.  She’d grown to respect him greatly since then, so much so that disappointing him was truly a painful prospect.

              She couldn’t tell if she was disappointing him now.  He leaned back in his chair with a crackle of leather shifting on leather.  “And why might that be?” he finally asked just as the moment of silence was bordering on excruciating.

              She swallowed.  “I think it’s time, sir.”

              “Time for what?”

              “Captain Rogers is ready,” she explained.  She had to get this out before she lost her nerve.  “You assigned me to oversee his training as a SHIELD agent and integration into modern society.  He’s excelled at both.  So my mission’s complete.  It has been for a while.”


But like we really should talk about Alec and Izzy’s relationship in this episode.

Alec is feeling like crap about his fight with Jace in the last episode– and who goes to try and make him feel better? Not Jace. Not his parents. Izzy– his little sister. Isabelle is such an amazing character and I think keeps getting over-looked because of her “sexual” side that people keep bringing up.

They aren’t even looking at her interactions with anyone else! How she laughs at Mags’ obvious flirtatious behavior for Alec. She doesn’t even blink an eye when he does– instead actually enjoying his company. She doesn’t tell him to stop– she can see that the compliments do actually please Alec, even if he doesn’t say it. If Alec had reacted negatively to Magnus’ flirts, I can tell you now– Izzy would be the first to tell him to cut that shit out. But because she watches Alec and knows that he is actually happy about them she doesn’t– instead watching how the scene unfolds.

Her most important person? Her big brother. The memory she gave up was him SMILING. Not him frowning like he does through most of the episodes. Not him being with Jace. It is him enjoying himself in her presences that she had to give up. Not her parents who tend to be very strict. The preview for the next episode showed how uncomfortable she is in her own MOTHER’S presence. She hasn’t seen her mom in awhile and the first thing her mom comments on is her clothing. Her own mother is judging her on what she decides to wear instead of her personality. Alec has accepted her for who she is. She was raised probably more by Alec who was molded to cover his emotions by his parents. She knows that Alec can’t accept himself– yet accepts both Jace and her without even thinking about it. She knows her mother will never approve of her, but as long as Alec does she is okay with that– which is why she will always try and make him happy. Alec was the first person to accept her the way she was and so she will do the same for him.

And don’t even get me started on the “It’s okay, Alec.” line. Alec is freaking out– She has known– she has been trying to get him to talk about it. He doesn’t want to of course because he is STILL trying to please their parents and can’t accept himself. He is afraid of everyone finding out. She gets where he is coming from and isn’t forcing him out. She just knows that he has been repressing his emotions for so long that he will break eventually. Izzy loves her brother so much and doesn’t want to see him like that. She wants him happy so badly, but doesn’t know how to help. The only thing she can do is say that it IS okay. That even if the world is against you, that SHE accepts him for who he is. Just like he did for her.


Same game as my last submission, a fairly new and small group of friends. 3 players and 1 DM. D&D5e

We go to the town center and run into an assassin (has something to do with someone’s background but the other characters are oblivious). Manage to win and end up killing him pretty easy. I gave the final attack through his heart and everyone is trying to make me feel guilty (ic/ooc) aside from one other player.

Me (tiefling rogue): Hey look he came at us first and he hit me like TWICE okay. I don’t go out trying to murder people but he started it?? NOW CAN I LOOT HIS BODY  8D

DM: Sure go ahead :D *lists a few items of value and fluff* Oh, you also found a photograph. It’s of the man with a small child :’)

Me: Oh no……… Uhhhhh Crap does it say anything on it :’D *am thinking we could find the child, report her ‘mysterious loss’, and maybe help find her a home or make sure she’s taken care of to ease mine and my character’s guilt* 

DM: YEAH! 8D It says ‘I love you, Daddy. Come home safe.’ B) 

Me: DDD8 No uh, town or anything??? /ooc

DM: What are you gonna do??? /ooc

Me: IDK get her taken care of or something I did kill her dad D: /ooc

A (drow rogue): The Gang Adopts A Kid *cues it’s always sunny theme music* /ooc

DM: Oh ffs you can’t adopt a child! This was not how I expected this to go i just wanted you to feel bad for killing him D8 /ooc

Me: Too late time to adopt a kid 8DDD I must make things right as a past orphan and orphan sympathizer! /ooc

A: This is why you can’t make us feel bad. We’re gonna make even worst decisions. /ooc

Me: Yeah!  If you make us feel bad for every person we kill we’re just gonna wind up with an army of children taking on the boss! /ooc

Needless to say we are all fully entertaining the idea of finding this child and raising her as a dysfunctional group of misfit adventurers. :D