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The Hunter

Hey, look! It’s a ficlet request from October, sent in by an Anon!
Check it out, and I hope you like it!

Ever since you were little, there was one place near your village that you were warned against going: a particular clearing just inside the forest. It was rumored that an extremely dangerous beast lived there, and in the past, any hunter who went there returned battered and bloody. They were never quite sure of what they’d seen, it always seemed to move too fast for them to identify it. But what they did know was that it was huge, horned, and angry.

You’d been curious about it for the longest time, and one day while out gathering mushrooms, you realized you’d strayed a bit too close. You carefully peek out from behind a tree, and were somewhat disappointed to find nothing whatsoever moving about in the clearing. You let out an enormous sigh and wander into the open area, the grass whispering softly in the breeze that only seemed present here. You see a large, uneven boulder in the center of the clearing, covered with moss, a large stump rooted to the top. You glance at your basket; you’d not had much luck in your hunt for mushrooms, and that looked like a prime spot to find some good ones. You carefully roll up your sleeves and climb up, leaving your basket at the bottom; it was just too hard to climb with.

Once at the top, you notice an abundance of mushrooms clinging to the huge stump, and you bounce slightly in joy. Looks like you wouldn’t have to go mushroom hunting for a week after this haul. You bend down and start gently pulling them from their perch, when a nearby flock of crows abruptly take to the air, cawing loudly. You jump at the sound, and hear a crash off in the distant trees. What was that? Was it the beast?

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031. badboy!yoongi

031. “i waxed the floor. grab your fluffy socks.”

Yoongi was helpful around the house in a way that fits the system you run the household. He did very well with chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, doing laundry and occasional mopping if he’s up for extra cardio (especially on weeks where he didn’t go out as much). 

There are also days where he’s a lazy potato and wants to indulge in sofa time and that comes with a complete opposite to go all out and for an amount of time it’s do or die. He goes full-mode cleaning from the windows to the cabinets (excluding miniature decors because no one has time for that), laundry hung out by the balcony and lastly, heading straight to mopping the floor before he does the final bit that would be a reward for all the hard work.

Yoongi lives for the way your eyes widen at how spotless everything looks and feels at the bottom of your feet. Just waking up and in your pyjamas, he knows you’re rubbing your eyes to make sure this is all not a dream and when you look up to lock gazes with him, he confirms it’s most definitely not.

See, Yoongi knows when your heart is uneasy or when you feel like there’s a boulder blocking your way. He doesn’t say it out into words but his actions prove that he feels what you feel even when you don’t tell him what you feel. Yoongi was a man of actions (which got him into trouble for a good amount of times) and that’s what you like about him.

He grins and sets the sponge mop to the side, eyes twinkling with mischief, “I just waxed the floor. Go grab your fluffy socks,”

Yoongi watches as you battle with hesitance with your mouth opening and closing, finding the words to say. He raises a hand before you can try to think of anything and surprising enough, you oblige and keep quiet. Your eyes follow him and it’s until you turn around when he walks past you to head into the bedroom. With a couple of thuds and sounds of him rummaging through things, he appears again with…

Your body moves according to how he wants, starting with one foot and then the other as he slips on your socks. When he stands, he manages to do the same for himself and less than two minutes, the both of you are solidly on the tiled floor with a cheaper version to ice skates, home edition.

Even though your heart is weighing you down, Yoongi effortlessly lifts it up when he clutches onto your hand and drags you down the hall. It’s like falling in love with him all over again, being reminded of the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you first saw him and then slowing down to match your heartbeats before they take off again and again and again. The light returns to your eyes and Yoongi stops the pair of you in time, knees buckling forward and into the sofa with his arms cradling you to lessen the impact when you land on your back.

In the midst of heavy breathing and sweat trickling down your foreheads, you manage a small smile and a kiss you press to his lips.

“Thank you, Yoongi,”

He responds with a longer kiss, and a wider smile, “Anytime, Y/N.”


it’s late, but she doesn’t care. he’s right in front of her and she can barely breathe–is it the crowded club and the humid, sticky air filled with smoke, or is it because the person of her daydreams is just within her reach? does she even dare to talk to him? 

His body emanates its own unique text, regardless of what is said, and it is enough to make one intimidated by the 50-year old Till Lindemann, who gives the impression of having a very strong, powerfully large appearance. He looks like a rock star capable of throwing boulders. Bleached-blond hair, eyebrow piercings. But at second glance, you notice that his body radiates a confident, Baloo-the-Bear-kind of friendliness. And now for the shock of his voice: he does not speak in the somber, forced tone the fans know from stage, but with an unusually gentle, open voice. The most evil voice in rock’n roll could just as easily narrate radio plays for children. Is it clear to him, that he has two, such entirely different, voices? The tolerant interviewee Till Lindemann: “There’s the professional bass. And this is my normal, everyday baritone.”

I just love this description of Tilll especially the Baloo part.  He definitely reminds me of a bear but I can’t quite imagine him singing The Bear Necessities.

Here we go, an update!

“Disturbing, these findings are.” Master Yoda’s ears droop slightly, as his clawed hand gently lays the datapad he held back on the table.

“That’s the least you can call it.” Mace massages his temples and breathes deeply and evenly. The sheer magnitude of the discovery is enough to stop one’s breath. “How have we missed this?”

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anonymous asked:

Cad Bane/ Obi-Wan cuddles? Just polite, G-rated cuddles.

“You cold?” Cad questioned, peering out from their shelter to make sure no one had followed them before he glanced back at the Jedi Master curled up against the tree.

“No more then you must be.”

“Reptilian. I can handle the cold here.” Cad snorted before crawling over to Obi-Wan and settling against him, wrapping an arm around the copper haired man.

He half expected Obi-Wan to push away but after a few moments the Jedi curled against his side, arms wrapped around himself. “We were lucky to find shelter, I wonder why the branches decided to curl out like that.” He mused, looking up tiredly at how the branches brushed against the boulder that made up their shelter.

“Does it matter? What matters is that we get back to the rest of your group when the storm settles. And avoid those stupid bots.” Cad grunted, feeling a fine tremble go through the human beside him despite Obi-Wan pretending not to.

“What I wouldn’t give for a fire right now…or a Corellian shot of brandy.” Obi-Wan sighed.

Cad grunted before quite firmly shifting and tugging the human until he was sitting between Cad’s legs with his back to his chest. He then tugged his coat of and wrapped it around the both of them as the only makeshift blanket they had.

“…Oh, thank you.”

“You’re karking freezing Kenobi.” Cad growled at him.

“I get cold easily.” Obi-Wan confessed, chuckling. “Not like Anakin though, he could never shake off his desert child upbringing but still, get me wet and I get cold like an icicle.”

The Duro snorted at that before the two settled quietly, the bounty hunter resting his chin on the others shoulder with his arms wrapped tightly around the Jedi. “You know, if lightening starts coming down, I hope it hits a few clankers.” Obi-Wan offered easily as thunder rolled overhead, lightly caressing Cad’s knee with his fingertips.

That got a grunt of agreement.

Slowly the body in his arms started to go lax with the head tipping back against Cad’s shoulder, the Jedi falling asleep against him and made the bounty hunter wonder just how much sleep the other really did get if he fell asleep with thunder rolling.

It was odd. Cad had seen ‘Rako Hardeen’ sleep. But this was different. The others face had that beard that hid so some of his features yet asleep Obi-Wan looked younger, his chest rising and falling slowly with his head tipped back against Cad’s shoulder which exposed most of his throat.

It was sickeningly trusting.

It made the bounty hunter tighten his arms around the Jedi.

Being this trusting in a war was a terrible life choice, honestly.

My underswap headcannons


Loves greasy tacos. The amount of vegetables he puts in them does almost nothing health wise. He can’t get rid of his chub. Retains magic.

Has a lot of strong magic and can summon many blasters, but has very little control over them.

Has lots of energy and gets overzealous. Distractable. Not very observant when excited. Can’t eat sugar or else he’ll go berserk. Even ketchup is too sugary.

Only one HP. Soft bones. Wants to be strong like his big brother. Secretly uses magic to lift heavy objects like boulders, but makes it look like he is super strong. Alphys pretends not to know.

Loves space and physics. Has many ideas for puzzles but has trouble engineering them. Enlists his brother’s help.

Falls into random naps due to trouble sleeping at night. It is not uncommon for Papyrus to find him asleep standing up. Pushes himself to exhaustion.

Makes corny puns to make his brother laugh. Enjoys when he succeeds in doing so.

Social butterfly. Tries to show everyone a fun time.

Idolizes Napstabot. Loves his loud upbeat music and outgoing personality.

Loves having tea with Grillby and often is tempted by the candy he offers. Declines politely in disappointment.


Loves sweet foods but usually sticks to honey rather than straight sugar. Milkshakes are technically good for his bones. Sometimes makes a mess while eating tacos to cover up all the meat and grease he lets fall out of the shells. Will eat mostly the shell and vegetables. Lifts weights. Will not let Sans catch him doing so.

His magic is not as strong as Sans’ but he has great control. Can only summon one blaster as a last resort. Mainly sticks to intricate bone attacks. Makes Sans laugh with bone messages.

Tries to slip power naps into his day so as to reserve energy. Follows Sans everywhere, mostly in secret to keep an eye on him. Worries constantly.

Talented engineer. Would love to build a sports car. Built his brother’s rocking rocket bed. Helps bring Sans’ puzzle ideas to fruitation.

Was offered a chance to join the Royal Guard but declined when Sans started showing interest in the position. Alphys still pesters him over it. Refuses to show his strength around his brother. Believes it makes him feel bad about his weaknesses.

Insecure and often gives up before trying. Doesn’t socialize often. Talks to Asgore because he can’t see him. Talks to Muffet when he’s drunk. Best friend is Undyne. Both socially awkward nerds. Eats at Muffets because Sans can’t be around sugar. Otherwise he would grab and go.

Dislikes Napstabot and his influence on his brother. Hates him for ditching Undyne. Finds him loud and obnoxious.

Is suspicious of Grillby and doesn’t trust him around Sans. Suspects he spikes his tea with spirits. Finds it odd that the skinflint would give Sans free Candy whilst brutally charging everyone else.

anonymous asked:

What happens when each sith sees a Jedi out in public but they all forgot their lightsaber at home.

this weapon is your life… which is why imma just forget all about it when i go shopping

vader: he doesn’t need his lightsaber, he’s got them daddy choking powers. several jedi have been tricked into thinking they have food allergies by vader choking them after they eat certain foods. lol jedi are so dumb

sidious: his greatest weapon is his affinity for flashing every jedi he comes across. miraluka aren’t a separate species, they’re just the poor humans whose eyes were disintegrated the moment they saw sidious’s shriveled flesh

maul: follows the jedi everywhere they go, frustrated hissing emanating from his bared teeth. nobody knows why he doesn’t just attack them. maul just… does things like stealing slices of bacon from those who dare to have breakfast in his presence.

savage: he can beat up a jedi with his bare hands. being tackled by savage is about as enjoyable as having a 250 lb spiked boulder thrown at you. most jedi don’t like that, so the minute savage sees them, they throw their hands up and quietly back away.

asajj: makes it a point to gossip loudly about how a jedi once stole her baby and accused her of being an evil witch, complete with fake crying (“I-it’s *sniff* not my fault I look like this! *sob*). if anyone recognizes her, she kicks them in the shins and runs while giving them the finger

dooku: makes it a point to sit/stand just a couple feet away from them, posture impeccably straight and a cool expression on his face. why pick a fight when you obviously look superior in comparison? anything the jedi does will look foolish in comparison

kylo: immediately picks a fight with them, lightsaber be damned. yells loudly about anakin skywalker being the only good jedi and the rest are, and i quote, “fucking poser cockwagons”. anyone standing near will likely get punched

nihilus: he’s staring. why won’t he stop staring. oh dear gods he comes closer every time i blink. those eye sockets are devoid of any life, this is the end—why is he handing me a button that says “join the dark side, everyone is suffering here”? is he recruiting?…

grievous: “JEDI!!!!” he can’t go outside without harassing one. since he’s without his lightsabers, most of it is just to scare them for his own amusement—can’t really enter an actual battle with them. he’ll make them run away, or taunt them and flee if they attack.

inquisitor: keeps his distance, but if the jedi makes eye contact with him he gives them the biggest, toothiest smile and disappears the minute they blink. if he has errands to do, they might be spared…

lana: has no problem with jedi. eyes them with disapproval, but goes on her way. if any come up to her with accusations or hostility, she is quick to put them in their place and make them look like a fool.

The Bird

This is a separated titled repost for a writing prompt response I did back when I began the page.

You’ve heard the story a thousand times. There’s songs about it, there’s statues and carvings, there’s even a festival annually to celebrate this guy.

It’s been centuries since anybody’s claimed to have seen this creature, but still they celebrate him like he was just here yesterday. The magical bird man that protects children. Supposedly he’d rescued most of the town or something from a wildfire forever ago.

You sigh and glance at your phone; there was no signal. It was always minimal in this area of town, but it’d never just cut out before. You glance up at your friends and family, all intent on the goings-on around them. The festival was already in full swing for the first day, but you were already tired of it.
Sighing again, you slip your phone back into your pocket and try to put on a happy face. It seemed like the proper thing to do, even if you weren’t actually enjoying yourself.

One hour passes, and you are more than done and ready to scream. How on earth does this dinky little town have the largest festival in history? It never seems to end.
At the first opportunity, you slip away from the crowd, grateful for the quiet.
Let the family have their fun. You need some time to yourself.

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A Touch of Comfort 2.

Pairing: T A E H Y U N G x R E A D E R

Genre: F L U F F

Word Count: 2.071

Summary: “It’s all about the little things. Your favorite tea, good stories, sparkly eyes, beautiful skies, the thrill of adventure, passion, the feeling of home. Enjoy them.”


The rays of sun shining through the trees illuminates the path ahead you, glistening stones along the rushing creek akin to stars in the night sky. If there is one place you love to venture to most, it is Taehyung’s cabin, a quaint little home gifted to his family for times during which they wish to get away from the bustle of city life. Sometimes it amazes you how every time you come to this exact location, you are blown away all over again as if it were your first time visiting all those years ago.

The sound of splashing water against the lip of grass fills the peaceful silence of nature, a nice soundtrack accompanying the crunch of small branches and leaves below your feet. Today is likely going to be one of the nicest days of spring, a welcomed change compared to the constant downpour over the past week, but you suppose that even after a storm, the sun will shine brighter – a small reminder to the world that in the end, there is no greater gift than a new day.

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Seventeen as A:tLA!Benders AU
  • S.Coups: Earthbending teacher who looks all buff and tough but when little kids come for help he creates cute platypus bear sculptures and makes rocks spin in funny lil directions. Hubby material all the village ladies think he’s the #1 bachelor in town
  • Joshua: he’d be the Airbender who’d bring balance to the world he obvi the avatar who just wants to bake egg tarts and share with his friends. Totally plays music with his animal friends 
  • Jeonghan: waterbender bc he graceful af and he’d make beautiful ice sculptures that turn into deadly swords in .017 seconds
  • Jun: firebender not only is he hot but his bending shows are fiyaaaaa. But he’s more artsy than combat, he probably is the only decent actor on ember island players 
  • Hoshi: excited happy lil firebender squishy like when he produced his first flame as smol soonyoung he was so excited that the couch combusted. Battle cry before sparing is HOSHI FIGHTINGGGGGG
  • Wonwoo: earthbender who works at ba sing se university, would rather study technique rather than actually doing. Goes to poetry slams in his free time, studies at Iroh’s tea shop
  • Woozi: basically the waterbender artisan of the world and taught Jeonghan how to be gorgeous but cutthroat. Secretly enjoys penguin sledding
  • DK: airbender c’mon how can he not his disposition is as light as air and he’s so happy and he’d probably be flying with the birds or swimming with the elephant koi 
  • Minghao: would be the best performance Airbender ever he’d pull a Ty Lee and take his glider out and do a bunch of complicated loopies so easily with his cool cutie smile on like    
  • Mingyu: earthbender, he’d be a blacksmith type worker who’d manage the post slides and be able to fix any malfunctions. in his downtime runs a cabbage stand so wonwoo has some veggie friends      
  • Seungkwan: WATERBENDER your face off developed his own water whip which can cut a glacier like whale blubber. Is actually a pretty decent healer once he saved Hoshi’s hands from burning while making komodo chicken 
  • Hansol: he’s the epitome of Airbender he’s so chill and cool and he totally has a bison who’s basically his best friend since birth and they cuddle together when sleeping and talk about life probz
  • Dino: super SUPER capable earthbender that looks like your average lil youngin bender but when he bends the whole earth shakes. he does underground bending comps & turned The Boulder into a pebble

anonymous asked:

Why are both children and muggers drawn to Frank?Why do children gravitate towards the guy who looks like he just stepped out of a stranger danger psa instead of looking for a police officer or an unthreatening looking woman?Why do people decide to roll the terrifying, strapped boulder man instead of literally anyone else?Does he put out pheromones?

well as for why children gravitate 2 him hmmm…. according to the ever reliable yahoo answers babies can tell if people are good. i trust erika and greywolf wholly.

kids probably just know that deep down frank is a nice guy who eats sandwiches while flying a kite

and that he used to dress like a fuckin idiot nerd

who did Nice Guy shit like take his cute family on picnics n whatnot

they know he is #1 Nice Guy and Best Dad and gravitate towards him bc of this :^)

I Wanna Hold Your Hand-LeafyIsHere Imagine

Anon: ‘can you please write something where Calvin tries to hold your hand for the first time and it’s super awk and fluffy?’

Originally posted by nayeli-winchester

A/N: My first request :D This turned out to be a little shorter than what I had imagined it to be, but I hope this is somewhat what you asked for anon! 

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Okay but folks. Witchcraft is not piles of feathers and rocks on the floor next to a pretty book. Druidry is not a naked white woman sitting on a mossy boulder or underneath a tree. Paganism is not wearing crystal jewlery and flowy dresses. Just because you have a triple goddess/ moon/ knot tattoo does not make you anymore spiritually intune than anyone else. 

To quote someone else, “Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

anonymous asked:

oh how about if the chocobros had an s/o who was a witch? like had dark magic powers

Alright so I’m probably going to get super carried away with this because I LIVE FOR MAGIC AND FANTASY STUFF AHH


These are going to have to be under a cut because yeah I did get carried away whoops. Might actually end up doing a part 2 for some of these tbh

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i didn’t think I’d like Rescue Bots when I first saw some clips.

I still don’t like it.  I flippin’ LOVE IT!  It’s meant for grade school kids and I watch it constantly.

This scan still needs tinkering with but it’ll do for now.

I think Boulder would be over the moon if Mr. Pettypaws told all his friends about the ‘bots and then cat population of Griffin Rock came to visit.

Is it my imagination or does the white one on the top look like Chief Burns?

— acrylic ink, coloured pencil, black and white ink on recycled bristol

Everything’s Alright (Rescue Bots)

Almost 3000 words for a pre-schooler’s show, what the hell me (seriously though- this may be my favorite transformers cartoon). Using a concept I’ve played around with in other ‘verses but it seemed fitting to me so why not. Title from To The Moon because I recently replayed it and couldn’t think of a title.

Title: Everything’s Alright
Fandom: Transformers: Rescue Bots
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2927
Characters: Rescue Bots, Burns family
Summary: The Burns family find out about one of Cybertron’s less savory practices thanks to Heatwave’s mouth.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible the Rescue Bots refrained from speaking in Cybertronian when in a human’s presence. They really didn’t have anything to say that couldn’t be shared with any of their partners so none of the Autobots were bothered by the restriction and only used their native language when simple words were inefficient.

Or when they had something to argue about.

Kade flopped on to the human-sized sofa next to the Cybertronian-sized one, watching Blades and Cody play some kind of game. “Are Mom and Dad fighting again?”

Graham didn’t even look away from the board of math scribbles Boulder was helping him with. “They seem to be arguing a lot recently.” Then again, considering how often Heatwave and Chase argued before, even once a week was quite a jump.

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