it does not look like boulder


it’s late, but she doesn’t care. he’s right in front of her and she can barely breathe–is it the crowded club and the humid, sticky air filled with smoke, or is it because the person of her daydreams is just within her reach? does she even dare to talk to him? 

His body emanates its own unique text, regardless of what is said, and it is enough to make one intimidated by the 50-year old Till Lindemann, who gives the impression of having a very strong, powerfully large appearance. He looks like a rock star capable of throwing boulders. Bleached-blond hair, eyebrow piercings. But at second glance, you notice that his body radiates a confident, Baloo-the-Bear-kind of friendliness. And now for the shock of his voice: he does not speak in the somber, forced tone the fans know from stage, but with an unusually gentle, open voice. The most evil voice in rock’n roll could just as easily narrate radio plays for children. Is it clear to him, that he has two, such entirely different, voices? The tolerant interviewee Till Lindemann: “There’s the professional bass. And this is my normal, everyday baritone.”

I just love this description of Tilll especially the Baloo part.  He definitely reminds me of a bear but I can’t quite imagine him singing The Bear Necessities.

Here we go, an update!

“Disturbing, these findings are.” Master Yoda’s ears droop slightly, as his clawed hand gently lays the datapad he held back on the table.

“That’s the least you can call it.” Mace massages his temples and breathes deeply and evenly. The sheer magnitude of the discovery is enough to stop one’s breath. “How have we missed this?”

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Why are both children and muggers drawn to Frank?Why do children gravitate towards the guy who looks like he just stepped out of a stranger danger psa instead of looking for a police officer or an unthreatening looking woman?Why do people decide to roll the terrifying, strapped boulder man instead of literally anyone else?Does he put out pheromones?

well as for why children gravitate 2 him hmmm…. according to the ever reliable yahoo answers babies can tell if people are good. i trust erika and greywolf wholly.

kids probably just know that deep down frank is a nice guy who eats sandwiches while flying a kite

and that he used to dress like a fuckin idiot nerd

who did Nice Guy shit like take his cute family on picnics n whatnot

they know he is #1 Nice Guy and Best Dad and gravitate towards him bc of this :^)

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anonymous asked:

oh how about if the chocobros had an s/o who was a witch? like had dark magic powers

Alright so I’m probably going to get super carried away with this because I LIVE FOR MAGIC AND FANTASY STUFF AHH


These are going to have to be under a cut because yeah I did get carried away whoops. Might actually end up doing a part 2 for some of these tbh

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Seventeen as A:tLA!Benders AU
  • S.Coups: Earthbending teacher who looks all buff and tough but when little kids come for help he creates cute platypus bear sculptures and makes rocks spin in funny lil directions. Hubby material all the village ladies think he’s the #1 bachelor in town
  • Joshua: he’d be the Airbender who’d bring balance to the world he obvi the avatar who just wants to bake egg tarts and share with his friends. Totally plays music with his animal friends 
  • Jeonghan: waterbender bc he graceful af and he’d make beautiful ice sculptures that turn into deadly swords in .017 seconds
  • Jun: firebender not only is he hot but his bending shows are fiyaaaaa. But he’s more artsy than combat, he probably is the only decent actor on ember island players 
  • Hoshi: excited happy lil firebender squishy like when he produced his first flame as smol soonyoung he was so excited that the couch combusted. Battle cry before sparing is HOSHI FIGHTINGGGGGG
  • Wonwoo: earthbender who works at ba sing se university, would rather study technique rather than actually doing. Goes to poetry slams in his free time, studies at Iroh’s tea shop
  • Woozi: basically the waterbender artisan of the world and taught Jeonghan how to be gorgeous but cutthroat. Secretly enjoys penguin sledding
  • DK: airbender c’mon how can he not his disposition is as light as air and he’s so happy and he’d probably be flying with the birds or swimming with the elephant koi 
  • Minghao: would be the best performance Airbender ever he’d pull a Ty Lee and take his glider out and do a bunch of complicated loopies so easily with his cool cutie smile on like    
  • Mingyu: earthbender, he’d be a blacksmith type worker who’d manage the post slides and be able to fix any malfunctions. in his downtime runs a cabbage stand so wonwoo has some veggie friends      
  • Seungkwan: WATERBENDER your face off developed his own water whip which can cut a glacier like whale blubber. Is actually a pretty decent healer once he saved Hoshi’s hands from burning while making komodo chicken 
  • Hansol: he’s the epitome of Airbender he’s so chill and cool and he totally has a bison who’s basically his best friend since birth and they cuddle together when sleeping and talk about life probz
  • Dino: super SUPER capable earthbender that looks like your average lil youngin bender but when he bends the whole earth shakes. he does underground bending comps & turned The Boulder into a pebble
I Wanna Hold Your Hand-LeafyIsHere Imagine

Anon: ‘can you please write something where Calvin tries to hold your hand for the first time and it’s super awk and fluffy?’

Originally posted by nayeli-winchester

A/N: My first request :D This turned out to be a little shorter than what I had imagined it to be, but I hope this is somewhat what you asked for anon! 

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Okay but folks. Witchcraft is not piles of feathers and rocks on the floor next to a pretty book. Druidry is not a naked white woman sitting on a mossy boulder or underneath a tree. Paganism is not wearing crystal jewlery and flowy dresses. Just because you have a triple goddess/ moon/ knot tattoo does not make you anymore spiritually intune than anyone else. 

To quote someone else, “Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

Everything’s Alright (Rescue Bots)

Almost 3000 words for a pre-schooler’s show, what the hell me (seriously though- this may be my favorite transformers cartoon). Using a concept I’ve played around with in other ‘verses but it seemed fitting to me so why not. Title from To The Moon because I recently replayed it and couldn’t think of a title.

Title: Everything’s Alright
Fandom: Transformers: Rescue Bots
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2927
Characters: Rescue Bots, Burns family
Summary: The Burns family find out about one of Cybertron’s less savory practices thanks to Heatwave’s mouth.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible the Rescue Bots refrained from speaking in Cybertronian when in a human’s presence. They really didn’t have anything to say that couldn’t be shared with any of their partners so none of the Autobots were bothered by the restriction and only used their native language when simple words were inefficient.

Or when they had something to argue about.

Kade flopped on to the human-sized sofa next to the Cybertronian-sized one, watching Blades and Cody play some kind of game. “Are Mom and Dad fighting again?”

Graham didn’t even look away from the board of math scribbles Boulder was helping him with. “They seem to be arguing a lot recently.” Then again, considering how often Heatwave and Chase argued before, even once a week was quite a jump.

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i didn’t think I’d like Rescue Bots when I first saw some clips.

I still don’t like it.  I flippin’ LOVE IT!  It’s meant for grade school kids and I watch it constantly.

This scan still needs tinkering with but it’ll do for now.

I think Boulder would be over the moon if Mr. Pettypaws told all his friends about the ‘bots and then cat population of Griffin Rock came to visit.

Is it my imagination or does the white one on the top look like Chief Burns?

— acrylic ink, coloured pencil, black and white ink on recycled bristol

SPIDERDUB: The Power of Friendship Sentence Memes
  • I sure do hate when orgies go sour...
  • Giant boulders?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • 'looks like I'm in a bit of a pickle.
  • It's a good thing I'm {name].
  • My God, it's beautiful! What could it be?
  • Oh... it's just computers...
  • Hey, [name]! You made it just in time for the slumber party!
  • Why am I in chains?
  • We're gonna play games, eat some Twizzlers, watch some TV! It's gonna be the best slumber party!
  • Well, it says here that you're HIV-positive.
  • What am I going to do?
  • You can start by getting the fuck out of my office, you disease-ridden whore!
  • Come on, let's watch some Power Rangers!
  • It seems like everything checks out here.
  • I wonder if I could kill him/her and get away with it...
  • Who is your favorite Power Ranger?
  • Can you untie these chains now?
  • This is not what I had in mind.
  • A girl/boy?! I never touched a girl/boy before!
  • Help me, [name]! S/he's going to rape me!
  • Not my problem, bitch!
  • You and [name] are gonna be my best friends forever!
  • Let's watch some more cartoons!
  • Mm, I guess everyone is gone...
  • I've always wanted to masturbate in here.
  • You're the worst super hero ever!
  • Hey! 'trying to watch Power Rangers over here!
  • I'm free, and I don't even like Power Rangers!
The Corpse Garden

by Pippinacious

The smell is what I remember most; a pungent aroma of wet rot, stagnant water, and sun baked debris that floated in and never left. Granny called it a corpse garden and said it was where everything in the swamp went to die. Plants, animals, even a person or two; all part of the garden. It was on the far edge of Granny and Granddad’s property and required a trek through the woods to get to it by land, one I always made when we visited for the summer.

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Commission #2 for @e-vay who wanted Sonic Boom Sonamy. More specifically Amy looking bad-ass and Sonic looking at her like shes the bees knees.

Thank you my friend for this opportunity because I dont think I’ve drawn like this in a long time and your kindness has truly lifted my spirits

tundra-tiger  asked:

I've been trying to figure out some gemsonas and... I've been having trouble figuring out clothing. I really like your clothing designs on Boulder Opal and Sunstone.... Are there any guidelines or style patterns you stick to, with gem clothes? Any tips?

Ok first and foremost; These are the steps I follow, based on my observations of canon gem designs. They are not necessarily the same steps that the crewniverse follows when they design characters.

I generally try to stick to two rules when designing gems in general;

Simplicity and matching colours.

If you look at the gems in the show, their designs can easily be split into very simple elements. They don’t have many details or complicated patterns. The latter is something I see a lot in people’s gemsonas, especially when they try to make their gem’s skin mimic the pattern of the gem, but in my opinion it always turns out way too cluttered with tiny details that break the wholesomeness of a design.

There are only three exceptions to the ‘detailed’ pattern design in the show, and they still remain very simplistic; Jasper and Malachite with their thick stripes that can easily be memorised and are always the same, and Sugilite with her design looking a little cluttered due to her ripped clothing - which most likely signifies that she’s a little bit of an unstable, raw fusion (much like Garnet was during her first fusion) - though I think it’s worth noting that the 2nd time we see her, she already looks better than the first time!

A fusion’s design does not need to be more cluttered when there’s more gems in it, for example, Alexandrite has a very simple and wholesome design, despite being a fusion of 5 gems.

Most Boulder Opal gemsonas I see around try to add boulder opal’s crack-like pattern as a part of their gem’s skin coloration and so far I haven’t seen a design in which this wouldn’t completely shatter the wholesomeness of it. The pattern is too detailed, too thin, and too random to use in the design.

With Boulder, I took this photo as a gem reference, and instead of adding the actual pattern, I made his clothes dark and throw in dashes of bright colours that represent the colours that shine through the dark ‘outer layer’ of the gem. I added a pattern to his shirt for this as well, and to capture some more of that 80s feel I wanted to go with for him.

His gem being single-coloured, Sunny’s design was easier to finish, because it was basically just playing around with what part of the outfit I should colour in what shade of orange/yellow.

Both of their costumes also have simple shapes to them, as both pretty much wear form-fitting clothes (save for Boulder’s baggy shirt) like gems usually do - reminder that gems canonically can’t remove their clothes! Their clothes are, directly quoting Peridot; “melded to their body”, which explains why baggy clothes are not common, but not impossible (Amethyst’s shirt, Rose’s dress..), but also why most gems wear form-fitting clothes. 

From what we’ve seen in the show, gems also prefer solid-coloured patterns/clothes, and not gradients or details. When the costume is of more than one colour, the line between the two colours in the costume is usually clearly drawn, not blended together.

Also; Homeworld gems ALWAYS have a diamond insignia somewhere on their outfit, while Crystal Gems tend to have a star (I assume that if Peridot ever gets poofed, she will regenerate with a star addition to her outfit)

Last but not least; colour. This is definitely the hardest part to get right because even the slight hue change or additional contrast can make it or break it. Colours take a lot of testing to see what hits and what misses, I usually make a few versions of a costume and ask my friends which works best.

You can always try googling for colour palettes of a certain colour, especially if your gem is one-coloured. Googling green/yellow/blue palette might help you.

Alright now you might look at me and say “But Jim, Flash is a disaster and follows like none of these rules” and to this I say that it’s somewhat true, Flash’s colours are terrible and blinding (though fairly close to his gem), but they still somehow work together, and his design is a blend of a stable fusion, and a ‘novice’ fusion (again a callback to Garnet’s first fusion, which was what I had in mind when I chose to design his cape like that). That plays into who Flash is - I wanted to make it obvious that he’s a clash of two very different people - and what he means to me; the willingness and ability to accept your flaws (hence his non-symmetric design). He doesn’t have to be perfect. He just has to be himself.

Owly put it best when she described Flash;
“You’re two different peeps smashed together in a chaotic harmony”

Y’know what they say, you gotta learn the rules in order to break them, and that’s what I did with Flash.

All the rules above are also good to use with designing any character.
Simplicity is a friend.

thedragonmissionary  asked:

could you pair the similarities between the riders and dragons of the gang, valka, stoick...??? an example would be like hiccup and toothless bla bla bla then snotlout and hookfang then bla bla bla explanation and etc. thanks!!!!

Yes! I would love to do this! The similarities between dragon and rider excite me to tears because they are all completely perfect for each other.

Hiccup and Toothless

Let’s face it. This duo would need a novel to cover all their similarities. Possibly three novels.

Hiccup and Toothless are probably the most notably similar in terms of their life stories. They parallel one another even before they meet. Hiccup and Toothless both are social outcasts and peculiarities for their respective species (a non-dragon fighting Viking and the single seen Night Fury), then find one another and form a bond with an enemy they had good reason to kill. They try to kill each other, in fact, over the course of their relationship with one another - Hiccup by holding a knife up to Toothless and Toothless by shooting a plasma blast. Hiccup and Toothless both give each other their worst physical injury; there is no small similarity between a missing left leg and a missing tail fin. Yet at the same time, they fill each others’ lives and find happiness.

And I am not even done. Nowhere close. Both Hiccup and Toothless are without family members. Toothless saves Hiccup falling; Hiccup saves Toothless falling. Hiccup saves Toothless from drowning in water; Toothless saves Hiccup from suffocating in ice. Hiccup and Toothless grow to become the chief and alpha of their tribe, surprisingly young leaders for who they are, but filling in gaps from the war deaths of their predecessors. Their leadership is foreshadowed before they come to this point; Toothless takes intelligent initiative far more than any of the other dragons, and Hiccup’s voice is the most frequent to suggest ideas in the Dragon Academy, and almost always heeded.

Personality-wise, Hiccup and Toothless certainly are not the same individual, but they do contain notable parallels. Hiccup and Toothless are both top notch at their skills, seen especially in the television series. Toothless is the fastest dragon and most intelligent, just like Hiccup is an enviable dragon rider and very intelligent in his own right. They work together very well, both proficient at fighting, and thus incredible to watch fly together. They both are very resourceful with their environment; Toothless’ wide use of plasma blasts from moving objects to shooting down obstacles to echolocation is just as handy a toolbox as Hiccup’s creative construction of elements in the forge.

And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Snotlout and Hookfang

Hookfang is the next thing to Snotlout in human form. Again, there are personality differences, but this amazing dysfunctional pair certainly share a lot in common.

Design-wise, both Snotlout and Hookfang are the most prototypical of their kind. Snotlout is the meaty, buff, weapons-centered Viking celebrated on Berk in the early days. Likewise, Hookfang has the most standard of the dragon designs, as even the art book itself acknowledges.

But there’s more than just design at here. To cite the first art book, “the Monstrous Nightmare is… considered the most violent, stubborn, and tenacious. In battle, it’s the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

Are we SURE we are not talking about Snotlout here? He is a rather stubborn, violent, and tenacious individual himself, and undoubtedly is the sort of individual who would hold on fighting in battle beyond reason. He considers himself a warrior and at least tries to show that off. “Thawfest” shows he has the great physical capability that the other Vikings cannot match just like Hookfang is a Monstrous Nightmare, which only the best Vikings fought back in Berk’s old war days.

The thing is, both Snotlout and Hookfang screw up more often than they successfully exhibit their great warrior skills. Hookfang will make mistakes all the time, such as making situations worse when trying to rescue Snotlout from the Changewings in “We Are Family Part 1” or burning up the dummies he is supposed to be recognizing in both “Thawfest” and “Best in Show.” Snotlout likewise frequently fumbles and finds himself missing his throw when trying to hit a Nadder in HTTYD 1, among other such incidences. Let’s think of all the times his rump has been roasted by his own dragon.

Snotlout and Hookfang’s temperament similarities still keep on going. They are not good at demonstrating affection. Snotlout puffs up himself and tries to hide when he cries, even acting outwardly incapable of understanding the concept of a broken heart. Hookfang, on his own part, is more likely to walk away with a flick of his tail than give his rider a cuddle. And they always treat each other with that rough dysfunctionality, Snotlout shouting at his stupid stubborn dragon to do something, his dragon unyieldingly flying away and paying no heed to the Viking.

Yet despite this, both are very much capable of affection. “Viking for Hire” shows Hookfang excitedly caressing the Jorgensen boy with his snout, and “Race to Fireworm Island” is all about how much boy and dragon are willing to do for one another. That’s the part where Snotlout returns Hookfang’s “hug”.

These two are completely one hundred percent made for each other. Snotlout’s dragon in the books might be a pretentious female dragon named Fireworm, but it’s simple canon that he takes a Monstrous Nightmare. And the Monstrous Nightmare in both books and movies is considered to be a dragon of high status. It’s the hardest to fight in the movies and it’s the hunting dragon reserved for the chief in the books. And Snotlout and Hookfang are the prototype Vikings until Hiccup and Toothless swoop in and unintentionally take over the spotlight themselves.

Astrid and Stormfly

The Deadly Nadder is a nimble, dexterous dragon, just like Astrid is. It is very intelligent, just like Astrid is. It also is thorny, just like Astrid is. I mean, come on. Look at those designs. Stormfly and Astrid both have spikes all over them. The early sketches shown in the art book show Astrid was always intended to hop onto a Deadly Nadder, and thus their physical designs and abilities parallel each other nicely.

I think it goes deeper than that, though, based upon the description of the Nadder in the art book. “This skilled flier has an explosive temper that makes it a daunting airborne opponent but if you stand right in front of its nose you’ll be in its blind spot and it won’t be able to see you” (p. 40).

I feel this is a good characterization of Astrid, too. She has her own blindspots regarding Hiccup and the dragons within the first half of HTTYD 1, not to mention she is nothing short of a short-tempered gymnast, too. And despite the frightening temperament of both, Astrid and Stormfly alike are actually rather sweet and affectionate individuals.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut and Barf and Belch

Barf and Belch are two separate heads but connected together as one dragon, just as Ruffnut and Tuffnut are two individuals but “stuck with each other since birth”. The two twins and the double Zippleback heads might appear the same at first look, too, but each has their own uniqueness. Ruffnut and Tuffnut have distinct personality differences just like Barf expels green gas while Belch lights it. But all those heads can make for extreme dysfunction at times, too, especially since not one of those heads in the entire crowd is incredibly bright. Don’t get me wrong - all of them DO have intelligence and demonstrate it well - but they also have tendencies to overlook obvious details.

Fishlegs and Meatlug

Fishlegs originally was supposed to ride the Hideous Zippleback rather than a Gronckle in the movies, more closely paralleling the three-headed dragon book!Fishlegs befriends. However, this does not mean Fishlegs and Meatlug are unsuited for one another. On the contrary, I find this one of the pairs with the most obvious chemistry, and not just because they are always physically demonstrating their affection to each other.

Fishlegs and Meatlug have both been designed to be husky, the Gronckle taking on the appearance of “boulders” and Fishleg’s shape being all about squares. I feel like they belong in those photsets of owners that look too much like their pets. Beyond that, both of these characters are a “gem of a different color,” meant to be unique and divergent from the others. Fishlegs is the oddball dragon geek of the bunch, while Meatlug is “the most atypical-looking dragon in the line-up” (p. 36). And they both struggle with being unappreciated by the others for their actually very impressive skills. Meatlug might be the slowest flier and Fishlegs not much competition in the Dragon Training ring, but both have abilities that the other dragons and riders cannot at all do.

Personality-wise, Fishlegs and Meatlug are the sweethearts of the human and dragon worlds, respectively. They are also the most timid, most reluctant to enter danger, and most friendly. Odin, they have even developed the same habits. “The Iron Gronckle” shows the two of them stress eating together to handle their similar emotions of feeling unwanted by the rest of the gang.

Stoick and Skullcrusher

Enormous, imposing, stoic giants these two are. Not much is seen of Skullcrusher, but he has that same larger-than-life, thick, intimidating appearance and presence that his rider has. However, at the same time, that does not mean either are without heart. We see Stoick act in full love at the end of HTTYD 2, and Skullcrusher himself is shown to be a friendly dragon himself when he shoves his nose toward Eret and sniffs the ex-dragon trapper curiously.

I would actually talk more about Stoick and Thornado’s similarities because we know about that relationship in greater detail. I touch on their endearingly parallel personalities a bit here.

Valka and Cloudjumper

Both Valka and her dragon are simultaneously regal and quirky. For Valka is an admirable queen, a highly-skilled dragon vigilante who deserves respect. But she is very cumbersome around people, to, even walking around on all fours at one point. Cloudjumper as well holds himself up with a prideful posture, yet does more than his dumb share of activities - especially around Toothless. Beyond that, both Valka and Cloudjumper are very intelligent and imposing individuals to encounter.

And both are unique in a crowd. Just like Hiccup and Toothless are separated off with Hiccup being an outcast and Toothless the only Night Fury, so also are Valka the outcasted Viking woman and the only Stormcutter seen onscreen. 

Lastly, design-wise, you can see they are similar. Valka intentionally made her armor to look like a dragon, and the spikes and flares on places like her boots mirror the patterns of Cloudjumper.

Gobber and Grump

I really just want to say “These lovable lugs” and type up a bunch of hearts <3 <3 <3 and leave it at that.

I Love You » Liam Dunbar

Requested: “can u maybe make a shirt story where maybe there is some sort of battle and y/n gets hurt and the pack gives her something to numb her pain and it kinda makes her blurt out everything and she suddenly blurts out I love u to liam and everyone hears…is that ok?” - @dheekshag06

Pairing: Reader x Liam Dunbar
Word Count: 3,348
Warnings: None

A/N: Hope this isn’t too similar to my Scott short story, The Bite. Tried hard to make it different with similar requests, but I suck at doing this. Not really feeling my writing in this one, but hope you like it anyway - feedback is welcome. :)

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Journey to FUN!

It’s here! It’s been over 6 years since any Bionicle animation longer than 3 minutes has come out, and there’s clearly been a significant budget increase to this G2 reboot’s episode-style format. We’ve got 3D animated toa and villagers alike, along with a lively crew of creatures and a villain who manages to simultaneously be Starscream and Megatron (sorry, I had to, but the link is a StamperTV comedy sketch that is as relevant as it is not safe for work).

If you’ve played or seen screenshots from the Mask of Control mobile game, you know basically where the overarching story is headed. The two and a half episodes we have are the full tread of the winter wave, and end on a “cliffhanger” for summer that’s of course entirely blown out of the water by leaks. As usual though, it’s the moments in between that really shine and liven things up. Journey to One is definitely many things at once, but above all it succeeds at being fun!

Just don’t let the ramblings of this over-devoted fanboy be your first experiences with this show; it’s got tons of charm that can only be expressed by a visual medium! Spoilers and such abound below, so Netflix binge excessively and then come back, won’t you?

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