it does not even make any sense

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does it make sense for members to have different "birthdays" that aren't even connected to when they arrived? the body's birth date is in march, but one person's birthday is in june, another is in december, etc. again, without any connection to when they arrived or any important date?

of course! 

all of our system members celebrate their birthdays on different days. :-) we know of other systems who do this as well. 

- mod baopis

When the Paternity test comes back negative (if the story even gets that far)


Larrys: DUDE chill, we didn’t do anything


Larrys: How does that make any sense


Larrys: Bah Felicia 

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Ofc people freak out when you follow them. You're tumblr famous among many fandoms, especially Bechloe/Pitch Perfect. You follow me even though I barely post any fandom stuff and I'm super honored that you didn't click unfollow yet so thanks

i just cannot wrap my head around the fact that people freak out it just does NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME. i am simply a small gay bean who writes fanfiction for fun, there is no need to freak out

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Oracio : 9 / 24 / 25 / 43 / 60 /3 / 8 / 23 / 41 :3

3: What’s your OCs favorite food?

MEAT. Lots of meat. Any kind of meat and simple accompagnement, like pasta and rice (he doesn’t like that much vegetables). Sausages with puree and cooked apples is actually is whole time favorite. Easy and quick to do, and always delicious. 

8: What are some of your OCs strengths?

He is a competent warrior and even if it’s not always obvious he does care for people (or at least a very small group of them) and always make sure they are safe and protected. He does have a strong sense of duty and honor (but it’s not always a strenght) and is open to give a chance to nearly every kind of warrior that could help (qunaris, elves, dwarves, he doesn’t care as long as they are ready to fight for the inquisition !).

9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?

He… is andrastian. And in the context of the inquisition it’s actually more of a weakness than a help for him. His faith is put under a lot of pressure and tends to make him feel betrayed and depressed. 

He is a templar, so lyrium addiction is fucking strong (especially when he is taking more of it to compensate his exhaustion and else) and he got a very awful fear about demons/spirits and maleficars (understand any and every mages he can meet) that makes him does stupid things before he really takes the time to think abut it. 

He is also hot tempered, grumpy, with very bad political and diplomatic habilities. (and an awful singer).

23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?

It’s a secret.. That only lasted for weeks. 

When they managed to take control over some mines and started pushing back the red templars…. He eared the red lyrium sing. Even more than around the rift the first time and… He took some shards to eat them. Just to try you know ? And… It was better than the regular lyrium, he felt stronger, faster, warmer. And he started stealing a bit, discreatly, from the stock the inquisition was confiscating at the time. 

Luckily for him, Bull and Murphy quickly realised that something was off with him as he was becoming paranoid and more violent and angry. They pushed him enough to know what was going on and helped him stop before it was a real addiction (didn’t stopped the regular lyrium tho).

24: What does your OC smell like?

He smells of leathers and polishing oil most of the time. Under those strong sent you can smell the transpiration due to training and fight, he kind of like smelling that himself (armpits smell ho yeah). He is not much for great and raffine perfume, at least on him (on his little ghost of a boyfriend on the other hand huhu).

25: What time of year does your OC prefer?

Summer ! Because it’s hot and with lots of sun…. Even if he stays in full plate so he is actually in risk of dying from the heat. But he is a strong head, so he doesn’t take that in count hehe.

41: What is your OCs motto about life?

“Recite the Chant of light and the maker should show you the good way.” He is a complete andrastian, he does think that the maker is supposed to… Supervise everything which is happening. (and the events in inquisition just make him think he has to try harder and be actualy more devot, in his own way).

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?

Sir Otto. The templar he basically sees as what he got the closest to a father figure during his childhood and beginning of adulthood in the Denerim’s chantry. Being rised by the chantry… Well, he attached a lot of importance to this man, explaining him the Chant of Light, helping him getting better with a sword and else…. He just wished he would have known what happened to him, just after the darkspawn attack over Denerim. But it doesn’t minimize the respect and fascination he has for that man. 

60: Does your OC enjoy nature?

Noooot that much, He is used to live in a big country, but it’s been a few years already that he is running in the “nature” because of the rebelion but he still doesn’t like that. You get wet and soaky, hot and moisty (and never the way that you want), your armor and weapon get damaged with time and there is a certain miss of good cooking. So heh. He’d rather leave in a “civilised” place xD

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please don't take this the wrong way but does witchcraft actually work? what has your expirience been? im thinking about trying it.

Seriously? I’m so tired of this question. It’s annoying and rude. It’s like asking a Christian “ how do you know Jesus is real?” It makes no sense.

… But I’ll answer anyway, if you want to know witchcraft is real, cast a simple spell and quit asking these kinds of ridiculous questions.

Experiences with witchcraft

I casted a glamour and even though I didn’t dress up, put on any lipgloss or anything like that, nearly everyone told me I was beautiful.

I casted a money spell and received a gift card from a long lost friend the next day.

I casted a study spell and I got an A on every test I’ve used it for.

I casted a confidence spell and I gained the courage to speak in front of a crowd.

Is this enough proof of my practice?

Of course criticizing the whole concept of celebrity and realizing that entertainment industries and the media exist within the framework of capitalism is important, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t hold celebrities responsible for their actions. It’s easy to say “well, of course they’re gonna fuck up, celebrities are all bourgeois sheeple! All puppets of the ruling class and mass media!”, and duh, we know celebrities aren’t radicals and benefit from a very comfortable positon in society. We know they tend to have an extremely privileged stance on most social issues. But power dynamics between celebrities are still power dynamics, and they deserve to get attention. The racism, misogyny, homophobia, ableism that celebrities perpetuate is real. It has real effects on real people, and there is a possibility to discuss those without falling into the “your fave is problematic” rhetoric. I think we can do better, but I also think dismissing these entire conversations as “silly celebrity talk” is not the right approach. We’re allowed to expect better from some individuals and show respect towards others, while also acknowledging that the industry as a whole is corrupt.

All i’m saying is the “i don’t give a fuck about mainstream media and celebrities, let’s talk about something else” stance is not as radical as it may seem, especially when oppressed groups are using a public event to bring attention to real, day-to-day issues.

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What's your opinion on America, like what do you know or what's confusing/weird/different about our "culture"? Sorry if this didn't make any sense.

it confuses me sometimes like why do you get rid of the u in color and favorite and flavor and neighbor???? or really, why does england add a u in those words????? is this our fault???? i hear new zealand do that too ?? ??? why do we have to be so different????

why do you call ninth graders freshmen? why are the men fresh???? are the girls also fresh??? are the teachers fresher because they were once freshmen too ????? why isn’t it freshwomen or freshpeople????? 

what does sophomore even mean???? who came up with this word???? why aren’t the freshmen called juniors because normally a junior is a young person and a senior is an old person????? why aren’t all seniors old????

why, whenever england gets something shipped in from america, is it so expensive???? i can go to the shop and get a kitkat for 70p (~$1.26) yet if there’s some sort of kitkat that’s been flown from america it’s like £5 ($7.88 yeah you heard me eight dollars for a fucking chocolate bar)

why do movies come out in america before they do in england or anywhere else for that matter ???? even if the movie is made in europe guess what the movie still comes out in the US before the UK ????? serious question why ?????? are the best production companies over there????? why doesn’t england have good production companies ??????

why are all the american tv shows better than british television????? why do i want to cry whenever coronation street or eastenders is on because I JUST WANT TO SEE GOOD ACTING ON MY TELEVISION WITHOUT PAYING £50 A MONTH FOR A FEW EXTRA US CHANNELS

why do you have so many fast food chains that we don’t have ????? i want to try a fucking wendy’s and in n out and denny’s and taco bell and del taco and chipotle and quiznos but i have to fly four thousand fucking miles if i want one (YES WE DON’T HAVE TACO BELL IN ENGLAND APART FROM LIKE TWO STORES. YES TWO STORES IN THE WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY. DO YOU FEEL THIS PAIN. NOPE, YOU NEVER WILL BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT TACO BELL)




Can we talk about how TBBT wardrobing just decided midway through S2 that Sheldon should have Leonard’s shirt???  Leonard first wears the shirt in S02E03.  That’s fifteen episodes before Sheldon does in S02E18, meaning one of two things had to have happened in canon in order for the changeover to make any logical sense at all.

1.) Sheldon bought the exact same shirt after seeing Leonard wear it, then demanded that Leonard get rid of his own because only one of them should be allowed to wear that design, or 2.) Leonard let Sheldon have his shirt because Sheldon wanted it so badly.

I think the first option is definitely plausible tbqh, but the second one just makes me want to rub my face all over it like it is fresh-from-the-dry-cleaner soft.

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Studying the girls’ words, he gently rested a chin on his ribbon as he slightly tilted his head in interest. Humans have always been strange creatures, but this is definitely news to him. As far as he knew, a majority of humans [and Pokemon] wanted nothing to do with a body once it was dead other than to eat it or bury it.

“…Tell me, what does a “Taxidermist” do?”

[ askshinyvaporeon ]

Mika: Taxidermy is the art of recreating life through death. Not in a literal sense but as in working with the skin of deceased animals and preserve their essence as they were in life! Some really great taxidermy can make it feel like the static mounted pelt could jump at you at any moment!! And the possibilities are endless! Some people make them into hard mounts which are like statues, soft mounts are like stuffed animals! Sometimes people use bigger pelts as rugs or wall-decorations and I’ve seen some people even wear them as headdresses and other creative outfits!

I can understand how it’s not every pokemon’s cup of tea to imagine such a thing but I find it all so fascinating!! I would personally love my remains to be preserved and honored in such a way so I may stay with my trainer even after death~

A Letter to Teachers From “That Kid”  by Love Teach

Dear Teacher,

I’m that kid. The kid who gets under your skin. The first grader who colors on your walls and spits on my table partners. The high school junior who mouths off and smirks from the back row. The child who knows exactly how to push your buttons, and does. Regularly.

I taunt. I terrorize. I hit. I destroy. I curse. I abuse. I roll my eyes. I talk back. Maybe I’ve even made you cry a few times.

Don’t take my behavior towards you personally. I know that doesn’t make any sense, since it’s mostly directed at you. But you know that old saying about having a bad day at work and going home and kicking the dog? Well, you’re the dog.

(I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.)

I really am a good kid deep down. I care about things. I have skills and strengths that I want to use to help other people. In fact, I secretly want for you to know all these good things about me.

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I have attention span issues that make it hard to meditate for any length of time, but I find it very easy to... for lack of a better term... commune? Generally with nature, like storms or water. Is this common or unusual or does it even make sense? I'm rather new to witchery and stuff, so I'm a tad confused.

It makes sense! Don’t fret, many witches have trouble meditating and it isn’t for everyone! Do what relaxes you and let’s you feel your energy the most clearly. If communing with nature does the trick for you, do it! It can be so hard for people with attention difficulties to meditate and perform long spells and stuff so don’t feel pressured to do what anyone else is doing. A lot of witchcraft is very personal and if it works for you, keep doing it!

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Do you think the members of BigBang actually have a genuine relationship with each other? Sometimes I feel like it's all a front, and other times I feel like they're like a family? One does wonder what they're like off-camera.

I said it before, BigBang individual strong personalities are too honest and straighforward to actually act close on camera then distance themselves off it. That just doesn’t make any sense.

But you know, you don’t always see them with each other. Seungri have his own social circle, Jiyong have his aquaintances and the other three don’t show up much in public. The thing about BigBang is that they never tried to fake their relationship. Even Bae said that it took them long to get close and feel like a family.

Being a family is put to test when they spend three years doing solo work and when they meet-up for the Dome Tour, they still have the same feel BigBang always had.

Being a family is being especially close in the MADE era because it’s been a long time since they had been together.

Being a family is not meeting the other members for a long time but you still know they’re there for you whenever you want (like Jiyong said). 

And seriously, considering their personalities, is it even possible to fake their relationship for almost 10 years?

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omg Rory McCann is back!!!!!!!!! SANSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahhhhh… tbh I’m not happy about it at all tbh

I mean, we all knew that Sandor Clegane was still alive, I don’t need Rory coming back on the show to believe that. But for me D&D have ruined Sandor so much, he has become their “strong awesome joker” and I fully expect D&D to make cleganebowl happen which of course wouldn’t make any sense but then again does anything in HBO’s fanfiction? They just want to please their fuckboy audience and have the two big strong man fight each other and have the funny one come out as the winner. They’re not even busy with a romantic storyline and even if they were, it would probably be something like *Sansa flees from Winterfell and runs into freshly healed fully functioning Sandor, fresh kinslayer and hero again* and then show!Sansa will go “Oh Sandor *swoons a little* I have just realised you were the hero I always wanted, you were so brave in defeating your brother *swoons into his arms*”

Ugh, yuck my fingers feel dirty from typing this. No dear nonny, I have no hope for this show at all. They would get it all wrong and I do not want to see it, no thanks. I won’t watch it. Not even if Rory returns because it will again give me all the more reason to be dissapointed.

As for the books, it can still basically go any way between them, it’s just a big gaping hole of unknownness and it’s killing me, but at least I have the trust that if SanSan is going to happen in the books it will be done well, because the books are what made me fall in love with these two in the first place.

Jake’s so confusing. Like, Lindsey is being too clear about what she wants and that somehow makes him…not want to work???? Like, what even? 

Jake: *doesn’t come up with any ideas*

Jake: *whines about team partner*

Lindsey: *actually designs something and starts working*

Jake: *sits and does nothing, whining about how difficult she is to work with*

Is it just the editing or something? This makes no sense!

Love is for Fools; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: Hello, I kinda wanted to make a request if you are already busy ignore this but well if you could do one where the reader explains love to Sherlock and she accidentally tells him she loves him. Just really fluffy. Thank you 😊

You and Sherlock sat in your separate chairs inside of Baker Street, warm and content watching Pride and Prejudice. Somehow you had coerced Sherlock into watching a move with you so obviously it had to be this one.

“I don’t understand this,” Sherlock finally admitted.

“What don’t you understand?”

He sat up, looking ready to give you a whole list of reasons. “First off, why does Lizzie even care about him so much he’s an asshole and historically he would clearly have other women in town? And second, Lizzie’s family is not doing too well financially it doesn’t make any sense for a man of Darcy’s stature to be marrying here.”

“Love, Sherlock. Just chalk it up to love. Love crosses social boundaries and it also requires quite a lot of trust that Lizzie has clearly earned from Darcy.”

“Love is your solution?”

“Love is always the solution.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes before pausing the TV, preparing to enter a heated debate. “I want one real life situation,” Sherlock demanded.

“Easily. Your parents, John and Mary, Molly and… Tom?… you and me- Obvis-“ you began before realizing what you had just let slip. You looked to Sherlock to see if he had caught your mistake and the look on his face showed he had.

“You and me?”

You looked away from him in shame, not in the mood to discuss your feelings, or rather get rejected. “I don’t really want to talk about it Sherlock,” you told him, unpausing the movie. Sherlock remained silent as the movie kept playing and he remained quiet until the credits began to roll. In fact he had been so quiet it scared you. “I think I’m going to bed,” you said, standing up before you felt Sherlock grab your hand.

He stood up and looked you directly in your eyes. “Love is for fools and… I think I’ve became a fool,” Sherlock whispered before he swept you up in a long awaited kiss. Your lips moved in time as you revealed in the long-awaited touch of his lips and Sherlock seemed just as eager as you were.

Finally Sherlock pulled away and stared deep in your eyes as you saw the look of desperation in him.

“If love is for fools, than love is for fools like us,” you whispered.

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Synthesis is so frustrating because we really have no idea what the practical implication of it are. Even with the extended cut, all the ending ever does is throw some sweeping, grandiose concepts at us and never explains how it effects the average sapient being. Do people now have enhanced senses or the ability to communicate telepathically? How does galactic society react to these changes?

This is the core of where most of my issues stem from tbh. I’m already skeptical of synthesis as a concept, and the game doesn’t really make any attempts to explain it further. I’m just too much of a nitpicky skeptic asshole nerd to accept Synthesis haha

It would be really interesting though to see the implications of every ending explored. No matter what you choose, it’s a cataclysmic change on the galaxy. I know there are fanfics that fill this purpose but it would also be cool to see some official novels dedicated to each ending, exploring what happens after each of them. thatsnevergonnahappen but it would be cool

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So what does W.A.M.S. actually stand for? I mean I know (Andy was it?) confirmed on Twitter that it stood for Waitress, Actress, Model, Singer, but do you think that FOB could have other intentions as well? I wouldn't put it past them, as their music is full of dual meanings and such. From what I understand, the song is partly about the selfish intentions of sex so Wet And Messy Sex would make sense. I've also heard of We All Mean Something. Do you have any more insight?

Possibly… I forget if Andy’s answer is even the “right” answer, I think the band wanted that abbreviation to be one of those things that they wanted to let the fans have, and not “ruin” things with the right answer.

We All Mean Something’s a good one, though.