it does not even make any sense

“In Chaos Magic, beliefs are not seen as ends in themselves, but as tools for creating desired effects. To fully realize this is to face a terrible freedom in which nothing is true and everything is permitted, which is to say that everything is possible, there are no certainties, and the consequences can be ghastly. Laughter seems to be the only defense against the realization that one does not even have a real self.

The purpose of Chaos rituals is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true. In Chaos Rituals you fake it till you make it, to obtain the power that a belief can provide. Afterward, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off and seek the requisite beliefs for whatever you want to do next, as Chaos moves you.”

- Peter J. Carroll
Liber Kaos

Image Credit: Nick Deligaris

seeing brown skinned video models in music videos i watched growing up was a really weird negotiation of understandings because i wanted to see more of them, i wanted to see them represented, i wanted them to seem loved and admired but i was like “this is misogyny in action???” like all the women were being dehumanized to some extent but i was like “why do they only want to dehumanize light skinned girls” does anyone know what i’m talking about… like why do they only wanna use light skinned girls as props even though none of them should be used like that but i wanted to see myself.. represented even though it’s weird representation. idk if that makes any sense.

Forgotten Cube Member Appreciation Post

Shoutout to Jwong, who makes completely random videos that don’t make any sense, but are still hilarious.

Shoutout to Pat, who is one of the few that, I can recall, has never been problematic and is extremely nice and smart.

Shoutout to Kevin, who helped many through Project Vieira and still perseveres even though a lot of people make fun of him, even jokingly.

Shoutout to Kermit, who does a lot of work and technical things, and afk’s for hours to help the Cube community.

Shoutout to Huahwi, who, even though he doesn’t go on Cube as frequently as many others, is always so chill, awesome at UHC and PvP, and has such a soothing voice.

Shoutout to Devon, who has an amazing voice, is really entertaining and funny, and really talented.

Shoutout to TYBZI, who doesn’t really go on Cube but is downright hilarious and doesn’t let other people bring him down.

Shoutout to all the other Cube members who don’t receive the attention they deserve. Making videos and editing almost every day with no breaks must be really tiring, and they are all pressured as much as the more appreciated Cube members to get a video up and be upbeat and happy everyday. They aren’t as paid attention to as others, and I understand that it’s almost impossible for every single youtube to receive the same amount of attention, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whole tumblr post just about Jwong, you know what I mean? I just think that all of them should be included.


Troye changed, from hate to enjoying

and tronnor can fangirl to cats with each other (does this even make any sense lmao)

Piece Now, Peace Later: An Anarchist Introduction to Firearms

[W]hy now of all times publish a beginners’ manual on firearms? From the vantage point of our current plateau, it hardly feels like the time to start robbing banks, liberating prisoners, or attacking police stations. Few anarchist communities are so rooted in their neighborhood that community self-defense programs make much sense, and copwatch programs probably aren’t ready to arm themeslves any time soon either.
The reason for beginning to share firearm skills now is that the ability to conduct successful armed actions, even on a small-scale, does not emerge overnight […] In the same way that anarchists need to know carpentry and roofing and cooking skills long before they participated in radical relief efforts in New Orleans, so too will we need firearms training years in advance of the need or ability to use that training. 

things i wish cis ppl understood:

non-binary =/= identities between male and female (though some nb ppl id that way). non-binary is any identity other than male and female, and these identities frequently have nothing at all to do with any concept of male or female. i, as a femme afab non-binary person, am no more female than a binary trans man. 

go beyond recognizing non-binary identities, reject the binary as your default conception of gender. stop thinking of non-binary ppl in shades of male and female unless that is how they personally identify.

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Nothing about MnM makes any sense. I have watched the SWAY video many times & when they greet each other they are like a married couple and she telling him to hang up his coat dinner is in 5 min. It does look like she is coming down with a cold and he looks tired. Yet, they both worked there tails off and performed a beautiful dance. What I also see is genuine love and affection that even being tired and sick cannot cover. It's in there they just need to flip the switch!

I agree…

  • Me:Although I'm open to all ships and their related fan art and fanfiction, I tend to stick to canon ships, it's just the writer in me. I've been like this pretty much since I entered fandoms.
  • Me:*starts violently shipping Eruri*
  • Me:... What... what are you doing?
  • Me:*goes through Eruri tag*
  • Me:What... stop that! That doesn't make any sense!
  • Me:Yes it does. *looks up Eruri fanfiction*
  • Me:This is not like you!
  • Me:*shops for Erwin figure to match the Levi one I have*

I am not just a nerd, I am a systematic nerd. So enjoy this attempt at an infographic showing all the virus families from the Resident Evil game series (does not include any movies).

I know an absolutely ridiculous amount of RE lore, and I have no idea why, because I don’t even really like the games. The canon is just so incredibly badly written that my brain can’t stop trying to get it to make sense, and in the process memorizes a whole bunch of totally useless information.

Mad spoilers for all the game, of course. Bubbles are color-coded by the game where the contents first show up. Dotted lines indicate a source. Names indicate the creators. I’ve also included a chronology of (most of) the games as well as some fun facts! Enjoy.

Edit: I realized it needed arrows, so I added arrows.

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Hey.I wondered if you had any theory on these two questions,even if they're not that important: -How do you think CCG keeps Cochlea ghouls alive ?Can't possibly be human meat so...? -Why the hell does every ghoul Juuzou comes around says he smells so good ? (Kaneki,the two random ghouls who attacked him just after, and Yamori) Any particular reason you think ? That's all ^__^

No one knows what do they eat: could be ghoul flesh (or that ghoul solution Eto mentioned), but that’d be very dangerous; could also be human flesh, but it wouldn’t make sense and I doubt their morals would allow that; could be RC suppressants too, but I don’t know if a ghoul can live solely on that. Whatever they eat, it’s highly probable Haise eats that too.

As for Juuzou, I guess every person smells different and Juuzou’s smell is delicious for ghouls. On that note, Kaneki was also considered to smell really good by Rize and after he became a ghoul it seems like everyone considers his smell delectable (even Seidou wants to eat him now, apparently).

Some OC Answers, Part 2 of 2

continues from previous post

21 · Your most artistic OC

askwordplay asked


She makes dresses with her silk just like Imp does, however, as a tailor and also a designer, she is more skilled in details and knows how to use her own astral sense of fashion.

22 · Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?

kuffoknight asked

Imp’s breast?

I saw some people drawing her with big boobers.

She is basically flat chested, has no nipples. (+ no belly button, and she’s quite skinny)

But now it doesn’t matter much, as she can change her body shape as her will.

Even I did draw her with boobs anyway.

Every form is acceptable.. I guess.

28 · Your most dangerous OC?

pacabag, eigaka, blackboltlonewolf asked

Me, the creator.

I can’t tell, as the definition of ‘dangerous’ is a bit ambiguous here.

Every characters can be dangerous in various way.

So to speak, Imp is especially dangerous to telepathic person.

She is very stable and calm by nature, but reading her mind may cause a short circuit on one’s brain due to the absurd amount of wrath condensed in her mind.

Or Siez may be easily labelled as dangerous, because she is the very person who expelled a god from her world and turned said world into a twisted chaos.

30 · Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?

@manuelschi asked


40 · Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

@manuelschi asked

I have no idea, what memories?

Like, ‘Triffid was originally naked furry character when I first created him’? 

In early stage of my oc making, lots of them looked different from now.

Imp was full of emotion, Siez was tall and had her full body… TG is quite same till now though.

43 · Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favour some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess.

eigaka asked

I have a mannerism of setting OCs as immortal.

I make them even need no sleep or food, like Imp, TG and several godlike beings.

In figurative aspect, I tend not to depict nose. 

There are some characters who really don’t have a visible nose - like TG, Ailis, Weaver, Avain, Thetra, Kisil, Austin, Heine, Guargateia, Mijor, Skasa, Locust, Chisa, and Hemeira.

Oh and when I make a decision on hair style, I often make them asymmetric.

If that one Twitter post is about Erin banging another guy while in her, ‘dark days’ I’m going to fucking lose it. Like you don’t need to kill of Nadia in the first place, and you really really don’t need to have Erin be with another guy. If anything her going through a rough should bring Jay and Erin together, not put so much distance between where she starts seeing other randos. I blame HaAss like seriously how many females (strong badass females) are you going to kill off? There is hardly any women in the two shows anyway. This alone pisses me off, but if they are going to make Erin be with someone else, that’d set me off. How does it even make sense? Jay is the one she loves, why put her through this dark period just to make things worse for linstead?! 

What is loving you?
Or rather:
What would I promise to you
If I could ever let the words leak out my lips
without flooding your basement?
Because i couldn’t watch you wade in your own house–
casting glares at me like rescue rope–
but if I could say those words
tell my secrets on an ark built of both our hands
I’d promise you rain
I’d promise you sweet and cool
cleansing, rolling the salt off your skin
I’d promise you the constant sound of falling drops outside your window
I’d be the lullaby of dripping leaves
I’d give you the breath of cool air after a week of humidity sticking wet and heavy like a tongue in the morning
I’d be the kiss rainy of breeze upon your cheeks that finally breaks that, your first deep inhalation in days
I can promise you rainstorms
which means I have to promise thunder and lightening
I’m sorry, but I do
loud enough to crack your ears
don’t stand under trees on the off chance you’ll be struck
maybe thunderstorms are wild and frightening
and sometimes make it hard to sleep–
they add a little danger to your life–
but you can’t deny the crackle in the air
the thrill of lightening, veins of energy pulsing through the sky like the heartbeat in your neck
painting the clouds and throwing shadows
You can’t deny storms are powerful
that they shake into your bones
storms make your eyes light up
and your lungs yearn to bay at the sheathed moon
Sometimes they’re fear, but more often thrill
Besides, I’ll be inside with you while the heavens roil
I promise you rain and all its wonders, all its fears
and I promise you shelter from it
storms are best enjoyed someplace warm and dry
with waiting arms and clean sheets and hot tea
enough space to breathe when you need it
I can’t promise you the power won’t go out
but I promise to have flashlights
I can’t promise it will be spotless
because life gets busy and laundry piles up as do papers on the kitchen table
but we can wear pajamas and eat on the couch
and fall asleep watching the silver sky, the raindrops racing down the windowpane
I can’t promise you anything perfect
I can’t promise a thousand doves and blessings from the fairies of the wood and sunny
skies and swept floors
but I can give you the beauty of damp bark and electrical storms and falling asleep
somewhere safe
It’s what I have.
I can’t promise riches or diamonds.
I can give you two hands and a thousand rainy days
the smallest wonders, the ones that fit in my pockets
because that’s what love is:
a tiny ship in a seething sea
a beacon
a home
a little worn out and rough in places
maybe nothing in the grand scheme, but certainly bigger than some dry and hungry kids.
It’s real and unpredictable
favorite weather can go awry
from sunshine to heat wave
from drizzle to hurricane
but that’s nature
and I can promise you that
everywhere, everyday, in the air, the dirt, the growing things
the hum that put us on the earth
I’ll kiss you with that current
and hope for once to be swept away.
—  What is Love/Promises I’d Make If You Were My Lover (by OTCpoetry)

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I'm with a guy & we do sexual things, but i feel wrong & dont know how to tell him i wanna stop & just be like a standard couple, does that make sense? How do i tell him?

It makes a lot of sense. Sweetie, if you do not feel okay with what you are doing with your body then you can stop. Literally, at any time it is perfectly fine for you to decide you no longer wish to partake in the activities to do with you. Even if you two are in a relationship. You need to sit him down and let him know you don’t want to do anything sexual any longer. Personally, I have always held firm to the belief that if you are adult enough to have sex or do whatever then you should be mature enough to talk about it. With anyone you are with you should be comfortable enough to voice your opinion. Not only that but it is YOUR BODY. Remember that when you got into a relationship with him that you did not sign over the rights to your body. So what you do with it is up to you. I think your fear stems from your belief that he won’t like you or he won’t want to be with you any longer if you stop the sexual activities. And honestly, if you have reached a point where you don’t know if he would want to stay with you because of sex then you don’t need to be with him or you don’t know him that well. You deserve better than that. If any person holds what you can and cannot do for them over your head then you don’t need to waste your time placing them as priorities in your life. He isn’t worth it. You feel wrong about sexual stuff. So until you feel right don’t do any of it. Honestly, I am going to tell you this. I am a virgin. It used to be hard to tell boys because I was afraid they wouldn’t like me. But I also knew that I would not like myself if I didn’t place my feelings into consideration. I had one boyfriend who literally tried to pressure me into everything and I said no. I refused to lose myself trying to keep him or anyone else. Because if he actually cared, if he actually liked me for me he would RESPECT my decisions. I understand it is scary to throw yourself out there because what if he doesn’t catch you? then maybe you should try catching yourself. So at the end of the day, you were mature enough to do things now it’s time you talked to your partner about stopping. You will only hurt yourself and your relationship if you keep these feelings hidden. Because anything sexual is a big deal. You have made your decision and it’s that you don’t want to do it any more. If he does not respect that, then forget him. Sit him down and say “hey, I think we need to chill on the sexual things. I feel wrong and I don’t want to feel like this. I should not feel like this.” Remember that you are not asking for permission or acceptance. If he does not agree then let him go. He does not respect your feelings. But sex is all about intimacy and pleasure so if you are feelings weird and wrong then something isn’t right. I did not know how to answer your question at first because I could not get it down. I knew what I wanted to say but I could not word it properly. So if this has failed you then this post I saw like literally two seconds before I responded should help: here it is. I hope I have helped you. Good luck, love. Have a nice day!


Oh man. I think that so many people post that image on their dash ( like me now ) why ? Why They don’t have an official picture of their family ? Why Sakura just put her picture into Sasuke’s Team picture ? It’s so weird, I mean, he has not seen since she was a baby, Sakura does not even know if Sasuke have glasses, Sarada says to her even though they are actually married! I want to say more is that we do not even know when they are put together and why, in any case why Sasuke decide to go with sakura? (To forgive to be à bullshit with her lol). All this does not make sense I think. Apart from that, we also have the Boruto cases, or it is clear that he has not a lot of contact with his father … We were struck by the resemblance between Sasuke and Sarada, the same face. Finally, the other children are copies of their parents except the son of Sai and Choji. In the first chapter, it says a lot and I’m afraid of the future of this Naruto gaiden ….

One think I dislike at comic shows is when people want you to have a narrative about your publishing company. Like, it can’t just be that you make comics for the sake of making comics. People are so indoctrinated into the idea of corporate identity that they’re disappointed when they don’t encounter it, even though so much of the time the corporate narrative is just at marketing bullshit. Someone today insisted today that my whole thing was “making comics with my friends in Brooklyn.” It was impossible for him to accept that I’m a reasonably professional publisher who is dedicated to producing quality books on a limited budget. That’s not interesting enough. Does this make any sense? I’m really jet lagged.