it does look like he's trying to inhale her

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fic prompt: Joey cuddles after a particularly bad day at school and home. Mitch is happy to oblige and spends the entire night cuddling Joey, holding Joey, kissing Joey on all of his favorite places (eyes, freckles, nose, hands, tum) and tells Joey what an amazing, warm, soft, beautiful boy that he is <3

I love me some hurt/comfort and fluff!!

Another prompt down, thank you!!!!

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can you do 33. celebrity/fan for Sasusaku with Sakura being a celebrity? :)

33 - celebrity/fan au



His devotion to her work is a silent thing, really. He’s never bought tickets to her concerts, or purchased any of her albums on itunes; never even told anyone of his interest in her music, or much less that she has become somewhat of his muse. And yet, still, Sasuke keeps track of her every content with near religious loyalty, storing every picture of her performances, events and tour dates away on an inconspicuous folder on his laptop, her stack of albums neatly tucked away in his nightstand alongside his vintage walkman cd-player. 

But if he is honest with himself, Sasuke prefers it that way, anyway. Sakura Haruno is, after all, not the type of artist most would think him to be into; generally (stupidly, he corrects), he tends to be associated with the louder, grungier bands—those of which coincidentally (not) always seem to comprise an abundance of headbanging. 

(it is almost comical considering his aspirations consist of nothing but to become an acoustic musician just like her.)

She is his inspiration, his absolute greatest influential figure, a paragon of true kindness and passion—and on the nights he works on his own pieces, he can never help himself from wishing he may one day meet her; from hoping he might someday bask in her bright, warm presence. 

(a funny thought to have, he realizes later, because really, what did he know about the famous twenty year old? maybe she isn’t even like that. maybe it’s all just an act.

but sasuke never accepts this.)

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You Know Nothing Sansa Stark - future chapter SNIPPET

Urgh! I posted this already but my formatting went all skew-whiff so here it is again! Fingers crossed it works this time!

Snippet from my fic where Sansa has been living with her Mother in the woods, isolated from the rest of the world. She’s very curious about the first man she’s ever met….


“You smell good” she mumbled into the side of his neck, taking long drags of air into her nose.

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Hii! I saw you're taking prompts? Can you write something narusaku? Sakura realizing she loves Naruto but she's too scared to tell him because she thinks he likes Hinata? But Naruto actually loves Sakura and on a mission they confess their feelings?

Sakura Haruno doesn’t understand how it happened. Well, thinking about it now, it kind of makes sense.

Naruto may be someone she casted aside when she was twelve but the Naruto sitting beside her now… this Naruto is different.

This Naruto is strong, mature, funny, loving and… and everything she wants.

She hates herself sometimes, when she realises this is a man who once confessed to her that he liked her. She had blatantly rejected him back then, too blinded by her affection for Sasuke to even give the blond the time of the day.

He probably liked Hinata now, why wouldn’t he? She’s a sweet girl.

She doubted she’ll ever tell him that she loves him. ‘Coward,’ she’d berate herself every time. What happened to the fearless woman she’d become?

“Earth to Sakura.” A set of thin fingers waved in her face, trying to get her attention.

The pink-haired woman blinked, refocusing on the blond man who was now facing her in his seat. “Are you okay?”

The blue of his eyes is nearly endless, and she almost can’t look him in the eye. Would it be too much to hope he still held romantic feelings towards her?

“Sorry, I’m fine.” She responded, glad her voice didn’t betray her emotions. “What were you saying?”

He studied her for a moment, apparently unconvinced with her answer. “I was saying… Kakashi-sensei has been gone for too long, maybe we should check on him.”

Sakura hadn’t even noticed until he pointed it out. The nineteen-year-old cursed quietly as she stood up, annoyed that she had spaced out while on a mission.

Naruto stood up too, and stretched, the muscles in his arms flexing deliciously with the movement.

Her mouth felt a little dry suddenly and she looked away, internally screaming at herself to focus.

Her eyes landed on Sasuke who remained standing against a tree, eyes scanning their surroundings intently, Sharingan alert and spinning.

How did she think this cold… detached person to be better than the warmth and life her blond teammate emitted?

Naruto seemed to be a little sun all by himself and Sasuke an endless darkness.

“Watch out!” His urgent scream alerted her of the kunai hurling her way. She barely had time to avoid it and was sent stumbling into the blonds arms sending both of them rolling into a bush.

She held her breath as she opened her eyes, realising she had shut them in her surprise.

A startling pair of blue eyes met hers and suddenly his arms were wrapping securely around her waist and teleporting her to the tree branches above as a kunai imbedded itself in the place they previously occupied.

Her breath caught slightly as his body pressed flush against hers, pinning her to the tree.

It became apparent why he stood so close when she realised he was using chakra to remain stuck to the tree. They were suspended fifty feet in the air.


“Sh!” He cut sharply, “it seems Sasuke is taking care of them but wait until I finish scanning the area. Just in case.”

She nodded, trying to relax. The firm hold he still had on her hips didn’t help at all.

“Well?” She asked quietly, after a few moments of silence, the heat emitting from him and into her skin too intoxicating. He better let her go before she does something stupid, like bury her face in his neck and inhale his earthy scent.

When he didn’t respond she lifted her head off his shoulder and tried to look at him.

Wrong move! He panicked mine squealed as her nose brushed his briefly, their lips almost touching.

She froze, her wide green eyes searching his in alarm. He didn’t seem too phased.

His gaze flickered down and she realised with a beating heart that they were trained at her lips.

A tilt of his head and they’d be kissing.

“Sakura,” he said after a tense moment, quietly, his eyes moving back to lock with hers. She held her breath, his next words nearly giving her a heart attack, “I’m going to kiss you.”

Her eyes widened and then she felt something soft press against her mouth.

She exhaled sharply through her nose, a tingling sensation spread through her, making her toes curl.

Her arms instantly sneaked around his waist and hugged his body close with hers, the feeling of the defined muscles in his abdomen sending her head spinning.

The soft lip brushing grew bolder at her response and he captured her mouth fully with his. She gasped at the electric feeling it caused and moaned when his tongue swiped across her lower lip, sending jolts of electricity down her spine.

Her head began to spin as her lungs began to beg for air and they broke the kiss with a quiet gasp.

Sakura’s head fell on his shoulder again as she tried to steady herself and regain her breathing.

Her lips still tingles even after they broke contact and she wondered how a simple kiss could feel so wonderful.

Finally, she looked up at him, her eyes questioning his actions.

A faint blush dusted his cheeks as he spoke, “um… I…”

“You…?” She promoted, a feeling of pure happiness gripping at her. After all, he kissed her. That has got to mean something.

“I don’t regret that.” He finally responded.

She let out a breathless laugh, “good. Because I don’t either.”

“After all these years you’d think I’d have moved on,” he admitted with a snort but then smiled, “I don’t know if you’ve changed your mind but I definitely haven’t changed mine. I lo- like you.”

If it was possible, Sakura thought her heart might fly out of her chest. “I lo-like you too , Naruto,” she replied, teasingly, too happy to even care that she was still hanging in the air with enemy ninja somewhere around.

He pouted before bending down to press their mouths together again.

“EHM!” An irritated voice echoed from somewhere below. “If you’re done sucking face, let’s go.”

They both glanced down to see Sasuke glaring at them, arms crossed over his chest and sword dripping blood on his waist.

Naruto laughed carelessly, “sorry teme, not yet!”

Sakura flushed and elbowed Naruto when he turned his face to continue kissing her, “Naruto! He’s watching!”

“That’s exactly the point.” The blond smirked, his voice lowering a couple octaves as he bent down to suck on her lower lip, teleporting them a few miles away when Sasuke fired a kunai at them.

“You’re crazy,” she told him, half-heartedly when they parted once again, too absorbed in the sensation he was causing her.

“I know. About you.”



Here! Hope you like it ♡

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Promised To The Wrong One

Request: Hi army a request where kookie notice that his mom doesn’t seem to like his fiance but she like his brother fiance more so he get mad about her behavior towards her and not his fiance

Originally posted by sugutie

not my gif

Genre: surprise :)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.586

“Don’t worry (Y/N), it’s gonna be fine. My mom is a wonderful person, she basically loves everyone”, Jungkook tried to encourage you. It didn’t really help your nerves though, as you knew that meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time was always a very special occasions. If you fail to impress his mother, that’s going to stay in her mind forever and you really didn’t want to mess up. 

Jungkook had told you multiple times how his mom loved his older brother’s fiancé  Hyerin, who wasn’t even half as charming as you, according to him. But you also knew how protective mother’s could get when it comes to their little sons. Jungkook was the younger one and had never brought a girl home where it was this serious. You were the first one, which put you under even more pressure.

“Jungkook, isn’t it a little too soon for me to meet your mother? I don’t even speak Korean that fluently yet, what if she asks me something and I don’t understand what she’s saying?”, you started panicking. 

He laughed and hugged you tight. “You really don’t have to worry (Y/N). You’re totally fine talking to me and everybody else, so you won’t have problems understanding my mother. You’re just nervous but you really don’t have to be. Plus you’re my fiancé now, you need to get to know my mother after all this time.”

He leaned down and pecked your lips, making you smile at him. 

“I swear, if I die because of this meetup, you’ll have to explain it to my parents and everyone that we invited to the wedding”, you laughed and followed him out the door, into the car.

You two arrived at his mother’s house and stepped out of the car. Jungkook looked over at you and saw a frightened look appear on your face. He made his way around the car towards you and firmly grabbed your shaking hand. Reassuring he looked down at you and squeezed it. 

“Let’s do this”, he smiled. You hesitantly nodded and let him drag you to the house. 

You two stepped in front of the door and were about to knock, when a small woman already opened the door and opened her arms widely. “Jungkookie! You’re finally here! Give your old mama a hug, will yah?”, she laughed and Jungkook grinned, letting go of your hand and hugging his mother tight.

“I missed you mom”, he mumbled into her hair, inhaling her motherly scent that made him feel so secure and she smiled. “I missed you too Jungkook, I haven’t seen you since your last break. Do you know what that does to a mother’s heart?”, she chuckled.

You looked at the scene and smiled. You had never seen Jungkook around his mother and seeing them so close made your heart flutter. Their relationship was so full of love and kindness even though they barely had the chance to see each other.

Jungkook turned around and wrapped one arm around his mother’s shoulder, a wide smile spreading on his face as he looked at you. 

“Mom, let me introduce you to my fiancé, (Y/N)”, he said and signaled you to come closer. You hesitantly stepped forward and bowed.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Jeon. Jungkook talks highly about you”, you shyly introduced yourself and nervously started fiddling with your hands. “I’m really sorry that we couldn’t meet earlier.”

Mrs. Jeon furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Jungkook, not trying to hide her irritation. “I thought your girlfriend was Korean”, was all she said.

Your heart sank and your face flushed out of embarrassment. This was already starting awkward. Looking down, you let Jungkook talk rather than embarrass yourself more.

He chuckled. “No mom, I said that she speaks Korean, not that she is.”

“But she has an accent”, Mrs. Jeon commented, making you wish you could dissolve yourself into air so you wouldn’t have to feel so ashamed any longer. “Hyerin speaks perfect Korean and I don’t need to put in extra effort to understand her.”

That made Jungkook freeze. He did not expect that comment to slip out of his mother’s mouth. “Hyerin obviously speaks fluent Korean because she IS Korean. (Y/N) does have a little accent but that doesn’t matter. She speaks fluent Korean and understands everything that you say. You can talk to her and she will respond, just like any other Korean girl would. Just because she is a foreigner, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know anything about our language and culture”, he was getting upset, seeing his mother being so skeptical towards you. 

“Whatever”, Mrs Jeon sighed and gave you one last look that made you feel like you were the worst kind of human being she had ever seen. “Let’s just go inside and eat. You’re probably hungry, Jungkook.” 

She said, emphasizing his name.

Jungkook had watched you complimenting his mother’s food and cooking skills, decorating skills and praising for her good raising of two gentlemen. Yet, his mother barely said anything back or just gave you a look that made you shut up immediately. He didn’t know what to do as he had never seen his mother like that and knowing you, you were internally wishing to just go home by now and cuddle up into a blanket. 

He just didn’t understand why his mother would act so rude towards you. You had never done anything wrong and did your best not to seem upset by her behavior. 

“Mom, can I talk to you for a second?”, he asked his mother, giving her a stern look. She smiled at him and got up, motioning towards the kitchen.

They closed the door and that’s when Jungkook’s anger came out. “What do you think you’re doing?”, he asked her impatiently.

Mrs. Jeon looked back at him, full of confusion. “I don’t know what you mean, Jungkook.”

He rolled his eyes at her and let out a small growl of frustration. “Yes, you do. (Y/N) has done nothing to you but been nice. She did everything right, from respecting our cultural appropriate behavior to trying to hold a conversation with you. She is the nicest and most respectful girl I have ever met, and she showed it all today. Even though she was so nervous before coming here, scared that you might not like her, I told her that she didn’t need to worry. I said “don’t worry, my mom likes everyone. she even likes Hyerin” but apparently I was wrong. Because you only like everyone as long as their Asian, am I right?”, he huffed. Jungkook was furious. He didn’t think his own mother would have been so superficial to dislike his fiancé because of something so subtle as race.

His mother’s face dropped and she replied angrily: ”What is so wrong about wanting my son to date a nice Korean girl, huh? You deserve someone better than her. Someone who has been raised in this country and not only understands but feels our standards. (Y/N) may speak Korean fluently and know how to behave in my house but that doesn’t mean that she is the right person for you, Jungkook. You spend so much time with all those other female idols, why don’t you-”

“No”, Jungkook cut her off. “I never thought I’d say this but I don’t care about your opinion anymore okay? You are totally fine with me dating ANY other girl, as long as she’s Korean? That makes me sick, seriously. How can you think like that? I love (Y/N). I love her with all my heart. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She understands me and deals with me even though I might be a really shitty fiancé sometimes. She doesn’t complain about me having to work so much, like all these other girls, YOU want me to date, would. Mom, you didn’t even give (Y/N) a fair chance. She went and still goes through so much to be with me and you treat her like she doesn’t deserve me, when I am the one who doesn’t deserve her.”

His mother stared at him, speechless. By now, Jungkook was a furious mess and he’d do anything to protect you. Even if it meant to act up against his own mother. He sincerely thought his mother would love you and appreciate you like he does. He never thought that this would happen.

“If you don’t want to talk to (Y/N) and treat her like a normal person, we’re leaving”, Jungkook stated coldly. 

Mrs. Jeon stayed quiet and only looked him dead in the eyes. He was about to turn around, when she spoke up. 

“Don’t you dare, to marry that girl, Jeon Jungkook. Why can’t you be more like your brother who brought Hyerin home?”, she cried out. 

He faced her and inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down before he’d lose his temper. 

“If you marry (Y/N), I will not attend your wedding and you’re no longer welcomed in this house. Not until you find someone more appropriate as a wife for you”, his mother warned.

Jungkook laughed resentful. “I’m sorry that you can’t open your heart for such a wonderful person like (Y/N). I’m sorry that you still think that I can’t marry someone just because she is not Korean”, he paused and stared into his mother’s eyes. 

“I guess this is a goodbye then”, he said turning around and walking out of his mother’s life.


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Do you have any Roxy x Eggsy headcanons you'd be willing to share? There's not nearly enough of them and you're probably the biggest shipper for them that I know of.


are we talking romantic or platonic here?? we’ll do both:

  • eggsy was a lot more open about his feelings at first, being so relieved when he finally tells her and you know he’s spent his whole life being told to hide how feels and now he can just LET IT OUT and roxy likes him too but she’s so scared of like losing him and how much more it’ll probably hurt if they go down this road and something happens.
  • eggsy asks roxy one day if he can practice braiding her hair for daisy when her hair gets longer. roxy agrees, finding it funny to look into the mirror and find her hair in one, big knot (”we’ll leave the braiding to aunt rox, alright, eggsy?”)
  • my guilty pleasure headcanon is that it begins as sort of no-strings but then they both get feelings for each other and then back onto the first dot-point where eggsy just LETS IT OUT and roxy’s just like YOU KNOW I’D LOVE TO BUT WE CAN’T. PROTOCOLS…. DANGEROUS JOBS…
  • i have all these nsfw headcanons that I’M NOT SURE YOU WANT? DO YOU WANNA GO THERE? WANNA GO THAT FAR?
  • on long plane rides, they play these board and card games. roxy almost always wins. the board/cards almost always end up shoved on the floor. eggsy locks himself in the plane bathroom and refuses to talk to her until she coaxes him out with whatever works.
  • eggsy’s got a thing for being kissed behind the ear. roxy is moRE than happy to oblige. (she found the spot once, and the little meep sound he made was the best thing ever; so she just keeps doing it)
  • roxy will spend hours on the computer or looking at files at her desk and sometimes eggsy’s like !!!!! pay attention to me!!! and he’d do whatever he can to get her attention (*inhales* goddamn) (he’ll try to use some of the NLP stuff he learnt - ones he thinks rox can’t detect, but she does and without looking away she just says ‘______ technique. good pick, eggsy, but it’s not gonna work.’ eggsy: *GROANS*). 
  • this can be platonic or romantic but they eventually have to do a newly-weds mission and eggsy can’t stop saying “mr and mrs unwin” to roxy even though their fake names AREN’T EVEN UNWIN. (”it’s funny rox!” “yes yes but let’s talk about this when we’re not getting shot at! ALRIGHT? HONEY?!
  • eggsy one day decides that roxy’s been too stressed lately and needs a break and he pulls out the good ole trusty bong he kept in his room and does a few cones (”eggsy i am not stuck up - i’ve been working.” “alright, whatever you say……………………” he thinks she’s never had a hit before and would be having a coughing fit but she’S DONE THIS BEFORE ALRIGHT ROXY WAS A TEENAGER ONCE TOO and she literally blows him away and he’s like all twinkly eyed and in SHOCK)
  • whenever roxy’s mad, she’d just lightly hit eggsy on the arm over and over again like her own little punching bag (it doesn’t hurt him, though) and he just pats her like “it’s alright, rox, let it out, let it out”)
  • eggsy’s south london accent gets really heavy when he’s mad and roxy can’t ever take him seriously; she finds it so funny and sometimes she’d end up mimicking the accent and he LOOKS GRUMPY ABOUT IT BUT IT ALWAYS MAKES HIM SMILE and dw he does the same to her (rox: “why do you sound like you belong on downtown abbey??? i don’t sound like that!” eggsy: “pfft yes you do” rox: eggsy what the fuck…”)
  • roxy can drink him under the table. she’s this tiny little thing and she can HOLD HER LIQUOR better than he can and he’ll try to hide it while he slurs his words and sways like “i am NOT drunk! this is…. me…. (hic) THIS IS ME USUALLY…” and roxy just rubs his hair with her fingers and she’s like “shhhhh shhhh it’s alright…”
  • eggsy made her watch every single bond film once. roxy couldn’t go to work for like four days after that. merlin: “christ eggsy what did you do to her????” eggsy: “let’s call it employment research, hey?” (WINKS)
  • when roxy comes into work tired and maybe angry and when she doesn’t wanna talk, he’ll leave her alone but sometimes he’ll sneak off to the rec room and makes her a cup of coffee or sometimes tea (whatever he feels like she needs more) and sneaks into whatever room she’s in and slides the cup onto her desk and slinks away like a CARING LOSER.
  • when they’re drunk, they’re really touchy-feely? insofar as like roxy always seems to have her hands on his jaw when she’s been drinking because she loves how it feels and it’s SO STRONG like she never thought that was POSSIBLE in a human and he always ends up touching her earlobes for some ungodly reasons he says they’re really soft???? and what a loser honestly. the both of them.
  • eggsy always wins when they play video games together (years of practice, baby) but the only thing she beats him at is mario kart (eggsy ends up sweaRING LOUDLY WHEN SHE WINS THOSE GAMES AND RUNS A HAND THROUGH HIS HAIR LIKE WHAT AM I DOING WRONG I THOUGHT I WAS GOOD AT THIS????)
  • one time eggsy found roxy walking through his flat with no pants and a zipped-up adidas jacket with her hair out and messy and he thought he was gonna end up dying young, you know. 
Walking Disaster - Skye, May, Coulson, | Teen (for ddagent)

ddagent - hope your hand feels better!!

“Dammit, dammit, dammit!” Is all she has to say before May has her hand. The metal strip of the gatling gun responsible for the white hot pain in her finger snaps shut now that her hand’s out of the way.

It burns, her eyes sting and something sinks deep into the pit of her stomach. She can’t even look at her own mangled fingers because if she looks she’s going to throw up and she’s really not ready to do that in front of May.

Or worse, AC, because he heard her scream and he’s here, behind May.

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Forever yours (Part 3)

Part 1 / Part 2


Tag Requests: @ireallywannastabhim@sexyvixen7

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE THE LOVELY @ilovebeingjoyful​ (who’s my gorgeous companion in this adventure of writing together) OR MR IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED IN THE LAST PART OF THIS. IT WILL COME NEXT THURSDAY!!

The team sat and listened to Steve’s speech on the way to the drop off point. “Do we all agree with the plan?” He looks over at (Y/n) and Bucky who were holding hands on the side; Bucky gives Cap a nod, “I got it.” She nods as well, “Sounds like a plan.” While leaving Bucky’s side to ready her gear, Wanda walks over to her and gives her a look of concern. (Y/n) raises an eyebrow at her, “What is on your mind Wanda?” putting her gun in her holster. Wanda whispers to ensure no one hears her words. Bucky happens to glance over and sees them talking, Wanda looks really concerned and worried, he watches her lips move as he makes out the words, “no–condition—Bucky—“ that is all he could make out due to (Y/n) hands moving in his line of sight pulling her hair into a ponytail plus she was swaying back and forth. She always did that before a mission, “It gets my body ready.” (Y/n) would say when asked why she did it. He read the (Y/n)’s lips, “Not yet—I will tell him when we get home.” Now Bucky’s interest is perked. He stands to walk over and ask what was going on, but Steve interrupted it, “Alright lets go!”
(Y/n) gives Bucky a quick peck, “See you on the grounds babe.” Giving him a smile. He smirks at her as he and Steve jump from the quinjet. Once the two men land they quickly get to their part on taking out the enemies. Steve looks over at Bucky, “So, did (Y/n) like the present?” he asks as he is taking out the men. Bucky nods, “Yeah! She loved it! SHIELD!” Steve throws him the shield; Bucky quickly catches it and launches it taking out a sniper in a tree. Using the magnetic wrist tech Tony made him, the shield flies back to Steve, “See, you were worried for nothing.” Bucky smirks as Steve pats his shoulder when he jogs by. (Y/n) and Wanda get out of the quinjet and make their way to the meeting point. The two women finally meet up with the men at the point, “How many did you two take out?” Steve asks as he looks around, “Umm—about ten.” Bucky nods, “This must be the right place then.” (Y/n)  agrees as they make their way to the building. Steve and (Y/n) are on point as Bucky and Wanda cover their sixes as they sneak through the facility.
No guards have been seen in quite sometime. The only sound that could be heard was the barely audible sound of their feet touching softly meeting the ground when they walked. They had just reached the control room when more enemies appeared. Bucky and (Y/n) opened fire as Wanda used her powers to take out the guards. Steve ran right into the action knocking out men at every possible moment. “(Y/n) START THE DOWNLOAD!” He ordered as he took out a guard. She ran over to the computer, inserting a hard drive, and goes back to shooting while waiting on the computer. Wanda in the midst of the battle exclaims, “Where are all these men coming from!?” It seemed as if they were all waiting for them to be in this room to come out. Steve’s eyes widened as he realized what had happened, “IT IS A TRAP! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Just as he finished the words the computers shuts off as a countdown begins. 60 seconds—59 seconds—58 seconds— (Y/n)’s eyes widened as she tells the team the place is about to blow. The team finally catches an exit as they sprinted down the halls.

50 seconds

The team is running full force down the stairs and taking out enemy soldiers as they made their way back to the entrance. They came to the long hall that led to the final flight of stairs; everything seemed to be going well, till it happened. Out of nowhere what seemed like an explosion burst through the wall taking out Bucky. (Y/n) and Steve was first to hear his scream. Their eyes widened at the sight of Brock Rumlow in his Crossbones uniform standing over Bucky. Steve was first to react as he ran over and tackled Rumlow to the ground. (Y/n) ran to Bucky’s side helping him up, “You alright?!” He shook his head from the impact, “Yeaah.” He stood and ran to help Steve. (Y/n) tried to run to help, but Wanda stopped her. “We need to go! They will catch up with us!”

40 seconds

“I AM NOT LEAVING HIM!” She shouted at Wanda before she broke from her grip to go help Steve and Bucky. Steve was on the ground and straining to get up, Rumlow was walking toward him before Bucky jumped onto his back. Attempting to choke him out with his metal arm. Crossbones used all his force and smashed Bucky up against the wall. He refused to let go. Rumlow repeated the action over and over again making it more difficult for Bucky to hold on. Brock finally was able to get Barnes’ grip lose enough to break the hold around his neck. Taking one of Bucky’s arms and yanking him off of his back and throwing him onto the ground. “You are going to pay for the you son of a bitch!” He punched Bucky in the face with his metal fists sending Bucky flying back into wall. Rumlow’s blades came out of his metal fists as Bucky stood to his feet. Brock made a sprint towards James who was still trying to come to after that last hit made him a bit disorientated.

30 seconds

Bucky’s focus finally came. When he looked up everything happened in slow motion. He seen Brock about to jab him with a blade, but (Y/n) stepped in front of him. His jaw dropped as he seen (Y/n) (y/c/e) widen in front of him. Her back was to Rumlow. Bucky looked down and seen the blade pierced right through. “NOOO!!!!” He screamed on the top of his lungs as he caught her body in his arms. Brock was about to take James out, but Wanda caught him with her energy. She flung his body down through the floors below with all her might. Steve rushed to the side of his brother who was frozen.

20 seconds

“James we got to move!” He pulled Bucky up with her in his arms, “Stay awake doll! We are almost there!” Wanda used her energy to form a tight force around the wound to try and stop the blood from exiting her body. It was fatal wound. Everyone knew, but they were not about to believe it. They rushed down the final set of stairs and could see the exit doors, but more men swarmed the exit. “DAMN IT!” Steve exclaimed as the tried to take out the men. Wanda stretched her abilities and began taking out the guards, but that met less strength on the energy field keeping (Y/n) alive. Bucky took a deep breath and placed her on the ground as he sprinted to help Steve.

10 seconds

Wanda stood by her best friend’s side as Bucky and Steve fight the remaining guards. Focusing her energy shield around the wound. (Y/n) is screaming in pain, bringing tears to Wanda’s eyes. (Y/n) was the first one to greet her when she joined the Avengers. She helped get through the mourning of Pietro. Her cries broke Wanda’s heart as she fought to keep her alive. After the last man was taken out, Bucky rushed back and scooped (Y/n) bridal style in his arms. Her painful outcries was tearing apart his heart, “I know it hurts baby. Stay strong—we are almost to the quinjet.”

5 seconds

The team bursts through the exit door. Using every ounce of strength they had to sprint as hard as they could.  

3 seconds

“FRIDAY UNCLOAK NOW!” Steve shouted at the AI. The quinjet uncloaks coming into view feet from them. They quickly enter the jet. Bucky sits in the floor, “GET US HOME NOW!” He boomed as he holds (Y/n) tightly, “We’ll be home soon sweet heart.”



“The building as exploded sir.” FRIDAY announced, Steve nods, “Let the facility know that (Y/n) is down! We need every medical advantage at the landing bay.” Tony quickly comes over the COM where only Steve could hear him, “Steve, FRIDAY scanned her body. She isn’t going to make it.” Steve nods, “I know Tony.” He said sternly,  “We are rushing to get there. Full throttle.” Tony coms over to only Wanda and tells her, “Wanda, she isn’t going to make it. There is nothing you can do. Just warning you.” Her eyes instantly water as she moves to give Bucky and (Y/n) privacy.


Bucky’s mind is telling him she won’t make it. He knows it, but refuses to believe it. Tears fill his eyes, “Does it hurt?” His voice is barely above a whisper. He knows the answer, but right now his mind is blank. He doesn’t know what to say. He is in a panicked mode. She doesn’t answer, but she looks in his eyes and does a small smile to him, “Do you remember our first date as a couple?” James inhales through his mouth trying to fight back the tears as he nods with a small sad weak smile forms on his face as she continued to speak, “How your motorcycle ran out of gas. We did not have our cellphones because you wanted it to be like it was ‘back in the day’.” His chuckle makes a tear fall from his face onto hers, “Yeah doll, I do. We had to walk all the way back to the facility.”


She laughs then lets out a painful groan as she instinctively reaches for the wound that is blocked by Wanda’s field, “Or the time you—–you—“ (Y/n) voice starts weakening with each word she says. Her eyes start getting heavy and slowly begin to fight to stay open. Bucky’s eyes widen, “STEVE! GET THIS DAMN THING TO GO FASTER! (Y/n), baby please stay with me, please—do—you remember when we went to the fair? I won you that bear.” She smiles, as her eyes are barely open, “That big ass bear. It was huge. I named it Bucky. My big ass Bucky Bear.”


(Y/n) eyes never broke from Bucky’s, “James.” Her voice was strained. He sniffled as he faintly whispered, “I’m here doll.” She took a deep breath, “Everyone knows I am not going to make it.” He refused to acknowledge her words. She swallowed as she gave up the fight of holding back her tears, “I love you so much James Buchanan Barnes. You have brought me so much joy into my life.” His heart began to physically hurt him at each word that left her mouth. He loved her, yes, but he knew what was about to happen. He knew this is the last conversation he will have with the love of his life. The grip he had on her tightened as she continued to speak, “You are the best man I have ever known Bucky.”


He smiles at her as tears are streaming down his face onto her, “I love you so much too (Y/n) (Y/m/n) (Y/l/n). You brought more joy into my life that I did yours. I’m—I’m not ready to let you go.” He finally accepted what is about to happen, and it killed him. She smiles up at him through her tears, “I will always be in your heart James.” Her grip on his human hand began to weaken as her breathing slowed down. She was not sure if she should tell him what has been eating at her mind for the past few days, but before she could make a decision—


“No.” James’ eyes widened, “Doll?” His voice was desperate, “No-no-no! NO!!! (Y/n)!!!” His heart was shattered into nothing, “Baby please!! Open your eyes! (Y/n)—please—please—I’m begging you. Come back. Please.“ He cradled her lifeless body in his arms as his face buried in her neck. Steve’s body ached at the sounds of Bucky’s cries.


The room was dark, but not dark enough. His body felt nothing, unless one would label emptiness as a feeling. He looked down at his hands that held the necklace he gave her. He fell over on the bed on his side gripping it as memories flashed through his mind.


Her laugh echoed through the diner. Causing heads to turn toward her and Bucky sitting at a table. She covered her mouth to try and muffle her giggles, as Bucky just stared at her wide-eyed with an open mouth smile. He looks down at his white shirt that now has red sauce on it. “What was that for?” He chuckles as he tries to wipe it off with his napkin. (Y/n) wiped the tears from her eyes, “It was an accident. I’m sorry! How was I suppose to know that the meatball would shoot out at you when I tried to cut it?” He shakes his head as the grin stays on his face, “It’s alright doll. You only just stained by only white button up shirt.” She giggles covering her face, “Hey, it will make a great story! ‘On our first date, she stained my shirt!’” James bites his lip as he continues to smile, “That is true.”


A hurtful smile forms on his face at the memory. He thought his body could not produce any more tears, but he was wrong. Once again tears began to blur his vision.


The sunset was just setting behind the trees, Bucky and (Y/n) was sitting in the grass surrounded by their empty TOGO containers. He had his hand placed on the ground behind her back, as she was sitting next to him smiling at the scene in front of them. Bucky knew how much she enjoyed the simple things in life just as he did. (Y/n) would rather sit outside and watch the sun set or rise than go see a movie. His heart began to race in his chest as he tried to get the three-word sentence from his mind to exit through his mouth. Watching her gaze at the sun setting, made a smile form on this face. He was lost in her beauty, “Bucky?” She was looking back at him giggling at his lost stare as a blush creeps over her face. He shakes his head, “Sorry, I just—I got lost looking at you again.”


She bites her lower lip as Bucky leans in and pecks her lips, “I want to tell you something, doll.” (Y/n) smiles and waits for him to continue. His nerves go into overdrive, “I—I love you.” She felt her heart skip a beat as her blush worsens, “I love you too.” His face beams as his nerves instantly vanish, licking his lips the two of them lean into each other and lock lips. He pulls her onto him as he falls on his back onto the grass.


James’ fist clenches as tears sting his eyes, mind flashing through the memories—then the last memory of (Y/n) flashes through. His pain switched to anger, as he quickly stands to his feet pacing around his room running his fingers through his hair. The necklace tangled around his flesh fingers. His breathing quickening finally snapping his metal hand close into a fist slamming into the wall, “WHY!?” He punches the wall again, “WHY!?” punch “WHY!?” Steve bursts through the door and instantly wraps his arms around his brother, “Shh, Bucky I’m here. Let it out.” Bucky collapses into Steve’s arm as the two of them get onto the floor. James gripping the fabric covering his heart, “Why Steve?” He sobs, “Why?!” Steve stays silent for a few moments, “She loved you Bucky.”

Cross That Line, A CS October AU

(Read on AO3)

It’s before five in the morning in the small town of Trenton, and Emma is already awake, dragging herself into a cold pullover at the expense of leaving her warm bed behind. The sheets are hopelessly wrinkled, her comforter half-fallen on the floor where she rolled out of it earlier, her pillow sitting sad and lonely on the very edge of the mattress as if trying to make her feel guilty on purpose.

I’ll be back tonight, she thinks forlornly, shoving her feet into her boots as cold as the floor under her socks.  

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Irene Adler isn't 'special' to Sherlock Holmes

I’ve been thinking a lot about Irene’s role and the misunderstandings she creates in the fandom regarding Sherlock’s opinion of her. But it really is very simple if you pay close attention to what Sherlock is doing and saying rather than Irene. And in my most recent re-watch, I noticed something awesome! (If you’ve noticed before and/or talked about it, my apologies for thinking I’m special to find this :)

During the scene at Battersea Station (which we know Sherlock was there to hear most of, at least, because he would have had to follow the car that brought John there), we get this particular bit of dialogue:

IRENE:  What do I say?

JOHN:  (yelling) What do you normally say? You’ve texted him a lot!

IRENE:  Just the usual stuff.

JOHN:  There is no usual in this case.

IRENE:  (reading from her phone) ‘Good morning. I like your funny hat. I’m sad tonight—let’s have dinner.’

JOHN:  (looks at her with a surprised expression)

IRENE:  (still reading) ‘You look sexy on Crimewatch—let’s have dinner. I’m not hungry—let’s have dinner.’

JOHN:  You… flirted with Sherlock Holmes?

IRENE:  At him. He never replies.

JOHN:  No, Sherlock always replies, to everything. He’s Mr. Punchline. He will… outlive God trying to have the last word.

IRENE:  Does that make me special?

JOHN:  I dunno. Maybe.

IRENE:  You jealous?

JOHN:  We’re not a couple.

IRENE:  Yes, you are.

JOHN:  (inhales a silent sigh and jerks head back slightly but says nothing)

IRENE:  There. ‘I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.’ (sends text message)

JOHN:  Who… who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but for the record, if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay.

IRENE:  Well, I am. Look at us both.

The thing is, we all get so caught up in the part about them being a couple and Irene being gay but attracted to Sherlock anyway, that this gets overlooked.

Sherlock heard Irene assume that she’s special because he never responded to her messages, and after avenging Mrs. Hudson, he sends Irene a text. And the message that he sends her isn’t in response to anything she’s said—because he doesn’t actually want to talk to her. He’s trying to tell her that no, she’s not special, look, he’s texting her back. Not letting her have the last word. (And of course she doesn’t get it, because she’s not as smart as he is, even if she’s smarter than average and incredibly devious.)

Because only people who are special—John, Mrs. Hudson, Greg, and Mycroft—ever get to have the last word.

At least, so far, that’s what I’ve found. I started rewatching and keeping a tally, and so far I’ve only noticed a few times where Sherlock lets someone else end the conversation. (Just to make it clear, these are only conversations that Sherlock is participating in, and I’m not including the ones where the other person talking dies in the middle of the conversation or when it’s obvious that Sherlock is now ignoring anything that they say. And the places that I might consider to be conversations ending might not be the same as someone else’s.) And the interesting thing is that it usually only happens when it’s just Sherlock and one other ‘important person’ involved in the conversation, and John gets to have the last word much more often than anyone else. At the end of ASiP, the tally was Sherlock: 23, John: 4, Greg: 1, Mrs. Hudson: 1, and Sherlock and John haven’t even known each other for 36 hours yet.

I’ll leave you to your deductions.

a revelation in the light of day

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Summary: When Bellamy found Clarke again, he never imagined it would be like this, with her eyes black as pitch and a feral snarl ripping from her throat. He never imagined that demons existed either, but if he wanted to save her, he was going to have to start believing. 

a/n: This supernatural in-canon ‘verse got its start with a Wellven fic and just expanded from there because I have minimal self control. 

Bellamy was on a scouting mission with Miller and Monroe when they found her.

He thought Clarke was a reaper at first. She was feral-looking enough—torn clothes, scabbed hands, hair tangled and filled with twigs–snarling at him amidst the trees.

Then he saw her eyes: all shining black and far too focused to be strung out on the drug that still left Lincoln with nightmares months later.

When she rushed them, she let out a bloodcurdling scream in a language that sounded older than the Earth. She was moving fast—too fast for a human. She propelled herself off the trees, pushing and crouching and terrifying. As frightening as her cries were though, the sound that stopped his heart was the echoing gunshot from their line that followed.

“Hold your fire!” He roared. He prayed Clarke hadn’t been hit. He didn’t know what was wrong with her, but a bullet in the brain wasn’t the answer.

Whether she had been hit or not, she continued towards them. On her way, she lashed out at Miller, swiped at Monroe, and then launched herself at him. Her gaunt face was bone white, but he could see crusted blood at the corners of her mouth. Bellamy barely ducked her wild fists, looking for an opening to subdue her in a way that would cause the least amount of damage to them both.

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