it does look like a star wars movie!

If you dislike Gal Godot for her past service in the IDF, that is entirely your prerogative. 

If you dislike Gal Godot for her support of IDF initiatives during Protective Edge, that is also your prerogative. 

I am not going to tell you how to feel about that; you are entitled to make your own judgments as informed by your personal values.

But if you use those judgments as a platform to spread falsehoods—especially ones that rooted in anti-Semitic tropes about how Jewish people are evil child murderers—then you and I are going to have a fucking problem. 

Gal Godot spent her time in the IDF as a fitness instructor, not as a sniper. She never saw combat, never shot any children, and certainly did not have kill notches on her rifle. She did not brag about killing Palestinians. She did not say “I want them all dead.”

She did make a post in 2014 that supported people in the IDF for “protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children” and tagged it with a few phrases including #loveidf and #coexistence. Now, again, maybe her support is antithetical to your beliefs, and I’m not here to lecture you on that. But no, she did not post anything about “praying for Palestinians to die quickly” or brag about killing people’s families. 

If her actual involvement with and statements about the IDF are things you find unsavoury, then fine; but if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t need to make up lies that evoke historical anti-Semitism to drive home your points. 

The things you oppose should hold up as they already are—otherwise, you’re effectively conceding that the things you don’t like aren’t bad enough to warrant your reaction on their own. 

For example, I don’t like the football player Luis Suarez because, despite being a talented goalscorer, he has a weird, creepy history of biting his opponents during matches. Now, this is a total valid reason not to like a professional athlete, so I have no cause to gild the lily. I don’t need to say “Well, actually I don’t like Luis Suarez because when he was at Liverpool he ate a Manchester United player’s liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti,” because his actual behaviour is aggressive, unprofessional, and straight up bizarre—meaning I don’t need to embellish the truth in order to be justified in how I feel about him. 

If you think serving in the IDF is bad, then just say “I don’t like Gal Godot because I think serving in the IDF is bad.” Don’t make shit up, don’t exaggerate the truth. Otherwise it looks an awful lot like you’re deliberately going out of your way to insinuate that Jewish people are evil child murderers, which says a lot more about you than it does about Gal Godot. 

On that note, please make sure that you are also holding Adam Driver accountable with equal gusto for serving in the Marine Corps and continually supporting the U.S. armed forces by boycotting the new Star Wars movies. Again, you are totally entitled to dislike the military, especially in relation to conflicts ongoing conflicts that have had horrible effects on the Middle East, but not when it’s only against the j00z and nobody else. 

Okay I just finished watching all the Star Wars films (except Rogue One but I'll get to it) for the first time in my existence

And just a few things:

•wow Luke Skywalker really does look like Sebastian Stan
•Harrison Ford in the first movie was very, very underwhelming but I grew to like him.
•Princess Leia is so adorable
•Sorry Carrison, I ship Han and Luke
•Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had some serious bromance going on.
•"I loved you"
•Boba Fett sounds like the most badass bubble tea.
•Anakin was real cute with the long hair
•And lmao Anakin’s mom is letting him race at like what? 8? My mom still won’t let me do what I want.
•I’m growing really fond of the millennium falcon
•I’ve always loved light sabers but damn I have a new found respect for it *goes to the toy store to buy all the light sabers*
•I love the way Jar Jar Binks talks?
•YODA IS ADORABLE and a badass like damn the only other time I’ve seen that combination is with Dwayne the Rock Johnson
•Storm Troopers look so cool
•Confession: I thought the storm troopers were the good guys
•Finn is so cute
•Rey is so cute
•Poe is so cute
•Crying bc Darth Vader had to wear the mask bc he couldn’t live without it, Kylo Ren just wore it for the aesthetic.
•Um?!! The line wasn’t “Luke, I am your father”, it was “I am your father”??? My whole life is a lie.
•Omg R2D2 and BB8 so cute
•the fuck they kill Han Solo for? By his own son?? We didn’t deserve this bullshit.

Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan, but shit happens. Sup’ Star Wars fandom, there’s a new kid in town.

May the force be with you.

Best Friends?

peter parker x reader

warnings: cursing, fluff, kissing

word count: 1,539

“(Y/N)!” Peter waved his hands rapidly in front of you, “Mrs. Morris is going to flip out on you, you’ve already been caught twice today,” he shook his head at your actions.

You shook your head, laughing at yourself. “Damn it, i just can’t focus today, sorry petey!” You tried to focus on the board, giggling at your actions

You tended to zone out, or rather, truthfully, stare at your best friend, trying to figure out how to tell if he’s interested in you. Peter had been your closest companion just since forever. Forever meaning too long ago to remember exactly when.

Your ogling at Peter still continued through the class, but to your luck, you didn’t get caught.. again.

Mrs. Morris continued spewing on and on about the subject that you had completely let escape your mind,

As the bell rang, Peter stood from your table, pushing in his chair.

“(Y/N), what the hell is up with you today? are you okay, did something happen? you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, i’m just worried,” His face filled with more and more concern with each word, “You never zone out in Morris’ class. Like ever,” he said.

You laughed shaking your head. “I really appreciate your concern, Peter, but i’m okay, I promise!” he raised his eyebrow in response, giving you that “Really?” look.

“Peter, I. am. perfectly. fine!” you said.

The smile that broke out upon his face made you want to kiss him in that very moment. He was the more considerate, adorable boy you’ve ever laid your eyes upon.

Your heart raced in your chest as the two of you discussed your plans for tonight, your daily movie night. It was usually spent on either his or your couch, watching the worst possible movies you guys could think of, just for the good shits and giggles of it all . Though, The Star Wars original trilogy was brought out every so often though, just because it was peters ultimate favorite, as well as yours.

“So my place tonight?” he asked, leaning forward towards you. “May won’t be home, out of town or something. You can spend the night if you want, i’ll take the couch.”

You nodded, grinning at him. “Sure, but i’ll take the couch Pete, it’s your place! i’ll be over at six, im bringin’ the popcorn, extra butter just how you like it!”

“God, extra butter? for me? You’re the best person in the whole damn world, (Y/N)” Peter said, mock excitement etched in his words.

You laughed, then kissed him on the cheek. “Just for you, Petey!”

His eyes widen, and you suddenly begin to realize what you did. You did that. You kissed Peter, fucking, Parker. On the cheek. For no reason.

You walked away, well more like ran, but you managed to take a glance at peter. He had the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen and his hand was placed on the exact spot where you had kissed him. He looked like the happiest man, but confused man alive.

You finally reached your home after a short walk,and began to search throughout your pantry for the extra buttery popcorn you purchased just for tonight.

The thoughts of the incident went through your head at a million miles a minute. We’re you supposed to act like nothing happened? He obviously looked happy about so, does he like you back??

Sitting the bag on the counter, you reach for your phone to text Peter, but are surprised at the fact he had already texted you.

“hey, (Y/N). you’re still coming over right? i thought we could bring out star wars tonight! :)”

You typed out your response, smiling at his text. He always brought a smile to your face.

“yep! admit it, you just want me for my popcorn.”

“Haha, no. I just want my best friend to come watch movies with me, but.. the popcorn is a bonus too.”

Laying the phone down on the counter, you made your way to your room to change into something much more comfortable than your current clothing as you were wearing jeans, which were the most uncomfortable pants ever compared to your pajama pants.

Before leaving, you sent your mom a text saying you were sleeping over at your friend Amelia’s house tonight. Your mom responded quickly with an okay

You left the house, making your way, walking fast in full on pajamas, and began your short walk to Peter’s.

The kiss was still on your mind with each and every step. Would he mention it? How would you respond if he did? Were you worrying for no reason? The more you thought about it, the more apprehensive you became, so you attempted to distract yourself as you walked

Reaching peters apartment, you knocked three times, followed shortly by Peter opening the door.

If it were anyone else, you would have felt very uncomfortable showing up in your pajamas at six in the evening, but it’s Peter, and he’s in his pajamas anyways.

“I’m afraid i can’t let you in.” He smirked, “Atleast not until you show me you brought the popcorn.”

You raised up the bag up and he dramatically sighed, allowing you to come in.

The two of you plopped down on the couch, and Peter began “A New Hope.” The Main Title began to play, and you didn’t appear to notice that Peter wasn’t paying to the movie at all, his eyes glued to you as you read the words on the screen with such excitement. Even if you’ve seen this movie dozens of times, you always looked beyond happy watching it.

Finally, halfway through the movie peter turned to you.

He nervously looked down, fumbling with hands, “Can I tell you something, (Y/N)?” He glanced up at you, “Something really, really important?”

A thousand thoughts flew through your head. Seeing Peter worried, or nervous made you worried or nervous. “Yes.” Your words were softly spoken.

He shook his head, a faint appearance of a grin on his face. “There’s this girl. This amazing, wonderful, smart, beautiful, hilarious, girl. I could go on and on about her,” He laughed looking down again.

You wanted to cry, you wanted to just curl over in a ball and and sob your heart out. But that wasn’t an option, not now. Peter was your friend, your closest friend, and you can’t force him to like you. Especially since he obviously adored this girl. This girl he hasn’t told you about. So, you tried your best to put on a believable face of happiness.

Peter continued his thoughts after you spoke. “I’ve been trying to talk to her, which i do on a daily basis so i don’t know why i’m acting like it’s so damn hard. I just want to tell her how i feel. But I can’t put into words how she makes me feel.” His eyes met yours, his gaze filled with love. “It’s you, (Y/N).”

“Peter,” You spoke, about to confess that you felt exactly the same, but he cut you off.

“I know, I know. We’re friends, but damn ever since you kissed my cheek today, i couldn’t get my mind off that one day possibly becoming a normal thing. I want to be with you, so much. I’ve tried to tell you so many times, but i couldn’t. I rather have you in my life as a friend over not having you at all, so i’m putting this all on the line telling you this, (Y/N). He returned his gaze to the ground, unable to make eye contact with you.

You grabbed his face, making him look up at you. Making his beautiful, brown eyes meet yours.

“Peter Parker, luckily,” You stroked his cheek gently as you leaned in closer. “I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

In that moment, you felt the most overpowering feeling of what you assumed to be love. You never wanted forget how this felt, this overwhelming feeling of adoration for this boy, your best friend. You wanted to feel like this for the rest of your life, forever. As The wave of affection consumed you, and you slowly leaned in.

You were nervous, and so was peter. The both of you were over the moon in joy that the feelings you felt were reciprocated.

Your lips met, and it felt so goddamn right. He leaned his head to left, and his hands met at your waist, pulling you closer to him, making it nearly impossible to get any closer to him. Your hands ran through his brown hair, the kiss being so full of passion, you felt as if you could do this forever. He deepened the kiss, making it feel like this was a just one giant fairytale kiss. You couldn’t describe exactly how wonderful and ethereal it all felt.

You guys’ began to realize that you needed to pull away, but Peters forehead remained against your own as you slowly opened your eyes.

While Panting, Peter began to speak. “Well in fact, I’m hopelessly in love with you, (Y/N).” He smirked, and you leaned in again.

“Whatever bug boy.”

Silver Storm (7/?)

   Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

It’s kind of a slow chapter guys, but itll step up for the next ones!

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst , a little fluff , SMUT FINALLY

 - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to  Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                      Chapter 7

   Your chest continues to tighten as your eyes stay on your parents. You feel your knees begin to weaken but Bucky’s arm wraps around your waist, keeping you upright. You move your gaze to his, confusion clear from your expression.

“Well come on, it’s been years, there’s no need for awkward silence!” Tony pushes, but no one responds.

“Tony, I don’t think -”

“No one asked you, terminator,” he shoots back at Bucky.

 You know Tony thought he was doing something to help you but you don’t know what to do. Your Dad finally speaks, stepping forward and away from your mother.

 "Y/n? I - we didn’t believe it when Mr. Stark called us. But you’re here, you’re you.“ He moves closer with every word. You panic. "You’re You.” His words echo through your mind. But I’m not. If they knew of the things I’ve done, the people I killed, they wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t want me. You take a step back from you father, placing yourself slightly behind Bucky. The familiar pain appears in your head, but instead of seeing a memory you see just fragments of multiple. Flashes of your Father’s face while he says he loves you, moments where you were scooped into your Mother’s arms, so many memories keep flickering in your head.

  You snap out of flashes, seeing the worried look from your parents. “ I’m okay , it was just a memory,” you whisper. You move closer to them, the memory of your Father sending a different kind of warmth through you. You stand right in front of them, fidgeting with your hands.

“I don’t know how much Tony has explained to you-”

“He told us you were kidnapped and forced to do very bad things,” Your father says. You nod, confirming what they were told.

“I’m not the same as before. I don’t know who I am. Memories resurface but it’s as if they aren’t my own. When I look at the two of you, I feel intense love, like I should be pulling you into my arms. But I don’t exactly remember why. I know you are my parents, but as of right now I don’t- all the memories aren’t here yet, ya know?” You try to explain without further upsetting them. Your dad takes your hand in his and takes a shaky breathe.

“We don’t understand exactly what happened to you, but no matter what it was, no matter how you’ve changed, you are still our daughter. We’ve spent years grieving thinking we lost you for good. We will not let you go again. We love you for who you were and who you are. When the memories come back, when you remember why you feel love for us, we will be here. We didn’t come expecting you to instantly remember us, to jump in our arms. We were told it isn’t safe for your health to try and force you to remember. We came to remind you that we are here, and whenever the memories comeback we will be here waiting with open arms.”

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You can see tears falling down your Mother’s face, and as if on instinct you move your hands to her face, wiping her tears away. Her hand moves to cup yours, holding it to her face. The warmth of her cheek creating a familiar feeling for you like you’ve done this a million times. You pull your hand from your Fathers and use it to cup your Mother’s face. You lean your forehead against hers. “I don’t remember. I want to but I can’t. But I do know that I love you both. I can feel it through my entire body. I may not be me yet, but as soon as I am I promise I’ll explain everything. But right now, while all of this is still new, I have to do this on my own. I’m sorry you were put through all of this, I wish I could take the pain away.” You move yourself away and back to Bucky.

“Take care of her, please,” your dad requests, watching the way Bucky’s hand engulfs yours.

“I will, sir,” Bucky responds. You send them one last glance, then bury your tear covered face into Bucky’s chest.

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You hear Tony making small talk as he escorts them out. When Tony returns, you remove yourself from Bucky and hug Tony.

 "Thank you, but next time can you warn me?“ Tony smooths your hair down and places a kiss on your head.

"I thought maybe some big wind of memories would hit you and it would be this wonderful moment. I knew it was a long shot, but if I made you upset I’m sorry.” You reassure him you’re not upset which isn’t a lie, it’s just not the entire truth. You weren’t ready to face your family or anyone from before, not until you figure out who you are now. You can’t blame Tony though, it was all an act from his heart.

    It’s been a couple days since your encounter with your parents and you’ve been glued to Bucky’s side since. He tells you everything you could ever want to know: his favorite color, tv shows, movies, music, food. He tells you of the things he’s done since being accepting into the Avengers. You slowly realize he kind of is the same as he was before, just with more depth to him. The little things he does, like when he runs his fingers through his beautiful locks or the way his face scrunches when he laughs, all send a warm feeling through you. After having a movie night with the team and being reintroduced to Star Wars (you slightly remember it from when you were young), you and Bucky call it a night and say goodnight to the team.

   When you enter his room, you go right to his drawers, pulling out one of his shirts then moving to grab a pair of panties out of your bags. He just watches you with an amused look on his face. When you close the bathroom door behind you it doesn’t shut all the way, leaving a slight view of you to Bucky. He pulls his eyes away as you begin sliding your pants off and copies your previous actions, grabbing his pajamas. He swaps his clothes quickly and looks into the bathroom again to see your bare back and (barely) covered ass as you move to pull his shirt down over your head. You begin to turn, making Bucky rip his eyes off you before he gets caught being a creep. He flops down on his bed, trying to act natural and conceal the bulge that is starting to form beneath his pajamas. You stroll out, completely unaware of the slightly panicky Bucky. You jump into his bed beside him, going right to snuggle yourself against him. You feel his body tense at your touch at first, causing you to pull back.

“Bucky, what’s wrong?” concern in your voice. He clears his throat,

 "Nothing, why do you ask?“ You raise your eyebrow.

"You’re really going to lie? Your entire body just twitched when I touched you. Did I do something wrong?” Your heart drops at the thought of doing something to cause Bucky not cuddle you. His turns to you, cupping your face.

 "No no no, you didn’t do anything. I - oh God, this is embarrassing.“ He sighs, dragging a hand down his own face.

"What’s going on? You know I won’t jud-”

“Isawyouchangingandnowihaveabonerandididntwantyoutothinkimcreepy.” He doesn’t take a breath as his words jumble together. Your eyes go wide and a loud laugh bursts through you.

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

“That is what you’re freaking out about? Jesus Buck, it’s a natural thing! Calm down, you dork,” you say between laughs. His face and body relaxes at your words. Your lips twitch into a smirk, a devious plan forming in your head. Wouldn’t hurt to try, right? You trail your hands on Bucky’s chest, gaining his full attention.

“So, you like what you saw Bucky?” You run your finger down his chest.

He gulps, not able to meet your eyes. “I think that answer is obvious, Doll. ”

“Say it.”

“I love what I saw. Those panties seem to fit you just right. What are you up to, Y/n?” He squints his eyes at you.                                                                      The smirk stays glued to your face. You move your body over his, hovering slightly above him. You sit yourself over his lap, your core resting against his erection. When it rubs against you, a spark shoots through you.

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You hold back a moan and move yourself against him again, reveling in the feeling. His hands fly to your waist, guiding your actions. He groans as you move, encouraging you to go faster. You brace your hands on his chest as you grind your soaking panties against his rock hard cock. After less than a minute of rough grinding, Bucky flips you both, landing between your legs.  

  “If you want to stop tell me now because I don’t know if I can stop myself if this goes any farther.” You can hear the struggle in his voice, like he’s barely holding himself back from you.                                                                                       “Bucky, I want you.” A wide smile spreads across his face. You don’t hesitate in pulling him into deep kiss, your tongue immediately finding his. You part from the kiss, looking into his eyes. Your lips meet again, drawn to each other like magnets. You scratch at his back as his lips move down to your neck. You release sweet moans as he sucks at the sensitive spot under your ear. You wiggle out of your shirt, your bare chest now barely pressing against his. His lips create a path from your neck down to your chest. Before he goes further, he sends you a look silently asking permission. You frantically nod yes, whimpers pouring out of you as his lips wrap around one of your hardened buds. He switches between nipples, paying equal attention to both. You can feel yourself soaking through your underwear as his tongue runs down your stomach. In one swift move, he rips your underwear off, leaving you completely bare to him. His fingers slide through your folds, spreading your wetness over his fingers. You arch your back into him, urging him to keep moving. His lips return to your neck as he enters two fingers into your dripping center.         

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

   “Bucky please, Мне нужно больше (I need more),” you whine. He withdraws his fingers and you pull him into a bruising kiss. The room is filling with your combining moans as he slides his hard cock between your folds, teasing you.

“Это то, что ты хочешь, любовь моя (Is this what you want, my love?)” he whispers as he nips your ear.

“Please.” He pushes in slowly, filling you completely. You gasp at the sting but it quickly turns into pleasure. He starts slowly thrusting deep into you.

“You’re so tight, Doll. You feel so good around me.” You moan and meet his thrust with your own.

“I’m not going to break. Stop treating me like I’m going to crumple.” You know he’s holding back but right now that’s not what you need. He sends you a devious smirk then begins pounding into you like there is no tomorrow. You dig your nails into his back and he slams into you at an animalistic pace. Whimpers slip out of you as he slams into you, hitting the perfect spot and driving you insane. His lips are all over, sucking at your neck, ear, and chest. You pull his lips to yours in a sloppy, desperate kiss. You bite at his bottom lip, causing a growl to sound in the back of his throat. He mashes his lips against yours, the dominance clearly his now. His hand slides down your body, toying with you clit. The feeling of his lips on yours, his fingers swirling around your sensitive clit and his hard cock pounding into your g spot, has your walls clenching down around him. You feel the rubber band that’s been wound in your stomach near its end, causing your breathing to pick up.

“Oh my God, Bucky, I’m-”

“Cum doll, I’m right behind you.” He slides his hand between you, rubbing tight circles on your clit. He sends one particularly hard thrust in you and your orgasm bursts. A loud, filthy moan escapes you as you’re thrown into pure ecstasy. He finishes right behind you, a strangled moan falling from his lips as he releases inside you. He slumps on top of you just as spent as you.

“I love you,” you say, trying to catch your breath. He pulls your body to his, pressing a kiss to your lips.

“I love you, Мой солнечный свет (my sunshine),” he says. You drift asleep in his arms, staying peacefully asleep throughout the night.

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You wake up in the morning, a soreness aching through your body letting you know last night wasn’t a dream. When you look to the other side of the bed, you aren’t met with the sight of the man you love, just an empty bed. Your face drops and you sigh as you pull yourself out of bed. You throw on a pair of shorts and sleepily find your way to the kitchen. Bucky’s back is turned to you as you walk in so you walk up behind him and wrap your arms around him.

“No one likes waking up alone, jerk.” Your voice is muffled as you bury your face in his back. He chuckles, turning himself in your arms.

“I was going to bring you breakfast in bed. You have to be starving from your long night.” He winks as a blush spread over your cheeks. You recognize the smell of pancakes.

“Oh my God, yes.” You pretty much moan at the thought of food. Bucky chuckles, leaning down to place a quick peck your lips. He returns to making breakfast and you help him after you both decide to make enough for the team. Eventually everyone files in and you all sit together eating a nice, relaxing breakfast together. It doesn’t last long though, because the elevator doors open, tearing you all from your food and conversation. A man walks in wearing a completely black outfit and a matching black eye-patch. You see the entire team tense up, confusing you.

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“Was anyone going to alert me of the new addition or did you all pussy out?” He spits, rage evident in his voice. Bucky grabs onto your hand under the table.

Who the hell is this guy?

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Shadowhunter Ships vs Fic Tropes

Malec: Friends with Benefits. The benefits of true love.

Jimon: Highschool AU (badboy x geek)

Clizzy: “Come get ready for the party at my place!” though they never get to the party.

Lucelyn: 10 year high school reunion and wow, I’m still in love with you and I now you’ve divorced my former best friend and are finally single.

Clace: The princess and her knight.

Sizzy: “The new girl at work is too beautiful for an IT expert and she’s better than all of us combined, but more importantly, how does she not know Star Wars?!”

Saphael: “I hate the new intern and his stupid cute face. Stop cooing, Magnus.”

Saia: “We met at a comic book convention and bonded over our mutual love for Wonder Woman. Look, the movie is coming out, wanna watch it together? Like, as friends. Or something else.”

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Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader - Accidents Happen

Request - “Poly!Hamilsquad x reader with a reader who gets into a horrible car crash and she suffers major injures and a small amount of brain damage and the stress and shock from the accident kinda causes her to regress into a child like state of mind to cope with the accident and the boys have to take care of her and it’s quite stressful (she throws fits and temper tantrums and she acts like a child basically would)” from @goddess-of-geeky :3

Summary - After getting into a horrible car accident, she soon has this child-like state of mind to forget all the stress and shock. But that attitude made everything worse, that the boys were having a stressful time just by taking care of her.

Timeline - Present day :3

Word Count - 1,509 :3

Trigger Warnings - Swearing, yelling… A LOT OF IT, bratty reader-chan XD, pissed-off Hamilsquad XD, aaaaaaand that’s it, I guess?? XD but if spilled ice cream is a trigger warning, then okay XD


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Hello friends and followers!

I’m back from whatever weird semi-hiatus I was on, and I wanted to let you know that now my blog is going to be full multifandom! I’ve made a lot of changes: to my icon, to my theme, to my tagging system. I’m very excited to finally expand.

What does this mean for you?

  • Since my tags have changed, be sure to look out for anything you may want to blacklist! Let me know if you’d like something tagged a certain way to make it easier on you. (My personal tags will remain the same, so you shouldn’t have to update anything in relation to that.)
  • While my primary fandoms will still be Agents of Shield/MCU and Rogue One/Star Wars, I’m going to be including and making works for many other fandoms/shows/movies I’ve been into. You’ll get to see a whole new side of me :)

Thanks for bearing with me through these changes! I’d love to hear about what new fandoms we have in common, whatever show/movie recs you have, ideas on how I should properly celebrate this (in addition to a recent follower milestone!). I’m always happy to hear from you ♥

And that’s all for my PSA! You can always reach out if you have any questions! 

you know what I love about jupiter ascending [jamie you love everything about it look at your fucking blog–]anyway you know what I love about jupiter ascending that it is absolutely 100% totally okay to enjoy the space in it just because space is pretty like, there’s no bullshit gatekeeping about the “science” part of the science fiction because it’s not even really pretending to be science fiction but you know what doesn’t have a monopoly on space?? science fuckin fiction, that’s what doesn’t have a monopoly on space, and you know who knows it?


like people (fanboys) will bend the fuck over backwards to insist star wars is ~real science fiction~ ~I promise~  

which is the ri-fucking-diculous b/c the amount of (lack of) fucking science in those films you guys. they travel all across the whole galaxy in literal seconds at S U B - L I G H T  S P E E D they have never-explained ridiculous laser swords they fucking a b s o r b e d  a  S U N  in episode VII

  • absorbed it

i’m off track but listen; star wars doesn’t need to be sci-fi to be legit. it doesn’t need to pretend to make any lick of cosmic sense but we as a fandom (*cough*i-mean-assholes*cough*) have decided for some fucking reason that in order to be good it needs to be ~real bona fide Sci-Fi~ in order to exist in space when nah

now listen I loveeeeee star wars. I love that shit. I love it. but I don’t go to star wars for its scientific accuracy, ya feel?  

and you know who gets that? 

  1. jupiter fucking ascending.  

god this fucking movie. not only does it spend like, its entire runtime just being like look a vista! in ~space~!!!!!  it barely explains jack. shit.  how does the flying motorcycle work? what keeps the floaty-parts of the spaceships on? how do those emergency space-suit pods store enough oxygen for sixty minutes? WHO CARES!

the only things [the only things] we even get a half-assed explanation for are the things that Jupiter specifically asks about or things that directly affect her to know [see: royal bowels]. like jupe cares how the space gun works? this is how one operates the space gun. jupe asks how gravity boots? caine spews some pseudo-science bullshit but nevermind I don’ t actually care all she needs to know is “down is easy, up is hard.” and that is all we need. it’s fucking jumpin out of skyscrapers time

meanwhile have some red space trees! enjoy this planet with rings made out of floating trash! fuck it, here’s the whole damn side of jupiter just because!

space is pretty. it’s okay for space to be pretty. enjoy the pretty space. we will tell what you need to know, and throw in established sci-fi lingo so if you know that FTL stands for faster-than-light good or you can google it but if you didn’t know it doesn’t matter because look! floating space orgy

like actual goddamn a s t r o l o g y is a plot point in this film if that doesn’t say “fuck you gatekeepers no need for science-space knowledge to enjoy this film!” I don’t fucking know what does

it is o.k. for space to be pretty and to enjoy space because it is pretty.  

jupiter ascending you guys. christ.

I think one of the anti Kylo claims that bugs me the most when it comes to his exterior is when people say he has greasy hair.
Have we actually seen the same movie???
Claiming he has greasy hair is making it painfully obviously that you did not pay attention to the movie at all. The whole point of the interrogation scene is to show how much Kylo does NOT look like a typical villain. Did you see his hair?? How fluffly, voluminous and coiffed it is? They pretty much bent over backwards to make it even bigger than Adam’s hair usually is.

Also weird that nobody talks about Rey’s hair, cause hers in fact IS greasy. (Which is to be expected, since I don’t think she has the luxury of a shower in the desert, but you get my point).

I have to say, though, the fact that we’re getting our first look at how Finn, Rey and Poe Dameron will look in Episode 8 though the goddamn merchandise packaging (not even actual merch, BUT JUST THE PACKAGING FOR SAID MERCH) for Episode 8 is absolutely unreal, lol. Like…..this is something that it seems like only Star Wars does. 

Like, can you imagine your standard DC or Marvel superhero movie revealing it’s first look at their characters in their upcoming movie through the merchandise packaging without even showing a trailer first?

Seriously though, it’s unreal.

I literally FORGOT that the Last Jedi trailer had been released, despite the fact that I saw it on the big screen at SWCO and that I see gifs from it every single day, which meant that I was incredibly confused when it played before Wonder Woman, because I recognized the opening chord.  Then the guy behind me said, “Star Wars!” and I was like “…but there isn’t a new Star Wars trailer? why would they premiere their trailer before a rival studio’s movie? also why does this all look so familiar, like I’ve seen it before OH WAIT.”

one of my favorite things about Finn and Rey is how mutual their support for each other is. like, there’s obviously the damsel in distress story that could’ve been played out but wasn’t because Rey saved Finn multiple times, and clearly was a survivor. but it also wasn’t a white-savior relationship because Finn saved Rey several times throughout the course of the movie too, and honestly– them saving each other? that wasn’t even the defining point in their relationship. what defined it was Finn’s compassion, his kindness– the way he’d always come back for her because he valued her in a way that she’d never experienced before. and what defined it was Rey’s empathy, her willingness to trust him despite not really trusting anyone, the way she saw him as an actual human being and not as disposable, or as a pawn like the First Order always had. their love for each other, be it romantic or platonic, sets up this mutuality of support and love that is rarely portrayed in movie relationships, especially interracial ones. honestly, I want a relationship as pure and healthy as Finn and Rey have. my goal in life is to find someone who looks at me like Rey looks at Finn, who’ll come back for me like Finn does for Rey.

“Inexorably Drawn to You” or 3 things that strike me in the TFA novelisation - from a romance writer’s perspective.

Hey guys.

You know me. or maybe you don’t. I am Ellie, I’m a writer (fanfic, unpublished but eh…I’ve been doing this since I was fourteen, which is over ten years at this point - I am getting very old). And as you should know, I am first and foremost writing romance stories. 

In all my writing years, I’ve written countless romances, meet-cutes with super-fast infatuations, slow burns, friendship leading to interest, leading to sexy times, whathaveyou. I’ve also written enemies to lovers, a whole fucking lot

So I know a little bit about how to drop little hints very early on in the story that the animosity between the two people we are watching hate each other fervently are not going to do so forever.

If you work under that premise, you find multiple ways of establishing the fact that there is something simmering beneath all the hate and rivalry you’re exploring in the first act of your story. 

note: [usually a 3-acter in these circumstances: act 1: establish connection, fester some reciprocated loathing // act 2: turn the tables, things are changing, our heroes discover different sides to each other, maybe spend a long time reliant on each other and mostly alone (GO SEE the movie LEAP YEAR FUCKING HELL, go do it! It’s a prime example of enemies to lovers if I’ve ever seen one) // act 3: they own up to their feelings for each other, we get a kiss or a day or two of fluffy shit and then something happens that threatens to tear them apart again, something to overcome before they get their HEA]

So, this past weekend I’ve been in London (sitting at a Costa in St.Pancrass right now hehe) and went to Forbidden Planet to buy some Star Wars crap and instead read the Reylo-bits in the TFA novelisation by the shelf like a word-thief and I noticed 3 (three, THREE) literary tricks used in those scenes which I would have used just the same had that been my enemies-to-lovers-act-1-writing.

1. “This gives me no pleasure” - And all it entails.

Disclaimer: There is a part in this argument that many, many, many people on here will hate and will want to misconstrue, misunderstand and burn my house down for it. You will know it when it comes on and I implore you to PLEASE read my words of explanation and keep your pitchforks holstered, thank you.

Throughout all of Rey’s and Kylo’s interactions, Kylo doesn’t tire of saying how he does not want or wish to hurt Rey and that he wants her to comply so he won’t have to. He says “I will go as easily as I can” and “This gives me no pleasure” before he mind-probes her. 

If I was writing their scenes as a first act to what would later become an enemies-t-lovers-romance, I would lay the groundwork establishing a way back for both the characters in their being shitty assholes to each other. So we can all back paddle together later and understand why these carnal enemies are suddenly locking lips.

In more traditional stories you would give both enemies a reason to be shitty (example: “You’ve got mail” - this asshole corporation-greedbag is forcing my wonderfully lovely little bookshop off the market, I will be a colossal dick to him” while, and this is important, maintaining some boundaries, like: “I will be an ass to him but I won’t push him into oncoming traffic or, more realistically, here is the guy who I hate because he is destroying my livelihood but he’s having a really shitty day so I’m gonna lay off of him, because I’m not that much of a monster.

In terms of Reylo, this is Kylo, rehashing time and time again that he does not want to hurt her. That is something I, as a writer, would call to later. That this man never had any fun hurting this woman. That is the foundation on which the second act will be built on.

AND there is another hint pointing in that direction (the direction being: we need way back for Kylo, a reason why he can be forgiven) and that’s the frequent repetition of how Rey is hurting while he rummages through her brain.

I am not kidding here; every single time it’s mentioned that Rey is hurting from that its in some version of this:

“Rey strained under the pain OF RESISTING HIM”



This is the dangerous ground I talked about in the disclaimer and I’m sure you can already see why. Because this reads, if you look at it with tumblr’s eyes, like duper obvious victim-blaming. 

“Rey was only in pain because she tried to fight it.”

Which is horrible, obviously, a terrible concept and a terrible thing to say: You only hurt because you were trying to fight it, had you let it happen, it wouldn’t have hurt. 

This, in the context of sexual violence, is fucking terrible and should not be a message communicated in a movie like Star Wars. 

BUT if we take off the tumblr goggles, and especially the ones that ant*s like to don when looking at Reylo and desexualise their interactions connected to the mind-probing, we will have to look at the intention behind those sentences and how they play together with the “I don’t want to hurt you”-postulations.

Because it’s just another way of showing: Kylo does not want to hurt her, truly and he wouldn’t if it was just him. Had Rey been placid, she wouldn’t have been in pain, had she let him get the information willingly, she wouldn’t have suffered. The pain derived from trying to lock him out of her head - Rey hurt herself trying to shut him out. 

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SENTENCE OUTSIDE OF A SEXUAL/SEXUALLY VIOLENT CONTEXT! It is a form of violence but it is not sexual - or at least, I don’t think it was intended to be perceived or received as sexual. This might have happened and that might as well be another horrible thing - with coded sexual violence as a plot-device yadda yadda, that’s another post.

It comes out the same. 

Kylo did not want to hurt her, this is evidenced in both his words and actions and very, very deliberately written to reflect that.

2. “There is…something” - A lot of it.

This is a short point, because it’s very obvious. 

From memory, I can account at least three instances in their shared scenes where one or the other remarked about something ‘special’ about either the other person (Kylo about Rey) or the connection they seem to have (Rey & Kylo).

This is another thing I would do to establish that whatever is going on between our hateful heroes is going somewhere…what can I say…special.

3. “Drawn to – you” - aka Club-you-over-the-head-obvious

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

‘You,’ she said. ‘You’re afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader.’”

This is a direct quote from the book. Let’s look at it again, shall we?

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

‘You,’ she said. ‘You’re afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader.’”

And now read this and realise what part of the two sentences sticks with you. I’m pretty sure you will find it’s this:

Inexorably drawn to you


This is deliberate. Do you know why? Because the ‘you’ is purposefully added right after the ‘to–’ so it serves as a completion of the unfinished sentence and then is set apart by the rest of the sentence by the interjection of ‘she said’. 

Had this not been intentional, the scene could or should have read:

“…she felt herself inexorably drawn to– to–

“You are afraid that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader,” she said.”

This would illustrate that she has been drawn to this piece of information just fine and it would have disrupted the previously started sentence like only a new piece of information can disrupt a train of thought. 

But the way it is written, it is not a disruption of a thought, it’s its completion. It’s a ploy. It’s foreshadowing. It’s a hint.

It’s exactly what I would do if I was writing this and that’s because I’ve seen it done a million times. It’s because I then went on to use it myself.

It’s why I was standing by the book shelf at Forbidden Planet and made a face at that damn book because FUCK YOU. I see what you are doing, I see what is happening, I see the groundwork you’re laying there.

No matter what will happen with Kylo and Rey, no matter what plans are final, their scenes in the novel and thus in the original script are setting up an enemies-to-lovers or at least keeping the door for it wide open and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, because it’s already been done.

It’s already in motion. Do with this what you will.


“When George Lucas conceived of Star Wars, he created an industry - costumes and animatronics, special effects and digital sound, you name it! Many of the things we take for granted in movies today exists because of Lucas, LucasArts, Skywalker Sound, and Industrial Light & Magic. Nobody does iconic looks like George Lucas and his creative team, and next to Darth Vader himself, the Stormtroopers have some of the most noticeable and recognizable costumes in the Star Wars universe.

While the Stormtrooper and clone trooper armors haven’t changed much in their look since the Clone Wars, their helmets have undergone the most drastic changes and had the most amazing variations throughout their use. From the onset of the Clone Wars to 2015’s Episode VII: The Force Awakens, check out how the Stormtrooper costume has changed in its nearly 50-year history!”

An interesting thing about Finn is how spirited he can be. He shouts for joy when he escapes the star destroyer with Poe–realizes he’s hitting targets and that this thing might just work. His first reaction when he and Rey escape Jakku is similar. He’s joyful when he discovers what he and Rey can do together.

This is someone who was stolen from his parents–who doesn’t even know his real name. He was raised by an institution–and never encouraged to express feelings. But he’s so able, willing, and ready to feel happiness. He opens up to Poe and Rey within minutes of meeting them–and his excitement at discovering those friendships is so palpable that it makes the audience excited for him.

Finn lightens the tone of a dark movie–and he does it without being a comic relief character. He’s a man realizing he can finally, finally do what he chooses, when he chooses. One who finally has people like Rey–who look at him like an equal. And because of that, even when he’s fighting for his life, he seems happy.

In Defense of The Reboot - What the new generation of Trek movies brings to the canon

When Star Trek: Into Darkness came out last year, it was met with plenty of mixed reviews, but one fan’s question stuck with me: “What does this movie even add to the canon?” Many Trekkies hasten to agree – isn’t the reboot nothing more than a flashy, sleek, bastardization of our beloved science fiction show? Has Star Trek been stripped of all it’s original glory of Boldly Going and reduced to explosions, epic battles, and uninspiring plots of revenge?

There are plenty of things wrong with the rebooted Star Trek movies. One need only spend 5 minutes on any Trekkie-filled website to be inundated with the lists… However, with all its faults, I would argue that the reboot adds something very interesting to the canon – something that directly ties in with the very nature of the original show.

WARNING: Hella long.

[This essay is centered on American sociopolitical culture but does not intend to imply that said culture is, in any way, more important/normative/influential than any other.]

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