it does look beautiful though


Nightwish- Endless Forms Most Beautiful (x)

i really want a whole collection of sailor moon skins for all the goddesses in smite

New Wincest Fic: Distraction

Summary: Losing his memories means that Dean loses inhibitions Sam didn’t even know he had.Missing scene from s12 e11 Regarding Dean

Rating: PG13

Words: 2224


“Could be a memory spell. Did his hair fall out? His body hair too?”


“From the neck down, is he smooth like a ken doll?”

“I don’t know, and I’m not checking, either.”

The problem is, as soon as Sam puts the phone down on Rowena and her barely concealed glee, he knows he’ll be checking. He might mouth off to Rowena about it, but if there’s a chance that Dean’s body hair is a clue to saving his brother and his memory, then he’s not going to pass it up.

He sighs to himself. He’s barely holding back panic by the skin of his teeth, but at the same time, the whole situation is so unbearably frustrating. Having Dean is rapidly descending into having a large, skilled toddler who has license, in the eyes of the public, to go anywhere and do anything that adults do - but without any of the sense of preservation that most adults spend their lives developing (never mind the heightened sense of awareness both Winchester’s have experienced since childhood). He feels like he has to watch Dean every second to make sure he’s not causing mischief or wandering off, putting himself into who knows what danger.

So Sam already knows that he’s going to try anything to fix this. Including checking out Dean’s body hair.

The problem is that Dean, with his dark blonde hair and fair, freckled skin, has always been so lightly haired. Sam himself is covered in dark fur on his chest, arms, legs, hell even his feet - easy enough to check. But Sam has been sharing motel rooms with Dean for almost his entire life and he knows that Dean couldn’t be more different. So he’s going to have to really look.

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“Don’t wake up yet, Guren… If you do now you will be damaged beyond repair”

A Guide to Herkimer Diamonds

I know what you’re thinking: “Diamonds? In upstate NY?” and no, these are not true diamonds but a very special type of Quartz crystal that comes from Herkimer County, NY. Here, we will go into a few details about these gorgeous crystals that are, quite literally, in our very own backyard here at InnerVision Crystals!

So what makes Herkimer Diamond Quartz different from other Quartz?
Herkimer Diamonds are naturally faceted with 18 facets, and most have an iconic double-terminated shape. Like other Quartz, they can form in clusters or single crystals, but clusters of Herkimer Diamonds are unique. The way they stack to form clusters is really incredible, as seen below. One other major difference between Herkimer Diamonds and other variations are that an average Quartz has a Moh’s hardness of 7.0 where these crystals have a hardness of 7.5, and a true Diamond comes in at a hardness of 10.

What’s that thing inside my Herkimer Diamond?
Well, it could be a few things. If it’s black, it may be anthraxolite (decayed plant matter from 500 million years ago) and that is pretty common in larger pieces, but you can sometimes even find it in the tiniest clearest crystals! If it’s an orange color, it’s iron inside the stone, and it looks a lot like rust. Does it look like a rainbow? Many times, small fractures inside the crystals cause the light to reflect in different ways, resulting in beautiful prisms. Does it look broken inside, though the surface is smooth? That’s called a skeletal formation, and that’s just the way it grew; sometimes you can even feel a skeletal formation on the surface. Does it look like there’s a bubble inside your Herkimer Diamond? Turn it on its side or upside down and watch…that bubble might move! That’s called an enhydro and there is water trapped inside the crystal. 

What are the properties associated with Herkimer Diamonds?
Like all Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds are amplifiers: of intentions, of energy, dreaming, and more. It is particularly beneficial in amplifying the properties of other crystals when working with energy and healing. On its own, though, Herkimer Diamonds being double terminated allows for a unique flow of energy both flowing in and flowing out of the crystal, which can be very intense. Their clarity and increased hardness make them metaphysically perfect for being programmed to retain energy of well-being or uplifting vibrations that can be drawn on by others, as they have a great “crystal memory” which is also incredibly useful for dream recall! Overall, this is essential for any crystal collector.


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Can I get some Keith + Chubby Female s/o who's insecure Headcanon?

  • He doesn’t really understand why you’re insecure. He looks at you and sees nothing but someone beautiful and amazing, and wonders why you don’t see the same.
  • He’s not a very sentimental guy. He’s not going to gush over how much he loves you and tell you constantly how beautiful you are. Out loud at least. Inside, he absolutely will. He just doesn’t exactly know how to put it into words.
  • He’ll tell you occasionally that he thinks you look beautiful, though, don’t get me wrong.
  • He does tell you that you’re worth love and that he’s always there for you, no matter what. It doesn’t really matter to him what you weigh. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, he’s happy.
  • If you tell him that you think you look fat, he’ll say, “And beautiful. You can be both.” Either that, or he’ll say, “Why is that a bad thing?”
  • He’ll tell you that your tummy is cute, and so are your stretch marks.

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 

nico and will babysitting little chuck together. Nico absolutely adores babies and is really good with them, and Will just hangs back all awkwardly and does whatever nico tells him to do. he can deliver babies just fine, but he has no idea how to take care of them afterwards, though he does think nico looks really beautiful and right with a baby in his arms. and he’s really adorable when he cooes whenever chuck makes little goat noises and cuddles him 


Aron: “Serami, are you ready yet?”

Serami: “Yeah. Sorry, I had to change like five times because I hate everything I own. Does this look okay though?”

Aron: “Well you always look beautiful… and uh, this time isn’t any different. You look great… very pretty.”

Serami: “You’re such a dork.”