it didnt seem to want to brighten


For You (Stiles Stilinski)

Word Count: 812

Warning: a little bit of profanity

Request: “Anon: Can you do a Stiles imagine where ur the reason ur parents came to town and your parents are out to get Scott’s pack and the only way to stop it is to move away? Can u make it sad also, sorry if it’s confusing! Thankss!”

havent done a sad imagine in a while! thanks for requesting x


You were pacing around your room, scavenging for words you could possibly say. This wasn’t going to be easy, but you had to. It didnt seem like it but this decision had to be made my erasing what you wanted think about what needed to happen or else it wouldve just been selfish of you.

You eventually manage to gather enough courage to finally go to Stiles’ house. You knock on the door and his dad answers. He smiles, “Hey Y/N, Stiles is in his room, you can go ahead and go check up on him.” You thank him.

You go into his room and Stiles face brightens up quickly, like he was having a bad day before you came but was happy when you were there. You were going to miss him so much.

“We need to talk..” You say, looking at the ground.

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