it didnt really work out

2. blow me while you can


                                          JUNGKOOK X READER

                             SYNOPSIS: Sometimes your boyfriend                                                             is annoying when his dick is hard.

RATING: MATURE                                                                 COUNT: 1,725

“Is that a hamster eating a miniature pie?”

It was the start of the weekend and—naturally—you were watching a video about hamsters eating tiny food on tiny furniture in a tiny house made of popsicle sticks. A bowl of popcorn was situated on your boobs and you were lying comfortably on your dorm bed. Or at least you were until Jungkook all but slammed your door open and alerted your entire floor of his presence.

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, Jungkook,” you supplied, turning your head back to the brightly lit laptop screen.

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So i was tryin to work on an ask but this didnt really work out so have this wip ill never finish lmao

“alright uh guys can you come over here ??”

okay, so, these are our roomies! there’s matt (he honestly would be “normal” if it wasn’t for the ol’ brain switchup), tord (bit of a horn problem, he has), toast (that’s sort of self-explainable, in our opinion), and, ah..

“wait, guys, where’s mattoredd??”

mattoredd, apparently: “fucc off m8″

“dude, come on”


anonymous asked:

tbh i don't think david is moving... i understand why you think that cause he always says "our house" or whatever but he said that about their old house too and he never lived there. i feel like he helped them get the house after they got denied a few times for sure cause you know he's got that youtube money but i don't really think it's anything further than him helping out financially. also i have this very vague memory of him saying that he wasn't moving but that might have been a dream idk

valid point. i really thought that the plan was going to be for everyone to live together, bc a couple months ago they kept jokingly saying david was gonna buy them all a house, but that obviously didnt work out. i really dont know why david would help buy a house if he wasnt gonna live there but idk. we’ll find out once they actually move :(( (im gonna miss their house so much its weird) 

nuked my short lived art blog bc im retiring the username. anyway here are some ocs

originally they were designed for a ‘20 minutes into the future’ urban type setting but the story i was working on for it (about lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis and comatose adolescents) didnt really work out. and then i got Another idea, why not make them… ambiguous early 20th century themed 8^) theyre all sort of based off of chemical elements

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#TonySwagWalk - 4x12