it didnt come out the way i wanted but eh

How i began using Reiki.

So i am not so sure how long this story willbe but lets begin. It all started… naw im kidding lol.

This is how it happened. I love to pick up books about things that for a gut feeling i have to have. There is no real reason. Oops i am jumping a little ahead….

(Past) Ok so, when i would be in pain in like my arm or leg or something i was always able to put my hands on the spot and, the only way to describe it was iron out what hurt. Be it muscle or nerve, i would use my energy to iron out the pain. But i only knew how to do it for me. Also i didnt want to tell people cuz my family can be really… eh when comes to the spiritual side, except my mom. Anyway i still kept it silent.

(Back to the book) so i had this gut feeling to pick up this book, and an even stronger one to read it and absorb its message. Well if you know me by everything i ever say you know i go with my gut on everything. So i picked up the book and my gut, my soul everything yelled BUY THIS NOW. So i did. I went home and began reading, and reading and reading. I learned why my hands were always warm. Why i could fix my hurt areas and that i could do it for others.

I looked at the palm of my hands, Fae hands. That was what they were called. They were always warm and the only time they werent was when i was sick. But other than that it could be 30 degrees outside and my hands would be so warm, like they were 100 degrees. And not in a weird way but the rest of me would be freezing and my hands would be polar opposite. Constant heat in my palms, they dont change unless i am sick and then only by 10 degrees. Enough for me to know, i cant use Reiki.

Then i asked my husband. Can i use you as a guinea pig? Imagine the shock when that is the sentence out of my mouth 😂 but he listened and understood. How can i practice if i only know how to do so on myself. So he agreed. The next time he was hurt, he wouldnt take medication, we wouldnt go to the doctor and he wouldnt apply heat. Nothing, he would just let me do it. So he twisted his back about a week later, and he was in pain, bad pain.

I asked him to lay down on his tummy and i began to close my eyes and placed them along his upper back. I didnt touch his skin, i needed to find his energy. This was before my wings, so a bit harder to do then now. I found it and searched for the problem. I see black where the pain is. And so i focus on that location. Now my style changed to suit how i learned and became better. So in the beginning it was finding the location, using one hand to put in white energy and with the other make a ball of the black energy. And after about 25 minutes of doing this. My husband got up and i waited like a nervous wreck.

He looked at me and smiled wide, ‘what did you do?’ Why? I was so nervous. 'I feel great the pain is gone.’ Your lying to make me feel better. He got up, an was unable to move very far towards his left without wincing or giving up. And all he did was turn to his left with ease. Truth me when i say i was shocked. No wincing, no giving up just movement left and right. I jumped up and down excited.

Since then i developed turning the black energy into a string and pulling it out until i feel resistance. All thw while i am adding energy to the area. Once the resistance hits i tie the black energy into a knot and give it back to the earth. Then i try to pull more out. Usually i can get it all, depending on how much the pain is and how deep it might take a session or two. But it all comes out.

I think that is all, any questions are welcome 😀 blessings to you and yours and that is how i got into Reiki 😊😊

pairing: kageyama/hinata

so i have this prompt in my inbox which is amazing but i need dedication cause that will be a full length fic so here you go a drabble in the meantime also i still want drabble prompts so hit up my inbox! 

It was at least ninety seconds after the ball bounced on the other side of the net with a resounding thud, and the stadium was filled with cheers of “Go Karasuno!” that Kageyama’s mind processed what had just happened.

He had served for Hinata. Hinata had hit the ball. They’d made the final set. They’d won the nationals.

He stood there in disbelief, panting, and almost didn’t realize when the rest of the team was suddenly surrounding him, hugging him, cheering because they’d won; they’d actually won the freaking nationals.

Somehow, between being pulled to one side by Nishinoya-san and then to the other by Tanaka-san, he found himself face to face with Hinata, and Kageyama couldn’t resist the smile that spread over his face. Hinata grinned, dazzling Kageyama as he brought his hands up to cup the taller’s face, pulling him down to face level to kiss him hard.

It wasn’t what Kageyama had pictured their first kiss to be like - and he’d thought about it a lot - but when his lips met Hinata’s, everything: the team, the fact that this was probably on T.V, the fact that they’d just won the nationals; everything left his mind and his arms snaked around Hinata’s waist, pressing their sweaty bodies together. Beneath Hinata’s damp shirt, he could feel the rapid heartbeat and realized his was just the same.

Between whistles and catcalls, their teammates slowly moved away, giving them space as they celebrated on their own, and when Hinata pulled away, breathing hard, he tightened his grip around Hinata, faintly aware of all the different reactions their embrace was getting from the crowd.

Looking up at him, Hinata gave him that cheeky smile again and Kageyama realized there really was something he could have wanted more than winning the nationals.

And he’d just gotten it.