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I want to thank @mintchocolateleaves for the cutest AU ever. Bless you.

They all had a little accident and everyone shrunk, but in different ages. Now it’s time for mommy Ran and daddy Shin to step in!

tfw you’ve been misgendering yourself on job applications for a week straight (b/c they only have “male” and “female” boxes and you identify as neither) and suddenly you come across an application with nonbinary options and the option for “Mx” instead of “Miss or Mr” and you die a little inside because you’re too chicken-shit to out yourself on a professional job application.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to @amateurcatalyst !!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!!!

I rarely draw IbuYu so I hope you like it!!!! (my little sister said it was cute and it made me feel alright cuz she rarely ships Yumoto… so… it means that I did a good job hahaha who knows XD)

As I said I hope you have a really nice birthday and enjoy your day!

I checked the time with google this time XD


SPN Hiatus Creations II Week Three
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Not sure about the book, but hot diggity I love the organic + mechanic body horror of Twisted Fredbear and Bonnie.