it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to but idk i like it

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[whispers] soulmate au where you can steven universe style fuse with your soulmate(s)

*star eyes* Oh my gosh I love this idea!


  • Everyone is born with a gem/precious stone (or sometimes a metal or mineral that wouldn’t normally be considered a gemstone) somewhere on their body. This isn’t a full-on gemsona situation, but gemstones as this AU’s soulmark equivalent.
  • There’s a hereditary component to what gem you get, but it’s not simple inheritance. (i.e. You have a higher probability of having the same gem as one of your parents, and some family lines run relatively pure, but it’s also common to share a gem with a more distant relative, or to have something your family hasn’t seen in recent generations)
  • Gems come in “families,” so even if a certain bloodline runs pure, there’s still going to be a little variation. For example, the beryl family–beryl, emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, ect–are very closely related. Hunk’s family tends toward beryl gems.
  • On that topic:
  • Hunk has a heliodor (a stone associate with warmth and sunshine) on his chest [example of a heliodor]
  • Pidge has a malachite (associated with nature and supposedly good at preventing sensory overload) at the nape of her neck [example of malachite]
  • Matt has a goethite (associated with grief and raw emotion, often found with malachite deposits) on the inside of his wrist [example of goethite]
  • Shiro has a black opal (associated with karma and the cosmos, and often thought to bring misfortune despite also being regarded as a healing stone; the black variant is notable for the stark contrast with the blues, greens, reds, and yellows contained within) at his collarbone [example of a black opal]
  • Lance has a turquoise (associated with luck and ambition, but also unity and leadership, and said to confer protection if given to you by a friend) on the back of his left hand [example of turquoise]
  • Keith has a vein of luxite (the metal in his mother’s blade, and not something anyone on Earth recognizes) across his right palm. He wears his gloves in part to hide it.
  • Theoretically, anyone can fuse with anyone else, but the vast majority of fusions are unstable. There’s no way to tell who can form a stable fusion with whom until it happens
  • The official definition of “soulmate” is “a pair or grouping that can remain fused indefinitely.” Since it’s obviously impossible to prove that you can stay fused forever, and since most unstable fusions fall apart quickly, the cutoff is often set at five minutes. Any people who can stay fused longer than that are considered soulmates (if they choose to label themselves that way.)
  • There’s also no way to tell from gems or from the fusion itself if the bond is romantic or platonic. You’d have to ask the people involved.
  • That doesn’t stop people from coming up with a millions theories anyway. (”Romantic partners always have the same gem!” “Romantic partners NEVER have the same gem!” “Platonic partners will always have gems in the same family!” “There are romantic sets–but good luck reaching an agreement on what the sets are.”)
  • Fusions look just like regular people with a few exceptions: they’ll have 2+ gems, but depending on placement you might not be able to tell; their eyes will usually be banded the colors of members of the fusion, but you have to look closely to notice; and there will sometimes be additional markings in the colors of the gems, often forming a trail connecting the two gems.
  • Other than those minor physical differences, fusions are also notably different if you look at brain scans. They don’t generally maintain two (or more) separate consciousnesses, but they retain the knowledge, memories, and capabilities of the people involved, and they tend to have much higher levels of brain activity on any given task. Fusions who are familiar with their fused state tend to be more dexterous, have better reflexes, and be physically stronger than their unfused counterparts, and they tend to solve problems more quickly and more efficiently.

The rest of this (i.e. the Voltron ‘verse story) is going under a cut because this is already long.

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THE RFA BREAK UP POST AH MY HEART!!! Okay. So. What about the MC moving on and finding someone else? And RFA+V+Saeran realize that they still had feelings for her, but it's been a long time(like maybe a year or two) and MC's finally moved on and they just... Don't have a chance? Why am I like this. Why do I want this. I'm awful. (PS I didn't cry when I read the breakup one, no sir, I did not.)

hey i just read your breaking up headcanon and can i ask for rfa+v+saeran regreting their decision but idk maybe its too late or not its up to you

hi can i ask for a sequel of your break up hc like they regretting their choice and trying to get you back

aah these were similar so I figured I could do them all together! hope you like it. A sort of sequel to this


  • It took 14 months for Yoosung to regret everything
  • 14 whole months
  • Once he realises that he does in fact still love you with every ounce of his being, he starts getting weird
  • Like Yandere Mode™ is activated 
  • It starts off with the usual social media stalking, and he even has Seven helping him find out things about your life via what you post online
  • But soon enough he’s becoming obsessive, and Seven stops helping so not to let it get worse
  • But it does
  • Not being able to investigate everything he can about you online makes him jealous of anyone you’re in contact with
  • Talking to the guys in the messenger? Not on his watch
  • He becomes insufferable, constantly inserting himself into your conversations, commenting on everything you post online
  • You’re almost certain you’ve seen him in the corner of your eye whilst out and about a few times
  • But that’s just you being paranoid, right?
  • Either way it eventually reaches a point where he’s on your doorstep, begging you to take him back
  • He’s crying and rambling, and he’s quite possibly has something to drink
  • But you don’t love him anymore
  • In fact you’re unsure if you could ever love him again 
  • So you tell him this, and it sure as hell is not what he wants to here
  • You’re stuck with a blubbering mess at your door, and have to call Seven to come and retrieve him
  • After this things change drastically
  • He knows he doesn’t have a chance with you, you made that extremely clear
  • He stops stalking your online presence, instead turning to the one comfort he has - his games
  • All he ever does is sit at his computer, playing his games, isolating himself from the outside world
  • Because he doesn’t want to be a part of the outside world if he doesn’t have you.


  • It really didn’t take long for Zen to regret his decision
  • Like it was probably about 5 months, if that
  • Even the first night when he went to bed alone he had the seeds of doubt growing within him
  • Unfortunately for him, those 5 months were all it took for you to move on
  • You knew it was all for the best, things just didn’t work out
  • But he didn’t think like that, and he wanted you back
  • He tried to be romantic, turning up at your door with flowers, dedicating his performances to you, leaving you voicemails of him singing love songs
  • But you ignored everything
  • You felt guilty ignoring his efforts so much, but it was the only way you would get him to move on like you had
  • How would he let it go if you let him think he was getting somewhere with you?
  • His attempts start getting more desperate, with more and more drunk voicemails being left throughout the nights
  • One of these nights you hear a thump by your front door, opening it cautiously only to find a passed out Zen on the floor
  • You debate just bringing him in until morning, but that would probably give him false hope, so you grab your phone and call Seven to come and help you
  • The two of you manage to get Zen into the car, and you go with Seven to take him home
  • Once there you take Zen inside, helping him to his bed
  • After fetching a glass of water for him, you see he has start to wake up a little
  • Still drunk and groggy from passing out, he thinks he’s dreaming
  • Crying a little, he reaches his hand out to hold yours
  • I love you so much, please just come back to me
  • But his begging still does nothing for you, so you tell him that things will never go back to how they were, and you quietly turn around and leave to go home
  • The next day is surprisingly peaceful, no calls, no visits, no voicemails
  • This continues for weeks, and althought you don’t hear from him you think he’s moving on
  • But you soon find out that isn’t the case
  • Jumin informs you that Zen is drinking much heavier and earlier than he had been previously, and the reason he hasn’t been contacting you is because he’s usually too drunk to even move, that is of course if he hasn’t passed out
  • You lose count of times you wake up to find him passed out on your doorstep, because no matter what happens or how much time passes, he always finds his way back to you, even when you don’t want him to
  • You are after all the love of his life, and he doesn’t know any different than to go to you.


  • She thought she was doing the right thing
  • She thought she had made the right decision
  • But one night whilst watching Zen’s latest romance film for the 100th time she realises it would have been your 5 year anniversary
  • Had you not broken up two years ago that is
  • She’s been so damn busy with work, she’s barely had time to think about how she feels
  • But here she is, suddenly swimming in memories of the two of you 
  • It doesn’t take long for her to realise she’s full of regret
  • How could she let you go?????
  • It’s late now, so she decides to just sleep on it
  • Waking up she’s hopeful it was just a night of reminiscing 
  • It wasn’t
  • If anything, she feels even stronger
  • She suddenly can’t stop thinking about running her hands through your hair, the glimmer in your eyes, the way your hand fits perfectly into hers
  • Every little detail she overlooked before were now screaming to be seen
  • It also just so happened this was the day of the RFA meeting, and she was going to have to see you
  • She got lost in your eyes as you spoke to the group about the guests for this particular party
  • She doesn’t even know what was said
  • After the meeting she casually makes comment to Jumin about how happy you looked
  • That’s when he says the one thing she never wanted to hear
  • Well it’s probably because of the new girl they’re seeing
  • Her heart literally shatters as he says the words
  • Jaehee doesn’t really know how to handle this??
  • Why at the same time she realised what a monumental mistake she made by ending things with you, did she have to find out there was someone else making you happy
  • Her way of dealing with it is pretending everything is normal
  • Not you or anyone else ever notices, she hides it so well
  • If you had known, maybe you would realised you felt the same
  • But you never find out, so you never reflect on how you feel about her
  • She supports you in your relationship, and seems to get on really well with your girlfriend
  • But when no one is looking, her eyes well up, and the occasional one escapes
  • She cries herself to sleep more often than she’d ever be willing to admit
  • Seeing you and your new girlfriend happy together breaks her heart over and over again
  • She would kill to be the one making you smile like that, just like she used to.


  • He’s always prided himself on his ability to ‘kill his feelings’
  • And when he ended your relationship, he did this easily
  • It didn’t take long for him to revert to his old ways, being stiff and generally unwelcoming 
  • He was civil to talk to, but he was so different to the person who had you inside his head for three years
  • The breakup felt like it had almost killed you
  • It took you a very long time to get over it, because you never had any closure
  • But then you met someone, someone who let you in from the start, who treated you like you were the single greatest thing on earth
  • You still had a lot of hurt in you from Jumin, but this new person was like a breath of fresh air
  • As things get more serious, you start bringing them around the group more
  • Up until the first time Jumin meets them, he had no idea you were even considering dating other people, let alone be in a serious relationship with someone
  • He’s polite, but doesn’t make much of an effort with them
  • He ??? doesn’t ??? know ??? what ??? this ??? feeling ??? is ???
  • It feels like his heart is actually aching, but that’s just illogical, surely?
  • That night he sits with Elizabeth, drinking his wine and trying to figure out what is going on with him
  • The best thing he can think to do is call up the person who knows him better than himself, and he does so, explaining these strange feelings to his best friend
  • V chuckles softly, a hint of sorrow in his voice as he tells Jumin what it is
  • Jealousy
  • He hangs up, shifting Elizabeth and walks over to his penthouse windows, looking out at the night sky
  • V is right, and Jumin knows it, but there’s nothing he can do
  • He is the one who ended things after all
  • He can’t swoop in now and hope to have you back
  • His solution is to obviously stomp out the feelings, but it doesn’t work
  • He cant get you out of his head, you even haunt his dreams now
  • So instead he distances himself from the RFA more and more, only speaking with V on a regular basis
  • RFA parties can’t be avoided, so when the winter party finally arrives, he doesn’t have a choice but to go
  • Seeing you hurts him, but no one could have prepared him for what happened
  • Your significant other proposed, in front of everyone, right in the middle of the room
  • You were so happy and excited you didn’t see Jumin’s tall figure quietly leaving the building
  • But V did, and for a brief second, he almost thought he saw a glistening tear making it’s way down Jumin’s face.


  • About 6 months after that party, you started to feel better
  • To say you were completely over him would be a stretch, but it didn’t feel like the world was crashing around you whenever you saw him
  • As you started accepting the relationship was over and letting go of it, Seven slowly started joining back in with the RFA more
  • It doesn’t take long for the two of you to become relatively close again
  • But it’s different 
  • You still love him, but it just feels platonic now
  • It didn’t seem possible that you would ever get to a place where you could be happy in his presence again, yet here you are
  • The pair of you spend a lot of time together, but you still manage to start dating again
  • A lot of people are uncomfortable with how close you are to your ex, except one
  • They’re so perfect ???
  • You can’t believe it ???
  • If you thought you were happy when you were with Seven, you were wrong, this was genuinely the happiest you had ever been
  • Little did you know that during those months where you were rebuilding your friendship with Seven, it was bringing back more than just platonic love for him
  • Without even realsing he found himself madly in love with you again all of a sudden
  • He just wanted to have you at his side all the time
  • And whilst you did spend a lot of time together, it wasn’t how he wanted it
  • He stalked your new significant other online within an inch of their life
  • Everything they ever posted or was posted about them he found
  • But there was nothing in there to use to get rid of them
  • They were a good person
  • But even so, everday before he went to sleep, he would check again
  • One day he would find something, to keep this person away from you
  • He had to find something
  • Slowly as your relationship progressed, Seven started holding himself back, once again isolating himself from everyone but V
  • He didn’t know how he was supposed to live a life where someone else made you smile the way he used to.


  • A little part of him always harboured some feelings for you still
  • He knew he would never completely move on, but he didn’t expect this
  • It had been a little over a year since he broke off your relationship
  • You were less bitter, so he saw this as a sign of you having moved on
  • But something about that just didn’t sit well with him
  • Had you really let it go?? Did you really no longer have those feelings for him??
  • For a long time it seemed like you would never move on
  • So now that you had, he hated it
  • It didn’t take long for him to realise
  • He was still in love with you
  • The second it was clear to him, he wanted to drop everything and run to you, just to plead for a second chance and tell you how much he loved you, how he had been so stupid to give up such a perfect person like yourself
  • But he didn’t
  • You finally looked happy
  • And if that didn’t make his heart feel light and airy, he didn’t know what would
  • He knew how much he had hurt you, and he didn’t believe he deserved a second chance no matter how much he wanted it
  • So he chose to keep his feelings to himself, never telling a living soul about how much he craved curling up with you every night 
  • How he craved to feel your hot breath on his lips again
  • How he craved to see you smile because of him again
  • He spends his time pretending he doesn’t love you
  • Just seeing you happy and healthy is enough for him
  • Even if not having you by his side physically hurts him
  • Whenever he hears you laugh he has to actively stop himself from daydreaming about a life where you were his once more
  • Unlike the others, it’s not because you’ve moved on that he never gets you back
  • He just thinks it’s for the best
  • But if he had told you how he felt, he would have found out you were still in love with him too
  • Instead you both continue to hurt, both wishing the other would reach out
  • But neither of you ever do, and neither of you ever get over the other.


  • He was wrong
  • He was so fucking wrong
  • He doesn’t even know why he said it
  • Of course he loved you, of course he still loved you
  • But he had said it, and he had shattered your heart into so many pieces he could never fix it
  • So he never tried
  • It took a long time for you to get over it, at least 3 years to be specific 
  • But you got there eventually
  • Looking at him didn’t hurt
  • Being in his presence didn’t make you nauseous 
  • Hearing his voice didn’t make you want to scream
  • What you didn’t know is that it was the other way around now
  • Looking at you hurt 
  • Being in your presence made him nauseous 
  • Hearing your voice made him want to scream
  • He knew he had left it far too long now, and you were finally happy
  • There hadn’t been much if any relationship between you since the breakup, so when he started isolating himself you didn’t even notice
  • It was Seven who reached out to you, telling you something was wrong with his twin but he didn’t know what and he didn’t know how to help
  • So being the person you are, you went over there to try and speak to him
  • It was awkward at first, you had barely spoken in 3 whole years
  • But you wanted to help him so you pushed and pushed
  • Eventually he snapped and and blurts out that he can’t handle his feelings for you anymore
  • You’re taken aback by his confession, which is followed up by a question you dreaded answering
  • With what almost seemed like tears in his eyes, he quietly begged for you to just tell him you still loved him too
  • The only thing he wanted to hear, you couldn’t say
  • He asked you to leave after you told him you didn’t, and you did so without putting up a fight
  • The last thing you wanted to do was make the situation worse
  • For the first time in a long time, Saeran cried himself to sleep
  • He distanced himself from the group slowly, only speaking via Seven
  • But he always kept an eye on you, because even if you didn’t love him, he wanted to keep you safe and happy
  • You were the first person he truly loved, and you would also be the last.

okay but the only marichat i can genuinely see is the kind where it’s not 2am balcony visits but just two people trying to find out what the other is like (in a non-romantic way more like who the hell is this person and what makes them them)

like marinette saying an off hand comment about chat being looked over all the time in favour of ladybug saying things along the lines of “they’re a team ladybug cant fight without chat” and adrien just being touched that his awkward school friend sticks up for chat?? 

like he wants to thank her but knows if he turned around and told her in class it wouldnt quite work out so well. but he’s curious as to what she’s like since she rarely gets a full sentence out around him when he tries to have a conversation

when chat knocks on the bakery door one day whilst her parents are out she’s curious about her partner. (don’t try to tell me people would talk because I present you the evillustrator ep where he just stood outside her door talking and no one saw) so she invites him in for some croissants or something.

at first its just like “a cat told me that you talked highly of me today i just wanted to extend my purrsonal thanks, princess.” and she just brushes it off like it’s no big deal but she’s also curious about what her partner is like. when hes not trying to show off for her or impress “his lady”.

at first it starts off as casual visits to the bakery timed when her parents are gone but when that proves hard they progress to afternoon/afterschool balcony visits. the visits are just two friends hanging out, laughing about any mutual interests they have (chat confessed he liked anime and mari confessed she liked cheesy tv shows and they each watch the other’s suggestion to get to know each other better). 

their interactions start to ooze into their other personas. adrien casually referencing a tv show she had suggested to chat and she barely even notices. ladybug mentioning to chat that she agreed that sunsets were the best time of day, even though he had only told that to marinette as chat.

slowly things start to trickle in about each other and only then do they put the pieces together. cue suspicion of identities on both sides. their visits becoming flustering messes because “the coincidences are too similar this definitely might be their crush it might be adrien/ladybug” but also hesitant because what if theyre wrong?

it all comes out of the bag when marinette and adrien are working on a school project together (they were paired up by ms bustier) and marinette casually goes “chat can you pass me that book over there?” adrien complies, not noticing for one moment she used the wrong name. 

five minutes pass before both realise what they had done. adrien is freaking because he’s like “oh no i let the cat out of the bag” punning even in the face of disaster when tikki lets him off the hook and reveals mari after she becomes too flustered with the words to say

they then are red in the face and bursting with happiness when they go to school as boyfriend/girlfriend

When in Doubt, Swing it Out

I’ve been super into the electro swing genre lately (I blame @kaxpha for playing bomb music in their art streams) so I wrote this little blurb of a fic. Enjoy!

Lance had most definitely had better days.

Not only had been woken up by a surprise training drill by Allura, but he had barely slept a wink anyway thanks to some not so friendly dreams due to his spike of homesickness as of late.

He sat on the couch in the main lounge, sighing as he scrolled through his cellphone, a reflex that he had yet to have broken. There obviously was no cellphone reception in space. But, fortunately, Pidge had brought her phone charger with her in the backpack she carried when this entire crazy adventure started, so at least Lance could look at the pictures. Him at the Garrison with Hunk and Pidge, him at the beach in his hometown, his mom, his siblings, his family.

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wasn't the gay friends thing him talking from a general emo person's perspective? obvs it's about him in reality but he intentionally didn't phrase it that way and idk people being like "haha dan outed himself yay :))))" makes me so uncomfortable like accidental outing is one of my biggest fears

it was definitely phrased in a general way, but layered with the kind of understood foundation that he was speaking from personal experience. it reminded me of the march 21 live show when he was like talking about not needing to label your sexuality and queer being a good umbrella term, framed as general statements, but the knowledge of which would be very weird for someone who wasn’t queer or wasn’t emo and going through this shit, in the case of today’s comments. like he would have no claim or authority over making those assertions without more rationale unless he was speaking from his own perspective/opinion/past experience. i totally understand the fear with accidental outing but i don’t think any of the comments dan makes about his own sexuality are in ANY WAY accidental. i think that he’s been trying very hard for over a year now to have people recognize and validate his same gender attraction without needing to make any overt statements or formal declarations of his sexuality. without needing to “come out” in a traditional sense basically. it seems v important to him to normalize the possibility of people not being straight without having to label themselves as such to the public. so i believe that’s why he makes statements like the ones he made today (though today’s were possibly more explicit than any of the ones he’s made before) bc as nice of a thought as it is to expect/want people not to assume youre hetero when you express so much attraction to men, the world is still pretty damn heteronormative. so dan occasionally feels the need to spell it out even more explicitly and it feels rly amazing and liberating and inspiring in a way to see him do that, to exist as he is and speak about wanting queer friends and whatnot, without giving in to the pressure to turn a statement like that into some kind of grand declaration or meditation on his identity.. so, in short, those statements felt really exciting and special and nice to me, nothing to be worried about. i don’t think dan would say anything about himself that he doesn’t feel comfortable knowing people are going to discuss to death for weeks. 

Gabriel Agreste is not a good person.

But god if he isn’t one of the most interestingly complex characters in this AU.

Let’s get one thing straight: Gabe is a horrible person. He’s cold, merciless, and when imbued with magic nothing short of murderous. He’s a monster. He deserves years of jail time far sooner than he deserves redemption. But. But. Everything he does, he does because he’s human. He’s grieving in all the wrong ways but he at the heart of it does it from good intentions. 

It’s just that the road to Hell is paved with those very same good intentions of his.

(I think the same things can be said of the canon version of him too, but here it’s a bit more opaque I think.)

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“Jasper’s party is tonight,” Clarke reminded him.  

Bellamy topped off her travel mug and then poured the rest of the coffee into his own.  “I’ll be there right after Debate practice ends,” he promised and kissed her cheek.  “I’ll hope for nothing more exciting for you than a couple of broken bones.”

Clarke laughed and fished her car keys out of the bowl.  “Fingers crossed,” she said, and then with another chaste kiss she was out the door.

It was a day like any other— mundane and uneventful, but comfortable.  Jasper’s birthday party at the restaurant, followed by Clarke falling asleep nestled in his arms.  The next day was much the same, and the next, and the next.  Bellamy couldn’t remember ever feeling so happy or so safe, so content to simply wake up each morning next to her and fall asleep with her each night.  

He was leaving work when his phone beeped with a voicemail.  He pressed it to his ear and was rewarded with a burst of static and Clarke’s voice, muffled as if from a great distance.  “Three years…” she said faintly.  The message went on, just disjointed bursts of words.  He couldn’t make heads or tails of it, and when he got home Clarke shrugged.

“Must have been a glitch; an old one popping back up.  Maybe from our three year anniversary?” she said, and he didn’t have a better explanation, so he nodded and pulled her to him for a long, languid kiss.

He was happy.  

A problem with his phone was nothing.

Three days later— or maybe a week, it was hard to remember, exactly— he got another strange voicemail.  More static, more jumbles of words and phrases that made no sense.  “Madi…the bunker…rubble…home.”  Clarke seemed more puzzled by this one, but when she pronounced his phone haunted he couldn’t help but laugh.  She laughed into his mouth and then her hand found his cock and he forgot all about cryptic messages and a phone that needed to be replaced.

The third message was harder to ignore.  Clarke sounded upset, like she’d been crying.  “Five years,” she kept saying, over and over again.  “Five years,” and “you said you’d come back.”

Clarke didn’t even look up from the pot of spaghetti.  “Just get a new one. Clearly that one’s broken,” she said.

“Pay no attention to it.” A brunette he had never seen before appeared in the corner of the kitchen, her head tilted and her hands clasped in front of her.

Bellamy jumped.  “Who the fuck are you?” he said, but when Clarke looked up, she’d disappeared.  

“What’s wrong?” Clarke asked, concern written all over her face.

“Didn’t you see her?”

“See who?”

“That woman.  The woman who—” Clarke silenced him with a kiss and pulled his forehead down to rest on hers.

“I think we need a vacation,” she said, running her hands up and down his arms.  “You’re stressed.”

Bellamy breathed her in and nodded, so relieved to have her in his arms he decided he didn’t care he was hallucinating.

Clarke on the beach was a sight to behold.  She loved the sun and the water and he loved the way she looked in her blue bikini, sunglasses pushed up into her hair while she laughed.  The sand stuck to his back and she leaned down to kiss him, her hair falling around them like a curtain.  She smelled like salt and sand and sex, and his hands roamed her body because it was just the two of them and the waves.  There no one else to worry about, no wars to win, no battles to fight.

Static blared in his ear.  “…if you’re alive…2,199 days…praimfaiya…”  Bellamy slammed on his brakes. The brunette was back, sitting calmy in the passenger seat and completely unperturbed by the fact that she’d appeared out of thin air.  The last thing he remembered was the beach, Clarke’s lips on his and her body wrapped around him desperately.  But now he was driving to work, cars behind him honking frantically.  

“Pay no attention to that,” the woman said calmly.  Bellamy stared at her and she stared back, unblinking.  There was something familiar about her movements and the robotic way she spoke, but he was sure he had never seen her before that moment in the kitchen.  It called to mind Raven, somehow, but Raven Reyes was fierce and warm, not cold and calculating.  

The honking grew to a crescendo and he started driving again, stealing looks at the unnaturally still woman in his car.  “Who are you?”

“I’m no one, Bellamy,” she said in what was clearly supposed to be a soothing voice.

More static.  “Where is that coming from?” he asked.  He missed a turn to to the school and then suddenly realized he hadn’t— it was two blocks away, just like always.

“It’s nothing,” she replied.  “Just a relic of the past.”

“…safe for you to come back for over a year now.  Why haven’t you?” Clarke asked, her voice loud in his ear.  Bellamy jerked the wheel and his car went up over the curb, slamming into a tree.  Suddenly new memories flooded him, of driving through ash in a hazmat suit; of Clarke smiling weakly at him; of crashing into a tree and a fierce fight with arrows and fists.

None of it made sense, but then all of it did.

The dropship.  The grounders.  Mount Weather.  A hug so tight he thought his heart would break, and then more pain, more heartbreak, more battles and scars and wars.  A wave of radiation sweeping inexorably towards them all.  Clarke was beside him for all of it, until she wasn’t.

“I still have hope,” Clarke said, and the world around Bellamy melted away.

Metal walls replaced trees and sun, silence replaced the rumble of cars and chatter of children walking to school.  An engine hummed and Bellamy sat up, back on the Ark.  Clarke’s voice sounded from the radio, clear and steady and alive.  “The rest of the world basically sucks,” she said, and Bellamy’s lips curved into a grin in spite of everything.

He blinked and was back in his car, the engine smoking and the brunette sitting placidly next to him.  The sun poured in, impossibly bright, and she tilted her head curiously.  “Leave it,” she ordered him.  “This is better.”

Bellamy felt like he was swimming through quicksand.  The world kept flickering back and forth— metal and silence and space, sunshine and cacophony and earth, one into another.  The only constant was her.


That was who it had to be.  And that was why he didn’t recognize her but remembered her mannerisms. He had seen them before, but from Raven that day at Niylah’s.  “Clarke’s alive?” he asked ALIE.

The ark solidified around him once again and he touched his cheek, finding it full of stubble.  ALIE clasped her hands.  “She is.  But likely not for long.  The odds of surviving are—”

Bellamy ran for the radio but the world shifted and he was back on the ground in a life he had imagined but never really lived.  He was in the bedroom he shared with Clarke, her clothes strewn across the floor and her scent lingering like she had just left the room.  

He rounded on ALIE.  “Let me go,” he demanded.

“It’s better here,” ALIE said instead.  “I can make you happy.  No more fear, no more loss.”

“Clarke. is. alive,” he growled.  “What did you do?  How did you do this?”

She waved her hand.  “I was locked up here for months before you came.  Re-engineering the algae farms with my code was child’s play.”

“Let me go,” he ordered again.  “Clarke’s down there.  I can’t—”

“You can’t ever have the life you want down there,” ALIE countered.  They were back on the ark, the earth hanging just outside the window.  “Stay here, and you can.  Stay here, and you can live in peace with Clarke by your side. That’s what you want, isn’t it?  If you go down, she could already be dead before you arrive.  Could die the next day.  You could die in the attempt.  The outcomes are poor, no matter what.  But I can offer you happiness, Bellamy Blake.  Happiness, and Clarke.”

A lever appeared before him.  It was identical to the lever in Mount Weather, the lever that made him into a monster.  A sick joke, he figured, and set his jaw.  ALIE looked at the lever and something like fear flashed behind her eyes.  “I pull this, you disappear, right?” he asked.

“I do.  And so does that life.  You were happy there, Bellamy.  Let me make you happy.”

Bellamy looked out at the ground.  Clarke was there, waiting for him, but ALIE was right— she might not make it until he could get back.  He might not make it back.  And even if they both survived, there was no guarantee of happiness or peace.  It was uncertainty and pain, and the life he had in the City of Light was predictable and comfortable.  It was easy in a way Bellamy’s life had never been and never would be, if he pulled the lever.  His heart yearned for that life, for the peace he found with Clarke.  He reached out but his hand wavered, remembering how good it felt to fall asleep, safe by her side.

“Nevermind, I see you,” Clarke said. The hope in her voice wrapped around his heart, reminding him of who he was and what he wanted.  

And he pulled the damn lever.

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I know that it shouldn't bother me, but I really don't know how much time is gonna pass for me to see the girls supporting each other's side projects without thinking how things were when Camila was in the group. Is just that she got so much hate (not from the girls) for doing the same things and they didn't showed any support to her like they do to each other now. Idk, it feels kind of off to me thinking how she handle all that still in the band and everything change when she was gone 😪

Okay buckle up, this is a long one 😂  (disclaimer: all personal theory)

Everything changed because the narrative changed - this whole supporting each other and being the happiest they’ve ever been is just a way for them to save appearances, the last thing the label wants right now is for the fans to think that the girls are unhappy. Camila’s departure and the audio leaks of Lauren crying raised a lot of suspicion in the fandom during the break - plus now Camila is actually telling her story and why she needed to leave. 

See they’re making a very smart move to keep the fans talking and making people think there’s a feud. Because when 5H is pushing Ot4 and saying that they support each other through everything it makes people think that when Camila was there something was wrong, and obviously it was her fault since now that she’s gone everything’s dandy - they’re putting all of it on this communication thing, therefore also putting a little reminder of the supposed meetings Camila didn’t go to.

Then on the other side you have Camila, who’s been telling her story, explaining why she left, never directly involving the girls but clearly stating that she was unhappy. Little by little we discover that she turned down projects while being in 5H, that she wanted her exit to happen differently that it did. 

Now there’s three major ways to react to all of this as a fan (I’m sure there’s more but I’ll narrow it down to 3 general ones)

n°1 : You think Camila is lying, that she casted herself aside while being in the group, that she purposely didn’t communicate with the girls about her solo projects and that basically the girls have been mad at her for 2 years and that’s why they didn’t support her and that only now that she’s gone they can finally be all happy and sunshine while subtly shading her for leaving.

n°2 : You think LAND are lying, that Camila warned them, prepared them for her departure, had those lengthy conversations she stated they had and was basically screwed over by the statement letter for her departure. That now she’s the victim of 5H who are trying to play the nice guys that were abandon by their friend, basically making her a selfish traitor when all she really wanted was to be happy and understood.

n°3 (what I personally believe right now) : You think all of this is bullshit. That the label, who represents both artists, is putting in place a narrative to make the fandom and the medias talk and boost the sales. That neither Camila or LAND really had a choice in whether or not they wanted to play that narrative because they are both under strict contracts. That the label allowing them a little bit more of freedom in the writing of the album is a consolation price but doesn’t stop it from controlling every other little thing. You may think Camila’s whole dramatic departure was a set up, that all those letters were already written long before their release. And you also may think that now, by making the fandom basically choose a side, the label is putting in place a competition between 5H and Camila, and that nothing is better than that to boost the fans and make them want to support their favorite enough to crush the other. 

Personally, n°2 was my first reaction when Camila left - I thought she was a victim, probably because she is indeed my favorite and I couldn’t possibly believe she would do such a thing as leaving via her representatives. After she released her letter I thought, yes, that’s the truth, and then when 5H replied I was shocked and hurt for a while. But then I thought back to Mani crying at their last concert and Dinah’s ig post telling Camila she supports her no matter what, and her cheering and singing along with Camila during her Bad Things performance. A few doubts start creeping in my mind. Then the audio of Lauren crying leaked, letting us know that it wasn’t only Camila being unhappy in this group. Then after complete radio silence, finally an interview in which Camila says she isn’t talking to them at all, while at the same time official papers are found by the fans/detectives, proving that Camila wasn’t part of the 5H brand during the 7/27 tour and that her departure had indeed been known for a very long time. And I wonder, if it had been known for so long then how come her departure was such a shock that it could ruined 5 years of friendship? At that moment I knew something was wrong and that we were being played.

We didn’t get much from Camila’s first interviews but then 5H arrived with a giant OT4 stamped on their forehead and a new single that would be in the charts next to CITC. Of course that wasn’t enough so they also make Lauren and Ally release their solo projects to come in competition with Camila’s collabs.  

You see, this is all planned out and has very little to do with what the girls are actually feeling or the true nature of their relationship with each other at the moment. That’s why I believe they’re still talking to Camila and they’re all very much aware of what the other one is doing and are very supportive of each other.

I know it’s hard to keep that in mind when you watch this interviews, especially if you’re very protective of your favorite, whether it’s Camila or 5H, because the first instinct it to find someone to blame and that the label, while being in control of everything, is hiding behind the girls, who therefore become the fandom’s punching bags.

You add to that the obvious sexualization of the girls with Down and Camila’s “I want a spanish boyfriend” bullshit - you got in the label the perfect target to blame sweets - maybe that’ll bother you less 😊

*Update* I altered the colors slightly and i redrew the pose. At least i tried. The first one wasn’t correct in that his knee wasn’t hooked to the pole properly. I don’t know if the newer one is any better, but i copied a reference and the girl’s leg wasn’t completely wrapped over the pole so idk, maybe she was doing it wrong to.

The Riddler takes a dance class

(pfft! he just wanted to show off and wear his spandex again)


The Riddler gets the body hidden early and goes out for a drink with the Penguin.

The Riddler starts a rock collection

The Riddler isn’t missing a left sock for his pair

The Riddler starts a new artistic hobby

The Riddler finds shoes that fit on the first try

The Riddler’s pie turns out perfect

The Riddler meets someone who likes his riddles

The Riddler gets a bottle of maple syrup

The library has the book the Riddler wanted to check out

The Riddler repaints his hideout

The Riddler passes Catwoman uneventfully on the street

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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Hey mom! (Is it cool if I still call you mom? Or you prefer another word?) I've been feeling kinda down because I had the opportunity to come out to my friend but I didn't. I really like your fics :) I know you are not taking prompts, and I feel that I'm bothering you, so sorry. Could you write like.. maggie meeting clark, and Alex has to come out to him and it's really cheesy and cute, idk I need this right now. You are awesome and I really really like your new look.

Alex is pacing.

It’s not the same as the way she paces when Eliza comes to National City.

But it’s close.

She’s pacing and she’s wringing her hands and she keeps glancing at the freezer, even though she knows that Kara has long since cleaned out her apartment of liquor.

Maggie glances at Kara, and Kara grimaces a small smile before taking Alex by the hand.

“Alex. Clark loves you. Okay? You might not be Kryptonian, but you’re his cousin, too.”

Alex nods distractedly, glancing behind her at Maggie, who nods silently, letting Kara take the lead, because this is a moment for her Danvers girls. The Danvers sisters.

Kara sighs and strokes Alex’s hair, bringing her face back toward her. “Alex. He’s going to love Maggie, too.”

“Well yeah, what’s not to love? But I mean… my girlfriend?”

“He’s not going to care, Alex, he – “

“Yeah, but he’s so… white bread good old boy.”

Maggie snorts and Kara pffts.

“Alex – oh! He’s here!”

Maggie furrows her brow and Alex shrugs, a small grin on her face. “You get used to the superhearing after a while.”

“Oh. Right.”


Because suddenly Kara is throwing open the door and barreling into her cousin’s arms, and he’s kissing her forehead and spinning her around slightly, and she’s giggling madly and Alex takes a deep breath, because yes, he abandoned her, but yes, he loves her, and god, family is complicated.

And speaking of complicated –

“Alex!” he says, and she doesn’t need to be looking at him to hear the huge smile in his voice. He steps out of Kara’s arms and pulls Alex into his, and she revels in it despite herself, because there aren’t a lot of men she lets touch her, ever, but Clark is one of them, and his arms make her feel… accepted.

And speaking of accepted –

“And who’s this?” He’s pulling back from her, still with a warm smile, but stiffening slightly but nearly imperceptibly in the way that he does when he has to maintain his cover.

“Um, Clark, this is Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. Maggie, Clark Kent.”

“Big fan of your work, Clark,” she says, shaking his hand with a smile that matches his, and Kara’s eyes almost burn through Alex, knowing – because she can hear it – exactly how hard her heart is pounding.

And Clark can hear it, too.

“Well, Science Division, seems like something I’d be a big fan of too. Even though Alex is the brains of the family.”

He looks at his adoptive cousin, then, trying to give her an opening, for whatever she wants to say, because clearly – if her slamming pulse is any indication – she wants to say something.

And she says it, sudden, fast, rambling.

“Clark, Maggie’s my girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend, because I’m gay. A lesbian. And a lucky one, too, because um… yeah, she’s my girlfriend.”

She bounces slightly on the balls of her feet, Maggie and Kara delicately channeling their amused chortles into their proud smiles.

Clark doesn’t raise his eyebrows and he doesn’t comment about men not being good enough and he doesn’t seem disappointed and he doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t do anything except pull Alex back into his arms, kissing her hair and smiling, smiling, smiling.

“I’m proud of you, Alex. And Maggie, welcome to the family. This one’ll take good care of you – you’re gonna do the same for her, right?”

“That’s the plan,” Maggie beams, and Kara tugs a relieved, exhaling Alex sideways into her own arms.

“You don’t seem… surprised?” Alex narrows her eyes along with her smile.

Clark digs his hands deep into his pockets, glances at Kara, glances at Maggie, and grins.

“Well, Lucy has been telling Lois for a while that she thought…”

“What’s a while? She knew? And J’onn! God, you’d think they could’ve told me! Did everyone know before I did?.”

“Not me, I thought I was falling for another straight girl – “

“Ever been more happy to be wrong, Sawyer?”


“Um, guys… we’re… right here?”

Clark and Kara adjust their glasses and turn away in tandem, identical smiles on their faces and identically wide can’t-erase-that-from-my-mind-but-Rao-is-it-good-to-see-her-happy eyes.

behind the curtains

Remus and Sirius don’t know what’s developing between them. It takes sharing a bed to set them down the path of understanding what their feelings really are.

A/N: for @saladtsar, you’re amazing and i’m sorry this took forever to write


They were sixteen the first night Sirius crawled into his bed. Remus had slept with him before, but James and Peter had been there too. The way their limbs would tangle on the floor beside the fire at the Potter house as they try to stay up late scheming and eventually fall asleep was one of Remus’ favorite things. But this already felt different than that and Remus tried really hard to convince himself that it was fine.

Sirius rested his head on his chest. “Did I wake you?”

“Nah, s’fine,” he murmured in return. He remained perfectly still, fighting the urge to raise a hand and gently run his fingers through his friend’s hair.



“I don’t want to leave.”

Remus didn’t have to ask what he meant. Their fifth year was finally over. Tomorrow they would all get back on the trains and go home for the summer. Remus’ chest had been aching all week at the thought of being separated from his friends. At the thought of having to spend the summer moons in the basement of his home instead of with them. James had promised they would make it work so that at least one of them could spend every moon with him. Guilt gripped him as he realized he had spent so much time worried that his friends wouldn’t really be able to help him that he had forgotten about what they might need too.

“It’ll be okay.” This time he pulled Sirius closer to him. He could feel the other boy’s heart pounding and told himself it was nerves over the return home. It couldn’t be for the same reason his own was beating a mile a minute.

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Bones x reader

Warnings: Blood and scary aliens

Word count: 849

A/N: I just wanted to make you guys something to celebrate 1,169 FOLLOWERS!!! WHAT?? I LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU!!

P.S. My life has been a huge mess lately and I’m so sorry to everyone I haven’t answered! I’m trying to go through your requests now, I’m so sorry for the wait, I just want you to know it’s not a bother, I love helping you guys, my anxiety is just not letting me be creative at aaall these days. Sorry <3

Her breath came out in short bursts as she observed the scene. Strange figures roamed around the crash site, their overly large mouths snarling and growling to each other. There were dozens of them. She wasn’t too safe here hiding in the bushes, but she was reluctant to leave, knowing that people will come looking for her, unknowing of the dangers. Ripping some fabric off her pants, she tied it around her bleeding arm, thankful that she didn’t get more severely hurt.

Looking back up, she tried to calm her racing heart, but a blue figure to the right immediately made it go faster.


He was about 20 meters away, making his way out of the woods, oblivious to the creatures that would surely rip him to shreds if he was spotted. Silently cursing to herself, she raced through the trees, staying as low as she could. He was just about to enter the clearing when she all but tackled him into a bush, holding a hand to his mouth before he could yelp. Her eyes darted through the leaves to see if they noticed the debacle.

“Y/N!” His voice was muffled and he removed her hand from his face before continuing. “What happened to your arm? Are you okay?” His voice was frantic but she didn’t pay mind to it as she was too busy watching out for their lives.

“Keep quiet!” she hissed, leaning further into him as one of the figures glanced their way.

“Y/N.” She shushed him again, but he didn’t obey as he kept trying to get her attention.


“Shut your pretty mouth, Len, didn’t you see the freaking alien monsters-”


“I swear to god, I will kick yo-“

“I thought you were gone.” If it wasn’t for the voice crack at his last word she would’ve shushed him again. Confused, she spun her head only to see his teary eyes only inches from hers. The pain she found in them made her mind go blank and she became vividly aware of the lack of distance between them.

“Len…I, it was a small crash, nothing I couldn’t handle.” She stuttered, her heart leaping at the rare vulnerability the Doctor was showing.

“A small crash? Y/N, you…you jumped on a freaking enemy cargo ship and crashed it! Your comm broke, we thought you…” He trailed off, his hurt face suddenly converting into anger. “God, you just have to play the hero every damn time and pretend you’re not leaving anybody behind, huh?! Do you know what we- what I went through?! No, you only think about yourself, never others! You know,-“ His voice was raising with every word as she frenzied with trying to calm him down.

“Shut up, will you?!” She gave up and tried to put her hand on his mouth again but he pushed it away.

“-sometimes you are just so selfish and I-“

“Len!” She looked up to the site in a panic, hoping he would shut the hell up.

“-don’t understand how I even care for your immature ass-“

One glance at his blabbering mouth during her panicked state was enough for her to shut him up by grabbing his face and kissing him. Her lips tingled as they simply lay there with their lips pressed against each other before she pulled away, angrily fighting off a blush as she exploded.

“I was thinking of others when I took that risk but I see you’re fine with me getting killed by an armed alien-tribe, now will you close that damn mouth and let me try to get us out of here alive, ‘cause as much as I’d like to continue this, I also want to live a little longer!” He stared at her slack-jawed as she glanced back up, immediately panicking as she saw figures approaching.

“Why don’t we just go back to the ship” He suddenly inquired, pulling out his comm and speaking into it. “I found her.” Looking at him in confusion, she had just the time to search for something to defend herself with before they were surrounded by light and teleported away.

It only took her a second to realize she was in the teleporter room, and it took all but five to realize what just happened. Leonard gave her a sloppy grin as she glared at him.

“YOU HAD THAT ON YOU THE WHOLE TIME, WHY-?!” You stopped as you heard other people in the room and realized the exact position you and Leonard were in. Quickly getting up, you straightened your torn clothes and shot a withering glare at Leonard before you strode out of the room, ignoring the smirks of your crewmates. You got all but five feet from the door before a hand gently grabbed your uninjured arm. Turning around, you tried your hardest to be angry in spite of his adorable smile.

“You said something about continuing this?” he winked and this time either of them could hide their blush.

“Maybe if you fix my damn arm first.” She grumbled, trying and failing to fight off a smile.

Fuck off Brain ~ Tom Holland

Fandom: Marvel?? Hollanders?? Idk 

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Words: 759

Requested?: No

Warnings: Mental illness, self-disappointment, swearing (if you find anything in this that might trigger someone please tell me straight away. I don’t want to hurt or offend anyone.)

A/N: This is shit, short and a load of fuckery. (Sorry) It’s almost midnight and I’m feeling very weird mentally. I don’t feel the way I used to. I’ve been crying for hours in a spaced out world constantly scratching my arms and legs to make sure I’m still alive. I don’t know why I decided to write this imagine but it’s going to play on what I’ve been feeling these past few hours. I feel like if I write it down, I might feel better. I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me.

I don’t when it started. I don’t know why either. But my chest was tight and sore, breathing laboured, heart fast, head swarming and then, blank. Nothing but me and my brain, alone. My brain would tell me things, I’d believe it. 

I was sitting on the floor of our bedroom. I’d been there for hours. Just staring at myself in our large mirror, nails raking harshly up, and down my arms. Did I still feel pain? Did I feel anything?

“Why are you like this? You shouldn’t be like this. Tom doesn’t love you anymore because you’re like this.” I whispered hoarsely, my voice constantly cracking. 

I continued to move my nails along my skin, my eyes eventually tearing away from my tired and dishevelled figure in the mirror. I watched my nails create raw red patterns along my arm.

“You deserve the pain. You deserve to feel like this. One thing you don’t deserve is Tom, oh no you don’t.” I muttered as I increased the pressure of my movements on my arms. 

“Pain makes you human, you’d need a knife in your heart before you even got close.” I laughed bitterly as I finally saw the first spot of blood on my right forearm. I laughed. I was turning into a maniac.

I moved my hands to my legs and began quickly damaging my legs. I could hear the soft sound of fingernails meeting skin which only made my movements gain speed. The skin was burning and peeling.

“Tom doesn’t love you, why would he anyway you’re broken, you’re sick, there’s something wrong in your head that’s too hard to fix. Everyone knows you’re not right for Tom, you’ll never be good enough.” I sobbed loudly. I hadn’t heard Tom come back from the gym. I didn't even hear him rush up the stairs.

I heard him take a loud intake of breath. His feet softly padded along the floor as he made his way over to my shaking and shivering frame. My legs were bright red and in some places bleeding.

Pain makes you human, pain makes you feel.

“Y/N, stop.” He said gently. He sat on the plush carpet beside me and tried to remove my hands from my legs, his fingertips turning red from the cuts on my thighs. “Shh, baby. You’re ok, you’re perfect, you’re gonna be ok.” He said into my hair, placing light kisses on my scalp

And that’s when I lost it. I couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever in my head made me do this was raging a war against me. I was losing. My heart was pounding, my ears ringing.

“I’m not Tom. My brain is killing me from the inside. I can’t do this Tom, I’m not good for you or myself or anyone around me.” I replied as I struggled against his tight grip but failed. 

“Sweetheart, I know you’re hurting, please stop hurting yourself because your brain is telling you. I think your brain is being stupid because when I look at you I see the most perfect girl in the whole wide world.” Tom breathed, pulling my fragile body into his strong one

My sobs had become light hiccups. Even though my brain was still hurting, Tom’s words were beginning to pull me back to reality.

“And anytime your brain tells you that you aren’t good enough or that I don’t love, tell it to fuck off.” He said laughing slightly at the end. His words got my lips to curl into the smallest smile.

“Fuck off brain,” I whispered with a teary eyed smile. I felt Tom emit a hearty laugh that sent vibrations through my chest.

“Fuck off brain!” Tom shouted which made my laugh a little louder. “Leave my favourite girl alone.”

“Tom?” I croaked. He made a sound that signified as an answer.

“I love you,” I whispered, feeling him pull me into his torso even more.

“I love you more than life itself.” He replied lacing his hands with mine. “Let’s go get these cuts clean, then I will get you pizza.” I smiled slightly wider at this.

Tom pulled me up gently and helped me onto the counter in the bathroom. He got a flannel and lightly wet it with water to clean my cuts. 

Even if I was still battling a war inside my mind, at least I had Tom to help me if I need backup. Tom would help me through anything and I know I’ll always love him and he’ll love me, no matter what.

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Idk why people think heteroromantic aces don't suffer about our sexuality. I didn't cry nearly this much when I was sure I was heterosexual. I just figured out that I'm (probably) hetero ace a month ago. I keep crying about dying alone and how I can never tell my family bc they wouldnt understand. Like ugly hyperventilating crying. It's weird that the LGBT community on Tumblr makes me hate myself more than I already do bc I was SO sure they would give me a safe place to figure my sexuality out.

They absolutely don’t consider it which is a shame because for a part of my queer existence the pain factor that some people want to base being in the community on was caused from my solely from asexuality. It was because I was not straight and was not able to go through life as a straight person even when I thought it was hetroromantic. I remember back when I didn’t know much about gender and nothing about the split attraction model (SAM). All that bullshit, pain, and abuse frankly came from asexuality not fitting into straight society. And it’s an utter fucking shame that the LGBT community often times turns people way because they wanted someone more like them. It’s definitely hard to navigate at times but hang in there and try to put yourself around good kind people.   

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What are your opinions on John winchester... just my curiosity spiking?

Oh boy, that one. 

I think he was a bad, neglectful parent. But I don’t agree with the pretty wide-spread characterization of him as a total demonic, drunk asshole who hates his kids’ guts and beats them up. I don’t think John actually beat them up – not on a regular basis, at least? I could maybe see arguments getting heated and violent, but not so much of a constant smackdown for every small mistake. He might have put them down verbally, if the Impala comment to Dean in the end of s1 was anything to go by… we all know Dean would never let Baby get rust or anything :(

I think he, kinda, destroyed them emotionally and totally didn’t provide enough support. He loved Sam and Dean, I’m pretty sure – but love alone’s not enough. He was a traumatized, scared man who wasn’t in the place to raise kids. I know it turned out that this childhood was the only way Sam and Dean could save the world. If they were raised happy and safe without any training and only ever becoming close with each other in their formative years, I doubt they could foil Lucifer’s plans that were thousands of years in the making in Swan Song. But John had no way of knowing that, so, that’s no excuse!

Also, that face that Dean makes in the Dark Side of the Moon when talking about John…

Yeah, that one. Poor guy. From the looks of it, John would never let them be kids, especially not Dean with his parentification burden. I could maybe understand wanting your kids to be ready if you know monsters are coming for them. But, damn, he could’ve stayed with them. Teach them how to shoot a gun if you really gotta, but you can also play catch with them and read them bedtime stories, yanno. 

BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Erik Durm - English translation
  • Nobby: Here he is! I'm very happy you've found your way to me once again, Erik. So far you haven't won a "Goal or No Goal" game against me, that's why I'm especially happy you're here today and I hope it stays that way. Are you confident?
  • Erik: Yeah, it didn't work out the last two times but I think it's finally time that I kick your ass.
  • Nobby: I'm excited! (laughs) Have you analysed the match against Benfica, yet?
  • Erik: Yeah, we talked about it in the hotel. Obviously, we were all sad about the result. I think our approach and way of playing was very good. I think Benfica only had one shot on goal, that one header, and otherwise we didn't give them any chances. Still sucks to lose 1:0 but we're confident that we'll be able to turn things around at home in front of our fans and proceed to the quarter finals.
  • Nobby: Have you ever experienced such a match? Being so dominant?
  • Erik: I don't think so, I mean I've only been here for 3 1/2 - 4 years and I haven't experienced something like it in that way. We were clearly the dominant team, we created many chances, even top-class ones, but yeah, sometimes the ball just doesn't want to get in. Sometimes there are matches like that. Nevertheless we have created a lot of chances, which was very important for us, for the team, and like I said we'll turn things around at home.
  • Nobby: You played badly in Darmstadt and lost, you played excellently in Lisbon and lost. Which face will we see on Saturday?
  • Erik: Well, I hope the one we showed in Lisbon only this time we of course want to get 3 points, we want to win. It's important for us to continue our home run and yeah, we feel good. Of course Darmstadt was a slip-up. Unfortunately, sometimes there are such games where nothing works out and the opponents surpass themselves and that was the case in Darmstadt. But it's still our own fault as well. But I think in Lisbon we showed a reaction and I think we'll be at the top of our game against Wolfsburg. We had 4 days to take a break and...
  • Nobby: And the spirit/mood/morale is good?
  • Erik: Well, yeah after Darmstadt we all were dejected, Lisbon as well, but looking at how we played I think we can look forward to Saturday with confidence.
  • Nobby: That's what you have to keep in mind and if you play like that on Saturday we won't lose.
  • Erik: Definitely!
  • Nobby: You're up against Wolfsburg. You usually say you don't look at how the opponent is doing. But we should and have to do that: they have won 2 of their last 4 games and lost the other 2. How do you rate/judge the team at the moment?
  • Erik: It's difficult to say something about Wolfsburg. They definitely have improved during the second half of the season, they have played good games, sometimes it's a bit of a surprise/lucky bag but to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Wolfsburg matches. I'd rather focus on our team so I think if we follow through like we want to and if we play like on Tuesday against Lisbon we will win and we don't have to talk a lot about the others, just about us and then things will work out.
  • Nobby: Erik, you're free of injuries, you're a regular in the starting XI. Apart from the two losses how much do you enjoy your current situation?
  • Erik: Of course I enjoy it a lot. It's important for every player to be free of injuries and get playing time. I get that at the moment so I'm very happy but as I said my health is currently still my main focus.
  • Nobby: (touches Erik's knee) Is everything alright?
  • Erik: Yes, everything's ok. (both laugh) And yeah our manager is satisfied with our current performance as well and of course I'm always very self-critical. Especially after Darmstadt I was very self-critical and wasn't satisfied with myself but nevertheless I'm fit, I'm healthy and I'm happy about every minute I get.
  • Nobby: Currently, you're playing in midfield as a winger. You played the same position in the U23. Do you feel comfortable there?
  • Erik: Well, the midfield postion is mainly an offensive part, I'm still also playing in the back five in the defense. We always shift around a bit which works pretty well. Obviously, Schmelle and I always have to run a lot but I think we both know how to do that. That's why this position fits us well and yeah, being involved at the front is always fun...
  • Nobby: You were a striker originally, weren't you?
  • Erik: I was originally playing as a 9 so not that much on the wings but-
  • Nobby: You know how to score goals
  • Erik: One can hardly imagine, yeah. (both laugh) I had some inhibitions when I played for the Dortmund amateurs, didn't quite work out with scoring but after that I've become a defender pretty quickly, thanks to Kloppo, but it's still a lot of fun to be able to make a difference in the offense.
  • Nobby: The Süd will be empty. That will be a weird picture for all of us, for you as well?
  • Erik: Yes definitely! I mean, the atmosphere here in our stadium is always awesome. The süd being behind us is quite impressive. Especially when we play at home they encourage us and spur us on immensely. Yeah... it's such a shame that the Süd won't be there on Saturday.
  • Nobby: When you score a goal you'll still celebrate toward the Süd...
  • Erik: Yes! (both laugh) Yeah, if I score a goal, which for me doesn't happen that often, I'll still celebrate of course.

anonymous asked:

Hey rhiannon do you have any advice on how to write a good kissing scene?

i mean, i don’t know why you chose me to answer this dear anon… but i shall try my best:


  • “their tongues battled for dominance” (what are we?? 7??)
  • idk abt you, but i don’t know a lot of ppl who moan when kissing…. like mayb it is a thing, but also mayb leave the moaning for when they’re getting rlly frisky
  • focus just on tongues
  • explore their mouths……. we aren’t nicholas cage looking for treasure k? keep mouth exploring to the minimum NO MOUTH EXPLORING
  • just focus on the mouths and the faces and stuff (kissing involves other things)
  • don’t be Too Complex…. like suddenly their head is turning which way.. and their arm is Where? and they…… is this anatomically impossible? make sure stuff is logical, in sequence and Natural


  • talking!! lil broken up bits of conversation, kind of like “where do you wanna go?” *kiss kiss* “bed?” “bed.” *kiss kiss* idk, that’s just an example, but it’s difficult to keep people interested if it’s just a description of the character’s tongues
  • laughing!! omg there’s so much laughing and giggling involved… mayb this depends if your characters have just met or if they’ve been together a long time, but lil moments of actual Connection = gd
  • awkwardness and fumbling… “oops was that a boob grope, sorry, are we at this level yet???” again, depends on what stage of relationship we are talking here but, do they know each other? which way they lean? how much tongue they like? etc. it’s all part of figuring it out
  • the lips!! lips r Important. biting on them, if they have dry lips or soft lips, tugging on them, accidentally biting them, lips moving instead of tongues, idk but lips = Important in kissing. don’t forget abt them
  • have a little build up… like the reader needs to Want them to kiss….. it’s like a will they/won’t they situation, except they Know they will and they Want it 
  • KISSING INVOLVES OTHER THINGS: hands??? where are they?? face cupping = not always a good choice (in my personal kissing experience). are they touching the butt?? (insert age appropriate nemo meme) are they groping each other?? are they groping each other with Experience?? where is this headed?? is it a peck on the lips, but they want more? a brush of the corner of the mouth? full on Heated Make Out Sesh straight out of Angus Thongs?? remember kissing isn’t just ppls’ mouths touching.. everything touches! kissing the neck? the forehead? the cheek? thighs? go wild, but don’t forget about the rest of the body attached to the mouth :):
  • w/ me it’s usually not just abt kissing…. like, does this mean that they’re going out now? they’re having a one night stand? they’re trying new things? they’re used to just being friends? idk, but be inside the character’s head too! not just the kissing but the Feelings and Emotions the kissing leads to
  • draw on your own experience! kissed some people? watched some films? seen that one couple at school who like to make out during lunch? cringed at that couple who just met each other off the train at the station and are now trying to procreate against that pillar? (fic kissing is a bit like fanon….) whether you’ve kissed someone or just seen it, draw on that experience for movement/feeling/surroundings/naturalness etc.
  • does their breath smell? do their teeth knock (usually only when v Heated, and even then not often)? do they Hate lip tugging and the other person does it? do they have braces? have they kissed anyone before? just think about ur character and the setting for a bit, and try to let it come across in the kissing.. i.e a shy character might be nervous abt kissing someone for the first time etc. etc. 
  • have fun with it! <3
The Choices We Make - Part Four

The Choices We Make

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The word echoed hollowly in Madara’s thoughts. For the first time that he could remember, he couldn’t grasp the concept, couldn’t wrap his mind around the notion like water slipping through his fingers. It was so foreign, so strange, and he rolled the syllables over as he tried to comprehend how and why.

And who.

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