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so I was thinking. Oikawa keeps putting the moves on Bokuto, just really on his a game with flirting. And Bokuto doesn't seem to be responding, so Oikawa is like oh, maybe he's just not interested. And he's disappointed but he'll deal. Then he starts giving him sincere compliments and being genuinely nice and then all of a sudden he has an endearingly nervous Bokuto asking him out? Turns out Bokuto didn't realize he was flirting before and thought he was just being a goof.

Imagine Bokuto suffering like “Why does he have to act that way… I know it’s his personality but squeezing my biceps and asking me to help him work out?? How can he say it so innocently??”

5 months later, thinking back about that moment: “wait a minuuute!”

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Mind if I ask you about your shading process and how you pick colours for shading? Because it's mindblowing and I remember reading that you didn't like to use multiply. So I'm really curious.

This is a great question!! I’m sorry it took so long to answer. I was trying to think of the best way to go about showing you! That being said, here is a very long post with a lot of gifs.

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Guilty conscience

Request: “Is that supposed to make me feel better?” with Calum
Summary: Calum doesn’t treat you the way you deserve and you’re done


The front door closes with a bang, and you’re left with silence and a thudding pain in your chest. You swallow thickly and your eyes lift to the clock on the wall. The handle points to 3:27am, and a shiver runs through you.

The sheer idea of going back to bed alone is insufferable, and so is the silence, interrupted only by the ticking of the clock which, instead of being comforting, gets under your skin and makes you feel scratched raw. Or maybe that’s the words Calum hurled at you.

Eventually you find your way to the couch, and collapse on it. There’s a blanket there, where you and Calum left it yesterday after cuddling as you watched TV. Exhaustion hits you hard, and you feel yourself slip away into sleep, your heart heavy.


You wake up to warmth. A sleepy moan escapes you as you bury your head into the soft, firm heat of your pillow. A hand runs gently through your hair, and you’re suddenly awake, staring into the surprised eyes of Calum.

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I have just had a thought. (Dangerous, I know.) Sakura = Jiraiya Naruto = Orochimaru Sasuke = Tsunade My thinking this is because of their family backgrounds. Sakura didn't come from a clan, Naruto's parents were killed, and Sasuke's clan died out except for him (mostly, but canon can be a little hand wavey.) In this way of thinking. Sakura is a pervert, Naruto is a gloom child, and Sasuke is a drunk with emotional issues that make him run away. Thoughts?

Oh geez that is dangerous. And…I could see it. If canon had gone just a little differently, I think Naruto could have turned out cold, Sakura could have embraced her perversion (I mean, look at her reaction to Naruto’s Reverse Sexy Jutsu), and Sasuke could have dealt with his problems a different way. Lots of potential there, imo!


The 100 - Pantheon

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Marco rants to Ponyhead and Star about Tom. Ponyhead sgets annoyed and jokingly tells Marco that if he likes him so much he should ask him out. She then grabs his scissors and sends him to the underworld to do so as a prank. Star tries to bring Marco back through, knowing Ponyhead won't do it until he goes along with it. Marco sheepishly asks Tom out to a date and he says yes as if he's expected it the whole time. Marco has also had feelings for Tom but he didn't know quite what they were.

Was this an idea or a request? Either way I wrote it! I had so much fun writing this! It really was an amazing idea! Sorry it takes a sad turn in the middle but I ended it fluffy and happy! I hope you enjoy! I played with the idea a bit because I thought about how I would feel if somebody asked me out on a dare, which is not good. But we all know that’s not what ws meant, I can’t explain haha just read it! Enjoy!


“Marco just do it so she’ll let you come home.” Star complained over the phone. Marco ran around the underworld, desperately trying to find a way home. He shook his head and looked around for some sort of way out.

“NO! I can’t ask Tom out! He’s TOM!” Marco complained. Star shrugged and twirled with her wand.

‘You know, by the way you get so defensive about it, I would think you have a crush on him.” She teased. Marco blushed furiously.

“NO! No way do I like him! It’s TOM! I do not like Tom at all!” Marco assured. Star laughed and put the phone on speaker so Ponyhead and Janna could hear his yelling and defending. He was going on and on about how much he hated the demon while the girls laughed.

“Okay Marco, this is getting crazy.” Star laughed. “I’m hanging up, Tom lives at the end of the road we sent you to.” She giggled. When she hung up the phone all the girls started laughing.

“He’s got it so bad and he doesn’t even know.” Janna scoffed and ate a handful of popcorn. “You think he’ll do it?” She asked. Star shrugged.

“He is in deep denial. Let’s see how this goes.” She suggested. Star took out her wand and chanted the spying spell.

“Hey? Isn’t that evil or something?” Ponyhead asked. Star was quiet for a moment.

“This is an important circumstance.” Star defended. The girls looked through the magic window and saw Marco walk near the old Halloween-looking house at the end of the road. “ He’s going for it!” Star cheered.

“Well we don’t know that yet.” Ponyhead assured. “Just shut-up and watch, girl.” She insisted. Marco knocked on the door and stood there for a while. As soon as he was about to leave, think the demon wasn’t home, the door swung open and Tom pulled Marco in, he seemed enraged, but once he saw whom it was he at once calmed down.

“Oh! Marco! Sorry about that. I didn’t know it was you.” He laughed lightly. Marco gasped in fear from what happened.

“Who did you think I was!?” He demanded. “What a welcome…” Marco said with sarcasm. Tom rolled his eyes and motioned for Marco to sit down. The human did so and Tom flopped down on the chair right across from his, laying diagonally across it and looking up at the ceiling. He seemed like he was falling off the chair in an uncomfortable manor, but he didn’t look like he had any intention on moving.

“What’s up?” The demon asked. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“I uh… am here.” Marco spat out. Tom looked at him curiously.

“Yeah… I got that part.” He assured. Marco blushed deeper and played with his hands, hoping the girls would just bring him home already. He waited a minute in silence before realizing that wasn’t going to happen.

“I actually… wanted to talk to you.” Marco admitted. Tom sat up and looked at him with interest. “It’s actually… a question…” Marco continued.

“He’s gonna do it!” Janna cried. Star leaned closer to the magic window and they watched the boys closely. Marco cleared his throat and shuffled nervously, trying to find the right words.

“I uhm… do you…” Marco started,

“He’s gonna choke.” Ponyhead assured. They watched as Marco continued.

“Do you want…” Marco cut off and started coughing. Tom shot up and walked over to him, asking if he was okay. Ponyhead leaned back smugly.

“I told you he was gonna choke.” She reminded. The other girls hushed her and watched as Tom handed Marco a glass of water.

“Dude? You good?” He asked again. Marco nodded.

“It’s just… I’m a little nervous is all because… I wanted to ask you something.” He mumbled. Tom rolled his eyes, getting bored.

“You said that! Just ask already.” Tom assured. Marco swallowed hard and gulped down the glass of water. He finished and took a deep breath, looking up at Tom with big eyes. Marco cleared his throat.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” Marco asked. All three girls gasped and Tom was silent for a long while. Marco watched him with a nervous expression. When he didn’t say anything Marco sighed and got up. “I’m sorry, this was a bad idea.” Marco said, about to run out. Tom stopped him by grabbed his shoulder.

“No! It’s not stupid it really isn’t.” Tom assured. He then blushed a little bit. “I uh… I’d love to go on a date with you.” The demon smiled and Marco blushed a little bit. He was actually happy Tom accepted! This wasn’t so bad after all. Marco smiled at him and the two stood there for a moment until a portal opened.

“Oh my gosh!” Ponyhead cried. “I didn’t think you’d do it but you did! This is crazy, I guess you can come home now, dare finished.” She smirked. Marco was about to climb through the portal when he looked back at Tom. He stopped when the demon was looking at him with a confused look.

“What does she mean? What’s going on?” He asked. “Dare?” Tom inquired. Marco rocked on his heels a little bit.

“Oh… yeah actually the reason I asked you out is because… she sort of trapped me here… to ask you out… on a dare.” Marco explained. It sounded a lot worse when he said it like that. Tom’s eyes lit up and he stared daggers at the human. “Are you mad?” Marco asked.

“YES!” Tom hissed. “You asked me OUT on a DARE!? That’s so messed up!” Tom screamed. He fell back, his eyes turning back to normal. “I was… I was happy! I thought you LIKED me!” He yelled. Tom was growling at the human, but more hurt than anger was showing in his eyes.

Star and Janna jumped through the portal. “Tom! It’s not like that, we dared him because he likes you!” Star tried. Tom hissed at the girl.

“You too? I expected this from Pony but I thought a little more of you.” Tom told her, looking away.

“Ouch, offense taken.” Ponyhead announced. Marco went over to Tom but the demon shoved him away.

“Get out of my house! I don’t want to go on a dare-date with you!” Tom screamed, pushing the group out. “I can’t believe I actually thought… get OUT OF HERE!” He yelled, throwing a picture frame at Janna. The group ran out of the demon’s house and closed the portal, sitting on the floor of the couch.

“Guys… I feel bad.” Star said, pulling her knees to her chest. Janna and Ponyhead nodded and Marco put his face in his hands.

“He… he didn’t let me explained. I do like him!” Marco cried. “I just didn’t really know until you guys…” He trailed off. “I can understand why he’d be mad… who would want to be asked out on a dare? That’s pretty hurtful.” Marco sighed. “I wish I could explain to him the truth.” Marco wished.

“Well he does not want to talk to you, or any of us, now. I don’t think he’ll listen.” Star admitted. Janna cracked her knuckles.

“Don’t worry, I’ve disappointed many-a-people in my time.” She assured. “And I know how to get through to them even when they’re this mad.” Janna promised. “I can get you two on good terms, somebody hand me a pair of scissors.”


Tom hissed when there was a knock at his door. He didn’t want to answer it, he just wanted to lie on the floor and feel bad. Tom groaned when the knock came again, this time louder and he got up. “Okay! Okay! I’m coming! Hekapoo if this is you I already lost you scissors so you can’t get them back.” Tom called, slumping down the stairs to the front door.

Tom opened the door and scowled when there was nobody there, he took a step out and hissed when he stubbed his toe on something, but his expression softened when he looked down and saw a big basket. Tom looked curious and bent down, he picked it up and saw it had a heart-print fleece blanket in it with a note that said ‘To keep you warm because I was so cold to you’ with a frowny-face. Tom tilted his head and saw there was a big heart-shaped card. He brought it inside and opened it, he rolled his eyes when he opened it and a bunch of pink glitter spilled out on his lap.

Tom looked down and read the note.

Dear Tom,

Hey! It’s Marco! I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now, and I deserve that. I did something really mean to you without thinking twice about it. The thing is, the girls were teasing me about having a crush on you, and then dared me to ask you out. It actually had good intentions and we didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought it would hurt your feelings because I assumed you would just say no. Which is still wrong of me. I understand how you could have been hurt by the situation and I’m sorry. A dare is not the right way to ask somebody on a date.

But the dare wasn’t meant to be something I didn’t want to do. In fact, it’s something I’ve been hoping for. So I’m sorry. And I would like to ask you on a real date.

PS. Star, Janna and Ponyhead helped me with the card. They feel bad about daring me in the first place and wanted me to add that they had good intentions. Sorry about the glitter, it was Star’s handy-work.

Love, Marco

Tom smiled a bit at the note and felt the soft blanket between his fingers. He giggled a little and brushed the glitter off hip lap. He rolled his eyes, but was still smiling fondly. He put the not up in his window so he could see it and shook his head. “Oh Marco.”


in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

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the end of that imagine actually got me a lil teared up, it was really touching! if you wouldn't mind writing about it, how do you think gladion would react if it was instead the reader who approached him first to state their feelings? _(:3」∠)_

Crazy Little Thing Called Rotom

A/N: I was so excited, I had to post this as soon as I finished. So, here you go, un-proof read and straight from the brain.

Pairing: Gladion x Player or Gladion x Moon/Sun if you prefer.

You’d say you didn’t know what possessed you to come to this place except you do know. About ninety percent of the reason you’re stood outside the entrance to the Aether Foundation is the fault of one Z-Powered best friend of yours.

Lillie had been writing to you more lately since you shared your concern about not having seen Gladion recently. You put it off for as long as you could but after the second week of checking that motel he lived at for two years you were getting a tad worried. Mail was quick enough to Kanto through Pidgey or Fletchling or any of the countless other flying type Pokemon in Alola. But, you decided to send out your own bird Pokemon. After all, it didn’t do to have someone read it before Lillie did.

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I LOVE the idea of stiles being trained to be an emissary and everyone's like 'who??? stiles??? please' but he turns out badass in the end and derek was the only one who didn't mock him/thought he couldn't do it, I'm so happy that this has became a more popular idea.


Alright, my friend, I love Stiles being a sarcastic and clumsy mess, but then he whips out the magic and the emissary knowledge and suddenly he’s a badass and someone you do not want to cross or rub the wrong way, because you will get fucked up

He goes into training and everyone’s making fun of him, because “Seriously? You can’t even get out of your jeep without stumbling” and shit like that. And of course, Stiles gets a bit sad and all that, because he thought they would be supportive. But then Derek pulls him aside and tells him “You’re gonna do great.” And damn it, Derek, that does not help the crush Stiles has on you

But it’s Derek’s continued support and encouraging nods and pats on the back, that makes Stiles continue his training and he works hard. Harder than he’s ever worked for anything, because he wants to help. And not in the research kind of way, no, he wants to be out on the field and helping with something other and better than a bat

So he finishes his training and becomes the emissary of the Beacon Hills pack. And he’s super good at what he does, super talented, and anytime he’s out on the field fighting the bad guys, Derek watches with admiration as Stiles (who’s not so skinny and not so defenseless anymore) protects him and the pack. And he smiles, because he knew Stiles would be good at this

And, of course, Stiles thanks Derek for his support and encouragement with lots of smooches and other less clothed activities because duh

Just- send me all the emissary!Stiles fics, ‘cause I want to read them all

Mismatched Pieces

He can’t remember her…completely. He remembers bits and pieces, he remembers thoughts and feelings, sometimes sensations and sometimes more, but what he does know is that she can hold his hand and it won’t make him feel ill.

He misses that part.

[3313 words, post-Hell Bent, general G rating with some vague allusions to Things]

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I’ll Move Heaven & Earth, To Keep You Safe In My Arms

A/N: A one shot Steroline Drabble as requested by Twin, AKA femmewriterish . No Summary. Too Lazy. Enjoy ______________________________________________________________

The rain fell steadily and heavily, drenching him as he stared at the hard concrete that held her name. Caroline Forbes. It was noon, but the sun remained hidden by dark clouds. Appropriate, he thought. This should have been the happiest day of his life, instead, it was the worst day of his nearly 200 year old existence. It seemed the only way the universe knew to balance 20 years of pure unbridled bliss was through death. 

“I thought I’d find you here” Came a familiar voice. He didn't turn back to greet her. She can come back another time. He took a sip out of his flask.

“Stefan…” The brown eyed witch beckoned, slightly tugging at his arm.

He turned back, “Did you find a way?”

It was exactly two years to the day since he held her ashen grey body in his arms. And for two years the only thing he did was search for a way to bring her back. Impossible, he was told. Nothing can bring the dead back. The other side was gone, death just became permanent. He didn’t care. It was the only thing keeping him breathing. The thought that one day, he might be able to find a way to hold her in his arms again.

“Maybe..its a long shot.. but its all we got..” She said holding up a crystal.

“What’s that?”

“You wanna get out of here…go some place…dry first?”

He turned back to look at the tombstone once more. This will not be our fate, he thought to himself. I won’t let it. He placed the flowers he had brought with him on her grave. “I’ll see you soon..” He whispered and left with Bonnie.

They were back at the Salvatore mansion. Stefan had his drink in hand, ready to listen to yet another theory, hoping that this time, it might actually lead to something.

“Okay, tell me what the crystal does”

“It can hold your memory..”

He frowned at the thought.. “My memory? You want me to give up my memories of her? Is that your plan? My grief too much for you guys to take in on a daily basis?”  He was furious.

“No no.. that’s not it.. it will not take away your memory, it will… replicate it..and hold it for someone else to see..experience..”

“Just hear me out Stefan..” Bonnie said.

“The memory you have of how Caroline died.. I’ll place it in this crystal and you…you will place the crystal and the spell to unlock the memory in the past where past you will find it” She paused at that. 

“You want to change history…” Stefan asked Bonnie.

“It’s the only way…If Malcom dies before he gets a chance to kill Caroline…”

“But there’s a catch” Bonnie continued, “you can’t put in any other details of any body else’s life…just the necessary ones of yours and Caroline’s..just the thing you want to change…you understand?”

He frowned at her trying to grasp what she was trying to tell her.

“Stefan, this. .. your not supposed to change’s…not can’t…”

“I get it…So what year will you send me back to..which past me is going to get this information..”

“I’m not sure…that’s something I can’t exactly control…let’s just hope it’s not ripper you who gets the crystal..”


Stefan heard someone walking in his room. “Damon, that you?” He yelled from the bathroom. Nobody answered. Odd he thought. He admitted that there was a piece of him that wanted it to be Caroline. Sure, they weren’t together, he wasn’t sure what was holding her back, but the only time he felt whole was when he was with her. He stepped out of the bathroom to find no one there. He changed into a V-neck and jeans, strapped on his boots and proceeded to head out. That was when something caught his eye. That was not there when he went in for a shower. He moved to the desk to find a crystal resting on a piece of old parchment. The parchment looked like it was ripped from an ancient grimoir. It had a Post-It attached to it. — SAVE HER. FIND BONNIE, SHE’LL KNOW WHAT TO DO. It was in his handwriting. 

“Ready?” Bonnie asked.

“Lets do this…” 

He heard chanting. Nothing felt different. Maybe the spell didn’t work. Then suddenly, he felt himself falling to the ground. 

… . . 

THE MEMORIES (20 years into the future)

He instinctively reached to hold her, but found his bed empty. That woke him up. He checked his phone. 5 AM ! He dialled her.

“You’re up early!” Came the voice at the other end

“Caroline..its 5 ! What are you doing out of bed”

“Stefan..we are getting married tomorrow..I think we shouldn't see each other till the wedding ceremony”

“Why ? Come back be bed !” He groaned into the phone! She giggled “Bye !” She said and hung up. He went back to sleep, hand still over her side of the bed. 

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

“There he is” Damon called out to Stefan. “Man of the hour ! Nervous?”

Stefan proceeded to grab a mug of coffee.

“What are you doing in my house so early, the wedding isint until later in the evening?”

“Well I wanted to be around, in case you decided to make a run for it” Damon replied.

“Not happening” Stefan reassured him.

“You sure? In another couple of hours, you’ll be stuck with Blondie forever”

Stefan rolled his eyes. He didn't bother answering Damon. He couldn't be happier.

His phone rang. Damon grabbed it before he could, “Getting cold feet Blondie?” He spoke into the phone.

“Damon Salvatore ! How very kind of you to answer your brother’s phone. Could you give him  a message for me”, it wasn't Caroline’s voice on the other end. It sounded like.. “Malcolm !”, Stefan said, grabbing the phone, “Where’s Caroline?” 

“At the docks. I heard of your upcoming nuptials, and it brought to mind a gift that was long overdue”. The line went dead.

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

He found her. She was lying face down, still in her pink pyjamas and tank top. She was quiet, not moving. He called out to her, she didn't stir. He flipped her onto his hand, cradling her head close to him. She was grey and desiccated. There was a bloodstain over her chest where the stake was driven through. He went numb. He tried to force himself to snap out of this nightmare. His brother was right beside him, speechless for once in his life. He looked over at him, and all he saw was defeat in his eyes. He felt himself repeating the same word over and over, each time plunging  further and further into blinding despair…..NO….

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

Stefan woke up with a jerk. Tears streaming down his face.

“What is it? Bonnie asked.

“Malcolm…we need to kill Malcolm”

“So what you’re saying is…years and years from now.. Malcolm will kill me…” Caroline tells a very agitated Stefan.


“And you know this because your future self, left you a future memory, in a crystal, informing you of this future you need to change … now.” Caroline continues


“okay…that’s… normal..”

“Caroline, look I saw what I saw, and I need you to trust me on this okay?”

“Okay..What’s the plan?”

“Malcolm is still in Mystic falls even though the rest of the Heretics are dead. We go and put him out of his misery before he leaves town. We won’t be able to track him if he leaves.” Stefan stopped pacing long enough to tell her his plan.

“Fine, lets go”

“NO, you’re not coming”

“Excuse me ! I think I should participate in saving my future self” Caroline said  adamantly 

“Caroline ! Just.. please..” He pleaded. His eyes betrayed his desperation. He not only saw his future, but he felt it. Everything from the joy he felt at the thought of holding Caroline close to him as he slept, the love he felt when she said that they were getting married. His immense contentment and pure unadulterated euphoria at the thought of marrying Caroline Forbes. He felt it all. Including the grief and the despair when he held her dead body. No, he needed this to go well. Malcolm needed to die, so that years and years from now, he would have the perfect life with Caroline. Sure she may not be with him now, but they would be happy in the future, it would be all he dreamed about and more… He needed to preserve it. 

“Sit this one out..please..” He begged. 

She nodded. He pulled her in for a hug before heading out the door. 

     … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

They had been waiting for Malcolm to show up back at his house for hours now. 

“Maybe he left town” Damon wondered out loud. Stefan prayed that his brother, was wrong. If he was right, killing the guy would be nearly impossible simply because there would be absolutely no way to track him - the Heretics were masters at cloaking themselves. His prayers were answered in the form of a vehicle pulling in. The gang waited for the Heretic to enter his house. Every other Heretic had been killed by the Mystic Falls gang. But this was the only Heretic they sought out to kill, the others came to them.  

They saw him step in and throw the key onto the table. He stumbled towards the kitchen, clearly drunk out of his senses.  Damon carried Bonnie and vamp sped her to the kitchen entrance. She snapped Malcolm’s neck with her magic before his intoxicated mind could register what was happening. Stefan broke the door down and ripped his heart out. It was done. Malcolm was dead. He breathed a sigh of relief. The element of surprise worked. 

They proceeded to walk towards their vehicles after burying Malcolm’s corpse.

“You can’t tell her Stefan” Bonnie said.

“Tell her what?”

“Details of your future lives… this.. this was a big enough risk as it is, changing history. . you need to keep the details to yourself and let things unfold as it should..”

He nodded.

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

He was outside her door. He had promised to come see her when it was done.

“Hey” She said as she opened the door to let him in

“Is everything…”

“it’s done..”

“thanks..” She said awkwardly, “Stefan.. in the future..are we..”

“I can’t tell you that…” He said, squeezing her hand with his. He smiled… the dreamy smile she loved so much. They would be okay. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek and said good night. He looked through the glass of the door to Caroline’s house as he switched on the ignition of his car. He watched as she headed back upstairs into her room. Decades from now, she would be his wife. He smiled at the thought. 


It was nearly 5 in the morning. They were getting married the next day. Caroline had decided the previous night that she would sneak out of bed. They should spend the day before the wedding apart she thought, that was tradition wasn’t it ? She began to slowly inch her way out of the bed when she was swiftly pulled back in by her fiancé, who had her pinned under him on the bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” He said enveloping her lips with his.

“We are getting married tomorrow Stefan” She began only to be interrupted by more kissing.. “mmmhmmm” he replied still kissing her. “I know..” He tickled her neck with his nose “I love you” he said, his breath caressing her neck. “I love you too” She replied giggling.

 … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

“Damon” he called out before his brother realized that he was up.

“Let me guess, you thought you should be here in case I decided to run.”

Damon looks perplexed. Stefan poured a mug of coffee for himself. He looked at his phone nervously, praying that it wouldn’t ring.. It rang, he grabbed it. Caroline’s name flashed across the screen no no no he thought to himself. He picked up, and placed the phone over his ear in silence. 

“Hellloooo?” Said a cheerful voice. He breathed a sigh of relief. She was okay. History was not going to repeat itself. “Hey” He replied, regaining his composure. 

“Damon forgot the rings..” She sounded annoyed.. “Luckily Bonnie found them. She’s going to hold on to them till the wedding..”

“Okay” he said. The rings..that was the emergency. Not Malcolm, not death. Just plain old wedding drama. He smiled to himself. He had waited for this day for little over 20 years - since the day he had dropped off the memories with the ominous note. 

“Caroline” he said, so that she wouldn’t hang up just yet. “I Love You” 

“I love you too”

   … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … . 

The dress was perfect, the veil was perfect, her bouquet was perfect. She was perfect. Everything about her was beauty personified. He held her close as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. He leaned over and kissed her, softly yet passionately. It wasn’t a short peck, it was long enough for their guests to hoot and howl. He didn’t care.

“Save some for the honeymoon !!!” He heard Damon yell.

Caroline blushed. She felt his lips brush against hers as he smiled and whispered “I’ll kiss my wife if I want to”. He placed another long kiss on her lips. 

The. End.

Some important reminders/notes from your resident fandom crazy person -

I’ve seen some posts going around about Arima’s actions in telling Kaneki he had killed all of Kaneki’s friends as some kind of comparison to real world therapy or rehab. I don’t want to really call out specific posts, and I assume that all the posts that people have been making in this vein were made in good faith and to the best of their knowledge on how these systems work in the real world.

There are certainly times when, in order to stop immediate harm, like what Kaneki was doing to himself, a psychiatric care provider might have to use force or even lie. But these are meant to be used very very infrequently and as a very last resort. Occasionally, if someone is in a really bad emergency situation, it can be better to use a white lie to disarm a tense situation rather than attempt to argue the truth. 

But these lies should never, ever be sustained. As soon as the emergency situation is over, care should immediately return to being compassionate and honest. 

This isn’t to say that there aren’t still a lot of places that use “harsh truth” or “tough love” care, but tough love care has been repeatedly proven to not work all that well, and cause more stress and trauma than it helps. The psychiatric system hasn’t adapted to these findings, and the progress is painfully slow. This results in lots of people getting abused by the system meant to help them.

So yes, Arima’s actions might look like some real world therapy systems out there, but they are not good, healthy systems.

This isn’t a post meant as Arima hate - far from it. Arima is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator with a lifetime of his own hang ups in terms of trauma and emotional issues. He isn’t actually a therapist. It seems like the CCG was willing to let Kaneki waste away without any attempt to help him at all. I imagine, born from a mix of orders from V and the fact that he saw himself in Kaneki, Arima did the best he could. 

And it isn’t like Arima, even if he knew how and wanted to, could have been completely honest with Kaneki, even after he was in a better, more stable place.

But shattering Kaneki’s last remaining fragment of self and purpose with what was at best a simplification and at worst a convenient lie isn’t “just like real world therapy” and the therapy it is like is the harmful kind that leaves people with more trauma than they came in with. 

Arima has been repeatedly compared and contrasted with Kaneki’s mother, and I wrote plenty on my feelings about that relationship when tg:re 53 came out. I think, like Kaneki’s mother, Arima cared/cares about Kaneki, and probably did the best he could, but that due to his own issues, and restrictions placed by outside forces, this “best he could” doesn’t result in a completely healthy relationship.

I think it’s likely that, as Kaneki is preparing to face Arima in a fight to the death, he is remembering some of the first fond moments he shared with Arima, and I think in Kaneki’s mind, this might even include the time Arima told him everyone was dead because that is what allowed him to really “go to sleep” and make way for the “happy dream” that was Haise.

But I don’t think Kaneki’s hallucination on the roof came out of nowhere either, and we know Arima had to “put him down” several times when he lost control while working with Squad 0 early on. We know that when they sparred, Arima targeted Haise’s eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if before the end, Ishida adds another complicating layer to their relationship.

I think Arima, like Eto, like Kaneki’s mom, can be taken as the subject of this line of Ishida’s poem - “A failure of a god/She truly loved/only she didn’t know how to love.”

And as much as I would adore for it to just be in reference to Kishou’s adorable bewildered “what is emotions?” face, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s more to it. As painful as this was, I think these are the good memories.

But regardless of what you think of Arima, or what you think the ultimate character of Arima and Kaneki/Sasaki’s relationship will turn out to be, please be careful about glorifying supposed systems of care that rely on manipulating, insulting, traumatizing, and abusing people at their most vulnerable.

Again, I’m not going to call out specific posts, and I assume everyone made those posts with the best of intentions, but they really, really rubbed me the wrong way as someone who as been on the receiving end of similar sorts of things.

soo, I got bored and colored concept art of Honey Lemon (。◕‿◕。)
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