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BTS FIC REC (Hobi focused)

This is mainly for @puzzlepeace, enjoy c:

(I add fics every week or so, come back to check the new ones~)

Canon verse (idols) :

Take My Hand (We’re Off To Never-Neverland) by lulublue1234 [yoonseok, they keep taking naps together, so soft] ♥

just a little, oh, a little bit by alexisfairos [OT7, Hobi-centric, unfinished, lots of platonic massages] ♥

Hivemind by popliar(littlerhymes) [OT7 dynamic, yoonseok, they’re all connected by a brain implant, kinda like a soulmate bond?, it’s amazing]

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I'm still salty that when I left my awful job at a movie theatre at the end of summer 2016, they didn't schedule at all after I turned in my two weeks notice. Like, I put in there that it's because I'm leaving for school and you guys said I can't just go on leave, and now you're cheating me out of $400 because you're pissy that I'm leaving to better myself? I know the manager who was in charge of scheduling at that time and idk what I expected, He's a dick.

Semi-Hiatus Extension

So turns out I just got commissioned for a really big ANIMATION PROJECT.  It’s good pay and I want to be able to put in my all into it and make it turn out good, so I’ll be extending my hiatus status until it’s nearly completed.  Sorry ‘bout that!!!  It’ll probably take me a good 4-6 weeks to complete, so my return should be sometime in July.


Here are the Alpha-Beta body type headcanon swaps I colored in today’s stream! I think they’re actually not bad this way, either >v>

I’d like to formally apologize to the Striders, who were the first to be drawn with swapped body types - unfortunately during a wobbly train ride.

When they got back to the bunker, Dean helped Sam out of the car and led him inside like he weighed nothing. Mary followed them and watched as Dean helped his brother onto the couch. Sam grabbed his arm when the older man moved away and his eyes looked panicked. 

“I’ll be right back. Gonna bring you all the blankets we have. You’re freezing,” Dean assured him and walked away in search of the blankets. 

Mary felt a presence beside her and didn’t have to turn to know it was the angel. In the few hours, she’s known him, Mary’s become used to Castiel’s presence. 

“You needn’t worry, Mary,” Castiel finally spoke up. 

“Who said I was worried?” Mary asked

“I was. We can’t afford to lose, Sam,” the angel’s confession made Mary balk. 

When she turned to face Castiel, he was gone.

She turned to her boys again and noticed Dean was wrapping his baby brother in a bunch of blankets. When he was sure the younger man was cozy enough, he sat down beside him. Dean pulled Sam close so that the younger man could lean his head against his shoulder. 

They both looked at ease and Mary couldn’t help but contemplate what their relationship was really like. She walked over to the two but noticed that Sam was already asleep. He looked exhausted but peaceful. Mary figured it was because he was close to Dean. 

“You know, that should be my job,” She whispered to Dean and pointed towards a swaddled up Sam. 

“No, it’s mine,” Dean replied. 

Mary knew that was the end of their conversation. Sam wasn’t her baby boy anymore, he was Dean’s. 

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I really wanted to see this guy I like, especially coz his parents were away, but he got sick so I brought him some soup. Didn't expect anything more than drinking soup and watching tv... But then we started snuggling on the couch and next thing we were making out and then I was naked and he was fingering me and eating me out and I was moaning and screaming so loudly, I think his neighbours thought he was murdering someone. Best was him saying "Oh my god" because my moans turned him on so much😈

But do you know what the cutest thing is?

When Yuzuru Hanyu skated out to the podium for the flower ceremony, he leaned down for a second to touch his fingers to the ice. He didn’t trip or need stability or anything, he purposefully leaned down to touch the ice, to scoop a bit of it up into his hands. As if trying to take a piece of his incredible triumph away with him (and, as a very nice anon let me know, it is also his way of showing gratitude for still being able to skate after the disaster in Japan, which just makes it that much more adorable and touching).

And not only that, but he did the same thing with the podium. He touched the podium with his hand before setting a single foot onto it, or even onto the step behind it.

And I don’t know about you, but I find that super adorable. I’d be the same way if I was in his position because really, who expects to go to the olympics as a 19 year old and come away with the gold medal? Especially with such big name skaters like Patrick Chan and Daisuke Takahashi there.

So way to go, Yuzuru Hanyu. Soak it up, take it all in, remember this triumph, because you certainly deserve it.

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I've often wondered at Eren's sense of absolute righteousness at the beginning of the manga, his ability to attack and kill grown men at such a young age. But learning what Grisha was like, the fanatical sense of righteousness he modeled, the way he wanted his sons to be warriors, I'm imagining a young child like Eren who didn't turn on his father soaking that up and angsting over it to the nth degree. It must have been incredibly frustrating being little Eren who was probably also expected (c)

© to be like Dad but aware of his very limited power, with little control over himself, bursting like a dam. Poor kid. After 86, I’m more than ever hoping for a constructive outcome to Eren’s arc.


In the middle of digesting everything else about this chapter, I spent a lot of it being so damn grateful that all of Eren’s sense of righteousness is maturing instead of flaring out of control. His resemblance to Grisha has never been stronger, and it’s haunting to look at their similarities and realize that everything Grisha has in common with his son is what leads to the destruction of all he loves.

I almost think that being ordinary saves Eren. He grows up knowing that Mikasa’s stronger, Armin’s smarter, and no one knows enough about the world.

There’s pride and rage, but the constant battle Eren has to improve himself keeps him from being dismissive of the rest of the world. Every single time he thinks someone has something to teach him, he listens, and does what he can to take the new knowledge with him.

For all of his impulsiveness, Eren’s more thoughtful than Grisha. He deserves a better outcome, and hopefully he’ll get one.

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Hi so I just finished my bottle of Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation and I'm undecided if I want to repurchase it. I felt that the foundation was too matte ( the lady in the store told me it had a natural finish which I always prefer 😒) for my dry-oily skin and it made my pores/wrinkles stand out even more which is gross, but I liked how it was full coverage & didn't turn my skin oily all day! Do you know any foundations that are just like this one expect with a natural finish? Thanks 💖

Some foundations that are still long lasting but still have a relatively natural finish are

  • Dior Skin Forever
  • Revlon Colorstay Whipped
  • Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation
  • Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear is definitely one of the most long wearing foundations on the market! I’ve tried many, many foundations and not many compare, BUT you can make Double Wear work for you! 

I also prefer a more natural, even dewy, finish but I have oily skin. So for days when I’ll be out all day I wear my trusty EL Double Wear! There are a few ways to tone down the matteness of a foundation and give it a little more of a natural glow. 

  • Mix in a little moisturizer or liquid illuminator (or both). This will add a little shine and moisture in the foundation so it will look a lot more natural on the skin. Just mix a little with some foundation on the back of your hand before applying.
  • Use a damp sponge to apply it. I love using my Beauty Blender sponge with any matte, long wearing foundation because it adds a little bit of moisture and makes the finish less matte. Since the sponge is slightly damp (make sure it’s not too wet) the water will slightly hydrate the skin. 
  • Use a heavier moisturizer underneath. Something thick like a cream that will hydrate your skin all day works great under a really drying foundation. A super light weight moisturizer won’t add much hydration under a really matte foundation. 
  • Setting Spray. Some setting sprays like Urban Decay All Nighter will help make your makeup last longer while others like Rose Water Setting Sprays will simply add moisture. Both kinds of setting sprays will help the foundation melt into the skin so it doesn’t look as powdery or matte. A great last step to get a more natural finish.

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Got one of my friends to read ACfB. First thing she said was, "How are there 81,000 words of PORN?!" And that is the story of how I died. (I, personally, am still amazed you managed to give John and Sherlock Unresolved Sexual Tension and STILL have multiple sex scenes in every chapter. You're a genius.)

Ahaha, thank you! And this actually gives me a chance to explain something. When I first got into this fandom, I started out by reading all the “classics”, and one of those, of course, was TTOBB. Until I read that one, I hadn’t come across any long chaptered fics with a heck of a lot of smut.  I was feeling a little nervous, like, “Should I even try to write in this fandom, because I like to write lots of plotty smut, and maybe I’ll get ridden out on a rail or something.” (I find this thought very funny now, but I really was worried about it at the time.)

So then I read TTOBB and was thrilled to see that AQ put a smokin’ hot sex scene in every single chapter, and I did a fist pump and immediately decided to write this cracky fic where Sherlock takes John to a sex club for an “experiment”.  I figured it was probably the most done trope in the fandom, but hey, why not start with something porny and fun? And then I went and made it chock full of OCs and het sex, and I was certain no one other than my friends would read it, because seriously, that does not sound like the kind of fic most people would want to read. But I didn’t care, because the idea was to do something fun and get my head around writing these characters, and then I’d be ready to write some long and serious case fic type thing.

So yeah, it all turned out a little differently than I expected. 0_o

  • One of the coolest things to ever happen to me was in 9th grade, when some annoying guy kept snapping my bra strap after I told him repeatedly to stop and he didn't so I turned around and whacked him over the head with my textbook causing him to literally fly out of his chair. Well, the cop who was on duty heard all the commotion and came into the classroom and the teacher told him what happened and made it sound like I was the one who was totally in the wrong. So, the cop pulled me aside after class and got the real story and I expected him to say I overreacted or something but instead he looked me dead in the eye and said, "If a guy does that you punch him right in the fucking face, because that is self-defense and if you get in trouble for this, you come to me an I'll handle it." So, yeah. The guy ended up getting suspended and he had to write me an apology, so that was interesting.