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Why Newt Scamander is NOT a cinnamon roll and why he’s flawed:

First of all, I am NOT saying that I hate Newt at all – I LOVE Newt, I LOVE Eddie and I’ve loved watching Eddie act since I saw him in “The Theory of Everything”. I think Eddie is fantastic, and I do love Newt’s character.

HAVING SAID THAT, this rant is more to do with the fandom than anything else – as in, me being pissed off with the fandom because of their “Newt is a precious cinnamon roll/Newt is too good for this world/Newt is perfect/Newt needs protecting” mentality. This isn’t all of the fandom, of course, but it’s a fair few and I’ve found myself getting gradually more and more infuriated over the past few months about it. This shouldn’t be regarded as hate, more as a retort/insight as to why I disagree with this silly mentality.

Let me start off by saying: Newt Scamander is VERY flawed. There, I said it.

Newt is NOT perfect. He’s awkward, has little to no regard for other humans, and is pretty untrustworthy to be honest. How? I present to you, an extract from the screenplay:

So, you got your wand permit? All foreigners have to have them in New York.

I made a postal application weeks ago

Small but think: if he’s lying about a postal application, chances are he’s lying about a lot more important stuff too. Either way, she was going to write him up. He had very little to gain from lying. I would also like to add that he’s breaking yet another law (even if it’s silly, it’s still breaking a law).

The thing that we, the audience, have to understand about Newt is that we like him because we know he’s a protagonist – we know he’s Eddie, we know the kind of person he is even before we watch the film. But if you look at it from an inside perspective – i.e. someone who lives in the universe of the film – he’s shady as fuck. He not only didn’t bother with a wand permit application, he also smuggled beasts into the country illegally (he had full knowledge of what he was doing, don’t deny it), apparated with a No-Maj, then didn’t obliviate that No-Maj, accidentally set a Niffler loose in a bank and basically decided “hey, fuck the law, I’d rather expose wizards than lose my Niffler/miss the egg hatching” when he apparated with Jacob. Standing on the steps of the bank, talking to an abusive woman/leader of the NSPS, he probably looked even more suspicious (especially seeing as she openly called him “friend” – which, to be honest, doesn’t really mean a lot but just imagine you’re there and that happens…you’d probably be a bit iffy about it).

How else is Newt untrustworthy in the first half of the film? He lies to Tina about why he’s in New York in the first place and he then blackmails Jacob into sneaking away from the girls’ apartment even though they gave them food and hot cocoa. You know when Newt says “you do realize that once they see you’ve stopped sweating, they’ll obliviate you in a heartbeat”? It’s sly blackmail. He knows that Jacob doesn’t want his memory wiped, he knows that Jacob is enjoying this new world that he’s been exposed to, and Newt is using that to his advantage. The choice in front of Jacob he’s setting out is: “Help me find my creatures and remain in this wonderful world…or, you know, stay here and have your memory wiped”.

I’m not denying the friendship between Newt and Jacob – their friendship is wonderful. But at this point, they aren’t exactly friends really, even if they’re starting to head that way. Newt was perfectly happy to attempt to sneak out of the apartment on his own before Queenie called him out – part of the reason he’s probably bringing Jacob is because he knows that Jacob will say something otherwise. I mean, Jacob is a good guy – he didn’t want to leave because he knew it would be rude to just leave the girls after all they had done for them. I’m not saying that Newt isn’t a good guy, I’m just…well.

Newt also has a total disregard for other humans/safety; “yep, let me throw a Swooping Evil in a No-Maj’s face for a joke”. Total dick move, even if he thought he knew what he was doing. “No-Maj is lying on the floor bleeding – nah, he’s fine, where’s the creatures?”. “Let me bring a No-Maj on a hunt to find potentially dangerous creatures”.

Actual thing in the screenplay when Jacob has been bitten by a Murtlap:

“With TINA’S back turned, NEWT makes towards the door”

What makes Newt turn back?

“TINA emits a guttural scream as the Murtlap comes scuttling out (…) NEWT spins, catching the creature by the tail”.

Newt wasn’t concerned at all for Jacob – “oh, it’s not serious”. Yeah, maybe not to a wizard but to a No-Maj whose physiology is different? Potentially extremely dangerous.

But, yeah, no - Newt is absolutely perfect of course so we’ll forget about it. (sarcasm)

He isn’t just awkward either, okay? He had no problem dragging Jacob down into the case, nor when it came to pushing Tina’s hair back at the docks. Every time I see a fic where he stutters out “I-I-I-I l-lo-love you”, I puke in my mouth a bit. That is so OOC and silly. When it’s humans he knows and likes (loves, in Tina’s case, fight me), he’s more confident and assured – so please stop saying that he’s awkward and will forever be so awkward that he cannot have human friends/love interests.

Newt has great qualities, of course, I’m not denying that…but please stop writing him/saying he’s perfect…or that he’s “too good for this world”/”too pure”/”too innocent”. He’s really not. He’s flawed, as all the best characters should be, and if you love his character then you should also be able to say “he’s got flaws and that’s okay”.

With this image of him being “perfect”, there comes my next pet-peeve: Tina hate.

I have legit seen people say that Newt is “too good/perfect” for Tina. I can’t even begin to sum up the stupidity of that idea; shipping aside, they’re both flawed characters in their own ways and that’s totally fine. I feel that some of the Tina-hate stems from either jealousy or the idea that Newt is too perfect; it’s like “oh, my OC is perfect because she’s just like Newt”. Please, no. Don’t.

Tina-hate also seems to stem from the fact that she “turned Newt in”. The usual rant goes here: a) it was her job, b) he’s pretty shady, c) you’d all complain if she put a guy she barely knew over getting her career back on track….etc. etc. Suddenly, because Tina DID HER JOB and it happened to involve arresting Newt, that makes her the fandom’s number one enemy.

Tina isn’t the only one I’ve seen receive hate: I legit saw someone say that they hated Queenie for “forcing Newt to get with Tina” and I just…? Since fucking when? How does “you need a giver” translate as “you have no choice but to marry my sister and live in Dorset with her”?

As I said, this fandom is so obsessed with the idea of “precious cinnamon roll Newt is too good too pure he needs protection”. He’s NOT this. Please stop making him like this. He’s a flawed man, he makes mistakes, as do we all, he’s far from perfect.

As I said before, I love Newt, he’s a great character, but the way that the fandom categorizes him as “a perfect sexy wonderful cinnamon roll who is too good for this world” is actually vomit-inducing and makes me start wanting to hate him – it genuinely puts me off being in the fandom when they push the idea that a character is too flawless, and Newt isn’t flawless which is why he’s a great character.

This rant made little to no sense really and I’m now off to write fanfics.

anonymous asked:

in the train on their way to their 6th year, *i*f Draco was in love with Harry, why do you suppose he beat him up? (I just want other opinions. idk I was thinking maybe bc he didn't want to face his sexuality, but what do u think?)

Hello, Anon! That’s a great question, you know?

I think that moment is painful to watch (or read), because it’s full of signs of all the shit that’s about to go down. But if we laugh about it, we can’t cry, right? Right???

So anyway, let’s get this party started, shall we?

An idea had just occurred to him, a reckless but potentially wonderful idea… in a minute’s time, Zabini was going to re-enter the Slytherin sixth-year compartment and Malfoy would be sitting there, thinking himself unheard by anybody except fellow Slytherins…

Harry, could you be more daft? *Chandler Bing’s voice*

So here’s exactly when his behaviour goes from slightly curious to psychotically obsessed. It’s not a pretty picture. Harry doesn’t even understand how inappropriate it is to do what he’s doing, even though his friends warn him.

…nobody else seemed prepared to take Harry’s suspicions seriously, so it was down to him to prove them.

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See? That’s when it begins. Harry Potter, the Stalker-Who-Lived.

*Every Breath You Take playing softly in the background*

Anyway, that sets the scene nicely. Harry is already sure Draco’s up to something, so he thinks, in his flawless logic, that it’s ok to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation.

But you know what’s the most impressive thing (that keeps me up at night)? Draco suspects Harry is there from practically the moment he gets in the compartment, but he talks about Voldemort anyway.

Some might say he wanted Harry to know he had a mission. And he does that several times that year, in fact. He makes it kind of obvious something is VERY WRONG, because he’s a 16 yo boy terrified of his own shadow, and he’s waiting for help, any help.

Doesn’t that make the Sectumsempra 10x more devastating? It does! I love suffering. Thanks, JKR!

Zabini, still clinging on to the handle, toppled over sideways into Gregory Goyle’s lap…

Oh boy, that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing in the movies. Sorry, going on a tangent here.

Anyways, what do you do when you suspect your Archenemy™ is spying on you? Well, you make him jealous! That’s how it works… isn’t it? Normal behaviour!

Malfoy, sniggering, lay back down across two seats with his head in Pansy Parkinson’s lap. Harry lay curled uncomfortably under the Cloak to ensure that every inch of him remained hidden, and watched Pansy stroke the sleek blond hair off Malfoy’s forehead, smirking as she did so, as though anyone would have loved to have been in her place.

Heheh Harry, let me tell you something. This is not something people notice about other people, unless they’re jealous. Ok? This. Is. Not. Normal.

Also, keep in mind Malfoy suspects Harry is there. That is too funny! I just can’t. I CAN’T. HBP is priceless.

“– and Longbottom, Potter and that Weasley girl,’ finished Zabini.
Malfoy sat up very suddenly, knocking Pansy’s hand aside.

‘He invited Longbottom?’

‘Well, I assume so, as Longbottom was there,’ said Zabini indifferently.

‘What’s Longbottom got to interest Slughorn?’

Zabini shrugged.

‘Potter, precious Potter, obviously he wanted a look at the Chosen One,’ sneered Malfoy, ‘but that Weasley girl! What’s so special about her?’

‘A lot of boys like her,’ said Pansy, watching Malfoy out of the corner of her eyes for his reaction.


First of all, Draco loses his cool when he finds out Neville and Ginny were invited to Slughorn’s compartment. Not precious Harry, though. I swear, Draco has “You could do better, Potter! You could do me!” written on his forehead.

But the best thing ever is when he badmouths Ginny, because if you link that with him yelling at her in CoS, it’s just so obvious he’s jealous. He’s ridiculous. And Pansy watching for his reaction? At that point, everyone in Hogwarts knows Ginny likes Harry (everyone but Harry himself, because he’s slow as fuck). I wonder why Draco would care. Hm…

Harry was so busy staring at Malfoy he did not notice Goyle reaching up for his trunk;

When you’re so busy staring at someone, and not because they’re saying anything suspicious anymore, you’re just staring, that you don’t notice someone right beside you (and not a small someone), and you also miss when they raise a hand and pull a fucking trunk from beside you… you might have a problem, my friend.

Again: not normal in the slightest.

Pansy left. Now Harry and Malfoy were alone in the compartment.


Malfoy moved over to the compartment door and let down the blinds, so that people in the corridor beyond could not peer in.

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I swear, when I first read that, I knew shit would go down.

(I thought it would be sexual shit, but well… that’s the trash talking!)

And shit does, indeed, go down. Draco sends a good old Petrificus Totalus and Harry falls like the stupid little bugger he is.

He couldn’t move a muscle; he could only gaze up at Malfoy, who smiled broadly.

Gaze. Gazing up at someone because they’re smiling. HAHAHAHA you’re so gay, Harry! Sorry, going on another tangent right there.

*takes deep breath*

Anyway, back to the bullshit!

He considered Harry for a moment.

‘You didn’t hear anything I care about, Potter. But while I’ve got you here…

And he stamped, hard, on Harry’s face. Harry felt his nose break; blood spurted everywhere.

‘That’s from my father. Now, let’s see…’

Malfoy dragged the Cloak out from under Harry’s immobilised body and threw it over him.

‘I don’t reckon they’ll find you till the train’s back in London,’ he said quietly. ‘See you around, Potter… or not.’

And taking care to tread on Harry’s fingers, Malfoy left the compartment.

Let’s consider Harry with him, because it matters:

Draco is sporting a fresh dark mark; he’s really angry with Harry, because his father is in prison; he’s got Harry alone and completely vulnerable.

Yet he doesn’t even think about turning him in to the Dark Lord. He just doesn’t. He’s so mad at Harry for eavesdropping, for sending his father to jail, for putting his mother in danger, for being there to make his life complicated. But it just doesn’t cross his mind.

If that’s not the hugest indicative he’s not evil, I don’t know what is.

Also, you might say breaking someone’s nose is bad enough, but for the amount of anger involved (and let’s remember, Draco is also terrified), just a little nose breaking is taking it easy.

And it sounds so petty, doesn’t it? So much dark shit is going on and Draco is hoping Harry will go back to London (when we know he would be able to return to Hogwarts easily if he wanted to). It’s just so childish, so innocent.

Unfortunately, Harry is too slow to read the signs here, to be sure that whatever Draco’s going through, he’s being forced to do it. Because Draco still behaves like a child, he still breaks his rival’s nose, when in fact he could get him killed for real.

(And let’s not forget Draco actually saves Harry when he’s in real danger.)

So back to your question: I don’t think Draco even had time to deal with his sexuality. My opinion is that they had no understanding of their feelings up to that point, because let’s face it, life was too insane for that. 

Draco was always jealous of the people around Harry and Harry was always obsessed with knowing everything about Draco, but they didn’t really read anything into it until that point. Because they’re both stupid as fuck.

But I do think it’s an important moment for them, to show us Draco’s not really evil. To show us he could have redemption. And also, to show us Harry doesn’t learn from his mistakes and keeps on being a dumbshit.