it didn't trickle down

For dangerslut

Prompt was: “Maybe Hannibal goes into rut and it is his first time sharing it with Will? Hannibal gets very violent and it scares Will a lot? […] And a possibly kinda angry Will because their relationship is still new and Hannibal took him against his will? :)”

Here’s the story, I hope you get well soon! :D As always, this little ficlet my bb trr-rr wrote was a lovely inspiration <3

TW: omega verse, non-con, violence, first time, knotting, breeding.

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ask-demon-princess-astarte  asked:

Astarte sat beneath a tree, her claws digging into her scalp. She wanted the voices to stop. But she didn't know how or if anyone could help her. A tear trickled down her cheek as she suffered more.

Frederick had landed in the tree, content to watch nature and the few humans who passed by. Spotting her down below him, he tilted his head and dropped down, crouching a few feet away. “… Little one? Are you alirght?”