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Hello!! Sorry if this is well known in the fandom already, but I really don't know it...what was Louis' first tattoo? Was it something that matched one Harry had? Because I was thinking about the fact that Louis didn't seem to like tattoos before Harry started having them, then he decided to join him, but I'm not sure he did it to share something couply with his boyfriend. I made a bit of a mess, but I hope I explained what I mean!! Thank you very much, love you xx

Hi love, non it’s OK. I would suggest checking out the Tattoo masterpost is a good way to start.

And yes, the boy didn’t like it, then slowly started to LIKE them ON ANOTHER PERSON, but not him..

Now look at him, he has 32. THIRTY TWO.

And going back to this interview:

This was 6 days after Harry got his Hi tattoo. (at that time he only had the Won’t stop till we surrender and the star tattoo).