it didn't really turn out as i had imagined


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Peter didn’t expect this.. 

After he finished with his fight for Mr. Tony Stark, (Yeah, The Tony Stark. Otherwise known as Iron Man. As in the Iron Man in the Avengers. As in he fought with the flipping Avengers. He’s like an elite hero now or something.) he thought that the Avengers would be done with him now. 

At least he kind of hoping.. Do you know how difficult it was explaining to Aunt May why he was gone for so long? 

But it didn’t work like that. 

Whenever they had a mission near them, he was always asked to go and assist. It was polite enough, sure. But he knew that when Black Widow asked him to do something, there really wasn’t an option for him to refuse. 

So here he was now, perching on a ledge of some building while he listened to Natasha and Clint go over the plans. It didn’t seem like that big of a mission, but he wasn’t going to ask to leave. He pissed Widow off once, and even though they kind of shared a name sake, he knew he would get no mercy a second time. 

He scanned the ground underneath him absent mindedly, only half listening to the other two at this point. They were just going to find one thug, and he doubted he was going to do little more than web him to the wall so Natasha and Clint could talk to the dude. 

But that’s when he saw you, you were walking down the streets with your hands in your pockets and your head down. He smiled a little behind his mask, and forgot for a second that the super spies were even there in the first place.

Everything was fine, Peter thinking about when he was ever going to tell you. It wasn’t healthy not doing so, and it wasn’t fair that you didn’t know why she sometimes cancelled or showed up late to dates. And you were as always oblivious to Spider-Man watching you from rooftops, thinking about what homework you still had to complete and the chores you would have to do when you got home. 

Sure, everything was great until it suddenly wasn’t. 

When you were walking past a group of teenage boys, there was a couple chuckles before one stood out just after you passed them and called out to you. 

“Hey sweetie, put a smile on that pretty face!” 

As you glanced over your shoulder startled to see who yelled at you, Peter tensed up on his perch as he watched what was going on. 

“If you come over here, I can do it for ya babygirl.” 

Before Peter knew what he was doing really, he was already swinging down to land on the ground between you and the group of guys before his friends even stopped laughing. 

“Did someone call me?” Peter smiled behind the mask as he spread his arms casually. “But I do have a name though. I actually happen to prefer Spider-Man over baby girl. It’s more direct, you know?” 

The guy who was catcalling you, hesitated now. Not quite sure what to say. 

“What’s up, kid? Cat got your tongue? Getting a little shy now that you’re getting some attention back?” Peter crossed his arms over his chest, and the guy just shook his head and moved back into the little circle of his friends as they started walking away. “Awe, going so soon? Bummer.” 

He turned around to face you to see you have a thoughtful look on your face. Your eyebrows were scrunched together and there was a cute little frown on your lips as you stared at him. 

He gulped. 

“Thank You,” You murmured slowly. 

Peter nodded, trying to play it off cool. “No problem. Just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man coming to offer a helping hand.” 

You raised your eyebrows as you took a step closer. “Just my friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, hm?” 

“.. Yes.” 

“Not an over protective boyfriend in Spandex?” 

Peter almost choked on his spit, and immediately turned into a stuttering mess. “W-what are you talking about? I mean.. You’re lovely, but we just met, and-,” 

“Peter you can’t seriously believe that I don’t recognize your voice. And I mean.. Spider-Man doesn’t stop in for every jerk who yells at a girl.” 

“Maybe he tries his best to.” 


“Me, I meant.. Me. I do. Because.. Yeah. Because I do. I try my best.” 

You took another step forward to him, and taking advantage of the darker time of day and slightly near an alleyway, you reached for his mask. 

“You really shouldn’t do that. It’s hardly poli- Oh, you’ve done it. Hi,” Peter grinned shyly down at you when you took his mask off completely and looked up at him an innocent smile. 

“You’re really Spider-Man, holy shit.” You muttered. 

Peter looked down at the space inbetween you two, and shuffled his feet a little. “I wanted to tell you, it’s just-,” 

He got cut off by you suddenly standing up a little straighter to press a kiss on his lips, and wrapped your arms around his neck to keep yourself stable. 

It took a second for him to snap out of his confusion, but as soon as he tried to return the affection, a voice cut you two off. 

“Get some, bug boy!” Clint shouted down at you two from another rooftop. Both of your heads snapped up to look at him and the Black Widow leaning over the edge grinning at the two of you. 

“Is that..?” 

“It’s a long story.” Peter grumbled.

anonymous asked:

how about chef derek and baker stiles that hate each other but were hired to work at a 3 month cruise and only realized they had to work together (in the cramped kitchen) after the ship sailed?

this very quickly got out of control and ended up way too long. I had to stop myself from making it any longer tbh

also on AO3!

The kitchen was small, cramped, and Derek already missed his own kitchen back in town. His kitchen was at least big enough to fit a whole crew of people - they were four, it counted as a crew - while this kitchen was barely big enough for himself, let alone a whole other person.

As he bend down to open up the cardboard box of pots and pans he had brought along - because there was no way he was going to use someone else’s - he kind of hated Erica a little bit.

Hated her for convincing him to agree to do this dumb job on a dumb cruise. He didn’t even like the ocean, why was he there? Oh right, “because it’s great promotion for your restaurant and you need to get out more, Derek,” as Erica had said while she emptied his closet into a suitcase.

She didn’t have to make breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and various other small meals for a whole cruise full of hungry people for three months straight. She just had to bring it out to them, that was easy. Derek had to make all of it, all the while sharing his kitchen space with some baker the cruise had hired.

Derek was putting a pan into one of the cabinets in the far end of the kitchen, when the door behind him got pushed open, and someone walked inside.

“Oh wow!” whoever had entered exclaimed, and… Derek knew that voice.

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On this day in History: Three years ago, Troye made a decision that would change his life forever. Between the shooting of the first two spud movies, when Troye had a little too much free time on his hands, he uploaded his first vlog. It’s awkward and purposefully vague and turned his channel into one full of covers into one full of challenges and vlogs and whatever he wanted it to be.

Because of this video and the transition that it represents, Troye set himself onto a path that would bring him to his passions, his friends, his fans, and everything that 17 year old Troye couldn’t have even imagined.