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S4 just can't be the end. Now, I am not saying Sherlock is a romance story (tho it is, it is!) but it's rather unusual,and in a way heartbreaking, to have all your characters emotionally unfulfilled at the end of your story: Sherlock - romantic entanglements would fulfill you (where they at at the end?); John - I wanted more, and still do (didn't get his more); Lestrade - she's not the one Sherlock said (clearly isn't going to last); Molly - let's not even go there; 1/2

2/2 and what ever happened with Mycroft and Lady Smallwood? All the characters are, in a way, alone in the end, and it’s just sad. As a writer, what do you think of ending a story like this?


I think it’s unfinished, radically so. 

Two options: they meant to leave it unfinished, or:

It is not, in fact, over. 

As a writer, as someone who has studied craft and struggled with endings (we all do, we all do), I can tell you this: how you finish a story determines what that story is really about. That is what defines the world you’ve created and, to a large extent, you. 

If this is the end, this unfinished, clumsy horror movie / Bond pastiche, it is gross, particularly in light of tld. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking, with that embrace, oh wow! They’re setting it up. They’re finally bringing John and Sherlock back together in a way that really matters. They’ve almost said what they need to say. They’ve even neatly laid out the few things they really need to take off the table. Now John’s been shot! Well well well, garridebs, here we go!

I hated tfp on first viewing. Now, I think it’s a subtextual beauty (and garridebs from top to bottom), if confusing, like the rest of s4. Still: unfinished. They need to bring it all the way home. 

Surely the thing they meant to leave us with was not “you, hey you, you audience, you, you don’t deserve closure. You don’t deserve an actual episode of Sherlock as the last episode of Sherlock. Let’s raise more questions than we answer, when we already had a ton of questions that needed answering. Oh, and here, have a resolution to a plot point that literally nobody cares about and that we raised a few episodes ago. Not the one thing we’ve been pounding on since the beginning. p.s. fuck you for caring.” That’s what the ending says right now. 

I would not leave it like that. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would.

And that is precisely why I agree with you, 100%: this just can’t be the end. 

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my main issue with wttm is far from yuri's wardrobe choice (honestly it's so in character??? what else was a teen who was told he couldn't do something gonna do smh) but more that the fandom seems to be taking the leaked scenes as ot@yuri which, being between a 16 and 19 year old, really rubs me the wrong way (you definitely didn't deserve that nasty ask tho what an ass)

ahhh okay! I totally get what you mean! 

I personally take it as a platonic ota//yuri thing. They literally just met so I really hope that Kubo would take time to slowly build their friendship before anything more happens (if it’s gonna be a canon thing ofc).

Tbh, I actually don’t mind if ota//yuri never becomes canon. Their friendship seems to be a very important part of the story, and I don’t mind if they just end up being best buds. I think YOI’s theme is all based on love, and love between friends is just as important as love in a relationship.

But I can’t make anyone think the way I do. It’s interesting to hear a different view of this whole wttm thing tho!


ten + pop culture references
↳ the lion king, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxyian dury and the blockheads, elvis presley, ghostbusters, harry potter, back to the future, the beatles

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17. things you said that i wish you hadnt

“You know, Sasuke-kun, we’ve been together for quite a while,” she says to him one night, as they are both walking home from their monthly Team 7 meetup at Ichiraku’s. He simply hums in response, and lets her snuggle up closer to him as his hands remain shoved in his pockets. This makes her frown. Matter of fact, Sakura reminds him, “Five year now, actually. And we’ve been living together for four of those years.”

He spares her an amused glance, the corners of his lips lifting in a small smirk. “I’m aware of this, Sakura,” he says, looking at the road ahead of them once more. She watches his lips twitch into a small, teasing smile. “I think you’re forgetting which one of us actually remembers anniversaries and appointments,” he adds.

She gasps and elbows him lightly, cheeks flushing as he chuckles softly and tucks his arms into his body, pulling her even closer. She smiles a little, and leans her head on his shoulder, relaxing. Neither of them say anything as they listen to the sound of their footsteps and crickets in the still market. Most people have gone home, and Sakura thinks it is because everyone can smell the rain in the air. 

Even so, it is a nice, quiet night, she thinks to herself.

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Take It Or Leave It
The Strokes (cover)
Take It Or Leave It

if you are one of those strokes fans who say - “Is This It “ was the only good album, everything after that can’t compare & all that bs, please, unfollow me. It’s just that I had so many moments (and one happened yesterday at a party when last nite started playing)  with my friends where I discuss the strokes with them and they say that :*EMG4WD THE STR0KEs ONE LOVE, but only songs from the first album tho. *  I meann…… HAVE YOU HEARD ONE WAY TRIGGER BITCH? HAVE YOU HEARD DRAG QUEEN? HAVE YOU HEARD KILLING LIES? HAVE YOU HEARD MEET ME IN THE BATHROOM? HAVE YOU HEARD EVERYTHING AFTER IS THIS IT? what the fuck , I am so angry. ANd then everyone is like - oh you are just not being objective, because you are a huge fan and you have a crush on Joolion. BITCH NO, I HAVE EARS, THAT”S  WHY


Mean Pirates

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ahhh i saw the picture of your face that you posted and you are so pretty <3 and also now i have a face when i imagine the person writing "You got your meat lollipop." and "John wasn't very sure what had happened. But he had become a cat." amazing.

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I’ve kinda been waiting for the writers to bring this analogy back for four years (damn, that’s a lot!).

But, nope, let’s talk about the last scene (6x06) because I’m getting emotional.
When he hid the scissors and said to Emma that was doing some gardening…that’s actually TRUE.
Maybe he wasn’t doing that literally. BUT IT’S TRUE. He wasn’t lying! 
Let’s go a bit back, in season two: in the Rumple’s cell scene seems he’s talking about Emma. He mentions how she was once magical: full of hope and possibilities.
He genuinely believed that; that’s what he thought when they formed a connection during the beanstalk adventure when they let each other chink off a bit of their walls.
Until she betrayed him. It hurt him in a unexpected way; he risked his own life to help her; he had no intentions to abandon her, and he believed her…
Except—with the whole betrayal—you can see that he’s (still) willing to fix her, help her, to make her trust him, to win her heart, and “to do some gardening.”
So, he become a gardener. He become the water. 
However, he wasn’t talking about Emma. He was talking about himself, too.
Captain Hook was also once a young boy, full of hope and possibilities. “Dried up, dead, and useless” is pretty much what Killian became because of revenge.
He didn’t think anyone could ever care for him, and he never cared for anyone else in the last 300 years.
But look at that last gif at the lake nostos’s scene with Cora.
He’s smiling. It’s not just a smirk, or even a grin. This is a hopeful smile. This petrified bean reminded him that there were still possibilities for him. There was still hope, probably the first hope he’d had in 300 years.
It’s hard to deny that Emma brought Killian back to life, she regenerated him a new flame of hope, if only for the few hours they worked together on that beanstalk. She showed him he could care—and did care—only for her; enough to not give up on gardening.
Why else would he be looking so fondly at this dried up souvenir of his conquest? He wanted to bring this little, lost, beautiful and amazing woman, himself bean to life.
So, when he “lied” (*coughs: he didn’t!*) to her about the scissors: it was because he just wasn’t willing to see her dying. They haven’t come this far to get to this point, where he has to see her dying (and the other way), lose the hope and the possibilities.
If Emma ever dies, he’d become a “dried up, dead and useless” person. He’d be no one if Emma were gone. Just like it happened to her in last season.*i’m not crying you’re crying*

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so i just saw something talking about if Deku had gotten his dad's quirk of breathing fire and i had a thought. if part of Kacchan's power is turning his sweat to an explosive liquid, then if Deku happened to maybe burp near him, theyd explode.

well i think if Deku burped anywhere near Kacchan he’d explode either way


I say we find ourselves a bar and some beers and leave the legend to the locals. ||1.17

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Hi, so I don't read pregnant male stuff. So It never really occurred to me until I read the Thor is pregnant with twins snippet that you wrote (I think you wrote, maybe you didn't write it? Idk) and it just like hit me and maybe you know cause maybe if you write male preg you read it too... Do male pregnant fanfics tend to have the baby through the penispopscicle (tried to censor penis) or like by cesarean?? Or is there some other way that I just am not thinking of?

honestly i don’t read a lot of mpreg, but i think it’s usually either a magical birthing canal that happens or there’s a caesarean done? with gods tho i reckon they can figure out a way to have a child without either - i’m sure thor and loki will have some kind of a lightning sprite child that’s completely non-corporeal and so won’t require birthing at all! convenient god-stuff biology ftw!