it didn't fit the bag

  • Lady: (hands me a bag) if the cans don't fit in the bag just keep them out
  • Me: okay (packs the bag with what I can keeping the cans out)
  • Lady: (pays for it and gets mad when she see I have her to extra bags) I said if they didn't fit keep them out
  • Me: I did they are right here
  • Lady: ( stares at me and repeats herself)
  • Me: I did they are right here
  • Lady: I did I pay for them
  • Me: yes....
  • Lady; I told you that if they didn't fit to keep them out. I didn't want to pay for them.
  • Me: oh I'm sorry I thought you meant to keep them out of the bag. You can go to customer service and get your money back
  • Lady;(really angry now) if someone tells you to keep something out you should listen. I'm taking the bus and I can only use two hands and I also have another bag to carry so I can only carry one bag.(Stares at me like she wants me to do something about it)
  • Me: I don't know what you want me to do everything didn't fit in that one bag so I gave you extra.technically I did exactly what you ask.

anonymous asked:

Yesterday I was at the Safeway deli and they didn't have any chicken strips ready. I told the lady don't worry about it, I still had some shopping to do so I didn't mind waiting a bit. She was so grateful that I didn't throw a fit that she gave me a bag of fresh chicken strips and some potato wedges for free. See what being a decent person gets you?

superladi  asked:

Is grab bag stuff footage that was good but didn't fit in with the let's play? P.S. Finally understood the name Team Building Exercise about a week ago

Grab Bag contains footage that was edited out of a Lets Play for time or for the fact that it wasn’t the intended goal of the lets play. But was funny enough for us to keep.

Additionally there are moments and videos that had amazing moments but didn’t really work as a lets play, those moments will be featured.

And FINALLY! There is tons of live action footage of all of us just doing stupid crap that has nothing to do with anything. That will also be in Grab Bag.

It’s why Geoff likes that show the most.