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some more star pics!! this time its a whole buncha moon and toffee! cause i rlly rlly like both of these characters ok,, and they’re both pretty fun to draw

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i wish for a fic where aaron admits he actually fancies robert. like, just thinks he's properly fit. because, FACTS.

It’s not as if Aaron didn’t know he had a good-looking husband. He was well aware that Robert was a good-looking bloke, thank you very much, Robert’s looks had been one of the first thing’s he’d noticed about him, all preppy blonde hair and a smarmy grin fixed in place on his mouth, two things Aaron had never known he found attractive in a fella.

But today? Today Robert was out to ruin him. It was the height of summer, and they’d come to the Woolpack for a few post work pints. Aaron was sitting at one of the outside benches with Adam and Victoria, nursing the dregs of a cider, waiting for Robert to come back with their next round.

Expect he was yet to stop talking to Nicola, standing with his hands on his hips, those ridiculous blue trousers he’d donned that Saturday morning highlighting the curve of his arse, the material tight across his thighs. 

God, Aaron loved his arse, and those trousers did nothing but highlight his husband’s great arse. The white shirt he’d paired it with wasn’t exactly helping either, the pristine shirt rolled up to Robert’s elbows, showing off his broad shoulders, the length of his back.

Aaron knew every inch of the skin under that shirt, every freckle, every scar. His mouth was practically watering as he stared at Robert, admired the summery outfit he was wearing, admired the way his blonde hair was slightly messy, his new sunglasses perched on top of his head, his serious business face fixed in place as he and Nicola chatted.


“Huh?” Aaron turned to his sister -in-law, flushing bright red as he realised he’d bene caught staring.

“A picture would last longer.” Victoria smirked, sipping on one of the summery cocktails Charity had decided to start serving as they’d entered the height of summer, long bright days making people happy enough to hand over ten quid for a badly mixed glass of spirits and food colouring. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Aaron shook his head, draining the last of his cider. He shouldn’t feel embarrassed, getting caught staring at his own husband’s arse, but he wasn’t exactly used to being so open and honest about how much he honest to god fancied the pants off Robert, even now, over a year down the line from when they’d first gotten back together.

“Mate, you were practically drooling!” Adam snorted, tossing a handful of peanuts into his mouth, 

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, I’m allowed to fancy my husband, aren’t I?” he grumbled, spinning his empty glass between his hands, watching as Robert finally ducked inside the pub to get them their next round.

Victoria beamed at him. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say you fancy Robert!” she exclaimed, nudging Adam. “Have you?”

“It’s not like we’re always talking about that sort of thing.” Adam shrugged, polishing off the last of his peanuts.

“Talking about what?” Robert asked, arriving back to the table with another tray of drinks for them, his sunglasses back in place, blonde hair mussed up and glowing in the sunshine.

“About how much Aaron fancies the pants off ya.” Victoria giggled, reaching for her fresh cocktail, looking delighted with herself as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, trying to gauge their reactions.

Robert simply smirked, giving Aaron’s knee a squeeze under the table. “Good thing I fancy the pants off him as well then.” 

tell me what fic you wish i’d write


so i tried out @smubuh‘s grunge tutorial. and because i’ve an extra ass b****, of course i had to experiment with a gif. so here are new edits!! hot off the presses !!! hope you like her. OF COURSE i had to use @shespeakssimlish beautiful new hair soooo download it because it will change your life !!!!!! 

Someone please talk to me about ds9. I’m only on season 2 but I have a lot to say

stop saying stupid things.

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hey! So, have you readen 'bout the french speaking Draco? Plss, can you write some?

Sure! I couldn’t resist giving Harry a language kink. Hope you enjoy the ficlet!

French speaking!Draco + Harry having a language kink


My CLICHE Fics Masterpost

When Harry applied for the Auror Training program, the last person he thought he would see was Malfoy. It was weird at first, being in the same class with him and not fighting.

Being partnered with Malfoy was another thing Harry didn’t expect to happen. But it did. They were the two Auror trainees with the highest marks in all tests and exercises. And they showed great potential working together. Apparently.

So there was no weaseling out of it. It took a few months but eventually Harry and Malfoy became friends. And then - lovers. Harry had never thought that would happen either. But their superiors were correct. They made a great team, in all meanings of the word.

But even the best Auror team had boring cases sometimes. Like their current one about a street mugging. The only interesting thing about it was that the person mugged (and the only witness) was a French man. Who only spoke French. And that was precisely the reason they were given that boring case. Because Draco knew French.

It was new and curious information for Harry. He wondered how he didn’t know. But more importantly -  he was about to hear Draco speak French. But he wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Of course not!

It was just that… well, Harry liked French, ok! And he loved Draco. It was only natural that he’d love to hear Draco speak French. Some people have language kinks, right? It wasn’t weird or anything. Right?

Draco’s voice brought Harry to the present.

“We’ll get Lucas’s statement and then go to lunch. I’m starving.”

Draco reached the table where Lucas was sitting and sat down on the chair opposite him. Before Harry could prepare himself, Draco began speaking. Harry’s breath hitched. He had absolutely no idea what Draco was saying. Well, he could guess but that wasn’t the point. The point was that Draco sounded so hot speaking French. It currently ranked in the top 10 sexiest things Draco had ever done, according to Harry. And that was saying something.

Draco’s voice caressed Harry’s ears and Harry fought the urge to close his eyes and enjoy the voice even more. That would be a bad idea because then he might enjoy it too much. Mainly because he would imagine Draco in a completely different setting, like in their bedroom, speaking dirty to Harry in French. And then Harry would get a physical reaction. And that would be unprofessional.

But it wasn’t like it would be the first unprofessional thing he had done. Having sex with one’s Auror partner against the office door was pretty unprofessional too. But that hadn’t stopped him.

Draco stopped speaking and the man began a long explanation of his own. Harry was very disappointed at that. Lucas didn’t sound nearly as good as Draco speaking French. And it was his native language.

Harry also noticed that he had closed his eyes without realizing it. And that he had enjoyed a French speaking Draco too much. And that he indeed had a physical reaction. Thanks Merlin for Auror robes. He willed the tent in his trousers to go away but his mind kept supplying him with Draco, his lips moving around French words. Then Draco’s lips around something else. Draco had always been good at that. Very good at it.

Shit. This was bad!

Lucas had stup up, finally. And Draco spoke again. Harry almost whined. He looked around the room for something to distract himself with. There was nothing. Nothing he managed to notice anyway.

When Draco stopped speaking again, Harry wasn’t sure whether he was relieved or disappointed. Draco stood up and was beckoning Harry towards the exit, apparently done getting Lucas’s statement.

Harry followed somewhat woodenly. Once they were in the corridor, Draco gave him a confused look.

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing!” Harry protested.

Draco squinted and looked straight into Harry’s eyes, not even blinking. Harry gulped nervously. Draco would find out what was going on, Harry was sure of it.

“Your pupils are dilated and you’re blushing. My, my, Harry, are you…” Draco moved closer to Harry to whisper in his ear. “…aroused?”

Harry turned his head and brushed his lips against Draco’s cheek.

“Maybe. Will you do something about it?”

“Yesss.” Draco’s hand found the bulge in Harry’s trousers and cupped it. “What got you in the mood anyway?”

Harry was silent, not wanting to actually tell Draco the reason and too busy enjoying Draco’s touch. Maybe Draco would let it go.


He should’ve know Draco wouldn’t let it go. Of course not.

“Um… well, I… you…” Harry took a deep breath and buried his face in Draco’s neck. “It was you speaking French, ok!”


Harry’s cheeks burned and he shoved his face further into Draco’s neck. Draco’s free hand caressed his hair.

“I can’t believe you have a language kink.”

“Hey! It’s a completely normal kink to have!” Harry protested but his voice was muffled and cracked at the end of the sentence because Draco’s other hand kept working on the bulge in his trousers.

“Sure, it is.”

“Are you really gonna kink shame me now?”

“Mm, no. I’m not exactly in a position to kink shame people, don’t you think?” Draco’s eyes shone with mirth and arousal. “Now, let’s go to our office. I’ll combine giving head and speaking French. I think you’ll like the result.”

Hamliza doodle ;3


Day 3: Sweets - Lilanette

If there was one thing Lila Rossi loved, it was chocolate. Especially when it was baked into something yummy. Luckily, if there was one thing Marinette Dupain-Cheng loved to do besides fashion, it was baking. Given the school year was coming to a close, Marinette felt some homemade chocolate turnovers were in order, and her friends more than agreed. When the group gathered at their usual spot during break, she doesn’t expect their lunch to be any different than usual, that is, until she notices Lila alone on a park bench.

A pang of guilt hid the little baker. Lila had had things rough at the school ever since she got akumatised, and Marinette felt terribly guilty for the whole ordeal. She wanted to make things right between her and their Italian newcomer, but could never find the words to say.

“You good girl?” Alya snaps Marinette out of her trance. “Why are you staring at Rossi?”

“I just feel bad about the whole Volpina thing,” Marinette shrugs.

“That wasn’t your fault, Marinette, Ladybug just got defensive,” Adrien gives her a reassuring smile.

“Yeah…” Marinette glances at the box of pastries in the middle of their table, dropping the topic.

Soon enough, their allotted lunch hour was over. As the group packed their things, Marinette stayed back to pack the leftover turnovers safely in the delivery box they had arrived in. Everything was smooth sailing until,

“Oof!” The cardboard crumples against her chest as she turns around and runs right into another person. When Marinette looks up, she sees Lila Rossi, pastry flakes and chocolate crumbs dotting her shirt, a blush covering her cheeks.

“Woah! Sorry!” Lila exclaims.

“It’s alright, squished doesn’t mean inedible,” Mari gives a small smile.

“What are they?”

“Homemade chocolate turnovers,” Marinette flips the box lid open. “Want one?”

“Are you sure?” Lila bites her lip, trying as hard as she can to resist the warm treats. “I mean you made them for your friends.”

“Who says you and I can’t be friends?”

Lila stares at the raven haired girl, waiting for it to be a joke. When she’s sure it’s not, she pulls a pastry from the pile and takes a bite.

“Wow!” The young Italian practically yells. “Did you make these yourself? They’re so good!”

“I had a little help from my parents,” Marinette chuckles. “Thank you though.”

“No thank you for this,” Lila says and promptly shoves the rest of the turnover into her mouth.

Both girls pause as they realize what just happened, and then bust out laughing. When they settle back down, both can feel heat rising to their cheeks again.

“W- we should get going,” Marinette says. “You can come sit with us if you want.”

“Thank you,” Lila can feel the blush move to her ears.”

“And of course,” Marinette breaks the last turnover in half, handing a piece to Lila. “You’re always welcome in the bakery for all the pastries you like.”

Lila felt her heart do a turnover as she walked back to class with Marinette, and from that day on she had a new favourite dessert.

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From ONS chapters 18 to 22

There’s Yuu striking a bargain with Guren for Mika.

He’s willing to be used, he’s willing to let Guren experiment on him, as long as he can get Mika back.

I don’t even know what to add, I think these speak for themselves. Yuu’s love and devotion for Mika goes beyond anything I can imagine.

There’s Yuu training again to master his sword, and overcoming Asuramaru thanks to his feelings for Mika…

“Because he was the first to ever need me…” *slowly lies down on the floor*

LOOK AT THAT JUST LOOK AT THAT!! I’m always so happy when some beautiful lines like this one are repeated, especially in such a beautiful and symbolic way. ;______; And then Yuu….

I need Mika to hug him.

Even Kimizuki was able to overcome his own demon thanks to Yuu’s devotion to Mika. Boy, that should tell us something.

There’s just so much material. So many hints, even this

Yuu again looking at the moon while a promise to save him is being made. Vague reference to when they swore to save each other some chapters back.

This ship is real, I feel it in my soul. And if they don’t end up married by the end of the series I am calling bs.

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Oh......I had said Jennifer Lee was one of Disneys greatest directors Directing hit after hit and that they we're given full creative control of frozen two I also said the ironic thing was in an interview they said that they wanted the second movie to address an issue facing men and women all over and that if they didn't have a good message in the sequel it would be a wasted opportunity… Exactly their words and I'm just thinking about how ironic it's going to be when it turns out that something

That sounds like there going to address being gay and the persecution of people who are is going to turn out to be either a misquote (which is I think doubtful) or what’s going to happen… It’s going to be something else completely


Oh yea I remember that. I hope its what I think it is, but I’m not letting me get ahead of myself either. I can’t really imagine what else it could be either. Its VERY hard to imagine, but Disney tends to surprise people.

Ruby Rose / Bigger Than These Bones

Song: Control by Halsey

Okay, so I have this theory, more just an idea really, that Ruby Rose is a much darker character than she lets on. I’m not saying she’s evil or that the innocent kid schtick is all an act, just that there’s a side of herself she doesn’t show, a side we got a few glimpses of near the end of Volume 3. 

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