it did actually take me a while to realize this

//So I just noticed something.


How the others are still focused on Ravus, Ignis turns to fight Ardyn. He even takes a step forward to attack him, yet Ardyn lifts his hand as if telling him to wait.

AND IGGY DOES. Like, why the hell would he stop there. He would wanna protect Noctis with his life, yet one hand from Ardyn and he stops? It makes me wonder so much about these two interacting with each other.

Like Ignis must know something about Ardyn to realize he is the true threat and compared to Ravus. And did he actually trust him enough not to attack Noctis while keeping up a charade.


it literally never occurred to me that con air is R rated. why tf did Dad “stern fatherly disapproval” Egbert, the dadliest dad to ever dad, ever let his 12 year old (probably younger) son watch it. how did john even hear about it like the only R rated movies i saw before around 14 were classics that my parents liked why did Dad decide to show baby john not just an R rated movie, but a crappy R rated movie. like you KNOW he took that parental warning seriously and sat down and watched it and was like “yep. this is absolutely a good movie my 5th grader needs to see”

So, while rewatching Now You See Me 2 for the umpteenth time, I just noticed something during the scene in which Dylan receives one of Lionel Shrike’s watches.

So the watch has the letters “EPACSE”, but backwards, the letters spell out “ESCAPE”.

He uses the back of the watch to take out a small piece of metal used to escape the safe.

Did they actually point this out during the safe scene? If so, I completely missed it every time. 

How I didn’t realize this before, completely escapes me.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Henry VII?

Short answer? They’re complicated, very complicated. 

Long answer: He’s not my favorite historical person. On most days I don’t hate him. (Don’t ask me in late August if I hate them though, because the answer then is YES.)

I think he’s very overshadowed by both Richard III and Henry VIII. Frankly, I find both of them much more interesting than I do Henry VII. 

I think when I think about Henry VII, my dualist, Gemini, nature comes very much into play. There’s parts of his story that are interesting, and even improbable, the man who had NO legitimate blood claim to the English throne, defeats a man who was a seasoned battle commander, and takes the throne. Okay, that’s interesting, at least on the surface. But then you realize Henry likely did not actually fight. While not fighting was likely the prudent thing to do, for me it does not match well with the times in which Henry lived. 

I also think so much of what is known of Henry comes from Tudor propaganda. The man who united England after the Wars of the Roses, that comes straight from Tudor propaganda, imo, and is a claim that isn’t fulfilled. The marriage of Henry and Elizabeth of York uniting the two branches of the royal family which had been in conflict. Spinning the marriage in that manner, is nothing short of brilliant propaganda. Truth is Henry needed Elizabeth (or another one of the daughters of Edward IV) to legitimize his own claim and especially that of his heirs. Again, it was a prudent action. 

I really think I would use the word prudent to describe Henry. Most of his actions are prudent, taken to begin or strengthen his dynasty. 

Why do I always draw things that I know will take me forever and a day. Why. WELL IN ANY CASE. I love Cherche and Minervykins. You know I do because I spent an eternity shading them. B’)

or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

ok so i said i make one and i never actually did. make one… so ill do it now, and while this banner is Hideous but its also good enough i guess. i want to tell everyone how much i love and appreciate them, i didnt put all my mutuals here so i guess its not a follow forever?? maybe a friend(?) appreciation post ^^;; but anyway ctrl+f to find your name bc this isnt in abc order and i didnt expect this to get so long yikes i hope i dont sound repetitive. if i forgot to put you here im so sorry just tell me

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I wanted to post a message I was privileged to receive today. I’m not going to call out the person who sent it, but seriously it is a lovely journey and also one of the reasons why I absolutely adore all of you. This person is all of us at one time or another. Check it out:

Hi Kelly! Okay, I’m going to message you while I’m still hungover and have the courage to actually do so. I know you don’t know me and you’re probably sick of hearing about gillovny (so I deeply apologize for this rant, but I need to let this out for my own peace of mind and you’re my favorite blog), but last night, while I was drunk, I realized I needed to take a healthy break from watching masmtwm repeatedly. So, I did an even more unhealthy thing and delved back into the entire history of gillovny, which may have been a mistake, because now I’m having a full blown anxiety gillovny attack.

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Hair slicked back, wearing his usual work attire, Rex stepped inside the bar. Although this was his first visit here, the atmosphere was anything but unfamiliar to him. Not long after his entrance did he begin to journey through the maze of tables and people up to the bar table, sitting down in one of the empty bar stools. “Give me one of your best drafts and make it quick,” he ordered as soon as the bartender came over. The reason why he was in unfamiliar territory was because of a business trip. Nevertheless, he intended to have some actual fun. Obviously his definition of fun didn’t involve lounging around his hotel room and watching old television shows.

While waiting for his order, Rex took a moment to take in his surroundings. As he did so, his gaze landed on a gentleman that – oddly enough – seemed to share the same facial structure as he did. Confusion etched over his face at the realization, but eventually formed into a charming smile, waiting to see how the other male would respond.